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  1. Thank you Gunslinger is useless in 6v6

    even with dragon fang 6 , storm speaker belt and necklace bright will soul 7 ki piercing , full pvp full pve ss i cant do any damage, it doesnt motivate me at all to gear up cause before gearing ups was worth it now u can gear up and u only get an extra 1 k damage on your skills , like this patch was the last nail in the coffin for me.... i quit ..all my pvp gear has been rendered useless
  2. last straw

    i will never understand the logic that went into making pvp gear useless this patch, and korea logic overall.... first of all , blood sweat and tears went into getting my pvp accs, as i for 1 dont pve but am force to do the content to get gear right , ok ,not complaining cause am use to it , scales, mats gold oils etc, countless hours of pvp farming just to get pvp gear if it was that ez to get decent gear everybody would have had decent gear ,now..lets talk about how everybody damage when from dragon fang to ascendant in 1 patch and theirs rumors that more damage nerfs are coming towards soul, talisment etc.... over the years people begged and pleaded for battleground to be less one shot , right..nothing happen....hunters refuge came , we saw the logic where they said pay your way to beat the whales ,ok. where did that logic go this patch??? battleground needed some skill adjustment yes , did all class ingame needed such a big nerfs no, instead of making debuff gems useful and balancing the problem class they just nerf everybody to the ground, bg is a gear base area i shouldnt have to use a reset charm to kill someone of way lower gear than me and still cant kill em ,what if they kept this energy with dungeons and turn everybody damage to the ground , to prevent boss one shot .it would have been a different reaction , but pve people praising the the nerfs because for one they dont need any form of gear. so instead of making pvp earring useful , they made pvp ss useless, poeple out here using full pve even more, i will never accept this nerf and such a poor roll of of a patch, these patch didnt even nerf arena damage , so everything is still the same , i really hate it here... thanks for killing battleground, the only thing i actually played, i have the a mind to just reroll all the storm speaker accs i got recently and reroll pet upgrade cause it makes 0 sense and give a difference of 2k extra damage , this healing more than damage taken is dumb . just add an equal gear bg that u can queue on certain days , but instead trash ppl hard earn accs to please pve people is really bias , cause when it comes to dungeon cant go in to anything with certain gear. For me this is the last straw,since the bg nerf i havent went back into battleground for a whole week, sit and watch how this game gonna kill its last pvp content .if nothing change next patch am leaving , not dealing with this 1 step forward 5 feet back game , just not. really expect the unexpected ....
  3. My honest opinion on the pvp mod nerfs

    turning down all the pvp mods to 0.30 as a band aid fix instead of actually balancing the class, looking at skills that need to be adjusted, turning down specific modifers ... i see game turn down modifer for skills doing 10k - 15k damage to 0.30 like th.... its called laziness. they made pvp gear completely useless, having 1 million pvp weapon stages and tier and 1 million accs stages and tier just for them to be doing the same trash damage????? its unfair to the people who acutally farm(me) and dump money (not me) into getting better pvp accs that aint doing any damage, i was literally using full pve ss and this dude full comboed me and i didnt die, its just stupid... warden even harder to kill now, with 2 hps bars, and the damage reduction , smh this game is really something else...add a equalize version of bg if need but dont make people hard earned pvp items become a joke point blank... if i had seen this coming wouldnt even bother getting anything pass incin 9 or go to the new storm speaker tier.... the damage is
  4. after doing bgs for 3 days i come to conclude: idk who on earth decided to be lazy to actually balance the classes by putting pvp mods on literally every skill of all class, down to 0.40..... korea had everything they need to know which classes are broken which skills are broken , while this fixed that issue it raises another,classes that were weak before is now weaker,lets take a look at kfm since thats the class i use ... korea issued out a useless pvp bracelet, nerf comet strike damage in the past...ok , now they remove flurry reset promised to increase the offense of the class by increasing smolder damage just to bring the pvp mod down by 30 ..............................in other words weaker than before, nerf the macaroni out of burning fist that does literally 30k damage, nerf hell fire kick literally everything , searing dragon and searing palm all got nerf , wind build is useless , dog build is still meh . the pvp needed the nerf s in general but to me its like , yall complaining about broken lets nerf everybody to the ground to the point your gear doesn't even matter (literally gonna stop leveling pvp gear) just so yall can regret it..... its really obvious the thought that went in to the mods were literally 0.30 , 0.40 on every skill.... its not even fun now, its just wierd and hard to adjust to .... they finally killed battleground yall... finally
  5. why we not seeing the big elephant in the room, i remember being in arena, sin resisting cc, iframing and spamming god damage , not knowing when hes gonna come out that thing , when u think its done something resets( i dont know 3rd sin much, i have a sin, but not really interested in it much ) a whole 12 second of iframe was way too broken, trying to do 6 hits to break bubble was really hard considering the fast spam , he dishing at u ...sin using full pve gear in bg , cause they cant die , was way too unfair . also korea changed it to 12 second but changed to 3 hits or something like that
  6. i saw alot of pvp damage changes, tbh, its better for everyone....not a 1 shot fest and fm finally got damage reduce on skills....i mean you will still die if u on alts but on a decent gear char, you can literally feel the difference on the damage taken . got aired by a 3rd spec bm i didnt die, like what a time to be alive.. a wind bd air dont hurt as much.. fm tornado doesn't delete your hp.... bout time they actually did some form of balancing
  7. skanky skill patch notes

