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  1. Best soul badge for Windpiercer 2nd spec

    You are correct. War Song is the best badge for Windpiercer Archer. If you don't have access to ability to fuse badges, you can gain Martial Tokens for access to the oldschool fused badges. In that case, get Undying. So, to summarize: -War Song if you can fuse badges -Undying if you can't
  2. Why????????

    Oh no... the wheel that gives you free items twice a day (3 for premium) doesn't give you the free stuff you want anymore... oh noooooo...
  3. Nerf dugeno f8 boss hp

    So... I don't know if you realize this... but the prior event had all of the bosses nerfed so players could do the Call To Arms event and gain remnants. The event is over, so the bosses have their nerfs removed. So, if you're having a hard time, I recommend looking at easier daily challenges to do for your 3/5/7 completions. Moon Refuge, Koldrak and fighting Junghado are all regular DCs that are all easy to do for pretty much anyone. Cold Storage and Heaven's Mandate alternate every day and are also easy dungeons (they weren't even nerfed in the prior event). Drowning Deeps, Sandstorm Temple, Ransacked Treasury and The Shadowmoor are all relatively easy for even a minimally-geared party to do. With a stronger party, Dreamsong Theater, Brood Chamber, Warped Citadel and even Cathedra Cliffs is entirely doable. Above that, you're going to need to know the mechanics. But even then, that's a lot of dungeons that can get you your Daily Challenge. And, on top of all of that, this current event gives you one Daily Challenge clear for doing Tower of Memory (which is actually kind of awesome)... and that dungeon doesn't need gear at all. Just pick up a gun and do the very easy mechanics. Although having the "Easy Mode" that other dungeons would be nice, the nerfed dungeons in the last event were for the event.
  4. Great! I hope we'll be able to run it up the chain to the devs and see if they're down. As for the forum channel, thank you for adding it. Also, thanks for the response. I appreciate it ^w^d
  5. Legendary Soul Badge for WL scourge

    So, the strongest badge for your class and path is Wingrise (fuse Songbird and Premonition). If you're unable to get the Liberty and Resurgence tokens for it those badges (or the 5 Divine Grace Stones and 1 Premium Transformation Stone), you can obtain the older generation of fused badges via Martial Tokens from things like Junghado in Mushin's Tower or Koldrak. With 20 Martial Tokens, you can buy the older gen fused badges in Dragon Express. For your class and path, you'll want to aim for Limitless with Martial Tokens.
  6. Hey! I have a question primarily for the moderator staff... very simple and to the point? 1) Are we going to get an Astromancer section in the class forums any time soon? 2) Will you be fixing the Astromancer class logo not appearing in the character profile window? 3) Will we be getting the remaining orb skins into the game sometime soon (as most aren't in the data and are replaced by the training weapon as a placeholder) The last question is more about clarification about skills, specifically, the Astromancer TAB ability. TAB for Astromancer activates a party buff that gives 20% mystic to party members in range. It's a nice buff and helps add a little more party DPS. However, one thing I've noticed is that, unlike the other party-effecting abilities (Fighting Spirit, Soulburn/Soul Flare), it's cooldown is not reset by Alpha Call. Is this a glitch or is it intentional? If it is intentional, what reason is there to hamper a party buff when every other buff isn't? Would the game staff consider fixing this?
  7. The... astromancer outfit? You mean the one from last event? All you had to do was complete 3 Daily Challenges 3 days in a row. What does Midnight Skypetal Plains have to do with that? You could have literally soloed most of the lower-level dungeons during the prior event, joined parties for higher-level dungeons, farmed moon buds in Moon Refuge, fought Koldrak... there were SO MANY WAYS to get 3 DCs done... why were you focusing on getting to st 3 in MSP?
  8. Frequent Package File Corruption

    Not every Wednesday. In fact, I posted the thread shortly after the last time it happened (yesterday).
  9. 100% agreed. I was actually talking about this with my s/o the other day. The trans and prem crystals use untradeable mats anyways... why not just make them account-bound? It would save a lot of headaches... especially if you have a character who's stuck with some of them and can't use them anymore.
  10. Hey all! I'm trying to figure this out, mainly because it's getting a little frustrating. It feels like, what seems like at least once a week, I'll be playing the game and while loading, I'll suddenly get the "Package Files are Corrupted" error and have to perform a Scan File and fix on the launcher in order to get things working again. The thing is that, seeing how it's happening at least once a week, I feel like this is a temporary solution and I'm considering looking for something a bit more permanent. Has anyone else been noticing this issue and, if so, do you know anything that might fix the issue?
  11. TL;DR - "I quit the game and, since I'm such an enlightened being, you all must follow my example and quit too." I've seen these kinds of threads on multiple MMO forums and they always come off as self-righteous fluff... and here's the thing about that. 1) Nobody knows who you are, let alone cares you're quitting. 2) If you are quitting, why waste your time making this thread? 3) How about you let people enjoy playing the games they enjoy? Instead, you spend an hour making this essay to convince people to follow your lead... for what? Since I've seen this type of thread repeated countless times before, I'll respond with something I've heard countless times as well. "Sure you are... see you in a week."
  12. Gm team; Call to arms Please remove this weekly

