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  1. The presence of a new class gave us the opportunity to experience the current high level dungeons and provided items for free with a little hard work, of course, but all of that could not have happened without the help of all parties including the game itself which weakened the system in these dungeons which made we can explore it even though it's still far below the specified level ... but hey we can finish it, right !. sadly many don't like our presence the low level enter and participate in the exploration, those who have worked harder than us and those who have spent time and money being super players and think of us as really annoying leeches or rats. were we wrong on this? Aren't we currently in the event welcoming the presence of a new class and not forever for only one month, right? after that it will return to normal again. for now we can all feel it together, no need to feel hurt or jealous, this is all part of the event in the game.I apologize for my less pleasing words and assure all of you that we also want to enjoy playing this game
  2. maybe it's just me or for everyone also,this food invigorating mamosu stew said can be recovers 35k over 20 sec. but it's just give 3500 over 20 sec.i know it's doesn't matter i just want to let you know about this minor thing happened in game.thank you for reading my post and reply.
  3. login rewards reset

    at the top of login rewards there are remaning times for reset login rewards, that's what we can use as reset time ... that's what I can understand now after trying to understand what I'm experiencing.
  4. sometimes we are very serious in responding to things related to games and we don't pay close attention or carefully to anything, if we are careless then bad things happen like what I experienced today, I intend to have gloves as well as a belt that can be found at the Mushin Tower exchanger kangcha which only costs 10 yunsang prayer beads, I was very interested but I didn't have enough beads and I remember at Hongmoons store selling these beads and they were very cheap, I was very happy "woohhooo yayy" I said to myself and I bought it but I was surprised after buying these beads that written clasic yunsang prayer beads..OMG I said to myself again ... why? .... is this April fool's ... I seem to be stuck on the loading screen for ... idk maybe 5 ... 6 minutes. I can't believe this happened to me ... OMG
  5. login rewards reset

    login rewards is the same as the daily dash reset? Last night I logged in until 2 am and I got all the login rewards and now I logged in again at 2pm but didn't get the login reward or didn't reset this morning, am I mistakenly thinking that the login rewards reset is the same as a daily dash?
  6. you're right, silly me. there is nothing wrong with the new update or new class, this is because of my carelessness and not being careful. I just realized that this is just a demo for the first time and the level 60 voucher is still not consumed, do i like it or not. and after clicking create a new character ... "boom" ... i got some items including the outfits from the story quest. no need to panic, this is just my carelessness, thank you for answering my silly question
  7. i will try it then with my other character,thank you for reading and reply my post.
  8. This is very funny, after making a new character using a level 60 voucher I was forced to train in the Hongmoon training room and I already rejected it but I was still sent to the Hongmoon training room and I couldn't get out, the option to exit was locked in gray, the only one that opened was change characters, but after returning to the game I still return to the Hongmoon training room, how do I get out from here, I want to continue doing daily and weekly quests, while i am writing this post i am still in the hongmoon training room until now and can't find a way out, please help me
  9. before and after new update solo dungeon

    I just read the contents of today's update for imperial gloves, it only needs hollow's gloves, which are very easy to get, thank you for this very quick response and also the new things from today's maintenance, especially the new class and free stuff, I'm very excited
  10. before and after new update solo dungeon

    okay thank you for the advice
  11. before and after new update solo dungeon

    is that so,i was work so hard to collect some of imperial core for the gloves,thank you for reply and advice
  12. Hi, it's me again enjoying day by day and still striving to be better .... but I'm desperate now, why? because the new update is coming soon and I'm still working hard to increase my AP as well as my level to be able to get Mao's gloves from Den of the Ancients which are very ... very ... very hard, I'm dying every time I try and now this solo dungeon intended for HM 24 with AP 2420, I don't complain but I want justice (with smugface) I want Mao's gloves without completing the solo dungeon which has become increasingly difficult for me to get it, for the record I am still HM 16 AP 1573 at the moment. so please ... please ... sell on the NPC gloves so I can focus on the next accessories without a hitch, thank you for reading and replying to my post, one more thing sorry for my english
  13. moonlight bud and gilded triangular

    thank you for advice and i'll keep farming there.
  14. moonlight bud and gilded triangular

    thank you for answering some of the difficulties experienced by players like me, now I understand how difficult it is to build all the classes from scratch and try to learn from around us to be what we want or exactly like those who have already achieved. well ... I still have a long way to go.
  15. moonlight bud and gilded triangular

    O.M.G silly me, I thought the gems should be white or diamonds....thx for reading and responding