    ok , so after going thru game turns out other changes are theyre ...even changes i didnt know about ...most noticeable one is the pvp modifer nerf , they actually using them now
  8. skanky skill patch notes

    i see all the patch notes korea dished out , look at this .. Blade Dancer Way of the Stormbringer ( not an actual spec ingame) Increased Squall damage with Aransu Mystic Badge equipped. Increased Squall damage with Thornbreaker Mystic Badge equipped Kung Fu Master Way of the Flying Kick Increased Azure Dragon attack power during Wind Shear effect. Reduced Wind Gyre effect cooldown while Premonition Soul Badge is equipped. Increased Pivot Kick critical damage buff duration to 15 seconds Increased Triple Threat attack power buff. (way of iron claw skill) Increased Mystic Chakra, Power Chakra, and Critical Chakra effects. (way of iron claw skill) either copy paste or the person who wrote this don't the class or the game , just want to know if theres actually more changes than this ..cause chile... .
  9. skanky skill patch notes

    are the patch notes everything with the change cause alot of stuff are missing from it, wrong build , made up specs and everything its messy , please confirm if we getting more changes Class > BM * Common > Storm Surge PvP mod buffed x1.25 * Common > Five Point Strike PvP mod buffed x0.30 * 3rd > Blade Storm x0.30, Rising Eagle x0.25, Heavenly Dance x0.25, Ascend x0.25, Spirit Vortex x0.25, Spectral Siege x0.25 PvP mods nerfed Class > KFM * Common > Eight Talons PvP mod buffed x0.75 * Wind > Rising Kick x0.75, Sky Kick x0.75, Falling Star x1.20 PvP mods buffed Class > Des * Common > Axe Fury PvP mod buffed x1.40 * Earth > Smash, Demolish PvP mod nerfed x0.40 * Shadow > Execute, Annihilation PvP mod nerfed x0.10 * 3rd > Ram x1.25, Galvanize x0.30, Steel Strike+Awk x0.30, Twin Steel Strike+Awk x0.30, Reaver x0.20 PvP mods nerfed * 3rd > VT/ET Mystic Badge Effect 'Whirling Steel' PvP damage nerfed Class > FM * Common > Sacred Flames PvP mod buffed x1.40 * Fire > Asteroid PvP mod buffed x0.60 * Fire > Inferno PvP mod buffed x0.30 * 3rd > 폭뢰파(Godmode F) PvP mod nerfed x0.12 * 3rd > 섬뇌격(2)+Awk PvP mod nerfed x0.15 * 3rd > 섬뇌장(RMB)+Awk PvP mod nerfed x0.15 * 3rd > 낙뢰(X) PvP mod nerfed x0.20 * 3rd > 오연뢰(C Air Juggle) PvP mod nerfed x0.40 Class > Sin * Common > Viper Fang PvP mod buffed x1.50 Class > Sum * Common > Rumble Queen PvP mod buffed x1.20 * Common > Briar Patch, Flying Nettles PvP mod buffed x0.35 * Swarm > Wild Nettles PvP mod nerfed x0.20 * Swarm > Rumblebees, Awk Rumblebees PvP mod nerfed x0.30 * Swarm > Hornet Nest PvP mod nerfed x0.30 * Thorns > Sunflower, Super Sunflower, Awk Sunflower PvP mods buffed x0.50 * Thorns > Sunburst PvP mod buffed x0.50 (edited) Teliona05/06/2020 Class > BD Common > Giga Sword PvP mod buffed x0.70 Common > Rising Eagle, Ascend, Heavenly Dance PvP mods nerfed x0.30 Wind > Hurricane Slash PvP mod nerfed x0.20 Class > WL Distortion > Enthrall(both specs) x1.25, Bombardment+Awk x0.45, Dragoncall+Awk x0.35 PvP mods buffed Class > Gunner Common > Sniper Stance PvP mod buffed x0.50 Common > Juggle, Upshot PvP mods nerfed x0.30 Fire > Quickshot+Awk x0.30, Unload x0.23 PvP mods nerfed Shadow > Darkshot+Awk PvP mod nerfed x0.45 Shadow > Fixed Awk Bullet Storm damage Class > SF Common > Soul Surge PvP mod buffed x1.30 Ice > Right Punch+Awk PvP mod nerfed x0.45 Class > Warden Common > Pentastorm PvP mod buffed x0.75 Madness > Blade Frenzy+Awk PvP mod nerfed x0.40 Guardian > Sonic Strike+Awk PvP mod nerfed x0.30 Class > Archer Common > Overcharge PvP mod buffed x0.60 Class > Common > Hongmoon Points * Changed the CD for HP recovery on resist (50/150 points in def) from 3s to 15s. Class > BM * Lightning > Lightning Draw doesnt share GCD anymore * Lightning > One Strike, Ten Cuts resists CC Class > KFM * Fire > 10% AP from Crimson Dragon passive only applies during Crimson Dragon * Fire > Resurgence Badge Resurgence Effect deals 280% of AP as additional damage on Burning Fist * Fire > Searing Dragon can be used while moving * Wind > 10% AP from Azure Dragon passive only applies during Azure Dragon * Wind > Premonition Badge Wind Gyre CDR was doubled (0.5->1s on Roundhouse, 1->2s on Cyclone Kick) * Wind > Pivot Kick crit dmg duration 3s->15s * Wolf > Triple Threat Boss AP and Mystic 200->300 * Wolf > Combo stacks: 70->150 Boss AP, 5->10% Crit Dmg, 50->100 Mystic * Wolf > Beast Within passive Boss AP 65->130 * Wolf > Iron Paw+Awk damage increased * Wolf > 'Titan Smite(X)/Titan Strike(C)/Strong Right(Z)' for Twisted Metal and Titan Surge damage buffed * Wolf > Dire Fist on a 7hit Titan Surge Combo damage buffed * Wolf > Titan(X/C/Z) PvP mods nerfed x1.00->0.40 * Wolf > 흑령붕추(Incinerate Crit Dmg Buff?) damage buffed * Wolf > Dire/Blood/Timber Wolf can now cancel transformation (on V key, 0.8s channel) Class > Des * 3rd > Grab will no longer remove Ironclad or Twin Steel Stance and list goes on
  10. Horrible management!

