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  1. next time, can you please give us something better than this crap ? even russia got better costumes ... i don't even ...
  2. it's suck because it's 1 oblivion dung per week to get 1-2 tokens (+1 in addition if u are super lucky). For old braclet ...
  3. its for sanctum braclet, not for cc tho
  4. can you add better or another way to get purle braclet to open ur CC braclet chest?? i am getting sick getting 1 coin per week from oblivion, this is ridiculous, i have chest for 4 weeks in my inventory and have 4 oblivion coins. I mean since its already not top tier braclet, this shyt should be changed or something. And no, i won't buy or craft any reset for this.
  5. i definitively agree with weapons skins, like why u can't use low tier legendary weapon for skin? just because it's legendary (it's garbage tho) i really like to use raven weapon skin because in my option it was best looking weapon in the game, aransu was good too. Or at least add them to forgekeeper profession so i can craft them already. Also costumes in hm store too, this game is all about fashion, for new players or returning players like me, what i can do? when everyone have super cool looking costumes and i have nothing ...... waiting for some good costumes for like a year? huh .... Ab
  6. you can probably buy everything in vendor just with dailies, until u collect 20 pieces to get 1 token ...
  7. i can be wrong, since i had a break for a while, but i missed "Dragonfly" or "Spa Day". "Tight Knit" is also dream one. I know about costumes rotation, but its only 3 costumes tho, wish for more, since this game is amazing with costumes. Also regular costumes in f10, they are same like year ago. O_o
  8. Can we get often rotation with more costumes in f10 ?? since its already 419 in HM store room. I miss like a few costumes back in 2 years and they never put them back, not even with event. I am really dissapointing with this. I can understand that some costumes was from p2w boxes or trove, but u should buy more than this.
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