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  1. Which class pvp/pve

    You'd have to give us more information... primarily, how you prefer playing. Do you want something melee? Ranged? Easy to use? Support? Tank? DPS?
  2. Warden weapons in wheels/dungeon chests?

    I mean, ya I can... I just was hoping to check some of them out for potential looks... and also, if they have more gem sockets. I mean, I pretty much used the Stalker weapon through the entire Viridian Coast story just because it had 3 sockets instead of 2 =p
  3. Hi! I started up a baby Warden and have been running through areas I would normally go to get weapons as I progress... Blackram Narrows, Gold Deva, etc... and I'm beginning to wonder if greatswords were properly put into chests gained from lower-level dungeons and various Wheels of Fate... especially since I noticed that the faction-specific weapons for greatswords were not at the faction merchant for my Warden while I passed by.
  4. They do have a "summarize" feature - it's called a lv 50 voucher. If you have your "8 alts", then you clearly have time to play. Takes a few days to "slog" through the storyline and there's another character down. Stop acting like a self-entitled child. You're pretty much throwing a tantrum over having to play a game. Nobody's forcing you to do so. If you want a game with no story mode that lets you power level from the get go, you're playing the wrong game, kid. Also, I love the irony here of the person who says the game is "for die hard people who was here from day one" as an insult to the game... despite the guy having 8 alts. Yep... no die-hard players here. Also, fitting name, since both active threads you have going right now involve you qqing.
  5. Gunner- Info / tips ?

    Well... I'll start off by saying that, if you're going to run through the main story, you'll start off as Fire... and until you get to the end of the story, you really should stick with Fire. It simply has an easier time with the mobs and bigger enemies/bosses. After that, you can make your decision based on one simple question... Do you want big badda-boom or more daka? Fire gunslingers are the "big badda-boom" - their overall sustained damage isn't as good as Shadow, but they have moves that can hit big every once in a while. Some of their skills rely on a bit of RNG, but they can be pretty easy to get the hang of. Their main mechanic involves gathering explosive rounds and using F to fire a powerful shot. Shadow gunslingers are the "more daka" - they fire steady, rapid-fire shots. Their short-term DPS won't beat the Fire gunner, but in prolonged fights, their sustained fire will put their DPS ahead. The trick with a Shadow gunner is to properly maintain and utilize their meters - once they get full, they'll go into a special firing mode (which does even more daka). Overall, you're going to find that the gunslinger class is WAY easier to learn than your assassin. As for gear, worry about choosing your element path first and getting to the point where you need to actually begin gearing them up.
  6. Fire KFM Soul Badge choice

    You want to use the Glory soul badge and get Alluvion when you're ready to fuse for the Ancestral soul badge. Alluvion is just not all that useful until paired with the Glory badge. Glory's effect alone makes it a must-have badge for any KFM (who has their BT 8 soul shield or VT 5 soul shield to get the 20% Tremor cooldown bonus). Any time you use Tremor (V), you get proc stage 4 Searing Palm. That's pretty big right there. You will have to get used to doing normal methods to boosting your searing palm when tremor is on cooldown, but even then it is a fantastic boost to your overall DPS. Also, since Tremor builds threat, it's a natural skill you'd want to use to tank. Alluvion's ability removes the cooldown on Tremor when used. That's it. If you used Alluvion on it's own, it'd be kind of useless. However, fuse it to the Glory soul badge and you can see how it'd be useful. Start a fight by hitting V, X, then Tab right away to get stage 4 searing palm, activate your fighting spirit and have another tremor ready immediately when searing palm runs out. Plus you'll be starting the fight using tremor, which should help establish aggro right off the bat - perfect for tanking. If you do not have the full BT soul shield or 3 pieces of the VT soul shield, Magnum is probably a little better, since the 20% cooldown reduction for Tremor would be very useful for the Glory soul badge. Once you have those soul shields, however, time to go for the Glory
  7. Um... the problem with this "gold should not be matched up with bronze" issue is that it can be easily exploited. All a "gold" player needs to do is job it and drop their ranking to silver or bronze, then they can go stomp all the bronze players they want with little consequence.
  8. what I'm getting from this is that you don't want a story mode? Suuuuure... they'll get right on that
  9. Then they should remove them from the Daily Challenge. Otherwise, if they're going to continue using them for DC, they should just remove the White Orb requirement (or at the very least remove it for Heaven's Mandate and keep it for Cold Storage to summon Kaari Lord). Honestly, I'm in complete agreement - the White Orb is just not needed anymore.
  10. New Battle Royale + AFK animations

