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  1. Update: Turns out it's still active, it just requires you to be level 60 to interact with the portal. Good to know. No need to worry about this thread.
  2. After taking a bit of a break, I've noticed some changes to Soul Fighter's talent options. I'm glad Enduring Strength at least has the ability to choose to use Elbow Smash now. However, it sacrifices the use of Engaging Chi, which has so far proven to be such an exponentially more powerful choice for damage in the long run. I personally greatly value the function of Elbow Smash, it has been a part of the Soul Fighter since the beginning, and maintains their aspect of being part KFM. However, for the majority of the time, especially when the Awakening patch was released, they were forced to use
  3. I have gotten a quest to talk with Yuin inside of the Ebon Realm, even though this event has been done for a long while now. If there is no plans to bring back the event, I believe it best to have the introductory quest removed, and the gateway/NPCs surrounding the portal removed, so as not to 'take up space' or cause confusion.
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