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  1. You mean such as in cutscenes. So, there is a concept of the ability to fly by usage of chi?
  2. I'm a bit confused about this. Can someone explain. I remember a fight scene in act 6 chapter 11 where it appeared as if two characters possessed the ability of levitation and or flight. I know that outside of the cutscene there is no such thing, but going outside of the espects of the actual game. Does chi actually give the person the ability of levitation and flight? Is it kind of like that in Dragonball where the characters use there Chi/Ki for flight? Can someone explain exactly what you can achieve with the power of Chi?
  3. As the question asks, does anyone know what Hong Sokyun's name in Korean is? I'd like both the Korean characters and the actual pronunciation. Similar to below. Cat Guardian (고양이 수호자) (Goyang-i Suhoja) I'm not sure if the translation from English to Korean is accurate, but the example is none the less the same. Also, how would you say the name Young in Korean?
  4. Yeah, I'm talking about the beautiful brilliant blue one that you use as a transportation in later parts of the story. I wouldn't know about this as I don't think I have that feature unlocked, so someone else would have to verify. Well, that is true that it is the character's powers they obtained, the fact it says windstride when you use it to teleport your other students means that it can still be used as a Windstride and therefore is still classified as a Windstride when used as one. You don't see it say healing, transfering chi, or dragon pulse when using it fo
  5. Actually it is a windstride, at least acording to what it stats when the character uses it. I thought it was something different myself, until I noticed that it said Windstride when I was playing one of my characters.
  6. No, you get me wrong. Jinsoyun's storyline did make sense because for one the character did not come into power as of yet. And sure, we got a few glimpses of the character showing off that power, such as the ending of act 4, which was the major point of where it was shown off. It was shown off a little during act 7 against Zulia, but even then the character couldn't even get close to her despite all the power the character is claimed to have. Now if they actually exchanged a few blows before the character got away, then perhaps it would be more believable. As for Mushin, the character continuo
  7. Ah, yea, I have seen the end of act 4, when the character gains the power. Then, later on, the character still gets owned despite the claim that the Hongmoon Arts are very powerful. That doesn't really make the Hongmoon arts seem very powerful if the character continuously gets defeated by other characters after obtaining the power. And you missed the fact that despite having that power, the character still allows several people to die, still gets owned previously by characters such as Zulia, Mushin, and even their own student. I mean take a look at act 8, where Mushin appeared and
  8. Does anyone know whether or not the ending of Adobe Flash Player in December will make Blade and Soul unplayable?
  9. The blue windstride doesn't happen until later on in the game, after act 4. That's interesting information, but isn't the NPC's windstride like 2.5 seconds? True, it was a little too late, but it is better than never.
  10. It still says three days for crafting time, but it's been a day or two since I made a contract, so I don't think the time matters. I thought you needed to collect everything within the crafting time of three days.
  11. Did anyone notice that there are two different Windstrides the main character does throughout the story? There is the green Windstride that takes 10 seconds to cast, and then there is the blue one that takes 8 seconds to cast. I just noticed there was two different ones.
  12. Thank you, this is much helpful. I'm glad to hear this as I wouldn't have collected all the items in three days.
  13. That's probably true, but the reason why I asked was because on top of Heaven's Reach all I could see was clouds and nothing below. Thanks for confirming that it isn't the highest point in the world, but I pretty much figured that considering there was no snow on the island. I know the reason for Heaven's Reach, I just wasn't sure it was in the sky. I thought it was on the ocean only until just recently. As for the Hongmoon arts being very powerful, that's a bunch of rubbish in the game at least. Even after gaining the power from Hong the character still gets owned by people that are stronger
  14. If you already started a clan outfit contract and don't get the items needed, do you lose all the invested resources?
  15. Will do, but it probably won't change, especially the cutscene with Dochun looking at Heaven's Reach, which he can see from his boat. That wouldn't be possible if it was so high up. Technically, no place can touch the heavens. I have done that and noticed the same thing, but I also notice a few other things during the cutscenes. The first thing is mentioned above in the beginning cutscene with Dochun. The second thing I want to mention is the cutscene where the character is thrown off the edge of Heaven's Reach, which didn't look like a very long drop if you ask me.
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