    community manager doesn't decide what goes ingame or not, thats on korea...they issue the gold nerf you give feed back , if they are discussing it with korea, she cant tell you yes , they are going to fix it, they already answer and say they looking into it , what more can they do ,keep your blame directed at korea,blame them if you want cause you seeing them , but just keep it 100,if they have nothing to say or nothing new to input on the situation , would they sit and hold long tea conversation , just wait and see...., all i know korea gave whales 10s and thousands of gold while f2 got none from hr, now they taking it away at f2p expense.......those clans that own hr, bet those ppl complaining , which just goes to show alot ...
  11. even with the damage nerf they got in korea, still gonna be a pain , destro dont need 15 second of total cc immunity, at least make them knock downable......remove iframe from E and add it to some pvp badge so they get it in bg .
  12. Eu tags is different from na tags , cause i been over eu server and do tags , but in na where the tag queues are so bad, and literally the other day people started doing it back , you have 3 plat rated destro , that parks in tag match every single tag day , knowing how this game just random selected team to fight , and drain you for the 8 points you have , just to feed plat destros ego, poeple were doing tags until ppl started noticing these guys farming them , when they get what they want they just switch to alts, and repeat .... having 3 destro is not a disadvantage at all, they have the party protect that they dont even need to use as often cause they have a bubble, 3 x interfere of pressing e to melt peoples life while they resisting damage, cc imune anti air .... destros was a pain to eal with cause first you have to either kd them and try get a stun ofg, he could literally melt your hp in a 1 sec kd in normal mode, the game need to limit 1 third spec user of the same class per tag team. thank god your blessed to be in eu where ppl dont resort to cheesing you in some comp that is hard to counter..... its literally hard to runn from a destro with speed spin,worst when two of em tag in on poor you and u have to iframe all that spam with them not caring cause they cant be cced. anyways dont care if they ruin tags again cause recently i see alot of ppl leaving again , less pl doing tags again... na was already dead but now nobody doing tags cause they know what to expect, 3 broken dest spamming. with 0 counter play available,
  13. as the title says, We need to put a leech on pvp content , 3 destros parking in 3v3 is the new in thing , and its really annoying, and very unfair to others, 3rd spec has shown how dominant it is overall the other 2 spec classes.....its already a a pain to deal, considering the god mode resist cc immune auto block and damage reduction.... recently i notice tag match ups are literally three 3rd spec classes, 3destros , 3 bms , 3 sins .... rotating through god modes, this isnt benefiting the game whats so ever and turning people away from doing tag matches , it was good to see people actually queuing for tags after the big drought, but people abusing their over powered abilities ingame is just wrong. tag match queues are literally dropping these days due to people not even bothering to do tags cause of how hopeless of a match up it is when u hit silver and have to go up against 3 plat destros, and its not even the plat its the fact that the destro class is sooooo over powered korea still nerfing them as we speak , something must be done about it , cant wait 3 months for korea update and even then it will still be broken with cc immune etc , just eliminate the triple class queues .
  14. When?

