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  1. DC 3x in less than 1h

    i didn't have a dcing issue today but i notice alot of ppl dcing in bg , you could say they quit but we were winning every time they dc .. it happen 3 times in 3 different party right after the other but i could be wrong ...i did dc today out of blues and i wasnt lag in bg ...so idk .....i was on for about 3 hours are so too lol
  2. i didnt watch the patch much i just click on vid ...skip to half of it then then ending and blanked out ...... what i wanna know is are we getting rng box and new outfits ?
  3. Good changes, and some new ideas

    problem is korea makes the decisions and i was use to 1 class being op and all but bms and arch are just unfair in dps ..... i hate dog build kfm but i force to use it if i wanna do damage .... what this server can do is issue the class balance changes out faster and nerf and fix these class because low key the reason y alot of ppl left after awaken .
  4. Blade & Ghoul Rises Again on October 16

    wel i dont care what copy paste they wanna do are adding event to daily its the norm these days ____- ...all i want is a live stream , or big post of patch notes before the patch drops....after what they did with badge trade system and archer patch(dungeons) .hard to even trust them, even tho they offered a way to switch badge it had alot of criteria which didnt count me so ....... i dont trust them with big patch and small patches. please i beg of you guys to make a stream or post all the details tomorrow so we know whats up ...... to avoid getting flamed next week am tired of it ...just wanna enjoy whats left of the game
  5. i need that outfit last time i seen that outfit was 2 years ago or so its not even on market place ...anymore and the midnight one too...am changing to male next week and am coming expecting to see it , :) i want my male jin in it for next week .... remove one of those outdated threads in cosmetic section and add em . add shockcaller weapon box too .
  6. this was the worst season for tag match in NA.... i couldn't get 1 tag match and nobody is queuing so i couldnt rank up .....at all can you guys do the above so people can farm and at least get some rewards ...i mean people might do some farming monday but 3 hours aint enough.... open it the day before and make it all day to at least help with farming . and after seson reset adjust how rewards are given and give people from 1450 rank points up to where ever ..... and adjust the dishing out of rewards ...to suit this so its not broken cause people aint tagging and i need my rewards .....12 charcters and not one of em gold -___-. first time in my bns history that has ever happen, i always have at least 1 char gold . also add an open sign beside 1v1 icon and 3v3 icon in the lobby ... when they are available for match making.
  7. Blade and Soul 2019

    and thats what made it fun doing mechs and failing and helping each other to learn it , yea ppl get fustrated and leave but people are communicating and socializing ...poeple were having fun . now people are robots ...beep bop beep boop ...spam damage boss dead..... reason y raids are fun because ppl fail and people learn and work together .only time people talk in dungeon now is if they asking who have orb ...or writing zzzz after wipe then all quit .
  8. Blade and Soul 2019

    easy mode was intended for average players to learn mech ... and enjoy content .... they will still do mech , but as usual some whale in party that burst 6 mil dps , sucks the whole fun out of the dungeon. becuase whales were intended to do hard mode as they have dps for it but its not rewarding enough so they spam easy mode and make everything faceroll.....an average player base pty will not clean the boss as fast to actually shift pass the mech phases ....but people are so use to 30 seconds - 1 min boss fights that if they wipe they gone ....the bns community has change alot ....thirst for power... i rememeber when people actually wipe and actually stayed to learn mechs. thats the reason the game was fun ...people socializing ....people just silent kill boss in 1 sec and gone ...how can you enjoy the game then. if they gonna release a new gear dont release 20 stages of it in 1 go.do 5 or 10. and slow the pace of dps in this game. right now am at a stand still with gear lvling should i level: talisment weapon heart soul accs they all need the same thing and 1 upgrade of anyone is nothing rewarding unless i climb 10 stage of heart or talisment, 5 -10 stages soul....or 3 stages of weapon . and am strictly pvp person....and i have good gear too for average player from 2016 . i stop lvling pve gear when awaken dropped. i just do everything with my old aransu 3 ..... cause why ...my dps doesn't matter .
  9. Blade and Soul 2019

