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  1. GJ with the server merge ncsoft

    chat is just pure chaos if every1 is gonna talk in their own language .... and block list isnt big enough to put them all there ...
  2. GJ with the server merge ncsoft

    thats the problem, they are completly tradable, they should be bound on account only and unable to tradecause people are just selling the shards and join other moml groups ....
  3. not only did you steal 10 hour premium time from us AGAIN by doing your maintenance at 13:00 ( EU,again we still do not understand why you have to do this on a wednesday at prime hour), on a EU holiday ...... everyone was home, nobody could play, but your also not gonna give us a compensation for it. F8 is dead since the merge, my event weapon expired before i could even finish my DC..... There are almost no groups to do weeklys in faction chat and every1 is talking in their own language. no wonder this game is dying FAST .... oh, and before i forget, WE STILL LACK ASCENSION ORBS TO DO HM AND CS, make the shards BoA atleast ffs, so people would use them instead of selling
  4. hello ? does ncsoft care about their playerbase ? before the patch, before reset we were at 1.2m dungeon/ BG lobby's (EU), today less then 24h before reset, we are just above 700k now. and before people say these are just numbers and mean nothing, ive noticed the last weeks there are alot less people in F8 now then before the patch, it takes much longer these days to get my DC's done .... Alot of people quit the game, cause of the poor service, unstable servers (jinsoyun) , bad optimalization ( hello UE4 when ? ) and continuing p2w model you guys keep using, it may work in east , but not here in the west and instead of fixing these issues to attract more new players and just to keep your players you have, you decide to milk out the few whales that are left, some more .... time to look for another mmo ...
  5. and it would also be nice to get the feather merchant OUTSIDE CS, atm if you go outside, or go kaari, the door closes and you cant get to the merchant
  6. still waiting an a solution here plz, or atleast a reply from ncsoft i'm failing almost all 8 stone refinements, i dont even have half my page with epic stones and im lvl 61 already .... closing in on that extra stone slot fast .... and it would also help alot if you make the feathers bound on account and can you also explain to use how we get legendary ascension stones ? there is absolutly no way to get these besides trove
  7. Yo, You probably all have seen by now that if you refine 8 blue stones, you still have less then 50% chance to upgrade to epic and this is just stupid imo Lets do some quick mats there, assuming you have full blue page before you upgrade to epic, and full epic page before upgrading to legendary : we have max 12 radiance stone slots right now and you can use max 8 stones to refine, since you alread have 1 from full page, you need to farm 7 more => 7x5 feathers = 35 , without moml you get 6 feathers day => 6 days to attempt 1 refinement to epic x 12 slot s= 78 days for 12 epic stones, IF we had 100% chance to succeed. Now lets take a look to legendary, so it takes 6 days for 1 epic stone, x 7 = 42 days for 1 legendary x 12 slots ( probably have 3 more by now ... ) = 504 days to get 12 legendary stones again IF it was 100% succes chance And from what ive heard KR already has the next, awakend stage, ..... im not even gonna bother calculating that ..... 504 days to get 12 legendary stones if we had 100% succeed chance, wich we dont have , we dont even have 50% , are you guys OK with that ??? we people, here in the west, do NOT like rng and ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ like this, you already changed other upgrades that could fail in KR so it doesnt with us, so why keep this fail refinement system here .... My suggestion would be that we have atleast 100% succes chance if you use 8 stones, thats all .... 504 days is still long, but keep in mind you will be able to buy extras from future events
  8. just wait, it wont be long now before xp reset charms will appear in F10, or unity xp charms
  9. and i fail to understand that you call this a daily activity but almost no1 can reach the daily cap every day cause it takes to muc htime to do but w/e, just close this topic, might aswell talk to a wall, same effect
  10. and now here is another issue: ANOTHER long term goal, this needs to STOP we already have : * soul * pet * HM levels * gems * awakend soul badge * awakend badge new in patch : * talisman * unity levels * unity stones These long term upgrades need to STOP, we have more long term upgrades then normal upgrades by now And please ..... from what ive heard even on KR version they have not hit max level yet and they have this patch much longer already. From what we can see, lvl 120 wont be the cap, with the extra gems slots to be released later, more lvls will come in future patches, not getting the daily cap every day will put you to much behind
  11. then the unity daily xp cap should become easier to get. With that i mean, i should be able to get the cap with 1 character wich i just cant atm. there are not enough dungeon to get enough xp. I need to do daily challenge on 3 more alts in order to get the cap +on main i do DC and almost all dungeons DST - > EL + outlaw + hong + den. Thats just to much imo, DC + all group and solo dungeons on 1 character should be enough for the cap You get people burned out with current unity xp system, this is how you lose people, doing the same 4 times / day is to much sure, can you tell me another activity that reset on a daily basis that takes 5+ hours to complete ? its just takes to much time to be a daily activity imo
  12. sure you dont have to do it , but with lvl 31 already taking 100k+ xp its gonna be extremly slow lvling, you WANT to get the cap
  13. Yo, So with last big patch we got the unity system Atm we have to farm 220k unity xp every day to hit the cap, wich isnt done in just an hour .... We all have (a) day(s) we cant play that much, and if the maintenance on a wednesday gets extended alot, its pretty hard to get the daily cap For example i work weekendshifts, so saturday (somtimes sunday to) i have very little time to play, atm im saving weekly challenge, BT, VT and TT quests to cover this ... but that wouldnt help on wednesday extended maintenances I would suggest to make the 220k daily cap to become a 220k x 7 = 1540k weekly cap. This would give us more breathing space, if we have a day we cant play alot, we can still get the xp another day
  14. requesting compensation

    if other (bigger) mmo's can do maintenance in the middle of the night (EU) then why cant ncsoft ? .... anyway, missing today would mean 1 oil less ( + alts ) from this event, hence why am asking for a compensation
  15. Nerf Dg mech for TSM DST BC

    rewards in dungeons ? what game are you playing