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  1. I farm for necklace and it just will not drop for me. Meanwhile in my pt the same person gets 2 necklace drops in a row. And links and shows it of into my face. I am super 'happy' about that... rng is trolling me hard.
  2. I am nearly 2.7k ap and only do 18 million sustain vs dummy ( f12 ) And some randomly ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ not even let me enter stage 31 aero You not good enough sry, even tho I can clear 45 and tank and do mechs. Damage is anything in this game, but can't do anything if you not... a whale + cheater + made the right choice and play broken class I am really annyoed of this bullshit... My last hope was the class changer system But I have been told it's not even useable at all by a f2p player So I am stuck with a bugged trash class, that does no dmg an
  3. That would explain when it happends at start of the draw stance, not when you in the middle of it.
  4. Dev1: Sir we still did not fix the western version, there are 1000s of bugs and cheaters run amok! Dev2: Put more loot boxes and make trove each 2 months, ( maybe we should make trove permanent haha ) Dev1: But sir ! Shouldn't we update the wester version? It's still the copy paste rushed version from long ago... o.O Dev 3: Hey the drop rates in the new dungeon are to damn high! 1% ... like really?! Ninja nerf it, they not gonna notice anyway... Dev1: But they players suffer from all the bugs and we are losing income, many leave the game and new players lose interest
  5. I can not time my draw stance with sb if the teammates just randomly use it like morons... Also it still happends at koldrak or randomly too sometimes. I have slasher disabled, flashstep is stronger and slasher sucks, with or without simple mode. Slasher is not what cancles my draw stance at all... and what you saying is just a workaround not a fix. Yes the developers not fix our games version at all, its a joke. Still 1000s of bugs, and cheaters and exploits. We even still got korean voice lines randomly on npcs. Like what in the world are they doing!
  6. As a developer and hardcore gamer alike, I think bns Is an awesome game, but also the most broken game I ever played in the mmorpg world. Insane amounts of rng, to many items clutter the players inventory, items in a box in a box in a box... what a weird design. Nearly 1000 of bugs, still not fixed, even tho reported years ago by the playerbase, and new once also unfixed ofc. Unfinished features, like mentioned above and more. Unbalanced classes and skills, several exploits, cheaters running free and do as they please. Insane amounts of 'pay to progress' where a f2p
  7. Ofc the earnings going down if cheaters can just get gold and Hm coins for free. Why pay if you can get it this way? Your money is not worth anything compared to that. Main reason i not spent a cent in this game is the cheaters running amok infront of my eyes. Nobody says a word or shurgs it off, and if you say something you the odd one out. The game got less lag thx to ue4 but not thx to better coding, still insane amounts of bugs Bad optimization all over the game, and things become just insane expensive. Gems and psyches and unity stones would cost you m
  8. I have to report a bug that makes me really hate my class. I do low dmg compared to other classes, super imbalanced. But to the topic... it doesn't helps at all if the little dmg I have is also buged! When you enter drawstance vs koldrak, it gets cut short or cancled! Another easy to recreate scenarion where the draw stance gets cut in half Is when you enter it in a boss fight and suddenly a warlock or warden soul burn buffs. And you in the middle of the drawstance flicker atks, you suddenly get cut short or cancled! Can you PLS do something about this
  9. Yeah the class change is not free. Kinda obvious.
  10. While we add it, f2 also does not show correct stats of a player. Because the compound bonus stats are not added to the players f2. So it shows incorrect mystic, crit dmg, boss atkpower and whatever else you gain from compound. @Hime
  11. Give people a finger and they will rip off your arm. ^^
  12. That would explain a lot, but would be beyond stupid. Why bug test on a different version you make a fix for. Do those people even know what they doing? I think not...
  13. @HimeI saw that one coming. Why you ban people, if you not also remove the items and exp they acquired via cheating/botting. Imagine people come into a store, steal whatever they want for a long time, and hoard the goods. The police catches them red handed, and throws them into jail, but only for a ridicoulse short time. And then not takes away the stolen goods of the thiefs, even tho they right infront of them and not hidden. Thiefs will laugh at how stupid the police is with their actions. They will come back to rob once again and do whatever they please.
  14. It's true tho, dual blade is extremly strong x,D But all new classes seem always to be broken. However... this one is next level of overpowered. enjoy it while you can, I bet there nerfs incoming in the future.
  15. Professional programming... at it's finest. Sigh, something tells me they got 1000s of items in their database. And different timers/cds on different values/switches. So once again they took one that is already in use, instead of making a new value, or use a unused one. So 2 items or more share the same value that triggers the same cooldown. In this case the lamb and the mass revive. Those items are so different from each other in functions in the game and yet... have both a bigger cooldown by default, and they just took same value by mistake.
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