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  1. How old is the Hongmoon School?

    That doesn't say how old the school is, and also seems inaccurate. The school was only opened up by Master Hong after Jiwan's death and before the beginning of the story.
  2. I'm a bit curious about something in this game for what I do know. We know that Jiwan found Jinsoyuno as a young child probably around eight or ten, but no later than twelve. She was roughly about a middle teenager when Jiwan died, at least from what I can tell. What I'm curious about, is how much time went by from Jiwan's death to the beginning on heavens reach? How long did Master Hong have the Hongmoon school open? A few things that we do know is that the MC was made a disciple of the Hongmoon School after three years from a quote I believe in the game by Yungmuk. (Cricket must be amazing to receive the Tome after only three years.) Again, according to Yungmuk, it took him more time before he became a disciple. (It took me much longer to be made an official disciple.) We also know that Dochun was also a former disciple of the Hongmoon School, but he didn't stay. So, just exactly how old is the Hongmoon school?
  3. Is Master Hong's True Form taller than a Gon?

    That would be great if I could actually get on the game. My pc is down that I use for the game, so I'm temp shut off from playing. I do appreciate the answer though.
  4. Is Master Hong's True Form taller than the tallest Gon or is he shorter than the tallest Gon? I can figure out if he's taller than them or smaller than them.
  5. What Animal ears are these?

    This seems to be about the closest to the ears and tail style of the picture.
  6. What Animal ears are these?

    Lol. Guess I'll just write whatever I want it to represent then sense I can't really get any information on what animal it's supposed to represent.
  7. What Animal ears are these?

    I meant hypothetically what animal is it supposed to represent. Is it supposed to represent a fox? Lycan? or some other animal?
  8. Can someone please tell me what animal ears are below? I think they are supposed to be a fox, but I can be wrong at that, so if someone can help with that it would be appreciated. I don't know how to put the image here, but I do have the URL, so I'll post that below.
  9. A chinese question

    Thanks that is very helpful. I appreciate the help in the correction on that. So if I was going with the correct translation her name would be 花 美宝 (Huā Meibao) or would that actually mean something else? I suppose it might be spoken as Mei-Bao or something like that.
  10. The game is a load of garbage

    I don't know about that. There seem to be more people on Tera that I saw than on Blade and Soul. Rarely any posts like this in the forms indicating the game is garbage which would mean Tera is doing better than Blade and Soul. I don't think the game has been killed at all. It couldn't be if they are doing better than that of Blade and Soul. Besides both games started out in South Korea. The only issue would be the heavy censorship kind of like the China version of Blade and Soul that you would have to worry about considering they censored Elins. If every game in the west sucks to you then don't play games at all simple as that, but I'd like to call that BS as there is plenty of games in the west that are decent. As for the rest that everyone else is complaining about. I don't really know what the fuss is all about as I have not played the game in two years, so I will see what it is about when I can get back into the game. Overall even if the skills, battle, and other stuff is crap, I'd still log in just to see my characters, chat, and goof around. Then again I may be missing the game since I been off it, so that maybe just me. Simply way to fix your complaint is go back to China version and don't play western games if you don't like them so much. I mean after all, you said all west games are garbage which means you simply like no games in the west.
  11. The game is a load of garbage

    Hmmm... there seems to be a lot of this. Maybe transferring the game over to Enmasse Entertainment would solve the issue that has everyone angry. They worked on Tera and that game came out in South Korea first by Bluehole Studios. Anyway, that is my guess, but I haven't been on the game in two years so I haven't seen what has everyone in a frenzy like this. All I do know is that I did enjoy the combat when I played it back then and I also enjoyed the customization which is something not all games have including Tera. That itself gave us a lot of ways to make our characters interesting and unique. I suppose I'll see what all the fuss is about when I can get on the game again, but until then all I can do is read what others think.
  12. A chinese question

    I'm working on a Blade and Soul story and I'm a bit confused on the Chinese/Korean naming and characters. When I was looking up information I found somewhere that Ja means Attractive while Jin means Jewel. Someone want to correct me on this and give me the correct meaning for a name that means Blossom Attractive Jewel. Yes, I know Chinese only have one name, but in my story, the character has three even though the name is Chinese or part Chinese and part Korean. The character name is 花 (huā/Hua) which I believe means Flower, Blossom. Her Last name isn't important and both Attractive and Jewel parts of the Chinese or Korean name are put together in one. Originally I had the name Hua Jajin which was supposed to mean Blossom Attractive Jewel. So some correction and help with the name would be helpful. Last name is not necessary or just think of it as a two word or named character with first and last if you want.
  13. My thought on the story of Act 9 *spoiler*

    Hmmmm... Well, I'm not going to agree or disagree with anyone. I'm not going to sit here and justify things either as I have no idea what our character is thinking or even the writers, so I have no idea what they would say at that point or are trying to do. I also don't think our characters are meant to be unstoppable and although most would enjoy if that is the case, if they was then there would be no point to the story at all. I mean at Level 50 you would be the strongest there is. * Beep End game. Start a new game and play again* That would be completely boring and annoying if ask me. I do agree our character gets beaten a lot and I'll agree that gets annoying as well. I mean the last best cutscene for our character I think was at level 50 when they gained the True Hongmoon Arts. I remember Master Hong stated that they have opened themselves up to infinite greatness, but I think he overexaggerated and I don't think it's exactly as infinite or great as it is put out to be or maybe it just as infinite or as great as our level allows it to be. What I did find interesting and valuable is the fact Mushin opened anther Divine Mandate Ritual unless I'm mistaken. I have plans for that in my story I'm working on, but that story has some similarities and differences to it as well. The story is much easier to write as people are able to understand what is going on through a person or characters head especially when they are thinking to themselves or when explaining the characters actions throughout the story. The difficulty about writing a story is figuring new things out such as inventory, wardrobe, gear, etc. Now back to the reason of the post. The only real thing I'm confused about as I basically ignore the rest of stuff unless I find it cool or interesting. Is the twilight Edge. Is there like several of them or have I missed something? If I remember correctly I saw a clip where Mushin gained the Twilight Edge from Zulia, our character is collecting and searching for pieces of the Twilight Edge, and if I'm remembering correctly I think Jinoyung used the Twilight Edge during her battle with Ryu unless that was a regular blade. Something seems strange about all this. Anyway, I do agree that some of the story was disappointing, sad, and annoying while some of the story was enjoyable. Like the battle with Jinsoyun which was great. I enjoyed that scene very much. Maybe some of this story will flesh out later on as the levels increase as I don't think we are anywhere near high enough ready to face Mushin yet. That will probably come around level 100 give or take.
  14. This is just a post for those to share screenshots of the new hair and tails in the new release for Lyns. So when release is up, feel free to take a screenshot of Lyn's new hairstyles and tail styles and post them in this topic.
  15. Tell me what one of these races between Blade and Soul Lyn and Tera Elin that you think is taller at full height. Feel free to post pictures of the characters to compare height. O.o this person gave me some help. According to these pictures of an Absolutely maximum Lyn and a + 3 Elin, they was exactly the same in height and that's also counting the ears. That means the tallest Lyn is roughly around 4 feet or a little over 4 feet in height while the average height is around 3 feet tall. Shortest seems to be around 2.5 feet tall. Master Hong is roughly around the size of 2 feet 10 inches tall.