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  1. Speed run rewards crazy wrong?

    Hopefully you are not sending the corrected rewards to those who didn't receive them yet...
  2. Speed run rewards crazy wrong?

    like 3 member of my party didn't get anything (including myself).
  3. Speed run rewards crazy wrong?

    Did actually whole trains with ET gear ppl. Got nothing except the participation boxes. My girlfriend got like 2k soulstone crystal and 2k sacred crystal just doing dungeons duo with me...
  4. Bugged Warden Awakened Skills

    Do we have any update on this?
  5. Weapon modifier not applying to Warden awaken skills just like gunner. [link] Known issues thread doesn't mention the the bug... Do we get a fix for that today?
  6. News that i cant see

  7. Arena %1.000.000 Bullshit

    Would like to see whirlwind valley gear equalized too.
  8. Don't forget BM's skill Warding Spirit... User and nearby party members are resistant to projectiles User and nearby party members take 15% reduced damage Heals the user or party member 1% of their Health per resist