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  1. Bumping your own thread two weeks later is not really doing any more than the initial post did. Complaining about class balance did not do any good when 3rd BM was released, or Archer, or FM 3rd all of which were grossly stronger than every other class when they came out. These companies do this to try to get people to re-role to the current flavor-of-the-month. Complete class balance almost never happens so just wait it out. Third spec Summoner already looks like it will be even stronger than 3rd BD after it hits the west. Besides that, BD was nothing but a mech monkey for the most part fo
  2. This bug was addressed earlier this or last week in Korea. Expect it whenever that patch rolls around, probably in 2-3 months.
  3. The Illusion Skills for Death Toll work with the Talent Specs "Death Blade" and "Death Draw," but does not work with the talent "Death Walker." Just an FYI :S
  4. For a Season of Giving event, it does not seem to be too terribly charitable to make it so players have no choice but to buy NCoin to enjoy all of the rewards from the event. I thought it was a really good move to include a 1 HMC option.
  5. I would personally prefer a new way to farm ES aside from more years of boring MSP farm, but I agree with the underling sentiment. MSP is just not worth running as it stands. Maybe in a six or so months power creep will make it more efficient to run again, but until then, double loot should be returned on Friday-Sunday at the very least.
  6. Adding Refined Honing Oils was a band-aid solution to there being few ways to farm oils in the game. I would personally prefer they just replace honing oils with evolved stones. That would allow people farming on multiple characters to benefit for their time while not penalizing players with less time from not being able to make the minimum amount of honing oils to max their oils every week. Perhaps leave honing oils as a way to farm pet packs as those are also more difficult to farm. As it is, the only way to regularly "farm" evolved stones is MSP which is so inefficient at the moment, al
  7. The other side of this is that the people that load into the instance are stuck waiting at 11/12 for the client of the person who crashed to disconnect. This can take 2-5 minutes sometimes which is not enjoyable for the people stuck waiting.
  8. I fail to see how this is a simple trade off, or how an equal number of players benefited and lost with the move. Even acknowledging unequal distribution of player base, with the coasts having the majority of player, the move only benefited players on the east coast while it hurt players from central to west. Even for players that did not see the physical distance to the new server change considerably (I am in that camp) the connection and stability is still worse. That just means less people happy with the state of the game. Less happy people results in less paying customers. There were quite
  9. Instead of adding mediocre bundles for trove, maybe consider buffing the rewards a bit. The only thing I spend HMC on for trove lately is cosmetics because the rates of everything else is so horrible. This time around there are not even cosmetics worth wasting time on :/ I mean, for the stream, the trove part was rigged to have the guaranteed crit pop after a couple keys and when it did pop and was crappo the streamers quickly moved on xD
  10. The Armory event starting next week is a gearing event that should include the gloves. I am guessing the details will be released today or early next week. It will also include other more important gear to worry about so I would just focus on the Armory event next week and worry about Mao after that. Mao will at that point be an "endgame" instance for farming IA Raid mats. (Also, as stated by Rmccn08, gloves are not a substantial boost to dps and there is a higher tier version out already that you could probably go straight to and ignore the Mao ones.)
  11. Considering the inconvenience of having a weapon skin take up limited inventory or bank space and the fact that weapons do not need to be illusions to be stored in F3, this appears to be more of an oversight to me.
  12. The standard way players get the legendary drops is by running the dungeon 100 times for the achievement, then simply buying the item with cores from the NPC merchant in Mushins Tower. It's not ideal, but it's better than only being able to achieve them in dungeon. Other games have low drop rates and then let players "roll the dice" to see who gets it. That's even more cancer in a sense because the "losers" don't get anything that way. It took me two years in another game to get an item I saw drop 12-15 times just because my rng was so bad. BNS has a lot of problems, but the loot system is not
  13. I have noticed the same pattern for a while now and I think it can be attributed to NCSoft continually failing to meet the expectations of it's player base. The recent server location moved the server to a somewhat central location in NA to a location on the far east increasing the ping of more players than it lowered. They completely botched the handling of of the Moontide costume issue which while it probably helped to increase the player base initially and increase interest in the game, has since turned a lot of players away with NCSofts retaliation against it's community. "Events"
  14. Please get your facts straight because this is simply not true.
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