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  1. and indeed it has been added with holes for pet gems and the players are ridiculously strong but do we not feel empty inside, we always get more and more but the pet is left behind.
  2. ?haha...I really understand what you mean but that's not it but hey it's not that bad ... anyway without adding anything else it just shows the ability of the pet in the form of animation skills when the pet provides the support ability. I can see it will be very cute when the pet comes along take part in battles with their masters.
  3. I want to say it's not possible but it could be possible because something that is not possible could be possible for some factors, you are right I am still new and I see it is impossible for me to pay attention to it all is very difficult because it happens so fast and I have to be prepared with every attack from the boss in all dungeons and all situations are very difficult (we are talking about 15 or 17 laptops not 40 or 60 widescreen 4 or 5K) sorry out of topic, yea all players have the right to beautify themselves and I think so too with a pet I think it is not wrong to make it even more
  4. thank you very much, that's realy useful
  5. what I mean here is pet skins (pet skins don't need stats) pet skins will move to provide existing support to the pet aura which consists of: + boss atk, + add dmg, + hp recovery, + movement spd and focus, etc. but we don't know when and how the pet gives or uses buffs and heals to the owner in the middle of the battle, so I want to say let's include the movement of the pet with animation skills, if without skins we can only see some buff boxes on the screen along with our skills, but if using all types of pet skins we can see how the pet gives these skills. they really move, boar, jump, spi
  6. I am not trying to compare with the ability of other pets in other games, I am just expressing my opinion to make our pet more attractive and lively. The players stay or leave it's their right and many say that but they come back again, and this is not about gold but joy when we enter the game and we can change pets like fashion shows, what's the point in collecting so many pets but we don't show them.
  7. sound like mmorpg we know but not like that...
  8. do we still think that pets are just for show, some people think so and some don't care at all. isn't it very sad. in my opinion pet is a friend, companion, alley, partner, lover (giggle) ... anyway, this is not like we don't understand why this is because the cost required to equip and unequip the pet skin is quite large, it's not like we can't afford it, it's just for some people saying why waste gold on skins, so why don't we lower the cost so everyone can become happy. and the pet itself needs changes, for example not just hanging near our heads and not doing anything, why aren't skills in
  9. Please, we need a lot of info about mystic and soul badges and place them in the equipment upgrade path list too, so we can know what and how much material to collect. Isn't that mystic and soul badges also include the equipment in the gears that we use. of many mystics and soul badges in the game we know a little about them except if you want to sacrifice items and time to collect materials just to know the function of each mystic and soul badge, especially the soul badge. thank you and sorry for my english
  10. This new class is very strong in my opinion with its wide and combo attack, but there are also things that make astromancers unable to compete with other classes, for example in using F as skills and pick up items. we can imagine this when we are in a competitive place. like in panda's village, for example they drop items after we kill but because it was very crowded at that time we had to quickly pick them up before they were taken but the astromancer could not pick them up immediately because the skill gauge generated starlight(like beam) was still full and would keep shooting until it was e
  11. The presence of a new class gave us the opportunity to experience the current high level dungeons and provided items for free with a little hard work, of course, but all of that could not have happened without the help of all parties including the game itself which weakened the system in these dungeons which made we can explore it even though it's still far below the specified level ... but hey we can finish it, right !. sadly many don't like our presence the low level enter and participate in the exploration, those who have worked harder than us and those who have spent time and money being
  12. maybe it's just me or for everyone also,this food invigorating mamosu stew said can be recovers 35k over 20 sec. but it's just give 3500 over 20 sec.i know it's doesn't matter i just want to let you know about this minor thing happened in game.thank you for reading my post and reply.
  13. at the top of login rewards there are remaning times for reset login rewards, that's what we can use as reset time ... that's what I can understand now after trying to understand what I'm experiencing.
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