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  1. Shackled isle team review after testing

    This is not bg ...no one shot needed to ruin the lil fun
  2. In-game option to add personal comment about player

    If block em I block em no going back . If it's comments that others can see knowing how community is hold it against people ...in games people will hate you for any reason when you guys would make good friends . For 1 hitting them .. not know mech etc.
  3. It's been a long week ...this new event made shacked isle so popular ..wish you guys promote it more after this event ends just to keep it active . My feedback Reduce the amount of instant kill power ups ..it's a team fight and some people lose team members already and it's already a stuggle ... it should be more about fighting than 3 people throwing instant team wipe power ups sucks the fun out of it as being a team means people will be close to each other. Add a debuff thing where people can't be affected by cat pull for 10 second if they already been pull . That summon team power up thing what does it actually do ??? It says pull to 60m or something I did it when people within and over 60 m nothing ..can some one tell me I might have interpreted it wrong . Add markers to team mates I notice people add markers on people in numerous runs to see them from a far etc ....I personally use it too This one is most important ... plz add a sound feature to tell you when someone in trouble a heart beat one time or two and show the char in combat red ..I see alot of ppl die silently .... cause if your not looking closely on they name o see hp drop you won't know . u guys should consider it's 3 ppl with same amount of slots to grab the same thing imagine get spam pull 3 times I did most cancer thing ever ...or add a universal cooldown between team with cat pull and sapper or what ever it's called that would be better
  4. phantom griped and cant use reversal

    A top tier person told me this it's a Lil bug which makes it untabbable
  5. phantom griped and cant use reversal

    Tbh if a fm is close to wall and throws you .... your skill activate when they throw you already not when they grqb unless that wait a sec .... even bd do it now..... most of the time a fm throws me my ice goes off while in air or my flock of blades which is still risky.......that thing needs a 1 min cd or 1.30 sec . Or add a wait time for that skill to pop up cause it doesn't have an animation counter it .... They can hold you for 6 second throw you and grip goes to 24sec cd
  6. lately i started to take notice when a fm grabs and throws on wall..... and i saw something that really need to be looked into when a fm grabs you theres an animation that pulls you in ...during this animation your skills are locked until the animations ends. they can throw you to wall before you even reach to there hands causing your reversal skill to light up when you are completely mid air ..... this bug is so annoying and for one that bug causes another bug with bm allowing bms to use flock of blades and reset flock of blades after that one ends ive seen this happen to me and someone told me its a bug . ...they should really do soemthing about that grab ....they nerf the grab pre awaken and now they made it op ..... where there no reaction ....its not ping ...just by looking at your skills while grabed and thrown your reversal activate while you in air ....but the fm skills are activated before you even go into the grip .
  7. Blade and soul Simple Mode

