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  1. Hey, all! I had an interesting thing happen earlier today... and after thinking about it for a while, I thought it'd be fun to open a thread where we can share strange/dumb/random stories of being kicked out of parties. Hopefully, we'll have enough people with crazy stories... as it's fun to sit around the proverbial campfire and share. The only thing I suggest in this thread is not to name names. This isn't a thread to call people out. Let's do this more for fun. I'll go first (naturally) and explain my story from earlier today. --- So, I joined a weekly run on my Gunslinger (A3, nothing special, but hey, it's an alt, no biggie) and got into a particularly strong party. There were a few people loading in slowly, but otherwise it was a good, strong run and everyone did mechs properly as needed. So, we complete Botany Center and move on to Titan Chamber. As we're waiting for one of the slower-loading players to enter, the leader asks "Are you in?" and I decide to be a goof and reply with "That's what she said." and got a couple chuckles from one or two people. Well, I suppose the leader wasn't laughing, because they say "wanna hear a funny joke?", started the fight... then promptly kicked me out of the run. Yep... that apparently was all it took. Either way, after the minor inconvenience, I joined another party (skipping BC of course) and finished off the weeklies with them. Still... pretty petty response from the leader and definitely one of the weirdest reasons for being kicked from a party... --- But hey, how about you guys? What strange situations got you booted from a party? Leave yours below and let's have some fun.
  2. What to build first as a new player?

    Hey! Welcome back! XD So, good news is that you can get decently geared just by completing the main storyline. Follow all yellow-marker, purple-marker and eventually, orange-marker questlines for everything you're going to need. They will grant you weapons, soul shields, gems and most accessories you can start off with. It's also possible to speak to a merchant to get another attempt at obtaining a weapon box. Every time you get a Riftwalk/Dawnforged weapon box (or any box to be fair), it'll have a random set of slots for gems. If you can get a full set of 8 slots, you're golden. Even if you get 6, that's alright too. After that, you're going to need to aim for soul and mystic badges. If they don't give you a basic set of badges from story, you can obtain them through either Celestial Basin or Moon Refuge. Unfortunately, that does require a bit of farming... After all of that, you can begin working on obtaining materials and gear from doing daily and/or weekly challenge (you unlock weekly challenge and raid dungeons through those orange questlines). From there, it's working on improving everything.
  3. 1) It can be... it depends on what you're looking to craft. If you're farming your own mats, it can be viable... but compare costs to value and be certain you're willing to go for it. Premium Transformation Stone transmutation has a 50/50 shot of failing (wasting the mats), so be cautious when doing it... or avoid it altogether. Crafting guilds can help make very useful items, such as soul shield primers, transformation stones and such. They're at least worth looking into. 2) Not really. Some classes almost completely overshadow others and some of the class specs are pretty much forgotten. For example, if you're playing a Blade Master, 3rd spec is pretty much the only way to go now as it's DPS seems to be one of the highest in the game. KFM, for another example has decent balance between 2nd (kick/wind) path and the 3rd (wolf) path, but 1st (punch/fire) seems to have been left by the wayside. Not that KFM can compete all that much DPS-wise against Blade Masters and Wardens, the other tank classes. There are tweaks here and there, but it feels like they need to do some work to make some of the classes more viable. 3) It'll cost some gold, a bit of time, but fortunately, RNG isn't much of an issue... other than the previously-mentioned Premium Transformation Stones.
  4. No one Rezzing

    There are a few times where I will not res a player... but they are rare. 1) If someone else is doing it (of course). 2) If I'm going ahead for a specific reason (IE: to clear a difficult dungeon mechanic or clear the path), again, normally when I know someone else is around to res. 3) Weekly raids (BC/TC/Halls/SJF/FAS) - the player should be resing themselves. Using 4 to get up is faster commonly than being picked up by other players... and, if the person died at the beginning of the fight and stayed on the ground the entire time, they're pretty much trying to be carried. In the case of those people, if I'm the leader, I will warn them to get up a couple times and if they ignore me, they often get kicked. 4) If they are intentionally ignoring people and/or their actions are just getting themselves (or other people) killed. *This one needs a bit of explaining, I think* I've been leading parties in where the class has a buff or skill that's useful for the dungeon (one prime example, which I'll explain below, I had was an archer in where I was tanking on my Warden who did not use Alpha Call). In this example, my self and my s/o were running Sandstorm Temple and the overall party AP wasn't great (save for me and my s/o). We had my Warden and an Assassin in the party and this archer. We asked for Alpha Call in the 1st boss (twice... each) - he ignored us. Then he died, so we wasted time picking him up. Before the second boss, I literally asked them to use Alpha Call... even going so far as to explain how to use AC on an archer. Do they use it? No. Do we tell them to use it numerous times? Yes. Does the idiot die part-way through the fight? Absolutely. When we succeed, most of us agree, very simply, to let him rot in the sand he fell in. This, of course is the time where he FINALLY starts talking... only to scream and swear at us for not ressing him. Ironic of this twerp who didn't listen to us for doing something we were asking him to do demanding us to do our "jobs" and pick his useless corpse up. 5) AFKer (but that goes without saying) Those are pretty much the times I don't res. Most times, I'll stay around to do it. Heck, if I'm on my SF and have a gunner present who hasn't used AC yet, I'll blow a res even after the fight's over just to speed things up.
  5. This game needs to be shut down