    soul shield resealing (reseal soul shields to mail to other characters on same account) when? unity stone resealing charms (seal unity stones to send to other alts) when? stop adding event token to fishing,which requires people to be afk on top of the afk fishing we do to get our daily income of mats, when? implement skill patches faster, korea is taking long to do skill patch and when they do we take 3 months to get them , what happen to being a month behind them with skill update? when? stop people from dragging bronze people into gold match ups by elimating gold low silver duo ? when MAKE UPGRADING HEART TALISMENT USEFUL WITHOUT DOING 10 15 UPGRADES? when? provide good rewards for tag match ? remove free battleground/arena chest from the game and add the silver ranking ones to 3 win bg or 1 win 1v1 and3v3 win. when? fix arena specating bug.when? add a merchant that sells some of this rare drop accs ? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- add some decent drops to boss ....these days you cant earn money from dungeons , we need some moonstone 10 bundle to drop, sellable items in bundle ...i remember those forzen stinger drops in past ..... doing dungeon just feels flat nothing to gain if you got accs from there already , knowing bns they will add it to the last 3 dungeon and completely ignore 70 percent of player base .... old dungeons from 2016 bns, people could do almost any dungeon , and see a good drop worth bidding on . --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BIGGEST FEEDBACK YALL COULD EVER GET IS THIS : after people complete their dailies what do they do, people of staff need to really look at what makes a game fun, doing the same thing over and over and over , theres no chill spot in game where poeple can actually socialize and do stuff , i see people in jade stone sparring but apart from that no soul is in the game .... that portal in jadestone you guys should use it as a portal to misty woods to equalize gear to lvl 45 stats and let people enjoy old days , but creativity rest in the hands of korea , idk what they been up to lately seem like they lost and dont know what to do.... a heap of new players coming in its only right to treat them to something of old bns , cause this new bns is so anti social people dont communicate at all, just go in kill and try rsuh daily then afk ..some game
  15. KFM new pvp bracelet ..

    so out of all the classes ingame, only a few actually uses pvp bracelet....one class out of all of them depends on pvp bracelet more than anything to actually do something in bg,i sit and watch this game throw out pve bracelets(master hong) and literally 75 percent of the classes ingame uses it in battelground, then watch and saw another bracelet new(cc bracelet) gets thrown out , again 75 percent of classes ingame uses it ...what does this mean ..all the classes that uses it are getting extreme stat boost , critical , ap etc....keeping upto date with there damage, up to date with the rising threshold of health in this game . kfm on the other hand is a different story, kfms using a 3 year old bracelet with no added stat to it up to this day, the bracelet was good until comet strike got nerf ,3 scarlet got nerf and people doubled in hp since unity ...now kfm comet strike averages around 180k - 250k on decent gear dragon fang and 10 second soul person....the damage is outdated ..people these days are full 500k plus ..the damage is just too weak even with the recent mystic buff its just too weak. and with the new set of bracelets this is the mess korea had to offer to us .... lets look at it, its big brain for me to change from 500 damage on comet stikre along with about 350k debuff damage while doing tremor , for 500 debuff damage on using z and some deff buff , wow just wow . it really amazes me even i could have come up with a better bracelet, what should have been kfm bracelet is the same copy paste with higher modifer and effect on using tremor to resist for 2 seconds that would have been a better bracelet by far....because the evasion doesn't work in bg ... also i see kfm these days using wolfbuild, using pve bracelet to try kill with searing dragon .... just really sad how korea treating kfms these days . its overdue for them to remove the damage nerf on c strike,,,, ppl these days have way too much hp.