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  1. This sin queues on your team and takes horn to enemy base by speed hacking.... What i want to know is what blade and soul plan on doing regarding wintrading...in this game they looking to pull in people with literally every system in this game broken ...dungeon broken ...people reaching diamomd status in dead pvp game...nova core base switch and this Like when will the line be drawn. Because yall be loud and wrong when banning innocent accounts so idk why yall hesitating
  2. Been away from nova core for about 3 months and come back to see people wintrading more than ever....... Just witness a team mate switching the horn giving them 5 balls ..... And blame someone else..... Then people wonder why this game is so toxic....yall give players all the tool s they need to be toxic in here.... Report button doesnt even work ingame....just their for deocrations.. I see other games with report afk ,toxic behaviour and cheat bns still stuck on bot and spammers like cmon
  3. also to add i don think warlock needs a double air .....too much classes have airs already, literally getting aired in bg is a death sentence, with range classes.It needs more ccs tho. shadow build warlock is decent but lacks cc. warden every dodge skill on them is the duration of a kfm q or e skill.....like a class with a block with that many iframe and a bubble ... gunner doesn't needs hook but it needs a veil or bubble that resist projectile damage for 5 seconds that follows them and applies only to them. remove blade master
  4. Idk what korea is up to these days, all i see is bug fixes in atch notes and no actual skill changes like 2o17 days..... look at these classes SIN DEST WARDEN FM broke every single rule in the book, these classes own battleground with an iron fist,because the classes are so training wheel and stacked with more than enough tools to be annoying. They did a whole damage nerf and turned a blind eye on these classes defense buff and unnecessary h p pool. these classes has skill which prevents them from getting cced with sh
  5. So i tell my self i wouldnt waste anymore energy complaining or bringing up some of the many flaws in this game....i been taking long breaks from this game due to 2020 changes and how events are handled. heres a list. 1. Events,contents or features that simply cant be done or enjoyed. -nyraka event didn't benefit from it one bit. -Midnight skypetal plains, i dont play much these days may be three times a week or so but i do notice when i pop in on weekends, nobody recruiting for msp , i mean i have decent gear to do it but not the gear to be recruiting
  6. i fail to understand how they messed up this event.Its 1 plus 1 to know that if your gonna patch something like this ,with pve and pvp mixed in you need the zone running as optimal as possible.... saying player cap haven't been met just shows how untested and unplanned this event was.Blade & Soul is known for having worst fps on high budget pcs, and korea devs really out here throwing everybody on 1 channel looooooooool.... most common issue with MMORPG games is once theres alot of people in 1 area of the map, the fps goes down,add in fighting effects, 3rd spec, mob effects, e
  7. am not a new player i dont have an issue with the hp, but when you get those frame rates , that low drop rate and a whole lot of people thats way too much time... something needs to be done .
  8. go to game folder , bin 64 , do you see client in there? what you can do is delete the bin 64 folder , then run launcher and do a repai, the game will download back the folder , if that doesn't work cant help yah.. "BIN 64" FOLDER ONLY. i had an issue like that in the past , not sure if it was the same but for some reason client wasnt in bin 64,i always use 32 bit tho was just testing the 64 one day and notice there
  9. This is really unacceptable and i don't find it funny at all, how can korea dish out such a event zone , fps is really bad there, game crash, and mini bosses have like 9 mil hp and drop rate is so bad ...i mean average gear and whales wont have issue but think about those under geared ppl killing those for tokens with only first hit determines who gets loot. range class has the advantage here, by the time my fps gives me the frames to hit the target and i oop , some range class takes the aggro, with big aoes. am sorry are we trying to gain new players here or turn
  10. theres a new surge of speed hackers in arena , so far witness a summoner and sin abusing this bug or what ever it is in arena of all places for unfair game play... HOW TO IDENTIFY SPEED HACKING ? someone that is speed hacking character would constantly disappear and reappear to certain parts on the field, sometimes when a person is extremely lag he or she will disappear at times on field but it wouldn't be a constant , someone that is speed hacking would still have their regular ping to my knowledge of seeing it , it only appears that they are teleporting, every 1-2
  11. when since kfm became a problem, out of all those classes u list kfm is the only one with the least damage reduction skill, fire spec is dragon flare which no one uses , wolf spec is literally the worst 3rd spec in game pve and pvp wise .... kfm lost flurry reset with this patch which is cool i dont mind it at all but dont you say kfm is op or broken in battleground its a decent class...u try playing a kfm and think the class plays it self , you have to be good or know pvp...everytime you tremor a group of person you risk getting aired if your too slow to roll or tab.. sometime you
  12. last patch was half of the skill patch korea dished out.... and was up to may 20, now i want to know if the coming patch going to have what came after, thepatch that actually reduce the "ARENA MOD" OF OVER POWERED 3RD SPEC CLASSES,such as bm and destro. The patch that buff wind kfm, that makes wind some what viable for 6v6, cause rn fire aint doing it , and am not using that sad excuse of a third spec, not even viable pvp or pve... this patch ... also i notice reset charm cd hasnt been adjusted so i date it from when korea changed theirs. .............
  13. base on this i see you dont understand what is pvp.... bg is a 6v6 area were ur gonna have any amount of person fighting any amount of persons , it wont be a 2v2 or an equal amount of person fighting at the same time, thats where gear comes in..all am seeing is you gotta out skill the other person, and focus objectives....yet not seeing anything regarding gear and am not talking about defensive gear whats the whole point of 15 plus stages of pvp gear??? ring, earring, belt why so much tiers ... you literally talking about a god gunner, that i know for sure knows what p
  14. even with dragon fang 6 , storm speaker belt and necklace bright will soul 7 ki piercing , full pvp full pve ss i cant do any damage, it doesnt motivate me at all to gear up cause before gearing ups was worth it now u can gear up and u only get an extra 1 k damage on your skills , like this patch was the last nail in the coffin for me.... i quit ..all my pvp gear has been rendered useless
  15. i will never understand the logic that went into making pvp gear useless this patch, and korea logic overall.... first of all , blood sweat and tears went into getting my pvp accs, as i for 1 dont pve but am force to do the content to get gear right , ok ,not complaining cause am use to it , scales, mats gold oils etc, countless hours of pvp farming just to get pvp gear if it was that ez to get decent gear everybody would have had decent gear ,now..lets talk about how everybody damage when from dragon fang to ascendant in 1 patch and theirs rumors that more damage nerfs are comin
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