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  1. Same here. It's def the best update i've seen so far for bns and can't wait to see where it all continues to go. The most notable thing of course is way smoother performance overall. Which i was worried about at first. Even though i know that's not the case for everyone as i've seen quite a few mentioning in faction chat their fps being lower than before and other issues as well. And yeah graphics are simply amazing that's for sure. My cute Lyns look even better now ^^ Thanks for making it all possible!
  2. @ Lunashiro That's true i guess. And no matter if i stay silent or speak up that won't change anything to begin with. And complaining about others complaining leads to "No rights" but the first to complain have them ^^
  3. @ Lunashiro Honestly i do agree with you and everyone. I have no rights to complain to begin with. Since i'm not in such a position nor will i ever be for various reasons. So with that out of the way. I guess i shouldn't speak/write what's on my mind. Simply because of that right? Well that's fine with me ^^
  4. Okay i'm starting to understand everything a bit better now. Some part of the players just find it better to complain about how things could and maybe would be better because (insert proof/reasons). Instead of having fun in bns or anything else simply for what it offers right now.
  5. @ Tufa I see. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. And about the question if everyone should get what they want with money. I can't say because it's their choice to spend or not. If someone who can and wants to spend money it's their choice to do it that's all there is to it. If it's not acceptable to someone else that's not the spenders issue but more like the one who thinks it's an issue. And i honestly wish there was anything fair to begin with but as i can see that's not the case.
  6. @ Reinmei Thank you for sharing your experience. It's truly wonderful reading these awesome experiences you and others have shared already. And that's the thing each mmo offers something different in the end. All of them are awesome. And there are plenty of choices around for us to pick from and find something that suits our taste.
  7. @ Kazh Ruzara That's honestly a lovely story ^^ Glad for you all being able to stay together despite the difference. I guess i still have lots to learn about that myself. Since i'm not so good with spiders and other such creatures.
  8. @Naramnarana That's great and thanks for sharing your experience ^^ And yes i do know about Last Chaos but didn't get too far as i was too young and found it too confusing at the time. But did try to return at some point and try it out but still wasn't sure about where to begin even. And instead during that time i was playing "Shaiya" also p2w game on a whole different lvl from bns even. Could buy almost anything you could desire with money. And that's also one of the games i played for a really long time and had lots of fun. Even if i can't have fun there anymore that's fine now i
  9. @Kazh Ruzara That was nice to read ^^ Glad to know that even as a solo player bns is a fun experience for you ^^ We all like different or same things and for our own reasons also but it's often difficult to find what it is that we seek. And not trying to ruin the experience for others while still looking for it ourselves would be great. And it would be nice if we could accept that much at least and not complain at every chance possible about how something that any of us can't enjoy is awful. Constant complaints about p2w was the reason why i even bothered to write anything even if
  10. @LaVersus What i see is that from your view only when you and everyone can be at the top can there be any fun. While me with my tb3 main can still enjoy the game for what it is and still say i'm having fun when i do play. But what do other ppl including me know better than you or anyone else right? Someone can tell me it's not fun. But does that make the fun i had and am having now and then during the times i play "not fun"?
  11. Okay to clear this up. I don't see p2w as needed or w/e else. It simply is here and elsewhere. So just because other games or w/e can be "successful" without p2w or w/e else that makes them better means bns will have the same "success" or even more "successful"? If that's how it worked then awesome. But i don't see that being the case. Someone makes a game and it's awesome and profitable. Doesn't mean that even if another game was made and applied same payment options will have the same results let alone better. So even if bns changed to no p2w path there will be same or new/differen
  12. I see. And how do we prevent that to begin with? I mean there are sides to everything that ppl decide to join. As long as there are these sides and not just 1 single side we all join i don't see how anything will get fixed. The sides i currently see are few but that's more than 1. p2w is bad (side) p2w is okay(side) idc either way (side) cheating is fine(side) cheating isn't fine(side) and extra side thinking non of this is needed. But yeah a futile struggle is better than no struggle i guess. Oh well even if there's 1 side maybe that won't even fix anything. But let's continue to co
  13. Okay. So let's assume p2w is gone. But bns or any mmo still has grind for gear and more stuff you can grind. Time gated content remains daily/weekly and in game rng for upgrades/loot. And the players that are playing will be so happy about all of that cause yeah no p2w. Then few years later like now new player still try to start the game and have fun. Years of content being laid out already and they would be at starting point of it all. Does that seriously sound in any way more fun or better for this long term path??? Grind remains just that only way you can get through it all
  14. Honestly if having high player count and no p2w is so awesome and so much better. I wonder why continue any other game since even if they are fun and all(core content). They are dead and p2w and that's not fun cause obviously it's not fair to have someone(ME) left behind everyone else cause of situations being different for each of us. And yeah then continue to spread why p2w is so awful and ruins everything that is fun. Sounds like a wonderful path chosen as well. I wonder if doing that for years and waiting even now for a change to happen regarding p2w is addicting or something?
  15. Well i found the answer thanks to you Killifishy. There are simply too many expectations from people. Like removing p2w and the game would be "successful" and filled with people and so on. And now the part where all of it fails. Just because 1 or all players have expectations from those that are in control of direction the game goes doesn't mean that anything will actually change the way you want. Even if it's the better path long term or w/e you wanna add as reason. It's like telling someone what to do and expecting that they will listen just because you think it's right or bet
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