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  1. PSA: Alpha Call and You!

    So, you may not have read above, but I already pointed out that I have been doing dungeons on an Archer and in the 3 weeks I've been running dungeons, I've taken aggro from tanks not using their War Cry maybe once or twice... but when I've tanked on my Warden and KFM? Almost every. Single. Time. I had some noob archer who I had to tell about 5-7 times in SST, including once before we even started the second boss. He instead decided to swear at me after he died, which, if he had used AC, we probably would have had enough damage to prevent that. Now, I'm not saying that there aren't moron tanks... trust me... I've seen 'em. But I've seen far more often that I'm looking for AC and I have to call for it. And it's not just me saying this either... I've gotten the same reactions from other party members as well. But yes, I will agree that BM, KFM and Warden not using War Cry is just plain stupid. Heck, even if you have multiple tanks, it's rarely a bad idea to each have WC active. I guess it's a safe distillation of this thread to simply say "know your role". I personally notice that it's Alpha Call more often than not, some people see it being tanks w/ War Cry. And, for the record, I do have both a Gunner and an Archer as well as a KFM and a Warden. I know my role =p
  2. PSA: Alpha Call and You!

    Great! Since I'm already generating Threat, you're gonna start using AC! Good move! Though to be fair, I have also been in that situation too... my archer took aggro in a dungeon from a Warden and a Blade Master who had higher AP and better gear than me. I could not believe it. Had to tell the Warden to use War Cry and even told him the button input... but still nothing. Still, that was one dungeon one time. I've literally had to tell people almost every dungeon for every DC for two characters for three weeks to use AC. Far bigger problem if you ask me. As for D3aThLoCk, your primary damage for your gunner's going to come out of Bulletstorm. Once Bulletstorm ends, pop Z, then C and use both that and any remaining explosive rounds for your "RNG". You'll likely (very shortly after if you're at least Aransu) get automatic resets for V and 4, which you can use to gain more explosive rounds and should also proc bracelet. As for losing synch with your own burst... okay... and yet the rest of the party can utilize the additional DPS and bonuses to skills from Soulburn/Flare (such as Assassins who greatly benefit from being in Awakened state) to bring your overall DPS down a little. And that's still assuming you don't kill the boss before Tombstone comes off cooldown in the first place. Use Alpha Call. Your DPS won't ever be higher than the initial burst anyways... you've already stroked your ego. Let it go.
  3. PSA: Alpha Call and You!

    Honestly, neither is a bad option, however, it'd likely be best to wait for buffs to run out (or close to). That way, the person who cast the buffs doesn't accidentally re-apply the buffs thinking they may have lagged somehow and didn't apply the buff in the first place. Also, another good time to apply AC is after the initial burst. For the example of Fire Gunslinger, when Tombstone/Bulletstorm ends. That way you pump as much damage in while the buffs are going. For Archers, when your Fireworks detonate is also a good time (when your main Z skill is beginning to cool down). However, so long as the buffs have been applied, you can AC. =p
  4. PSA: Alpha Call and You!

    Hey, folks! So, I've noticed this trend lately... for almost 3 weeks on every single dungeon I've run on my characters (mainly my KFM and Warden) this keeps happening. I've run dungeons with Archers and Gunslingers and in almost every single dungeon I've run for every single DC in that 3 weeks, the same thing keeps happening - the buffs activate, they run out... and nobody casts Alpha Call. So, this is a quick PSA for all of those Archers and Gunslingers out there (of which I have as well)... DON'T FORGET ALPHA CALL! It's really easy! For Archer, press 1 to block/counter and any time after, press Z. For Gunslingers, it's even easier... no pressing 1... JUST press Z! Easy! Alpha Call resets the cooldown of all main buff skills. Fighting Spirit (aka Blue Buff) for Kung Fu Masters and Assassins? Reset. Soul Burn/Soul Flare for Warlocks and Wardens? Reset! Heck, even party resurrection spells from Summoner and Soul Fighter? RESET! It's a second chance at some big damage or to save from a potential wipe! Why would you NOT use this ability?!? And, even better... they've changed Alpha Call's global cooldown to be reset when you go through most portals in dungeons! Killed a boss on Stage 1 of a dungeon, but there's a bigger boss in Stage 2? No worries! Alpha Call will be ready to go again! BRILLIANT! So, Gunners and Archers, remember... Alpha Call is a handy skill that benefits the entire party and is a quick, easy cast. There's no reason you shouldn't be using this skill... unless, of course, you're lazy... and why would you EVER want to be lazy? Wouldn't you much rather prefer the dungeon to be over faster so you can move onto the next one? OF COURSE you would! Everyone in the party would like to progress faster! So cast Alpha Call! Learn it! Live it! LOVE IT!
  5. Venture Token Myth or Real?