    faceroll... as it before awaken patch .....before awaken people actually did mechanics when people dps were under 1 mil ...after awaken a bunch of gear unity , talisment ..and everything came and blow dps up so everything is faceroll ...they try to make ppl do hard mode with archer patch considering whales are doing like 2 times to 3 times the dps they did before awakening ...and it back fired ....affecting average players, not being able to complete daily, becuase average player cant keep up with 5 million and ten upgrades.so what can be concluded is ..all this throwing gear out , is only making people more bored of not doing anything but burst boss down and people will never do hard mode ..no matter what they do. reason i stop lvling my pve gear ....my dps doesnt matter people now a days just log on to do purple train or daily ...then talk about raid or they dps ..... then do raid thats all...obviously they gonna get bored with events being daily it self ..... no fun content to enjoy open world .
  10. Blade and Soul 2019

    i agree game got a lil boring, since awaken but , its still a nice game overall regardless of the hiccups .. they just need to take things a lil slow , AND STOP PUSHING THE DPS BARRIER SO HIGH , SLOW DOWN WITH THE GEAR . everytime they introduce gear people dps shoot up by so far and make it harder for average players / banga whales( mini whales ) to feel important ..and makes everything more boring by facerolling dungeons .deep down they realize this why they force the hard mode on us ..... becuase ppl still wont do it even with big dps .k i heard a whale said ..hes not sure if he like the idea of soloing dungeons ...makes things a lil boring .but thats how it is . they need to slow things down with the end game gear ..and start pushing cosmetics and hold back gear its like having a BABY AND CARING FOR it till he grows up ... yall not close anymore as you guys use to. and things get boring . whales are too op to enjoy contents .
  11. i swear the arena match making broken

    its not really that no one is queuing , but i got instant match against her which means system didnt even wait 30 second to assume no one is queing .... she literally was gonna get top 5 archer off someone less than 1650 ....breaking the 1800 barrier ... the fact that the moment i hit 1670 i auto match to her ....regardless how high she is was ...... so all she had to do was wait on me to win 1 match then auto queue. she literally was gonna grab 40- 50 points off me for someone so far ahead .. i dont care about losing 12 point from someone higher or even 7, 8 but when they mutliply by 4 thats alot of points .thats a problem
  12. reseal a weapon

    after sealing you can send it to any alt you want any amount of time because the box it self is account bound so u can send it to 2 char and leave the box close until you make up your mind. ..once seal slots reset ..so if you got say 3 slots from opening the box , you could reseal it on that char and re open on that char to try for more slots ..gem slot reset when u seal box not when u send it over .
  13. Warlock Problem for 4 updates now !

    if your fishing for dps ....just re roll to bm warden or archer altho they getting nerf ...this game holds too much boundary on classes..making one class obviously extremely high dps and everything else suffer rips the fun out of the game ..doesnt make sense having 12 classes and your not gonna do big damage on 3/4 of them, why make a choice ( considering you have gear ping fps etc )theres always a class that outshines you no matter what you do just how the games makes em.... even with new damage system that in my eyes doesn't make any sense considering all the damage reduction they claim to do isn't even working as the same op skill they say they nerf still one shot you ..warden sword salvo slaps 23 k crit in arena ,fetal blade can still slap 40 plus k in arena , summoners bees still hurt , tbh i doing more pvp damage now on bm than ever before ......that vortex skill they claim to nerf still do same damage . i was use to the one class op thing but now a days archer and bm just running around like nothing .if u go airborne for 1 sec u dead ...no chance of survival and its gonna be more broken when sin and destroyer skills drop. bns new motto if your not this class , your not gonna do damage (makes no sense choosing a class you love if u want dps ) if your not 3rd spec not gonna do damage ( makes no sense choosing a spec you love , not gonna do damage ) i just hope in future they make other builds a lil different to make them on par cause its pretty one sided. also btw , wl time is up may be when third spec drops ...it will revive , then day i switch from wl to another class not bm or arch ...was the day i saw the light ...being a wl now a days is meh too much button pressing and no big burst ....but wl damage in bg is crazy helix build slam hard .....wl has the damage but not the cc chaining
  14. i swear the arena match making broken

    after i lose to her 4 times i fight a silver get 1 win from the silver i fight her again so literally am not moving but she is so when am stuck behind 1670 she going to 1800. cause am literally just 1650 to 1670 to 1650 1670 and she is 1775 1783 1789 all the way to1800 but all am gonna do is quit until this messed up system do its job let her sit in queue and wait for a platinum person and stop feeding me to her
  15. i swear the arena match making broken

    and could u believe i match into here after i quit and come back