    Oh, absolutely. Believe me, I've seen enough of these kinds of "players" on other game forums before... the "I don't like something, so nobody should, because I'm enlightened paragon of intelligence and must shepherd the masses." kind of individual. Clearly, the guy has nothing better to do with his life, so he comes to a forum for a game he "quit" and tries to get other people to do so for some kind of pathetic "clout chasing" or something. It's pretty much the ultimate form of an MMO whiner - someone who (claims that they) don't play anymore, but instead of leaving the game and it's forums behind and moving on to the next game (that they'll ultimately quit and repeat the process, assuming it's legit), they lurk around and proclaim their hatred and that anyone who doesn't agree is stupid, because they didn't follow them. Honestly, it'd be funnier to see a moderator step in and give them a temporary suspension from the forums under the grounds of "Well, you clearly don't like our game... here... let us make it easier for you to transition out.", but of course, we know the reaction... the whiner returns after the temporary suspension (or makes a new account) to throw a tantrum over how he was "unfairly banned" and "deserves compensation" for the game he quit.
  6. What is the standard AP?

    For AP, you're going to need to get closer to 1.6k AP or higher (depending on class) if you want to run anything above The Shadowmoor (DST especially). Anything below? You'll likely have enough party members to help you clear... Sandstorm Temple possibly being a bit annoying with a lower-geared party. For the most part, so long as you're not running DST, BC, RT, CC, H0, etc... you ought to be okay at around 1.4k AP (which isn't overly hard to get to), but beware of elitism...
  7. wall walking

    Use J to open your quest list... -Check the "Quest Letters" tab. -Look for any quests marked with a purple icon. If there are no purple quests in that tab, go to the "In Progress" tab and search for purple icons there. If you can't find them in either place... try something novel like actually running at a wall and see if you've already unlocked it (IE: If you used a lv 60 coupon, which would have given you the skill already).
  8. This game needs to be shut down

    You can leave at any time...
  9. gunner hooks not working

    I was on my gunner last night and I did not have this issue whatsoever. Maybe a bit of lag or something with your talents?
  10. New Class Ideas

    Honestly... for a new class, I'd just like to see a character using a quarterstaff... I mean... makes sense... a melee-oriented pole-wielding class just seems fitting for a series based primarily on fantasy rooted loosely with Chinese and Korean lore, focused around martial arts and such.
  11. 3rd Spec Tree

    At least PvE-wise, I'm glad that the 3rd spec KFM is not as broken as, say BM. Wind KFM has better sustained damage, while Wolf is more about burst damage. Still, Fire KFM is just... lacking by comparison... which honestly is just sad if you ask me. Class balance in general is sorely lacking if you ask me. Even with a lot of the updates this patch, some classes really need more in order to keep up (Soul Fighter comes to mind). Also, as mentioned, some paths lack heavily behind the others, not even classes with 3rd specs (Ice FM comes to mind). There just needs to be better balance overall. It really should be up to play style more than what class or path does more damage.
  12. about archer

    You can try it if you want... most people seem to agree though that Wind archer is a bit more ping-friendly than Light... but that's your call. Ultimately, the question you should be asking is do you like how Archer plays rather than how "good" it is. If Archer interests you, sure... try it out. If not, don't. That's all you should be concerned about right now.
  13. Is soul fighter an effective hybrid?

    Nope. You mainly use melee stance, then swap quickly for a short attack chain in ranged or to do support skills before going back to melee.
  14. Damage is Underwhelming

    Well... first off... I hate to say it... but you might've wanted to stick with Aransu 9 and built up to get a better weapon... preferably Grand Celestial (furthermore GC 6). The raid weapons tend to be more powerful, often due to their special effects. The Aransu effect is pretty potent for most classes and the next tier's weapons at lower levels aren't particularly remarkable by comparison. A clan mate recommended to me that, if you're planning to go up to the next tier, most classes ought to build up the mats to jump from Aransu 9 straight to Grand Celestial 6. The main reason is that GC weapons gain much of their power off of the stacks they accumulate... and they don't reliably gain stacks well enough until around GC6 to compare to even Aransu 9. Also, most classes (unless you're doing an alt or one of the summoner specs) tend to suffer going Thornbreaker as opposed to GC. So, for starters, that might be the big issue to your DPS loss. Beyond that, I have to agree that SF has probably been the most nerfed class and is very underwhelming. I have a set of characters which are pretty evenly geared and out of all of them, it seems my SF is just the weakest... even comparing to my fire gunslinger... WITHOUT using Bulletstorm. It's kind of sad, really. SF was originally pretty good... but a bunch of people complained when a PvP tournament was won by a SF user and they've been nerfed constantly since. There needs to be a lot of fixes IMO (better ranged stances, better bracelet proc skills), but for now... it's just a lackluster hybrid attacker/supporter.
  15. Fire gunner - F12 burst 3mil, full buffs burst 3.3, wth?

    Gunslinger: We're forgotten! We've been nerfed into the ground! Soul Fighter: First time?