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  1. 5/6 ppl got dced in bg match

    Yea i literally saw them dc one by one...me and another dude from the next team was the only one still connected.i just walked around and start basing the pots :) So what happen??? Good thing i didnt dc and lose 1 hour for something out of my control.... Need to do better.. Punishment for Dc yet your sides arent in check.. Rip to those ppl tonight
  2. motivate loooool omg really where u guys get that info,this event doesn't motivate me one bit, i just dont go in there, its laggy , and i dont feel like begging or bumping my head to do something that should be a fun run for people to gear up... idk where that logic came from but need to go back
  3. how long is this event, i just want it to go literally... well good for them i heard some names of some people who stop playing the game, some big names too , whale streamers and am like ok.... they are really turning away people from the game even the whales at this point i dont see why anyone would enjoy the game anymore , pvp is broken, dps is senseless, and third spec buzz is short lived the new classes are not even hyped .. arena is dead..... trove is a waste of hard earned money ..to get items u can get from fishing ...honestly i think they turning everyone away to use as excuse to close server ... and its working, when the game was less broken and less everything stated above they were making more money now look lol..i dont see the point in trying to make the game look awesome to scare people away ... and the management team looks like they in on it ...too korea may be responsible for alot that has happen but na team have alot of issues just the same ... what i wanna see in the producer letter is what all of this leading up to ... cause this is one big celebration of an event. when u think they made the biggest mess up of a life time they proof to us that naa we can take it further ... i can bet a hundred dollars next patch will be just as disastrous
  4. its really selfish to control a whole event and dividing up the map...as if the event was made from them , and the fact that this event is still on going bothers me ... can we have a lock out time if u in there for over 30 minutes you get kick out and locked out for 30 minutes are something.this is one whole waste of a patch to have an event like this to celebrate 4 years of playing or existing . or lock them out for a whole week so people can actually enjoy the content. then come next patch with everything buffed up, saying ohh base on pass event you guys should be at certain gear when whales out there getting 100 of thousands of gold all for them selves... whats the main purpose of this event ??? if this the direction korea going with events well, good for them watch more people quit.... idk why would they release such an event that beneefits a small majority of players ...even some whales dont boher doing it .. lock them out they reap alot of gold let others benefit too... quick to nerf gold rewards from dungeon, but out here throwing 100g like nothing....i fail to understand the logic of bns these days
  5. Platinum Wintraders

    nobody else was in arena only bots and those afk people..... it was just those 2 me and the bots
  6. Platinum Wintraders

    wintrading is even higher than before, cause they kill arena ...so when u get to 1700 u sit in queue for the longest cause nobody in arena..... HOW I KNOW PEOPLE WINTRADING ... without calling any names.... i was in arena one early morning, i fought a gold bd.. he wasnt good ..i beat him one round and i can tell an op from a decent person he was like close to 1700 cause i lost like 10 points at 1590 , i notice someone spectating me which i find weird, and unusual unless that person knows him ... so i lost the match, i fought a warrior in realm sin right after which is silver (the same bd was spectating , which i find weird but understandable .....i literally got owned she was fast never miss a tech chase doing sin things...i lost 3 times to her ...base on how much point she took from me i can tell she was below me then on the same level then surpass me ....i was 1530 now .......i won my way back up now she was gold ... farm me down..back ...i won my way up she silver "?? no way that bd could take that sin ....it was obvious sin was feeding the bd the point and farming me to catch up back to the bd... all thru this they were spectating one another letting which ever that they were in a match ...... they need to allow spectating and remove the decision to hide it ...so people can report these cheaters....how can people report cheating ingame if u cant see the names of who u fighting ...but i know they dont care
  7. bugs and stuff

