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  1. Most likely, the problem is that the channel "cap" is way to hell to high to be remotely reasonable. Technically "working as intended." Lowering the channel cap would probably be the best solution. The last temporary AFK zone had the same issue until the cap was lowered if I recall correctly.
  2. The value of premium has been pretty borderline for quite a while now. The only feature I find really valuable is the bank access and extra tab. That being said, not having the bonuses from daily dash definitely tips premium into the "not worth" category. The "extra" bonuses from events have historically been underwhelming so using that as an excuse to remove a feature without adding anything is not sufficient to me. As such, my wife and I have no intention of renewing premium as it stands. As I stated previously, probably one of the best features of premium is the bank access and extra tab
  3. I never said it needed a nerf, only that it's scale drops should be brought in line with the other older dungeons. It was a bad choice to limit scales as much as they did and continuing to make them a bottleneck does not help players stay interested in the game. Repeatedly grinding old content is considerably less appealing than grinding current content. It does nothing to encourage new players to stick with the game or encourage old players so invest more time/money in the game gearing more characters.
  4. Alternatively, they could just buff elder scale dungeons to have acceptable drops. It was ridiculous for them to only drop 5-15 scale fragments when they were released, it's twice as ridiculous now when that tier of gear is largely outdated. The benefit of a nerfed dungeon event would be to make scale farming somewhat reasonable. Most of us have already solo farmed CC hundreds of times to farm scales for mains, it's ridiculous to have to do the same for alts when the gear is outdated already. Elder scale dungeons should be adjusted to be more in line with the other older dungeons, dropping
  5. It's fairly common knowledge that the PvE path is weaker for the vast majority of classes/specs. The tradeoff is that the path is typically much cheaper and does not require raid mats which are more difficult to farm. Either have support revert the weapon back to raid path or take advantage of the cheaper cost to get to dragonspire 6 and switch back to raid path.
  6. If you can block an attack that would otherwise knock you back...then use your block. Getting knocked back is a greater dps loss than the little bit of time it takes to block an attack and one second is not going to make or break your dps 😕 That's not even considering party wipe from getting range checked in HM...
  7. You know...I did not see any BM's complaining when third spec BM hit and they were top dps by an insane amount... Class balance has never been decent in this game and complaining now because the class you play is not at the top anymore is kinda sad. Rankings are by class and no reasonable person turns away a decent player because of their class so there is really nothing to be complaining about. There are a lot of other classes that have been trash tier for years but people play them because they enjoy the class. Let that be enough 😕
  8. Bumping your own thread two weeks later is not really doing any more than the initial post did. Complaining about class balance did not do any good when 3rd BM was released, or Archer, or FM 3rd all of which were grossly stronger than every other class when they came out. These companies do this to try to get people to re-role to the current flavor-of-the-month. Complete class balance almost never happens so just wait it out. Third spec Summoner already looks like it will be even stronger than 3rd BD after it hits the west. Besides that, BD was nothing but a mech monkey for the most part fo
  9. This bug was addressed earlier this or last week in Korea. Expect it whenever that patch rolls around, probably in 2-3 months.
  10. The Illusion Skills for Death Toll work with the Talent Specs "Death Blade" and "Death Draw," but does not work with the talent "Death Walker." Just an FYI :S
  11. For a Season of Giving event, it does not seem to be too terribly charitable to make it so players have no choice but to buy NCoin to enjoy all of the rewards from the event. I thought it was a really good move to include a 1 HMC option.
  12. I would personally prefer a new way to farm ES aside from more years of boring MSP farm, but I agree with the underling sentiment. MSP is just not worth running as it stands. Maybe in a six or so months power creep will make it more efficient to run again, but until then, double loot should be returned on Friday-Sunday at the very least.
  13. Adding Refined Honing Oils was a band-aid solution to there being few ways to farm oils in the game. I would personally prefer they just replace honing oils with evolved stones. That would allow people farming on multiple characters to benefit for their time while not penalizing players with less time from not being able to make the minimum amount of honing oils to max their oils every week. Perhaps leave honing oils as a way to farm pet packs as those are also more difficult to farm. As it is, the only way to regularly "farm" evolved stones is MSP which is so inefficient at the moment, al
  14. The other side of this is that the people that load into the instance are stuck waiting at 11/12 for the client of the person who crashed to disconnect. This can take 2-5 minutes sometimes which is not enjoyable for the people stuck waiting.
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