    Battle Royale mode just feels to me like a bit of a desperate attempt to take something popular and capitalize on it. I'm sure some people will be interested in it, but I never jumped on the BR bandwagon, so I'll probably skip it. The new idle animations seems neat and it looks like there's one for each element, which is cool on it's own... though I would like to see some different animations... maybe have the Soul Fighters meditate and maybe even begin floating. The Wind KFM one was pretty good, which I enjoyed.
  11. I tried BnS agian but I can't sorry

    Mmhmm... so... let's unpack... You played for... 3 weeks, managed to get Raven 1... and then tried to do Circle of Sundering... you have difficulty finding parties because of your AP and you can't get many mats to go further despite grinding. Okay, so assuming you haven't quit already and won't be listening to this response (in which case, why did you even bother making this thread as if anyone would care some oldschool player quit, came back and quit again), there's a lot of things you can be doing to assist yourself. First and foremost, do those daily challenges. Even if you're only doing short, quick dungeons, you're still getting a handful of mats, 5 gold minimum and, for you most importantly, Solar Energy. You're going to want to farm up those energies daily for two main things. The first is to get a Soul Badge, which will help augment your skills in a way that will improve your DPS. Second (and also extremely useful) is buying gems from the Dragon Express. You can buy pentagonal gems easily enough or you can grind up for a hexagonal amber/emerald, salvage it for gem powder, then use the gem powder back in the Dragon Express to get hexagonal gems. If you're essentially fresh out of the story, you might just want to aim for a set of pentagonal gems for now until you can get some hexagonal versions down the road. Either way, this is one decent way to boost your AP. Speaking of farming, another place you should definitely go is Celestial Basin. You'll be farming for peaches by doing the repeating quests there and those can get you a lot of things. First off, you'll want to aim for a Mystic Badge (another type of badge that'll help your skills). After that, you can obtain exp charms and treasure pouches (to earn mats). Next, you're going to want to aim for getting better accessories. Desolate Tomb will give a legendary necklace, Naryu Foundry will give you a legendary belt and Naryu Sanctum will land you with one of two legendary bracelets. If memory serves, however, you can purchase these accessories with either Draken Cores (which you get from doing some quests and also Desolate Tomb, Ebondrake Citadel or Naryu Foundry), but you can also get some of these accessories at Celestial Basin apparently. Just don't level these accessories up... because... This Wednesday is a new patch. With the patch, there will be a lot of new content as well as some events. First off, some legendary accessories will not be upgradable anymore (whatever that means is beyond me). Second, there is new story content which can get you a free Hongmoon Heart that is better than the one you can get in Celestial Basin. Finally (and good news for you), there will be events to allow you to get an upgraded soul and pet aura, both will be invaluable to you. Work on all of the above and you should have little problems gearing up. You may also want to consider joining a clan who'd be willing to assist you in running different raids and such to help gain more gold and mats as well.
  12. Why discriminate against feminine Yuns?

    A better question would be "Why can we make Yun Assassins when there IS a Yun Assassin in the storyline?"
  13. VT Help

    I think it'd be trickier to find a VT "carry run", just because of how mech-dependent some of the various bosses/mid bosses are. The Twin Asuras pretty much need all hands on deck to do mechs to prevent a complete wipe, while Hive Queen certainly needs good communication and having each party CC in turn on top of other mechanics. Some of the mid-bosses pretty much require most of your team to do well. Great Thrall is one of the easiest to carry, however, if you cheese it, since you only really need 4 people to deal about 70% of the damage (letting the rest sit out until the final push). Just need 2 people to do the trace mechanic and 2 Summoners to use their cats on them to pick them up and everyone else just worries about keeping their health up. But, if you can find a carry run, good luck man!
  14. Do Oblivion Necklace in DT still drops?

    It certainly drops. Took me a while on one char to get it, but yes, it does drop. Ultimately, it's a good idea if you're ever running DT to just pick up an Oblivion accessory if you'll ever need it later. The same goes for the Covenant accessories from Ebondrake Citadel.
  15. Or... hear me out here... you use the free "noob trap" weapon until you get a Raven one...