    assassin ------------------ when u counter, and you do the other counter skill party decoy or something your char does the animation but no resist goes off, and your character doesn't say the word "leech" or what ever he usually says ...i notice this when i get cced while doing it i notice this alot of time ...i was fighting an archer too ....i wasnt in bg ..where a weapon reset would reset skill but not universal cd...it was arena.... this one i notice in nova yesterday night ....i was in bg i was in stealth and did the ultimate skill with dashes on sin ...and got away from the enemy but when i came out stealth i still have stealth skills showing up as if i was invisible but was out of stealth...i was like omg whaaat.. i wanted to take a fast screen shot but they caught up to me and killed me ...could be a 1 time bug tho this bug idk if its me or simple mode or what not but... when ever i hit xx twice to stealth, only works sometime, i dont move when doing it either idk.. my feedback going into 2020 with an event 80 percent of the game's population wont benefit from, when it first came it was bugged too, and even after claimed fix, people still bumping their heads as we speak yea, yea people could invite you in and make it way more crowded .....the fps in that place is horrible, its a copy paste map, which is certain clans claim dips on half of it ...farming gold and breaking the gold market in this game .... i thought for sure something would be done about it mt day went to check the mt post nothing but the regular mt ...idk even know if anything has been done cause i didn't go back in that laggy place. whale exclusive event ..idk y yall ask for feedback if yall gonna throw them in a box and put aside....problem is with the patching of this game is no one actually wonder what would happen if certain things got implemented ingame ...yall just throw it in ...when the backlash comes band aid fix and if not fix ...just stay quiet...and let it die down. am looking at the fact that unreal engine as you guy stated coming a year from now are so ....or may be not just saying .....due to the way the patch are being handle now, and its some simple things too, people ingame can spot a problem with a patch before it even comes out without even experiencing the patch .... than the people who actually have the patch messing around with.... item cost etc.... unreal engine buzz is causing people to talk about the game and yall acting like this, doesnt look good at all.can we have 1 decent patch please, like i cant tell when last that was . next patch its gonna be alot bugs, and something else for people to complain about .... its always the same , no producer letter as yet also ...we are still waiting cause i wanna know whats going on cause something is def up. all now you guys havent made gloves easier to get ... while u have out a new glove ....havent reduce the amount fo runs nothing has change there. let ascendant use less bloodstones ....to level up, so people can get they alts some decent weapons .....and ss... with all these broken skill balance yall throwing out from korea increase asteroid damage , bullet storm its kinda impossble for alts to do bg ..without dying like a potato from some impossible stuff to dodge unless u see the person doing it at the very last second cause all it takes is 1 ms and u dead . also the arena situation is really sad ...cant tell me you guys care about the game when pvp is dying this bad ....in the game where are the kr feedback going to??? 1v1 is being taken over by bots now from 1300- 1500 bots i get gold fighting a bot ...like why you guys killed arena by removing it from daily quest and now i see bg queue time increasing from 30 sec - 1 min wait time to 7 min waiting just saying ... nothing is being done and it shows ..what ever effort put in ...it will come straight back to u from the people who are playing... all i gotta say is what ever trove yall planning next better come good cause that last trove alot of whales not gonna go all out .... cause lately not much loving going into this game .
  8. 1 thing or the other..

    can this game get something right for once ...... i swear the patches now are so badly handle for the time spent on this patch it shouldn't be this messy.... its 2020 omg !!! considering nothing much is in this patch ....and the amount of issues ...like its so cliche now . This event seems interesting and over 50 percent of the player base cant even do it ...without knocking them self out 100 plus times to get in.... 2 days into event yet some people haven't even been there ... ______________________________________ CAN WE SPLIT IT INTO 2 GROUPS 2 groups of 300...as in 2 separate channels ...... ________________________________________ the effort into every patch is at minimum ... am yet to see a good patch been so long.... why all of sudden this start happening? seriously speaking something is up trove is so bad now events are worse skill bugs are at the highest ive seen am being real when i say this, kr needs to do much better with patches ....these patch haven't been tested whatsoever ..just cook up ..patched in and cause a disaster....only to fix it later .... if your gonna do something do it right the first time , cheaper that way too.
  9. Boring patch *Yawns* also my 2020 wishes for bns

    yea harvest event was so nice :) all i know, is everybody complaining about that last trove ...... they better come good if they wanna make money off trove again cause that was the last straw for alot of whales.
  10. Basically am suggesting to you guys to polish these systems a bit and update to current state of the game. From what i know 1600 - 1899 is gold , 1900 to 2099 is plat 2100 plus is diamond (not 100 percent sure). what we need now is for you to bring them in a bit closer, bnecause it impossible for anyone to get diamond these days, and if am not wrong they also have achievements link to getting such a medal. so am suggesting upon hitting the target mark each person will be granted the following medal: 1400 - Bronze 1450 - silver 1600 - Gold 1800 - Platinum 1900 - Diamond ______________________________________________________________ For Tag Match, its a bit different ( deciding match wins will be lower points for tags ) 1300 - bronze 1400 - silver 1500 - Gold 1600 - Platinum 1700 - Diamond season rewards changed to : 1300 - bronze 1400 - silver (2 VENTURE TOKEN) 1500 - Gold (6 VENTURE TOKEN ) 1600 - Platinum (what you giving for rank 25- 10 now) 1700 - Diamond ( rewards you give for rank top ten - 1 so rewards are base on medal you have and not rank for tags , only outfit is base on rank . Right now, you guys are promoting wintrading, base on NA server theres no possible way you can get gold in tag match unless you group up some teams and abuse deciding match and wintrade, which you guys trying to cut out ....having like 5 people alone gold , i think its fair to just split up the hm coin and let people queue for silver ranking and gain some points. wintrade will always be there but if people see an opportunity to get hm coins they will queue and there for lower the need to do so.... PLEASE NOTE: i don't do such things, last time i got gold in tags was early 2019 way early 2019. i wouldn't mind they can give venture tokens for being silver in tags before season reset ...every season the chance of getting gold in tags drops by 10 percent lol
  11. Okay listen here sunshine...