    I've gotten both Venture Tokens and Brilliant Venture Tokens from various rewards chests. I don't always have premium, so I often will stockpile them until I get some and use them then in order to maximize the HM from refining them =p
  6. Thoughts on Zen Archer

    I'm playing Wind archer and I've been having a lot of fun with the class. When everything clicks, it feels amazing to play. Using Q/E to strafe instead of running feels fast-paced and really fun. If I had two criticisms with the class as a whole, it'd be the following: 1) I am not a fan of the F skills moving you backwards. It's annoying to have to re-position once you've moved backwards too far and end up being out of range. If I'm going to stand and fire, I'd much prefer not to be moved automatically like that. 2) 3's area rings that appear that you're supposed to get into seem to have some problems being placed in proper spots. Either they aren't placed on the surface of the terrain and vanish (though their effect is still there), making it hard to find, or they appear near the boss rather than near you. I think NC should have the rings appear a bit higher off the ground and have them be based around where the character is, not the target. Those two changes would make the class that much better.
  7. Builds for Archer

    For Wind users, I find that your rotation is a bit more reactionary. There are certain things you want to try to do, of course, but here's what I tend to do: 1) Start with Z, C, 3, Q/E into the ring, 4, RMB/F (or just RMB if you use simple mode... which is a good idea honestly) 2) C whenever it's up 3) V whenever it's up (and you don't have rapid fire up) 4) Charge 4 fully if V or 3 are down and don't have rapid fire up 5) RMB/F any other time This is a somewhat basic "rotation" for Wind users if you decide you prefer that path (which I have quite enjoyed so far).
  8. People didn't like the changes, sure (I was pretty disappointed too)... but compensation? Come on. That's pretty entitled.
  9. Party recruitment should be blocked from factionchat

    Because you need to be in the same region to hear them. If you're in Moon Refuge, you're not going to hear people calling for Midnight Skypetal Plains.
  10. Moon Refuge is absolutely terrible.

    First off, Moon Refuge does have use for newer players trying to catch up. The accessory chests for bracelet (especially now that Naryu Sanctum is off the DC listings), glove and heck, even the belt are all useful. I will agree, however, that once you have all of these (in a week or two of doing DC), there's little decent rewards to be obtained in the area. However, if you ask me, I'd probably change the area a few ways... 1) Have a few dynamic missions for each area similar to Celestial Basin that require you to go to each of the four sections. Of course, traversing the map can be a bit annoying, so... 2) More dragon pulses. You can jump to each of the four areas, but you can't jump back without windstriding. Why not have DPs to let us get back to the middle faster? 3) Make the gem chests hongmoon. I was almost excited to see I could grind up for an octo chest if I tried... until I realized they were the basic, um-transmuteable gems. 4) Put some more useful items in the moon bud shop... just something like material pouches and experience charms (not the hm 1-14 ones) like in Celestial Basin would be enough! 5) Revamp Cache Panda Village. Normalizing the damage would be nice, but... let's face it... does it really NEED to be a PvP zone? Just make it a free-for-all kill and loot instance. Easy. 6) Add an area boss to each zone that spawns in from time to time similar to the 3 factions bosses in CB. Make it a dynamic challenge for some decent items.
  11. Where else to get Raven Feathers?

