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  1. Can we get more options for weeklies?

    Honestly... they could have, instead of taking SJF from the rotation, they could have put FAS in. That way, we'd have the new dungeon, the old rotation and FAS for 7 weeklies. Or, y'know... make it 2/3/4/5 instead of 2/4/6/7
  2. Let's start with the "Light vs Wind" discussion. I'll sum it up for you. Light Archers do indeed deal more overall damage than Wind... roughly 20%. However, they are more ping-reliant and to deal much of that damage, you should be in melee range. Ya... a ranged class being in melee. Wind Archers are still pretty strong overall, but aren't as ping reliant and you can play anywhere in your range and still be effective. They're also very mobile and a lot of people I've talk to seem to enjoy their playstyle more. As to which you should play... the answer should always be: PLAY WHAT YOU LIKE MORE With that out of the way... Weapons If you're new to the game and don't have reliable ways to upgrade your equipment, the PvE path is generally less expensive. That's the Dawnforged/Riftwalk path. To decide on which of the weapons in there to choose, look at the path you chose and it's skills, then look at the weapons. They tend to boost certain skills. Just pick the weapon that boosts the skills your path would want more. Now, if you're capable of doing Skybreak Spire, Temple of Eluvium and beyond relatively often, then you can go down the raid path (Raven, Aransu and above). It will be a bit more expensive and requires you to do those raids at points to gain the upgrade materials reliably. Still, to be frank, those are the better weapons to use for an Archer. So, to sum it up, Raven is the better option overall, but it will cost more. Soul Shield Get the better one. Obviously. Start with Raven, then get Aransu and after that, either get Grand Celestial or save up for Thornbreaker. Each one will require the proper materials (Raven Feathers, Hive Queen Wings, etc) and you'll want to gain ones with Critical on them for best results. You may also want to look into Soul Shield Primers to boost their stats further... but I'm not going into detail on that one. Google that nonsense if you need to. Accessories Like above - get the better one. For the most part, accessories gained from raids tend to be stronger than ones you can get elsewhere. Gain the ring and earring from Skybreak Spire, then the necklace from Temple of Eluvium. Eventually, you'll gain better accessories from higher level raids. As for the other accessories, you can get a bracelet, glove and a belt from Moon Bud farming in Moon Refuge. They'll get you started until you go looking for bigger and better things. Just remember that when choosing what accessory (if they give you a box with two choices) to hover over them, compare to your skills/path and choose accordingly. Accessories from raids often cater to one path or the other... so watch for that. For everything else... Google or Youtube it.
  3. Wingrise vs Limitless badge

    Wingrise... and no. Considering that Wingrise is Premonition and Songbird, you'll probably be better off using Limitless for now while earning those badges, then fusing them when you can.
  4. Gunslinger Advise?

    To answer your questions... First off, the two paths are Destruction (Fire) and Undertaker (Shadow). The main difference between the two is playstyle and how each does damage. Fire is very burst-oriented - it can do a lot of big damage right away, but it's short-lived, taking time for cooldowns to end in order to do it again. Shadow, while not reaching the same highs in DPS, has stable, mid-line damage. Shadow can't burst high like Fire, but doesn't have as much of a low point either. You can kind of think of it like a shotgun versus a machine gun - one hits hard, but is slow, while the other hits a lot at once for a long time, but none of the individual shots do a lot of stopping power. Between the two, while there is no wrong answer (honestly, play the one you like more), most gunslingers lean towards Fire, as most content won't survive too long past the initial burst with the right party. It's also easier to get through the story content, as you rarely need to use much to fight the enemies and, when it's time to kill a boss, bursting will just melt them. They're not designed to survive long. When it comes to progression, do all of the yellow story quests as far as they take you. After that, do all of the orange side-quests that unlock raids (and weekly challenges). All of these will give you the appropriate levels and equipment you'll need to start doing Daily and Weekly Challenges you'll need to begin upgrading your gear. You'll also want to gain access to Moon Refuge in order to farm moonlight buds for further upgrades. As for anything else... Youtube has plenty of guides... check them out.
  5. Hey all! So, I'm sure we've all seen the new update notes: One thing that caught my attention is that they're mentioning a "Premium Transformation Stone Crystal" as well as a non-premium version. I don't know about any of you, but... this kind of has me intrigued. Is this a new item they're adding... perhaps an untradeable version of the stones in the same vein as the upgradeable materials (IE: Soulstone to Soulstone Crystal)? Maybe it's just a mistake in the article, but still... boy, if this is an account-bound material that's cheaper and easier to obtain than what we currently have? Sign me up! But perhaps that's just me. What do you all think?
  6. yoo Developers! When do we nerf BM?

