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  1. Give people a finger and they will rip off your arm. ^^
  2. That would explain a lot, but would be beyond stupid. Why bug test on a different version you make a fix for. Do those people even know what they doing? I think not...
  3. @HimeI saw that one coming. Why you ban people, if you not also remove the items and exp they acquired via cheating/botting. Imagine people come into a store, steal whatever they want for a long time, and hoard the goods. The police catches them red handed, and throws them into jail, but only for a ridicoulse short time. And then not takes away the stolen goods of the thiefs, even tho they right infront of them and not hidden. Thiefs will laugh at how stupid the police is with their actions. They will come back to rob once again and do whatever they please.
  4. It's true tho, dual blade is extremly strong x,D But all new classes seem always to be broken. However... this one is next level of overpowered. enjoy it while you can, I bet there nerfs incoming in the future.
  5. Professional programming... at it's finest. Sigh, something tells me they got 1000s of items in their database. And different timers/cds on different values/switches. So once again they took one that is already in use, instead of making a new value, or use a unused one. So 2 items or more share the same value that triggers the same cooldown. In this case the lamb and the mass revive. Those items are so different from each other in functions in the game and yet... have both a bigger cooldown by default, and they just took same value by mistake.
  6. Kinda true, the nc launcher loves to have errors. And yeah some people are "smart" like that...
  7. Blade and Soul is pay to progress on a very high level. So much so that some people mistake it for p2w. For many, pay to progress on a high level is nothing else than modern p2w. But in the end, being it either of the 2, people dislike that kind of models.
  8. I while ago someone in faction chat told me they have the same issue. Turned out they not used the offical launcher to start the game and not updated the game. People and their 3rd party bs... I swear... >.> So they where playing a old patch... maybe you got the same issue. <.< If not, then good... We got maint now anyway maybe it will fix it. Just make sure you always up to date. And that should fix it, gl. ^.^
  9. That would be common sense, and common sense does not apply in the gaming industry. ^^
  10. Whoever is in charge of doing the patches and coding ... is incompetent. I highly doubt they care for, or love there job, and are placed at the wrong position. It's human nature that something can go wrong, we all make mistakes. But if it happends, over and over, and over again. That is not natural. If anything maybe a natural disaster of sorts. You need to be fired or put on forced unpayed vacation, and be replaced. Or this is done on purpose to self sabotage the western version? So they can shut it down faster? It does not seem as if the developers c
  11. The equalize and item reduction or change in the dungeon is one thing. But I doubt it's intended that my summon not appear or work... Does the game expect me to rerole to wind or lighting just because, or what's the idea here? Please tell me this is not intended... because this makes 0 sense. Also it be interesting to know if the cat of the summoner in spec 3 works. And all other summon based classes to begin with. Please Hime, can you check if it's a bug or try to reach out for a fix? @Hime Else it seems this is almost unplayable for me. O
  12. Is it just me or any other spec 3 BD got this bug...? My summon seem to be buged in the event dungeon. Making me lose half my power, and then add on top of that the stat reduction. This makes me almost useless in this dungeon v. v
  13. Bugs I encountered: - BD 3rd Spec, Grim Summon does not appear or work correctly. (Which halfs my dps, and the stat down debuff, equal whatever + this bug makes me USELESS!) - There can be a weird camera lock glitch when you died and use a wind stream thingy... - this event is true horror for me, you really did nail it ... Thx...?
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