    You mostly get Raven Feathers from doing Weekly Challenge and doing Skybreak Spire (aka BT). Those are the main ways to obtain them. I think you can rarely get them from DC boxes as well and certain events will have them drop as well. Of course, you can also salvage soul shields connected to Skybreak Spire for a chance to get them as well. When it comes to doing a BT raid, nowadays it's a breeze. It shouldn't be difficult to find a raid with randos who will take you along without issue. Whenever you're logged on, just keep an eye out for one. More often than not, the raid in general will have enough high-level people that you'll have no problems getting through everything.
  12. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    You guys said with everything related to the new "Easy Mode" that gold from rewards would be reduced, because "the dungeons would be easier". Instead, not only were we given more difficult versions of those dungeons, but you also took out many different dungeons for lower-levelled players in the daily challenge, meaning only mid-high gear players can clear dailies to earn gold and mats to upgrade. If your intention was to get players to learn the mechs for hard mode dungeons, you could have easily nerfed the gold gain from lower dungeons (anything below Starstone Mines) and kept Ebondrake Lair, Irontech Forge and heck, even Celestial Basin in the DC rotation! In fact, the fact that you pulled CB out of the rotation shows you care less about people progressing and more user retention and forcing low-level players to deal with more unnecessary grind and elitism. You need to fix the gold rewards and bring back dungeon options for lower-gear players. Otherwise, this is just another slap in the face for your non-"whale" players.
  13. The funny thing is that the 3rd path disparity is only half-true. While 3rd spec Blade Master is ridiculously overpowered, 3rd spec KFM is relatively comparable to "wind" spec. Wolf spec can burst a little higher, giving a very short fight an edge to this version. Wind spec has a better overall sustained damage, making them the safer choice in fights over a minute or two.
  14. Okay, so... with the last event, I moved my KFM up to A9 from A7. I did not have the gold for Lightstealer's Armour to go Grand Celestial. With that said, my KFM has St 10 minimum accessories from BT and VT, fused soul Badge, VT mystic badges, 5/7 Gilded Triangular gems, crit-primed VT SS and a soul and heart that match the one given in the event... and despite this AND despite CCing and not being CCed AT ALL... I was JUST barely able to beat Masked Mujin at about -3 seconds on the clock. So, for having the prior event getting people "caught up" for this event, it didn't exactly do it. Well, it did depending on what class you are. After all, my Warden who has 200 less AP and barely-upgraded accessories... could almost get the same damage output. And, of course, neither of those characters would still stand a chance getting through 1/4 of Admy Mujin's health bar before he enraged. So again, my point stands... the prior events could gear you up decently, but this event shows it wasn't clearly enough... especially for certain classes. A new Blade Master, maybe... a Warden, probably. Most other classes? Good luck.
  15. Hey, all! So, it's been just under a week since the current event began and I think we can all say that this event is pretty cringe worthy... and I'm not just talking about Hae Mujin's attempt to be "hip". The current event, to be blunt, caters only to "end game" players... and by "end game", we all by now know that means "whales" (people spending RL money to boost themselves in-game). The matter of killing the various forms of Hae Mujin boil down to little more than a DPS test with a couple of attacks to watch out for. There's no actual challenge to these forms other than avoiding large, telegraphed attacks or CCing when the bar opens up. However, you will fail the various forms if you don't do roughly 100k dps, 200k dps, 400k dps and finally over 1 million dps. We can safely call this event "insert damage/gear here", nothing more. After all, you require both the weekly/daily white coins AND the DPS wall red coins to buy anything other than Fortune Potions... ...but of course, in order to buy the various costume items in the shop, you either need 1 high-quality fabric or, in the case of the shadow wings, be "end game" (whale) enough to have that "over 1 million dps" and beat the final form of Hae Mujin 10 times. I don't tend to use the phrase "pay 2 win", but in the case of these wings, yeah... it literally becomes a pay to win item... one people will actually want. Oh, but it's okay... because the "filthy casuals" can buy the cartoony shark outfit... sure. Now, with all that said, this event brings up another issue, one that really should be looked at - class balance. As mentioned above, you require to be able to do a set DPS on the various forms of Hae Mujin to continue... however, this also puts certain classes/paths at a considerable disadvantage as, even with solid gear that one class could clear the DPS wall with, it might not be enough for others. For example, my "wind" KFM has pretty respectable gear (A9, st accs, full-crit SS, awakened soul, etc) and has BARELY eked out a single victory against Masked Mujin before his enrage mode damage resistance kicked in. On the other hand, my newest character, a "frost" Warden with SD 5 weapon and little better than stage 3 raven accessories (and st 3 VT necklace) could almost accomplish the exact same feat. Heck, my Warden doesn't even have a fused badge yet, still using the Magnum for it's cooldown bonus. I've barely put work into him... and he's already almost able to surpass my main character I've been playing for multiple years now. Now, I've mentioned this before online to get the response "well, KFM is a tank class, they don't have good DPS"... buuuuut when you look at Warden and now the new path of Blade Master, that argument doesn't quite hold up... since BOTH are tank classes that are currently capable of outputting pretty high DPS. Meanwhile, KFM by comparison is... good for Fighting Spirit (BB). Quite pathetic, really. And then we also have the issue with class paths being considerably better or worse than others. I mentioned to my clan how I couldn't believe my KFM was almost being outclassed by my Warden with lower AP and worse gear and they immediately assumed I was using the "fire" path, because "fire has terrible DPS, so you're never going to do well in the event". Of course, when I mentioned I was using "wind" path, they got more confused, then assumed my Warden was "lightning" path, because it's better than "frost". If you compare some of the alternate paths, you see some significant disparities... the most obvious one right now being Blade Master, who's new path has been very much considered "completely broken". To put it simply, a lot of classes need some significant improvements to damage and playstyle... especially if we're going to be doing more of these "insert damage to continue" events (which we really shouldn't have in the first place). Simple tweaks to damage per skill could help mitigate the damage gap quite easily. I would hope the staff read this thread and begin planning buffs to the various classes and paths in order to balance things with the already (clearly) overpowered ones. TL;DR - The current event seems to cater primarily for "end game" (pay to win) users and also shows that various classes and paths need significant buffs to be at all competitive with the vastly overpowered ones.