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  1. i dunno what they made, after release ue4 it was smooth even with turned ppl on, now its lagging, drops fps too
  2. costume rotation was like 2 costumes per 2 weeks, now its per month ? even p2w love is more often than costumes in f10 lmao. Not mention that after a 7 months of playing this game, i didnt even bought one, because only ugly garbage was in rotation.
  3. because event items are redeemable to 11.9. they removed it from dragon express last week by mistake.
  4. still nothing happen, i lost hope for this ....
  5. i like the game, but game is now like alpha test to me, they didnt even repair dat camera stuck when dragon portal in dat event stupid dung. its been already a month since ue4, every second post on forum is about bugs, or issues, yet nothing happens here. Can they only puts some p2w love to f10?? I am really dissapointed with this game right now. Yet i love to play it.
  6. everytime game lagged, always dc, when u can't repait it, then remove this crap already, i am sick of this crap for the god sake. UE4 is biggest joke here. Yes, its pure hate topic
  7. Can u finally repair the keyboard issues? i already write liek 2 topic about this, yet nothing happen. using CES (Czech Republic) setting for my keyboard and i cant use 1 2 3 4 as skills because i have them like + ě š č. i can write these symbols in chat, but i cant change them in options for skills. I was using this for a years before ue4 came. https://imgur.com/wqf15sU
  8. sadly u play wrong game, this is not pvp game anymore
  9. keys like " + ě š č " doesnt work, u can write them in the chat but u cant use them for skills ( 1 2 3 4 )
  10. 2 weeks, 2x maintenence, did u ever repaired something? keyboard issues will probably never be repaired, also synthwave illusion twin swords, can i finally see it? many db weaspon also doesnt even exist lmao ... and btw where's my free outfit from newsletter? unbeliveable ....
  11. i saw first one, did about week daily, yesterday it drops from normal, and was for 500g orly
  12. this is another one big scam, i have 500 onyx scales on my old characters, because they were droping from dungs, nobody bid them, u can get them only from mushin tower 20 floor daily. Also, thez want us to buy/farm boxes which give u only fragments, for 2 year old item, really awesome
  13. i am already sick of it, i was used symbols like " + ě š č " as 1 2 3 4 for the whole time, now i cant use it, cant even change it in options, need to use ENG keyboard which made me crazy and sick of it already, cuz everything is different. Can you bring it/ fix it back, like it was with ue3 ????? @Hime
  14. they should use original korean voices, why bother to dub them to english
  15. can you put emergency maintenence or something like that? or we should wait till wednesday? i mean lots of bugs happening here ....
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