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  1. 2nd anniversary disappointments

    You can, but there's only 9 customizable outfits so far, and that's a tiny fraction of the number of outfits available in game (or even available for NCoins). That's the kind of number one would expect while the feature is in its test phase, not for release. The fact that the birthday outfit is not one of them only makes it more sad. Anyway, the time of the streaming came and went, and it's been delayed by 24 hours because of... technical issues ? I'm not even going to say what I think of a company that's incapable of making sure they're capable of streaming an event before the time for that event comes, especially when they already had issues the previous time. At least it gives them 24 more hours to figure out what they're going to say, and given the circumstances, they certainly need the time.
  2. Gold exchange for "Ncoin"

    You can buy PaySafeCards with cash in many countries. I don't know if your friend is in one of them, but if he his, that's his solution, since you can buy NCoins with a PaySafeCard.
  3. 2nd anniversary disappointments

    People complain because they have a reason to complain, not for fun. And you being happy about all of this is... Well, no offense, but you sound like the partner of an abusive spouse who still tries and find good in your significant other instead of realizing how bad things are. You're satisfied with the new Daily Dash ? I'm not. You're happy to see 1mil xp charms on it ? Where these charms are, the previous Dash had 1.5mil xp in the form of 15 excellent charms. So what you're happy with is a loss. Draken tokens went from 15 to 10 per row. Glory Tokens went from 10 to 3. Demon Spirit Stones went from 10 to 5. Rare Elements, Raven Feathers, hell, even Spicy Dumplings (the "trash" that you were happy it got removed ? It didn't). Everything had their numbers reduced by at least 30% and up to 70%. Yes, I'm angry about that. You should be too. You're happy about the lackluster event rewards because that means you can... take it easy, I guess ? You're basically thanking NCSoft for removing options from you. As for Poharan, it was announced as a fun callback to the difficult dungeon we enjoyed 2 years ago. Instead, we got some horrid version of it that was bad enough that NCWest changed it before releasing it to us. We never had to go through that 2 years ago. What we expected was the hard, but enjoyable version of it. What we got ? Isn't. So yes, complaining is the rational reaction. As for the Premium rewards... You're happy that the Premium membership didn't get changed into the abomination it is in Russia. I'm complaining, because we lost some things we had, and things that were announced weren't delivered. I'm angry about NCSoft taking things from us, and reneging on their promises. You should be too. If someone takes the things you pay for and doesn't give you what they promised they'd give you in exchange for your money, you're not supposed to thank them for not "altering the deal even further". Anyway. There's a podcast later today. That's an occasion for mistakes to be acknowledged and fixes to be announced. We'll see how it goes. In the meantime, I went ahead and cancelled the auto-renewal of my subscription. I am not going to spend any more money on this game until steps are taken in the right direction.
  4. So, that's a disaster. In my opinion at least. The dungeon ? Absurd. If it's supposed to make us remember the good old days, why do we have half as much hp as we did back then ? Not to mention how much harder some of the enemies hit or the buggy levers or the pathetic rewards. One single random soulshield piece per boss, most of which are SSP ? One single comb for the whole dungeon in dynamic quests ? And the combs aren't even bound to account ? Isn't the point of an event dungeon to be fun and rewarding ? The tailor shop ? Cool idea, but with a grand total of nine customizable outfits, let's just say it's... really, really lacking. When it was announced, I was somehow hoping I could finally customize the Temptation outfit and turn these ridiculous white-and-blue panties into something more in line with the rest of the outfit. I guess I'll have to wait quite some time before that happens. The new daily dash ? Whose idea was it to reduce the rewards compared to the previous one ? 1 Special Hongmoon XP charm instead of 15 Excellent ones, 3 Glory Tokens instead of 10, 10 Raven Feathers instead of 20, 10 Draken Cores instead of 15 tokens... Seriously, what the hell ? I don't know who could possibly think "Hey, you know what people would like for our birthday ? LESS rewards ! Yeah !" or who could possibly implement that without blinking, but I sure as hell don't want any of my money to go to them ! The merchant of wonders is back ! And from what I've seen so far, his selection is one of the worst it's ever been. One more potential way to make things exciting, one more frustration instead. New Login rewards were supposed to begin today ! But wait, it's bugged, doesn't work. Sure, we'll be updated "as soon as we have more information". But 2 hours later, still no news, and for us in Europe, staying online for 3 hours is going to be difficult today at this rate... The new Premium system ? Cool, isn't it ? Except one the most useful perks we had is gone. It's 20 seconds of meditation again to get out of near-death. In dungeons, especially against Poharan, that makes quite a difference. Not to mention early announcements you failed to deliver on. As for the 2nd Birthday gift... Yes, the weapon looks nice. Yes, the outfit looks really good. One week of premium will probably lure a few people into buying more if it, it doesn't make much of a difference for me, and the consumables are meh. Oh, and you know what would have been a good idea ? Making the Shadowrunner outfit one that could be customized in the Tailor Shop. Wasted opportunity. Anyway. I gave NCSoft plenty of money during the Trove. I thought I'd give some more and get myself the beautiful Saberfang outfit and a few others. Now I think I'll wait a bit before I do that, see what is done to fix all the damage first. I won't need to resub for a while, so if NCSoft want me to buy some NCoins again, let's just say some issues should be adressed, preferably sooner than later.