    This is going round and around with nonsense, so I'm just going to explain it plainly. In order to do get the Weekly Challenge remnant, you don't ever have to do Silversteel. All you need to do is: 1) Botany Center, Titan Chamber, Hall of the Keeper, Hall of the Templar (all are super easy nowadays and people do them all the time, just remember mechs for BC and TC) 2) Do daily dungeons in the cross server. Focus on Brood Chamber, Warped Citadel, Cathedra Cliffs and Halcyon Hills (but in all honesty, doing all available dungeons is a good idea) Doing 5 or so dungeons will net you those last 2 Weekly Challenges, giving you 6 WC completed, giving you the remnant. Remember that, even if the dungeon is not part of the Daily Challenge for that day, it will still drop the remnant. So doing the following dungeons once a day will net you remnants: -Heaven's Mandate* -Cold Storage* -Drowning Deeps -Sandstorm Temple -Ransacked Treasury -The Shadowmoor -Dreamsong Theatre -Brood Chamber -Warped Citadel -Cathedra Cliffs -Stonescale Passage -Hangar Zero -Halcyon Hills -Naryu Sanctum* Please not that the dungeons marked with an asterisk are not currently being nerfed for the event. While doing HM and CS are still very easy to do, Naryu Sanctum might be a bit too much for you and can be skipped. Also, with the dungeon nerfs, it's entirely possible to solo a good chunk of these dungeons. DD, ST, RT and TSM should all be doable. DST, BC and WC are possible with enough DPS. CC and H0 can be done easily enough with any party while essentially ignoring mechs (though melee characters might have some issues in H0 when the sensors come up). The only nerfed dungeons that will still require some mechanics are Stonescale Passage and Halcyon Hills. For Stonescale Passage, you need to remember that both final bosses must die at close to the same time or else the party will wipe. Pay attention to chat and communicate when to kill or hold DPS. The player in Soul Separation cannot see both health bars, so you need to make sure to tell them when it's okay to kill their target. More likely than not, it will take them longer to kill their boss, so communicate with the rest of the party to stop DPS (usually something like "stop out" to indicate to everyone outside of SS to stop attacking) when the boss has less than 10% HP (and the boss inside SS still has more than 10%). Ultimately, the main thing to remember is communicate and kill both bosses at the same time. It's not actually that difficult. For Halcyon Hills, only the first boss has any real mechanics to deal with... but again, if you don't do them, it's a wipe. Upon starting the fight against this boss, he'll go into the sky and begin throwing lightning AoEs at everyone in the area. The safest thing to do is to move sideways (left to right/right to left) to avoid the areas the lightning will hit, then when they do hit, reverse direction and go the other way (it's not necessary, but it keeps people from running into each other's areas and potentially getting them hit by the attack meant for you). While you're dodging lightning AoEs, 3 players will get a gold target symbol appear under their feet. After about 1 or 2 seconds, one of the monkeys surrounding the area will throw a peach/rock. Those who have the target symbol must use a block skill to catch the peach. If you successfully caught the peach, keep dodging lightning until the boss begins preparing a big attack. When he does, press LMB to throw the peach at him, knocking him down to the ground where you all can attack him (hit him with everything you've got, because after one spin attack he'll do, he's going to go back on his cloud and the mechanic begins again). If nobody knocks him off his cloud, his big attack will wipe the party. However, that's all you need to know for mechanics in Halcyon Hills. Also... remember to interact with one of the 6 large jugs in the map (1 for each party member) before reaching the final boss. You need a jug before fighting the final boss in order to complete the Daily Quest in order to get the remnant. I've already gone long enough explaining all of this to make things easier, so I'll leave it at that. You can work out getting the other remnants on your own. There's 1 week left. After that, they'll probably put keys for NCoin in the Hongmoon Shop if you're desperate.
  13. I actually would like this as well...
  14. Honestly, I cleared the entire event on my Astromancer and, from what I can tell, they don't have "omnidirectional blocking". All I do for the boss fight is face the boss, walk side to side to avoid the red AoEs (that stun you), reverse direction every time the lightning strikes and wait to see if I get a gold mark. Once I've avoided the AoE area that indicates where the lighting is going to hit, I tap the block button and that's all it takes. Remember that there are 3 peaches that are thrown by the monkeys. That means there's 3 people to knock Wonkey Kong down for the mechanic to work. But, once you get used to just learning how to sidestep the AoEs and when to block the peaches, you should be okay. Even then, if you make a mistake, there should be 2 other people to do it too. And, if people keep yelling or telling you off... remember that there's 3 people doing the mechs. That's a 1 in 2 chance they're also failing the mechanic. And if they're being particularly rude... cut your losses and find a more competent party.
  15. Armory Pearls

    It takes about 5/6 hours a day to get the max amount of pearls you can turn into remnants a day. If you're already part-way done, you can do less if need be.