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  1. Got a 3 Star Trove

    my heart goes out to that 3 star .
  2. todays special rotation is so bad , i hardly seeing stuff , you guys repeated the same 2 specials twice, i need my alts to get they starbreaker bracelet, and cant even see them in todays special, we suppose to farm them but its way outdated now and i dont feel like wasting time on alts to get gear that is required to do sed content , just please add the token soon, need my alts to get em bracelets.please and thanks
  3. so i was pvping trying to get gold , i was using blood build.. am a decent pvper, i manage to get gold on all classes ingame so i know how classes work weakness etc blah blah blah. what i am concerned about is this bug that i saw happen...first time seeing it and would like some light shine on it . i was holding block, while this gunner throw haze bomb at me , i was hitting f roll and my screen froze for a melee second ....i was airborne so i was still hitting f to roll..i didnt see it go off or pop up , thinking what is going on , cause he didnt stun me only my 1 get up skill came up, so i know i was in a kd state..i was looking at my skill cooldown bar took 2 bullet storm then i tab .... then it came to me that my f roll isn't working completely .......i fought a bm after i stun her and she tabbed ...my f roll didnt pop up one bit... he aired me and my char just drop .....he did like 1 more kd and my char still there on ground ...just in kd state only thing coming up is my 1 get up skill, i check to see if it was disabled, it wasnt i change build to light and that f roll was working ... in did a couples matches ..came out arena and tried it again again still bugged.,.. i wl offered to help me test it with his kd in work .but wwhen thrall aired me i cant f roll. may be i needed a restart but i got gold and didnt bother to test it again. just wanna know if anybody notice something like this.
  4. when i heard about auto farming i was like naaa, game will be too bot like but, now that i experience it first hand i really gotta say , its a real good system for this game in particular, i dont want to see it in dungeons, never.. but moon refuge for one is a good place to start, not considering the spider zone , but every where else on that mr map , zombie area and the others, as moon refuge is a static daily can get really boring at times doing it ,worst when u have more than one characters,... so am asking if they can send this to hq , that we want this feature for moon refuge, i really thought it would come out bad until i see my character bbing, activating bracelet,ultimating and using up them approach skills, cant say for every class , and i am a fire kfm, thats best to use in auto mode as its sustain damage and more aoe. anyways yea i need this ingame for people like me.... who dont havetime or enjoy pve content much, i mean it even pick up loot... and add a auto collect quest to it and refresh quest feature. idk about some peeps but i dont know how i would keep up with this event if this feature wasnt in game ..yea it has some moment where character walk a mile and stand still but its all about positioning your self in the center of mobs to stay put . just by watching 2-3 episode of anime i got my self 200 or more ebon token thingies.... but i dont wanna see this feature anywhere but mr .... may add them to certain open world side quest but idk man , i never dothose to know what to do and how much mob to kill and where but yea good system, i dont care what others think of it .works for me .... other thoughts The daily quest tag match win is not in line with the day tag match is available.... i think you guys should open tag match for 1 hour every 3 hours . on mon wed fri after mid day hours .....
  5. Disappointment in skill update patch

    i know they wouldnt fix anything... everything in skill update is irrelevant ...... nothing has changed ....they could have just said sin skill update and fixes. rip another year before we get another skill patch, with tooltip fixes . and not a word on these bugs i see everyday. rip gunners 2020..... they killing gunners with this bug .... i find it weird this bug came after archer release and not looked into whatsoever... most common bug ingame ....just by pressing whipline and getting 5 point strike u will see it ... i cant even get gold on gunner without bug giving them free win....
  6. finally about time yall appreciated us, cause lately yall be acting shady no offense , with next event if all goes well and what ever special event yall have in store, with minimal bugs etc... i can see people taking a breathe of fresh air and enjoy the game a bit ..with additional gear we didnt have if its obtaINABLE ... with alot of people at home looking for games to play , best time to try and draw new players. i wish we didnt have to claim the premium so soon tho, at least give us until season resets but thanks...
  7. Ikr literally i was pulled into 3 gold match up at bronze lvl .... And my team literally where guyz u would expect to be silver while that bronze gear was 2k plus ap on next team..its such a cheap move ...that can easily be fixed
  8. Omg thats such a smart idea totally agree with this..count the person as same rank as higher person ...at least ppl cant bend rules ...its fair at most
  9. Its not hard to comprehend this so ill say this once. .. If a gold queue with a bronze person the game will balance out the rank against a full silver team or a silver bronze team.... Because 1650 can be drowned down by bronze and silver so they will average 1490 ... Or less so the odds of the other team having someone that us gold is pretty low ...they do this and the game wont even give them a gold match up anytime soon ..because of how simple match maki g algorithm is
  10. Yall running down pvp bracelet 3/4 of the classes ingame wont use...cause pve bracelet is bis for them so drop it ..... Literally every range class or 3rd spec users are gonna go pve bracet in bg ...so wanting this is pointless.. As usual we gonna get another bracelet with lil more added stat to pvp.
  11. Gold qing with bronze ...free balling they way to higher ranking at brinze player expense ...getting monkey match ups ..am literally 1420 and fighting a gold team with no gold on my side worst experience ever in nova core too....which we all know how long and boring that is ....please add a forfeit button ... If you guys dont plan on fixing the match making lease u can do is put a leech on it,its unfair for people to fight some ridiculous match making match up that people bend to their rules....if gold and gold dont queue qold and a 1500 person queue ...anything else cant happen ... Just like how you get time ban from bg if u crash yet crashing is a most likely a prob on your side ... But we pay for it...you die before crash ..load game your dead we pay for it. So much unfair treatment going on...reason why people are so toxic in this game cause the game brings out the worst in people ...and thats an honest opinion. Add restriction to stuff in game and let people enjoy the game for once ..before it dies. I really need to take a break from this game really sometime i just wanna just explode from anger ..then i realize i need to take a break. Just gonna say this, cause i spend money on this game just like everyone else who does... Yall need some more quality of life changes ...been forever since we got one .. Faster balance changes ..feels like every 6 months now or 3 months . Not even getting my hopes up about this one . wouldnt be supprise if i saw increase frost tornado pvp damage..just for the fun of it at peoples expense ... Now i know what ker... Was feeling i need a break
  12. k so since we getting alot of pay 2 win stuff in f10....can yall throw a dyad square gem in todays special :) so some of us can actually have 1...never saw or held a dyad gem before ... dont come for me yall, just saying ..if yall can sell leg unity stone a dyad gem would be the least. cause right now seem like people miles away from obtaining a dyad anything.....and the trove rng lucks are so bad . you guys need to cut down on the pay 2 win for real tho , but cant win anything with sqaure gem and giving us 1 wont break the game...
  13. Kfm does great with pvp earring or pve earring ... I got one shot by pvp earring kfm cause at the end of the day ... Your ccing a target when your doing your high hit combo... I think pve earring is more beneficial to classes that dont cc target and focus on raw damage spam...such as summoner ,fm ,wl etc.. Out of all elemental accs ring neck ear .... Pve earring is the best pvp item of the bunch ...so banning it alot of ppl be using sky pearl ...which we all know is puke so thats why. So keep that...cause alot of ppl dont bother farm earring atm ....but lets watch and see 3rd spec fm full pve accs one shot
  14. They just need to add more down side to using pve items in pvp content ... Take 6 months to make gear ppl wont use seems pointless
  15. I 30 percent tremor isnt op ..... Unless u using scarlet ss.... And they nerf that.. But earring is a decent gear for some steady amount of mystic and a crit chance.... Earring isnt has op as you make it sound...may be it boost skills on some classes by alot... But the stats arent insane ..