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  1. Compliments and solo play suggestions

    You can certainly ATTEMPT to be a lone wolf, but most end-game content is based on running dungeons with 6 man parties or 12 man raids... so you're going to be looking at working with other players in some capacity.
  2. Fire Gunner Unload Setup

    For an Unload Build, you'd probably want to aim for Holy Fire soul badge, since you can buy it with Solar Energies versus Courage which does not have a Solar Energy option (and you might not be able to easily afford 70 Courage Tokens if you're a newbie gunner). Holy Fire pretty much increases the odds of getting your Detect Weakness (aka: Crosshairs) to pop up every time you use Unload. That with the Quickshot Hongmoon Skill will maximize the odds of you getting more chances to get your Explosive Rounds, which is the backbone of your Fire Gunner's playstyle for the most part. Personally, I have a bit of a hybridized build in where my Soul Badge is set up for Unload, while my Mystic Badge is set up for Bulletstorm. Essentially, it lets me use the burst when it's up, but have Unloads pretty much whenever as well. At least for the time being, it works for me.
  3. Honestly, I agree a lot with what you're saying. When it comes to problems with a game, it either comes about do to the developer, the players or both... I agree that there are problems that the devs have made for the players. Sure, there are issues... but I think many issues could be mitigated or at least lessened by having a somewhat supportive community... which, for the most part, we do NOT have. Quite frankly, the community is toxic as heck... especially to newer players. It's really kind of pathetic just how newbie-unfriendly the community is. Most geared players won't even acknowledge lower-AP players, even for dungeons they can VERY easily do. Heck, one of my alts, who is over 1000ap was booted by a 1200ap player for Naryu Sanctum, because my Soul Fighter "had nothing to offer" him. Of course, he didn't specify AP before recruiting, then booted me, and THEN put an AP requirement... because that's always classy. Yes, there's dungeons that people can't directly do... but most of the time, people put absurdly-high AP requirements on dungeons, just to make it fast... again, really stupid. A lot of times, though, people ask for way too much and screw over other players... a lot of times, this causes a vicious cycle: -Player wants to upgrade equipment to get stronger. -Needs to dungeon to get better equipment. -People won't run dungeon with them because they aren't geared enough. -Repeat. It's an "elitist trap" I mentioned in a topic ages back and it's just disgusting. If people just took their heads out of their backsides, things would be way better.
  4. How do we play Soul Fighter?

    Good response. Very useful. Yeah, my SF currently still needs the ring, but it's an alt, so I'm not going hardcore after it... otherwise, yeah, I kind of prefer the focus recovery. I mean, I probably could do a little stance dancing to use Chi Burst for a full focus regen if need be, but I'd much rather have it available to assist the party. Ultimately, however... from the looks of things, it makes sense to eventually fuse both badges together to get the Undying Soul Badge rather than the Limitless Soul Badge, since the extra 1 chi stack from Breeze Kick coupled with the focus regen might overall be better than just 1 chi stack for Frost Storm. I mean, Frost Storm will happen more frequently, sure, but with all the options to build chi with Iron Shoulder, Howling Blast and Breeze Kick, it'd probably not be as necessary... especially when you'd be able to get into Frost Storm with just 2 Iron Shoulders. Worth consideration at least. Certainly will be getting the Sagewood Soul Badge regardless for later on... probably when the season ends and the tokens are dirt cheap =p
  5. FPS Loss - May 23 2018 - Windows 10 Update: KB4100403

    Tried it - still garbage. For some reason, not only is my FPS ludicrously low (7fps during combat today in Sanctum), but my ping is in the mid-to-high 200s, when it should be lower (barely over 100, 150 tops). I've even tried doing a lot of the work in other guides. Nada. Decided to just revert to the previous, non-updated version - runs fine.
  6. Game Stuck on Launcher

    Ya.. I'll look into this... because, despite the game running, my FPS is 1/4 of what it should be at the best of times and my ping is over double. seriously... **** windows EDIT: Y'know what... yes... **** windows and their most recent update. I reverted it and everything runs fine.
  7. Game Stuck on Launcher

    UPDATE UPDATE: Ya... not worth the hassle - just reverted back to before the update. Works fine. Eff windows. UPDATE: Um... disregard this post... for some strange reason, I updated my windows defender security (wanted me to register)... and that was all it took. Makes NO sense whatsoever... but yeah... if anyone else IS having the same problem, I suppose that'll fix it. Don't know how... but yeah... The problem, if you were wondering... Hey So, not sure if this is old or if anyone's having the same issue, but last night, my laptop had a large windows update. Today, I tried to run the game and, first thing that was odd is that it asked me for verification (despite playing from home and nothing changed other than the update itself). So, after doing all of that, I logged into the launcher, the game verified and... ...nothing. The launcher appeared, sat for a minute or so, then the "File Repair" button on the launcher lit up. No XIGNCODE/Gameguard/whatever, no Blade and Soul logo, nothing. So, after retrying this a couple of times, I decided to run the file repair. Again, same problem. I decided to uninstall and re-install the game. Same problem. I found part of an update that didn't take, updated, restarted the computer, tried again, same problem. Any idea on how to fix this error? Pretty much, I'm stuck being able to play and, to be frank, I'm pretty frustrated at this point.
  8. Auto boot people who chat in koldrak