    Class balance is a mess in the game as it is... not just for PvP.
  7. If you're doing the event every day and with the free/1 NC 7 day premiums they've given us so far, you should be able to make up enough tokens. Remember that all of the dungeons that give remnants in the daily challenge still give those remnants every day regardless of if they're in DC or not. So doing as many dungeons from Drowning Deeps upwards as you can every day will net you quite a few remnants. Add to that doing weeklies, skybreak spire, temple of eluvium, throne of oblivion, ebon realm and even the pvp remnants, you're sitting on a lot of remnants. Now, of course you're probably not going to be able to convert ALL of that into coins (you need some for the keys), but that's still a lot to work with. And remember, we still have most of this month to finish the event. Still plenty of time to get more tokens and remnants. I mean, heck, just from the daily login bonus, I'm sitting on almost 40 tokens. I haven't even exchanged my remnants over yet.
  8. Unfortunately, you cannot get any of the badges that use the newer tokens (the pink or blue), so your best bet is to either get a badge for temporary use until you get Paragon or chuck the coin entirely and keep using the pink or blue badge I assume you have by now.
  9. So, here's a tip for CC... bring revitilizer pills. Using one gives you dragon blood, which is pretty much an extra life. They'll keep you alive longer and allow you to keep going. Take one at the beginning of the dungeon and one before the boss fight. As for the boss, all you REALLY need to know is to avoid his red attacks. Proper positioning and iframe skills will let you avoid those hits (and getting DoT damage stacks) placed on you. I've been running CC on my archer (who's using A9, since it's better overall than GC until you hit st 6) and I've had little to no problem joining and completing the dungeon every day.
  10. playing a warden, i hit mobs i seem to lose HP

    *sigh* Do you notice that, when you play as a Warden, you don't have a focus meter? No blue orbs or line that appears under your health and running stamina gauges? Did you read anything about Warden before choosing the character... even on the character creation screen? Because here's the thing... Wardens use HP to fuel their attacks as if it's focus! So yes, your HP will go down when you attack with your Warden... that is one of their primary mechanics. It's also why you have Resilience (the yellow shield icon that fills with your E skill if spec'd right).
  11. New event

    It would be... except you can just do 1v1 and you'll eventually get those 7 wins. There will be enough people trying to get their wins that it shouldn't be an issue to get your 7 either. At this point, getting a TT run and fishing will be the most annoying part I think... maybe the Ebon Blooms as well. Well, if you have the TT gear, that character probably won't need the event. An alt, however could use it... and I don't PvP either... but just spamming 1v1s until you get your 7 wins (then never going back) won't be overly difficult. All in all, this is a decent catch-up event if they've fixed the Den of the Ancients requirement.
  12. Trouble clearing the way of the soul fighter part 1

    Sun Beam? It's probably be in your ranged stance (tab to change stances). You should also be able to check your skills with the K key.
  13. Windwalking, is it critical to the game?

    That specific spot is a bit buggy and doesn't always work right. It is doable with a little practice (and the right route), of course... But to answer the question, I would sincerely recommend doing your Windwalking quests as much as possible. Not only will some dungeons in the future require some of the skills, but they also simply allow you to get around the world easier.
  14. Warden Guaridan divine strike can be canceled ?

    Honestly, if you're using Simple Mode for Warden, just ignore it and rapid-tap RMB to guarentee attacks go off. However, some moves can cancel your stance. Hitting Tab a second time, for example or dashing with Q will turn off the stance. Go over each skill in K and see what takes you out of Sentry stance and what doesn't.
  15. There are 5 colours of quest denoting 5 different quest types: YELLOW > Main storyline quests. Do these to progress, gain new equipment and the majority of your experience. BLUE > Side-quests. Not required to do at all, can be little diversions to do alongside the main questline. PURPLE > Skill quests. These will either teach you the basics of your class early on, then be used to teach/unlock new windwalking skills later on. Do these whenever possible! ORANGE > Raid questlines. These are side-stories that unlock weekly raids, such as Skybreak Spire, Temple of Elyuvium, etc. Some also give useful items, like hearts and talismans. RED > Player VS Player questlines. Commonly these are for factions. If you don't care about factions or PvP, you can skip it entirely. The three main questlines to look out for are Yellow, Purple and eventually Orange. You CAN do Blue quests if you want to (as they often flesh out the main story a little bit), but they are not necessary almost at all. Some blue quests open up optional areas or certain dungeons for Daily Challenge, however. And last, Red quests... if you're not doing faction PvP, they're completely unnecessary.