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  1. Where is Additional Daily Perks Reward ? @Hime Why did you delete my comment? Unsupported language- -Leto
  2. will non-premium people also receive this chest ? https://imgur.com/beaJvOj
  3. Kow much experience gives "Cricket's Hongmoon Quick XP Charm" ?
  4. Do you plan to fix it sometime? https://imgur.com/a/KuOnqvv normal price is +/- 150g no 28g. The same for costumes and pets @Hime
  5. I haven't used a bug and I have all the outfits. who has not used has lost anything :) Good job
  6. the problem is i'm just playing b$s from start game and it just upset me because you have to play a few months to have what's now in a few minutes / hours using a bug.
  7. yes but cheater have pet stone for free. normal player must paid to cheater :D is very fair :D
  8. what you write is funny. 1. cheat because others cheat 2."you need 60 pet pods to get the same amount which what ive seen from screenshots would be opening at least 1500 boxes." no 1500 +/- 1 pet per 5-8 boxow. boxes are free for doing nothing. It's very hard to open boxes and sell dogs for 10g where they sell quickly. 3.oh, the price of the SS up, everyone is making money on it? this is tragic thinking. it all depends on a pet bug. cheap pets ---> cheap pet pods ----> expensive SS. someone has to buy these soulstones. Gi
  9. Pets are still sold and outfits. Who use bug have free gold. a lot of gold. it's not fair to people who don't use a bug. if I wanted to, in a few hours I'm going to earn a few K gold ( cheater) A normal player needs several weeks / months for this. Open box and take free pet/ outfit ---> sell for 5-15g and so repeat indefinitely.
  10. there are no positive sides. many people don't use this bug and they don't get rich like those who use (cheat). some want to be honest and lose because of it, and it can't be. How would they ever leave it, they should let everyone announce it, but now it's too late for it. The scammers get richer. and the honest will get nothing from it.
  11. yes we need. but the longer they wait, the worse probably can't / can't do it.
  12. no there is no information about a bug in the game information is only forum no game no site, anywhere. not everyone browses the forum you see the deals on f5 you are buying. you don't look at the forum discord etc before. buying under f5 is legal. The question of whether the item will not disappear and the gold will be returned to you.
  13. new games can be Salvaging for "Hongmoon Gem Fragment" ? I hope not. so that BNS is not afk again. https://imgur.com/a/PZfjTcG @Hime
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