    Would be nice to, at the very least, have a mod in the regional chat for Koldrak in order to kick or temporarily ban all of the offensive statements made by people chatting in there... or at the very least cut out the constantly repeated bait lines repeated every. single. time. Koldrak comes up.
  9. Fire Gunner Unload Setup

    The Unload build is a pretty good one, as it's commonly your main source of DPS in most cases. In shorter fights, bursting with Tombstone/Bulletstorm is doable, but it naturally involves a lot of setup and can be ruined if something happens. Ultimately, using the Unload build just simplifies things.
  10. Change class

    The most difficult things to change if you did a class change coupon would be the soul and mystic badges, since another class might use different badges. Everything else can be changed to the class-specific alternative and nothing would really be effected overall. Oh... there would also be the problem of elemental-based accessories if the class has an entirely different element.
  11. Looking for an honest review/opinion

    I think it's more about people using the cash shop to buy materials or use the currency exchange to buy gold, but in the end, yes... if you're buying cosmetics, you're not really paying for progression. And honestly, they could profit pretty well just with cosmetic purchases with real-life currency rather than paying for progression-based items.
  12. Draw your Character (General Fanart Thread)

    The gang's all here (my characters in chibi style) Each one of the characters in this lineup have their own pics with backgrounds I'll be using as my profile pics. This is just a lineup to put them all together.
  13. Naryu Sanctum Granite Titane fiery punch help?

    Using blocks or iFrames doesn't matter against the Fiery Punches. The hits themselves aren't what's killing her. Whenever Granite Titan attacks someone with a punch, they immediately get a debuff placed on them. 5 in a row and it's instant death. Blocking the attack or iFraming it simply prevents you from being dazed by the attacks - you still get the stacks put on you. The only way you can survive is to stick together and share the punches... although I wonder if, since there's only two of you and there's 10 punches thrown out at once, can only two people survive this mechanic?
  14. Buff Fire KFM

    To be fair, tank classes are not known for their DPS... they primarily hold the attention of the enemies, so the rest of the party can DPS. KFM have damage potential, but it won't be as high as other classes... especially since you need to focus on what the boss is doing more than maximizing your damage output.
  15. Looking for an honest review/opinion

    When it comes to game design, it's pretty solid - combat is pretty fluid, classes feel varied and level design is pretty good overall. The story is relatively standard fare, but gets you what you need when you need it. By the time you finish the main story (yellow quest line), you should have practically everything you need to start working on building your character to do higher level dungeons/raids. Side quests (blues) tend to follow the main story for the most part and help flesh out the world a little bit, but are not necessary for progression. Most people tend to do the blue quests on their first character/playthrough and skip them after. For progression after the story, while NCSoft attempted to "re-balance" things in the most recent patch by making some rarer upgrade materials less necessary and more common materials needed a bit more, they also cut back a bit on the gold and materials needed for upgrades unless you do some higher level content. This really hinders progression for newer players (especially those who don't want to spend real money). This wouldn't be overly bad, if not for the other big problem that makes the game difficult for new players... ...the community. Like you've heard, the common BnS community (much like many F2P MMORPGs) is pretty toxic. The main issue you'll run across is the rampant elitism and complete refusal to even look at a player unless they're heavily geared already. This is pretty much a vicious cycle, since in order to get geared in the way where these kinds of players will even acknowledge you let alone allow you the distinct honour of joining their party, you need to run the dungeons those people are recruiting for... and commonly, dungeon requirements for people recruiting are almost comical in their excess. Bonus points to those recruiters who have these overpowered dungeon requirements... but do not meet their own lofty expectations. Although there does often need to be some kind of damage output for dungeons to ensure the bosses in these dungeons fall before their enrage timer goes off (which effectively causes the boss to instantly kill the entire party and makes you start the boss fight over), most of the time the requirements people recruit for are completely redundant. New players can almost guarantee to be booted from a party before entering, because they're "not good enough", but won't ever get "good enough", because people keep kicking them out of parties for not being "good enough." It either takes a lot of patience or to find a clan to join that will assist you... or, of course, swipe that credit card. If you believe you can stomach the hardships of grinding your equipment and putting up with the elitist community, then give it a shot.