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  1. Revamping the old content to be "more appealing" would cost a great deal in time and production costs for probably no return on investment. That content would only be really "enjoyable" with a substantial player base actively doing that content, which was the case when it was new and relevant, but there is no way there will be enough new players to fill it up even if they did do a revamp. Even really popular games like FFXIV don't see it's old content utilized outside of the core leveling dungeons via a RNG roulette system which rewards endgame players to que for by offering improved leveli
  2. The congestion and subsequent poor performance during Koldrak is a result of it being an easy and fast daily for people to do (and do on multiple characters per day). With the emphasis on completing the "daily" part of Koldrak, most people really don't care about participating in the content if they can still get the daily. The solution to this is really simple. 1) Remove Koldrak from the daily. People that are farming it for garnets/scales will continue to do so and I doubt this would impact peoples ability to fill raids. 2) Replace it with something else that is fast and easy enough for
  3. It's still not that taxing to just level it up the normal way. Besides, solar energies will likely be used to help upgrade from GC 7 to TB 6 with the update anyway.
  4. I mean, you don't need an event to enchant every stage of your gear.
  5. FYI, multiple acc can drop in the same run. I don't believe this is the way drops are working. Even if it were, it's just pure chance if you happen to be in the "right" party position at a given time anyway. The game does not care who has gotten zero drops or who has gotten 8 already. I'm not saying it's a good system or a bad one, but it's not strictly "unfair" for one individual to have multiple drops while another has none (Need multiple drops for rerolls / compound anyway). (Also still in the waiting for an acc drop party...over 2 weeks of nightly grind and still can't get the damn ear
  6. If you are going to say how many runs you ran and only got "x" acc drops, you should probably mention the floors you are running. Drop rates go up the higher you are and different acc. are locked behind higher floors. That being said... RNG can be for or against you, I have been farming 41+ for almost the full 2 weeks and still can't drop a single earring while people I run with have had several of each drop. Just RNG in the end. 1k runs and only 3 drops sounds like super low floor farming, even with crap rng I think I have a better run to acc ratio than that.
  7. As a BD main since this game hit NA/EU, BD is not in a weak spot right now, it's not the strongest but it's also not the weakest either. With the recent class balance changes, other specs and classes were brought up a bit making 3rd BD less of an outlier. Lightening BD is currently the strongest of the three specs by a considerable margin when played properly and can pump out more than enough damage. The best part is there are no cheats or macros or simple mode "adjustments" to make it stronger. It's one of the few classes/specs where proper manual play will result in optimal dps.
  8. This is not exactly new or specific to DB. Light BD's Flicker gets buffed by earring but does ~4% of total damage at best (similar issue with wind specs sunder). Asking for balance in this game is like asking for a solution to world hunger, it can be done and everyone claims they want it, but it never happens. I can't remember which spec/class (I think it was earth SF), but they don't even normally use the skill that procs their bracelet...so how about that for balance and sensible choices.
  9. This should have stayed buried because some of it is straight up incorrect. IE) Light BD is one of the least simple-mode friendly specs, period. You lose minimum 30-40% of your damage potential with simple-mode because it can cast flicker multiple times per lightening flash (flicker does almost no damage) and does not allow for animation canceling or weaving which is a massive dps loss. As for your FM question, while nearly every class and spec requires fused soul badges to operate properly, fire FM has high enough base stats and buffs to do considerably more damage than the other specs (w
  10. Vault was just expanded in KR. I do agree though, I have hundreds of useless ores I would not mind funneling to alts... but this has been brought up many times before so the odds of them actually listening to their player-base for once, like a decent and successful company, is slim to nil 😕
  11. Almost every new class / spec is busted. Eventually it gets nerfed or other classed buffed to be in line. Same story different class is all. Also, the way Korea ships out patches are in bulk as well. There were changes done to the class, and other classes, that we have not gotten yet which will likely affect overall power balance.
  12. I'm not trying to sayUE4 does not have it's problems...but some of the above mentioned issues may be related to individual PC performance. Most of the complaints about UE4 seem to be from a very vocal minority with most people I have spoken with and run content with praising the increase to performance. Less DCs, better performance nearly everywhere, and all without the need to delete all the localization files to make the game playable. One of the things to account for is the increased strain on your GPU with UE4 whereas the old version relied heavily on the CPU. Try lowering resolution s
  13. Both the Korean Dev. and the NCWest team are out of touch with where the game is atm on the western version of the game. Max tier endgame players are complaining everything dies too quickly while doing 40-80+ million damage a second, while fresh Call to Arms players are doing 2-3 million (story gear is so far behind I don't want to think about what that does fresh at lvl 60). When I came back to the game 3 years ago I remember doing about 150k/s in Cold Storage with the story gear (at that time), if you want an idea of how bad the power creep has been.Right now, Koreans are doing well over 100
  14. I mean, the current state of the game speaks volumes for how well the chosen path is going for BNS. I'm just trying to point out other strategies work and the downward spiral BNS has been on speaks for itself. I'll throw this here for shits and grins if you want an idea of how well other strategies can work. Obviously it's impossible to make an apples to apples comparison, but take compare the active player base or look at the 5 year trend for BNS and it sums up the state of the game. https://mmo-population.com/r/bladeandsoul https://www.gamepur.com/guides/final-fantasy-xiv-server-populati
  15. The reason a pay-to-win game model is bad is because it is not a good long-term business model. Many of the pay-to-win games from KR struggle to survive on western markets because fewer people are willing to waste money to progress with pixel items. Then when they find themselves unable to compete with people that drop their paychecks on the game, they lose interest and leave. The population in this game has gone steadily down as it has become increasingly pay-to-win over the years. I hear a lot of people acknowledge they enjoy the base game, but hate the company that runs it because it has
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