    preach!!!! thats one producer letter am really interested to see....caUSE I REALLY WANNA KNOW WHATS GOING on. some of the issue last year wasn't on korea side, they are both to blame,nobody is owning up to the errors. same thing i would like to know, i see the bug on my character on other people character in pvp ... if they want to replicate gunner bugs try using a class like kfm flurry daze which hits multiple times..... whipline and use flurry on gs ..or backstep and let a kfm flurry you ...and see how long the resist goes off ... tremor on kfm is like the easiest to spot out, because it just happens .... tremor goes off when u get cced , so if u hit tremor some one daze u it doesnt cancel the tremor it just delays it by a mill sec .... i have seen countless fights where me and a kfm tremor each other lol.
  12. well tbh kfm damage is literally v4 ... its resetable if you bb with badge... and if u hit comet stike u get cd on tremor and if u resist with flurry.... my gear is : dragon fang 3 purple soul stage 5 max imperial ring and necklace max pvp gloves max pvp bracelet stage 6 pve earring 7-8 k piercing 1683 ap some legendary stage talisment . legendary heart trash belt 3 scarlet 5 avenging all triangle leg gems with debuff triangle gem my skill modifer are saying .... tremor around 140k damage,comet strike 80k, searing dragon 80k before patch tremor 210k damage , comet strike 80k , searing dragon i think 120 -130 k fact of the matter is kfm lost a whole heap of damage...i see peeps that could literally one shot me , back then and cant now. if comet strike doesn't crit the damage is so embarrassing. i might need dyad gems to enhance my crit output ..
  13. Okay listen here sunshine...

    congrats on your dps , your doing like over 4 times my damage ....lol but thats my fault tho, the road to 2 mil dps aint an easy one , and am not prepared to lose my hands and feet .
  14. Okay listen here sunshine...

    i hope they don't continue,this silence blind eye treatment its literally 2020,its a new year , dont be carrying over the same thing that happen 2019 in this year. i wish support actually support.... people out there spend good money on this game, and its free to play, people spent 100 and thousands of dollars on it. if someone said theres multiple bugs ingame and putting the effort to get those bugs to whosever in charge ...people should be keeping people up to date and whats the status ... people shoudn't be sitting down and just say oooh its fix out the blue... they should be expecting a fix, even if nc can't give a time of the fix , just a reply that hey wil are still talking with the devs about such and such ..problem solve , but silent treatment only leaves people to wonder and think all kinds of things.that why people in here are so brutal cause sometime it feels like they talking to a wall, not every post you can answer yes but for soem you can say we are looking into such ... cause i know for a fact that support will tell you its working as intended.so if they dont tell us its an issue ,we just take it as that.
  15. 1/ wind build is weak in bg and makes no sense using. 2/ 3rd spec is weak also makes no sense using unless you wanna die in 1 sec.compare to every other class third spec which is viable in pvp and pve. 3/ flame build got nerfed twice, comet strike our main damage skill damage nerf... and last patch nerf 3 set scarlet for kfm ..we lost tremor 90 percent damage on tremor , we lost bb cd to get tremor up again, we lost searing dragon 90 percent more damage . other class lost damage here and there on scarlet , but the fact is kfm is one of those classes than cant kill someone without tremor unless standing there comboing them ...its a stall class and if 3 or more people focusing you you can't even do a skill to get a sure one shot off, the moment you go on the offensive your wide open to death. because you cant tremor and combo them you have to tremor and iframe they tab esc .... i literally see my comet stirke doing less than 100k on people, and i have some good gear..... theres alot more worst class out there than kfm... look at warden... they have server,divine stirke, sowrd slavo and that op spin all of those hits over 200k... and they are 3 times more op than kfm ..and they can fight way more people and they don't have to block. kfm has no sustain damage .... once u tremor ...you literally a sitting duck unless its a 1v1 situation. kfm sustain damage is mostly on dog build which in my opinion stiff...and lacks alot of defensive move ... you literally have class out there with some skills that hits 300k, 600k (fm) and people complaining about kfm that has a skill on a long cd that hits not even 300k unless it crit and u have some dyad gem and chucks of gear.