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  1. HQ bug bomb

    still no fix .... we are still waiting an update ncsoft ..... but it guess your to busy counting trove money to actually care about the game .....
  2. HQ bug bomb

    can we have an update on this already ncsoft ? when will this be fixed ? only the true wallet warriors are able to kill this now cause of the bug
  3. HQ bug bomb

    bug bomb is cast on the center ZONE, not on a person. So when you start KD'ing HQ, the middle becomes useless, no1 can go middle cause bug bomb will randomly explode or cause of the debuff you keep getting you cant go in and out all the time and we also wanne request to revert the changes to mites, making them move makes the fight harder, please make them stationary again, It makes no sense to suddenly change a mechanic completly when the raid is out for so long already
  4. Upcoming Blade & Ghoul Event Improvements

    still not worth it to do this event. This has the be the worst event ever created. first of all this is old bad content that even at the release, almost no1 was doing and secondly, even with this buff, it would still take 10 days to get 1 sacred oil, if it takes more then 7 days to get 1 oil, its not worth the time and effort to do imo. Stop doing these horrible events with old and obsolete content, same with previous events you did, doing old dungeons like desolate tomb, irontech forge, ....., NO1 LIKES DOING THIS, Give us more events like tower of memory, shooting range, princess canonball .... STOP FORCING US TO DO OLD ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ CONTENT ( and yes, forcing us, free to play players, so we can somewhat keep up with the content you are rushing way to fast on EU/US server )
  5. Today i saw this on reddit : https://old.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/9oo8ln/et_raid_drops_confirmed_new_necklace_new_badge/ Please tell me your not planning to give normal / hard mode raids in the future .... . The reason why i quited WoW and started BnS was cause WoW had like 10 diffrent raid modes, if BnS is gonna start with this to .... im quiting .... Might as well go back to WoW then, wich isnt pay2win, doesnt do maintenance in the middle of the day (EU), bigger community and is beter optimised ....
  6. still waiting on a refund or exchange or atleast a reply fgrom nc$oft
  7. and with those class changes a holy fire badge ( NOT FUSED ) became beter then legacy badge ( FUSED ) ....
  8. still waiting on a reply from you nc$oft, give all classes a (1time) exchange
  9. Hi, Jonathan lien has confirmed on twitter that in the patch on the 20th, blade dancers and soulfighter can exhcange there badge cause they got "reworked". Now why only these 2 classes ? As a fire gunner main, i got the legacy badge before the tab nerf was even announced. the legacy soul badge was best in slot before the tab nerf. After the nerf, eon and limitless badge is beter. I dont know what other classes also got screwed with that patch, but if your gonna give an exchange to BD and SF, you should atleast let gunner and all the other classes that had big changes also exchange the badge
  10. Stop these bad events

    sure mate, cause a full 1k balefull group can totally do IF, EL and SSM ....
  11. Stop these bad events

    Dear NC soft, Can you please stop these bad event. Currently we have an event to do NS - IF - EL every day, not only does this take long and is it very boring to do, new people and (bad geared) alts are not able to do these events cause of the AP requirment Now with the new patch you are doing another 1 of these events, more old dungeon spam and worst part is, is that you added SSM in the list now => even higher ap requirment = less people that can do this event. We are getting burned up from doing this, as a none whale we are basicly forced to do these to keep up with the new content and gear requirment Give us more events like tower of memory, shooting range, vipercap cavern, princess cannonball, ..... These dungeon are short, fun and diffrent from the useall dungeons.
  12. are crafted gems salvagable ?

    didnt they change that that all gems are just diamond and not hongmoon diamond ?
  13. so i was planning to craft octa diamond gems with radiant ring, now i was wondering if i get a def gem , can i salvage it in gem powders ? also, if you are crafting something already and you cancel it, do you get all your stuff back ?
  14. Leavers need to be punished

    can we please get a solution for this, this is still happening everyday and is very annoying how much money do we have to throw to you ncsoft before you do something ?
  15. Leavers need to be punished

    So i made some tickets and the Gm's and even an Senior GM did no see an issue here guess ill start doing this to then on my main, being an ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ and leaving / disbanding groups so other people cant recruit and have to go back to lobby