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  1. have you actually played the game after patch ? when you kill the final boss of a dungeon it already counts as complete in the DC, you dont have to turn in the quest
  2. you ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed up hard here ..... * beginner mode is harder then normal mode for less gold reward and still has 1shot mechs if you fail something * solo dungeon and CB removed from DC and increased the amount of dungeons you have to do for DC => instead of having to do 1 dungeon on my alts i now have to do 3 => people get burned out, the game is to p2w to stay on 1 char, this is just a ***** you to f2p people that play on alts to gear main * auto complete DC when you finish => why ???? just why ????? we all have days we cant play alot and doing the dailys the d
  3. sadly, the only way to get gear as a new player after the patch, is to swipe your credit card ....
  4. they dont care about EU ...... any other mmo posts the patch notes way ahead, here on bns < 24 hour before the actuall patch, wich is to ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing late you ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ the f2p people with this patch, you increase the amount of dungeons you have to do for daily challenge AND you removed the daily in celestial basin as with every big patch, we will most likely have extended maint ( + extra extended for EU only ) how the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ are we suppose to do DC on patch day ( on multiple alt .... cause the game is so p2w you cant play 1 char ... ) if we k
  5. and here are some dungeon gold changes, pretty big nerf if you ask me ....
  6. BC hard mode in DC .... and the WC now gives 21g1s, here on the SS we see ez mode gives 15g 76s, thats 5g25s less ....
  7. i did not see the stream but from what im reading : * 3 DC reward changed to 4 DC * CB removed from DC So just that alone its gonna take twice the amount of dungeons on alts to get same reward as we get now from 3DC * normal mode from most dungeons removed and replaced by beginner mode with less gold reward * hard mode dungeons are a part of DC now screw you guys but im quiting the game if this is true, this is a huge ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ you for f2p players, my daily routine on the game is gonna take atleast twice as long and i have to do hard modes on t
  8. you and grimoir are probably the biggest white knights here on this forum ..... never a bad word about ncsoft..... and i play the game, on 5 characters, wich is 4 to many imo and i was 1 of the first, if not the first on the server getting unity lvl 100 before it became p2w and my static is doing ET1, so dont tell me "play the game and do the damn thing" cause i am .... i can barely keep up to do the latest content, but now its almost every patch they put another big p2w thing in the game, i have 1 legendary stone that i got from DC box, all the refines failed, while w
  9. and here we have 3 NCsoft white knights in their natural habitat. to blind to see the game is dying and becomming more p2w with every patch .... in response to people playing alts to get their main geared, ncsoft will nerf DC, in the patch you have to do 4 dailys instead of 3 to get solar energy and their will be an 8 DC reward to .... swipe or grind your ass off if you want to get somwhere in this game .....
  10. ofc the game is dying : * bad or no customer support, unless you swipe alot then they suddenly can do more for you * more p2w with every path * 0 communication between ncsoft and the players * low fps ( 20fps in raid with a 1080ti, like come ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing on ..... ) * P2W * high latency * (extended) maintenance in the middle of the day ( EU ) * more P2W * new bugs on existing things with almost every patch and they refuse to acknowledge them ( middle zone on HQ getting bug bomb instead of a player for example ) * constant gold ner
  11. its random, but if it happens, every1 has it, and ticket was already send, they cant seem to understand that their game is full of bugs and instead blamed it on the pc of the guy that send ticket, or they asked for a screenshot of the freeze, support at its best .....
  12. already off for a long time, still freezes in TT and ET and its not just me but every1 in the raid has the same freeze at the same time ....
  13. thx for listening to your costumers ncsoft. instead of actually fixing the game, you decided to put more p2w in the game ..... Why cant you fix the low fps already, i have a 1080TI and i have 20fps during raids, not only that but there are also alot of freezes for the whole raid, raiding is a pain in the ass these days .... and for the p2w ..... first you sell those p2w boxes and right after you release next tier stones, just disgusting .... , do you guys even realise that 90%+ of the players dont even have legendary stones yet ??? the chances to refine them
  14. pet gems and awakend weapon ncsoon, prepare you wallets !
  15. ye, thats 1 of the worst parts of this game, spending more time on alts so you can gear your main, as f2p ....
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