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  1. pvp is dead, bns killed it. and korea do the patches, they just copy paste here... copy paste bugs and everything
  2. No point selling items in f10 for dead content. please remove it until the mode is fixed that is , if its going to be fixed, some unsuspecting person might be tricked into buying it ,and look no matches. money down the drain....
  3. Hello Everyone!!! I'm hosting a pvp event every night @8pm est, for all the pvp lovers out there, dying to enjoy the pvp we once loved back in 2016. basically its like this... 1. we round up 6 players by recruiting in fraction chat (CERULEAN) or region chat (must be at mushin tower to see the recruiting message) TO FIND ME GO TO MUSHIN TOWER AND LOOK AT THE CENTER OF THE MAP ( @8pm est time) ill start recruting little before this time 2.we split them into 2 teams of 3 ( base on pvp knowledge and class) 3.we go to f8 arena lobby 4.w
  4. 1. personally i believe its time we only have stage 11 21 31 41 up....with the hm coin nerf nobody cares about ranking up and most people got their accs. 2. with the implementation of soul boost, the game can more than host a pvp event that gives token to buy sacred vials, so new comers can have some understanding of pvp, they never try to learn it,because its not something rewarding.....they qued, got no matches and never went back there. 3.The biggest selling point of bns is open world pvp, if they can bring this back in misty wood at least, i know returnees will be h
  5. wanted to discuss the topic for a while, so i here go: If you're a veteran playing for 5 years you will notice a few things have changed since back then and now.The game had alot of issues performance wise mostly, why alot of people didnt get into the game...but nevertheless we had a big playerbase as time goes by it went down which is pretty normal for any game. All hope was pinned on UE4 and it came, did it deliver? tbh it was better than expected, it has minor hiccups and alot of bugs but graphic wise its alot better. What i for one didn't expect is bns
  6. Seems like a wasted effort patch tbh... The boss drop is so embarrassing for the hp it has, thought they be something decent in there literally item you get from 1 run demonsbane...with a low chance for key. the merchant had nothing in stock no insignias nothing...... Mobs has way too much hp , and takes a bit of time to kill like if i remember well, 1 add has like 100 mil plus hp, times that by 20 ...its literally a ez dungeon boss fight on solo.... put in to consideration you can solo a ez boss, but take away that burst and see the time taken.
  7. pvp is a big game content it keeps the whales happy........
  8. Its not even worth using f9 to buy gold ..watch your 10 dollars deplete on fails for bare minimum of stage 4 accs lol Well thats the best thing they can do right now, cause right now its a money grab with them character changer and we not seeing a next bday, its you thinking korea can't fix the gold for eu na.......... Things happen in past before community rage out and it got fixed. The amount of time they change daily gold reward and tried to remove venture token from dash..... reason they remove it from pvp .....and quickly add it to pve cntent so top
  9. NEED GOLD!!! At this point am stuck can't upgrade anything cause these rng upgrades be taking 3-5k gold per stage stage. didn't realize how many rng items we have in game, expensive ones too. 1. like an insignia page cost like 400g....and even then i have to be removing and equipping like crazy 2.mystic badges awaken stages 3.mystic accs .... every single one of them cost like 200g per try with a chance to fail....theres no 5 try 10 try then guaranteed success...literally flying blind. 4.insignia fusions - 200 g with a chance to fail and lose 2 insigni
  10. Classic bns giving 1 single player 5000 gold every week ,for being ping,pc,wallet and gcd carried i mean if you gave them 1 k they be happy as ever but no 5k ..... while the rest of the community watches, its these kind of event that breathe toxicity in the game. so after rank 20 you don't even get 1 gold LOL yet people in the forums asking for more gold,because of the high demand from mystic accs. theres the gold yall wanted giving it to the fattest wallet of them all. when they itch, cough or sweat when we ask for gold like its impossible then do stuff lik
  11. imagine having to farm pvp accs for over 5 years from pve dungeon yea imagine that. now it should be the other way around, pvers farm from pvp content nothing is wrong with that. PVE CONTENT : gives outfit,gems,accs, weapon upgrades,badges, gold between weekly, daily and raids, etc.... which affects your pvp stats also. and what pvp content gives??? only pvp focus items that in no way affects pve stats game literally throwing out moonstones and soulstone now which is super awesome but downside is makes no sense farming them from bg,
  12. The rewards are way to pvp focused...............
  13. thats not a fix regardless how much damage they wanna take out the game, nothing will change until the rewards are worth people's time. until that becomes the topic of discussion theres no fix and no hope... the ship is going down. they dropped a whole behemoth buff and the community didnt even move.
  14. is like theres a big disconnect between the persons managing the game and the persons actually playing it, like i would like to see some staff actually play the game on a livestream thats where its at for me , increase the gold reward of pvp quest to at least 50g or something.... 1k in this game is literally nothing yall ever failed upgrading mystic accs from 4 to 5...5k on 1 stage nothing ... my theory is everybody that knows how to play the game left and we have the what left, that doesn't communicate with the player and find the core issue why people are leaving pvpe
  15. Sadly theres no change coming to any of the pvp modes..... All korea patches released haven't issued a fix for it , probably over there pvp is active and thriving who knows, ik for a fact NA is dead, Eu is probably the same faith. This team fail the game in so many ways, cause they haven't spoken on the issue , or even reply to a post saying anything about it. New season starts tomorrow and oh look like only 3- 9 of each class management to get gold. season rewards give pvp amulet which in reality who are you gonna use it on??? pvp is not active
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