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  1. @alley it would make sense, wouldn't it ? Sadly, according to the patch notes : The following items have been removed from the Dragon Express: Sacred Vial, Pet Pack, Sparkling Ascension Stone Chest, and Sparkling Radiance Stone Chest. @Hime I appreciate you at least taking the time to answer. Sadly, that small adjustment to the compensation, coupled with the fact that (according to the patch notes) the tokens in that Box of Spells won't be transmutable into a letter after maintenance, or exchangeable for a Sparkling chest as they could have been between the dai
  2. @Hime I hope this is a bad joke. You do realize that starting maintenance at 6 CET deprives us from the full set of Login Rewards that we would have gotten before the maintenance, right ? And during the one week of improved rewards, on top of that. It will also prevent us from buying any of the "per week" event rewards before the event ends, and I imagine those will, as usual for those event, not be available any longer after the maintenance ? On top of that, it prevents us from going through the event dungeon one final time between the morning reset and the
  3. I think there's a couple of little things missing from your message. You know, things like "sorry we misled our valued customers with innaccurate patchnotes" or "this lack of communication was a mistake on our part, we will do better in the future to let you know about such changes". You know, things that would make you sound like you recognize you've done something wrong, instead of giving that "yeah, nobody cares" vibe that is annoying me more and more each time you do such a blunder and remain completely unapologetic about it. Unless that's your way of saying that li
  4. Having tried it earlier today, I can confirm that GD's workaround works. Part II has the same problem : the list of dungeons listed in the text (which has been changed recently) doesn't correspond to the dungeons you need to do (which seem to be the same as they were a few months ago, when I last did this quest). And by the way, I think the Part II "change" (once it'll actually come into effect) is a really bad idea, as characters who do those quests are either really under-equipped for DST, or over-equipped compared to the quests' rewards...
  5. You can, but there's only 9 customizable outfits so far, and that's a tiny fraction of the number of outfits available in game (or even available for NCoins). That's the kind of number one would expect while the feature is in its test phase, not for release. The fact that the birthday outfit is not one of them only makes it more sad. Anyway, the time of the streaming came and went, and it's been delayed by 24 hours because of... technical issues ? I'm not even going to say what I think of a company that's incapable of making sure they're capable of streaming an event before the tim
  6. You can buy PaySafeCards with cash in many countries. I don't know if your friend is in one of them, but if he his, that's his solution, since you can buy NCoins with a PaySafeCard.
  7. People complain because they have a reason to complain, not for fun. And you being happy about all of this is... Well, no offense, but you sound like the partner of an abusive spouse who still tries and find good in your significant other instead of realizing how bad things are. You're satisfied with the new Daily Dash ? I'm not. You're happy to see 1mil xp charms on it ? Where these charms are, the previous Dash had 1.5mil xp in the form of 15 excellent charms. So what you're happy with is a loss. Draken tokens went from 15 to 10 per row. Glory Tokens went from 10 to 3. Demon
  8. So, that's a disaster. In my opinion at least. The dungeon ? Absurd. If it's supposed to make us remember the good old days, why do we have half as much hp as we did back then ? Not to mention how much harder some of the enemies hit or the buggy levers or the pathetic rewards. One single random soulshield piece per boss, most of which are SSP ? One single comb for the whole dungeon in dynamic quests ? And the combs aren't even bound to account ? Isn't the point of an event dungeon to be fun and rewarding ? The tailor shop ? Cool idea, but with a grand total of nine cust
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