    i dont see what simple mode has to with mechanics. no one knows if your using it or not , what matters is ping and a good pc ...mechanics has to with brain ... you have people out there who dont know rotation but have gear . i personally use to main bd .....and my fingers for 1 hated me ....every since simple mode i never went back ... its just a game ...fat dps today doesn't do anything and doesnt follow you to the future but damaging your fingers will. am just grateful for it .... the game today is consumed by power and bash on others. your dps can be affected by alot of things in 2019 ..can have all the gear in world and bad dps...because of class. just have fun and enjoy the game ... mechanics etc.
  8. omg ikr lol reason i have no badge on my alts or certain items .... lol i went there once and forgot my tokens lol ...i was like forget it. also...... i was going there once and the party was gonna do another run and i had to get out and ran all the way back there lol . i lost weight irl that day
  9. for 1 bm third spec alone has more than 5 DEF PIERCING STUNS and they need only 1 just to 90-100 percent you. 1.blade mentor - first part and last attack stuns 2.bm z pull 3.during flock of blades - thunder crash ( this skill being a stun is really annoying as if u see it go off you will easily mistake it for a daze and hit f to realize it a stun and too late. 4.hm z while in flock of blades 5.boot and on top of all of this they have deflect . take flight on like a 10 second cd and able to use from range . able to do a 100-0 without mentor being angry . until your dead i remember when korea said that wl aerial force an interfere in tag so they made it one aerial but decided to give a whole 10 seconds or more of aerial time to bm . in bg a low gear could have you airborne for such a long time its really is annoying. even if they're gonna make bm aerial that long making the target untargetable to others but the bm when the bounce back skill is used or something
  10. its been a thing for years but third spec and warden hasn't been. thats why its time they nerf the bracelet damages .. and most importantly awakening .....hasnt been out for years
  11. reads warden pve bracelet trigger when using blade ward over 2700 percent on sword salvo and divine strike for 12 seconds when using blade ward. when they in that thing thats all they do ... this is a problem pve item spewing over into pvp modes way too much and is being over looked in so many ways .... makes no sense making pvp items and making pve ones stronger pvp and pve . its not a class skill that needs to be the same in all regions or server . so it can be looked into or at least consider moving forward
  12. i didnt say it was gonna be fair, lets look at this. before a gunner even blows up 5 man in 8 secs seconds whats the first thing he does before hitting rmb f........activate bracelet and badge ..... i never once see a gunner use pvp bracelet this is where the big damage is coming from .....forcing the use of pvp bracelet should be a thing .... makes no sense making pvp bracelet for classes if pve is best in slot. wl , not sure what wl bracelet does but i think its when they hit 2 . buff theyre 4 , but point is those item modifers were ment for pve content ..... pvp items force a class to use a cc if they wanna make full damage of bracelet ...and this is one of the reason why... you have certain classes just spamming pve damage ....they looked into the badge thing now finally .. what they need to do is make some classes pvp bracelet better and reduce damage taken from pve ones . bg is never gonna be equal ..... i like it this way but thing is some classes skill modifers are so off the charts compared to some ..literally like 60 percent of warden skills hitting 200k some 400k for a class that takes forever to kill.bubbles right beside the base you cant even cap it ...worst if theres like 3 or more of them. i really hope when archer comes out that the damage modifer actually fix some of these outrageous damage on non cced target . i can understand someone is stunned and u take 400k damage but when u not stun and take 400k so if i was stun it would be 700k --____-- the direction where third spec is going is once it comes it best build and every other build eats the dust ... i seen it for bms its now bm best pvp and pve build . kfm , makes no sense using wind or fire as the dps lost is big in arena not so good but can melt a person in 2 seconds. third spec bracelets are like this tiger bracelet stage 1 ... 700 percent on that skill...the star breaker max bracelet or corresponding bracelet at top tier ... 800k damage hardly any growth at all and question the fact if its worth upgrading . these are the little things .which let me fear the other third specs of other classes if it will ruin the pick and choose idea-it has to be third spec ..but if the damage nerf will be there losing dps isnt fun either so ill watch this play out
  13. first off i wanna say this .... this game balancing is out the window ...if i could turn back time to secret of stratus patch or pre awaken i would even for just 1 sec . i for one love tournaments from blade and soul etc but this years tournament worries me in many ways ... 1. the current skill patch that na and eu has thats the skill patch moving into tournaments? otherwise bm/sf/des/bd will be the only classes may be summ or kfm ...slim chances tho....while i love change from dest wl sin ...the fact that these classes are overpowered to the point its broken ...is it gonna be like bg who catches who first in arena ..... 2.bm /kfm third spec will this be alllowed? ...bm third spec for one ....shouldve entered the game with a 100-0 aerial combo a 50 percent may be ....as this again questions the fact are these balance patches actually balancing anything or just pick and choose which class they need to be extremely op where it takes 0 skills and ping . 3.the new pvp and pve damage system, it was introduce in korea i saw an archer on stream and saw the skill damage lay out ....will this system be implemented in the tournament? these damage ratios are so high that they roll over into bg Warden received 400k plus from divine strike 300k plus from sword salvo differently from badge damage 300k from server shear storm damage also where are all these damage coming from ???? same goes for sf wl gunner bm third spec and kfm third spec and some other classes they are all coming from pve bracelets , battleground will forever be broken until they nerf how much damage people are taking from these items..... for 1 third spec bracelets alone even the stage 1 tiger and dragon has such a high damage percentage .....700 percent on this and 1k on that even a low gear can dish alot of damage . if they want to make battleground some what better i think they should look into forcing the use of pvp bracelet and cut out this pve style of just spaming damage just because your bracelet modifer is extremely high ..tbh i fear the pvp of this game come next bracelet. i think the game is evolved enough where pvp aCCS are accessible.ban or reduce damage is really necessary . korea has said balancing for bg isnt easy but if they are gonna tweak skill damage ...and bracelet buff it by 1000 percent .... then that system carters to arena .
  14. add queue counter to lobby so people can know how much people are qing ..... or you guys can try queue and see if you get match and experience how it feels waiting in vein not knowing if at least 1 person queuing..Not a good feeling -___- wanna participate in this event but if its a queue holding on by faith .... ... cant allow match making to search for 30 people you know how long waiting that is ..reason why we didnt have br problems ... is becuase when people enter they know how much people to wait for .if it 15/ 20 i know i can wait . tbh better you guys put it back to normal ..where people just wait on top of platform and add people to random party diff from who ever join together . its really a negative move with the lobby waiting but lets see tomorrow
  15. Garnets in TSM NM

    i can confirm it drops in in tsm normal i did my 100 runs of tsm for ring and i saw that thing like 10 times ..i got rich too lol