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  1. Goodbye, @Hime. I'm glad you can get some rest now. I know you've had it rough just finding the time for yourself. I wish you the best of luck in the future. As for @Green Storm, welcome to the party and good luck =p
  2. Koldrak's durability loss is connected to hitboxes. Because Koldrak is essentially a large number of hitboxes, your character is constantly hitting multiple segments simultaneously. The upside to this is things like weapons that work by building stacks to reach a higher form (ending with a skill reset) will proc much faster (you may notice your skills reset very quickly in Koldrak). In Aerodrome, this is not happening.
  3. Hey, everyone! I've been running Aerodrome (like many of you) lately and I've noticed that I've needed to repair my weapon very frequently. So, I decided to go in to Aerodrome with a fully repaired weapon and after one run, I checked my weapon again. Lo and behold, the weapon was already down to 80% durability. I checked with other party members and they noticed it too, so it's not just a specific class/spec. Running Aerdrome will tear about 15-20% of your weapon's durability off per run. I even tested Aerodrome at level 1 and the same thing happened! Considering most d
  4. For the 2nd spec for Soul Fighter (Ice), one of the PvE weapon paths reduces the cooldown of Focus Chi by 30%. Using that and the Wingrise soul badge, you can have unlimited Focus Chi, meaning you can use Dragonfury, build stacks for Frost Storm. It's recommended for that spec to use that weapon path.
  5. Hey, there! This is mainly for the moderation team as a suggestion. As it's been posted on the main page, the Grand Celestial, Thornbreaker and Silversteel weapons will all be getting cost reductions. This is pretty normal with the raid path weapons and has happened a few times even over this year alone. However... The non-raid path (Shadow Forge, Dragon Spire, etc.) weapons rarely (if ever) seem to get these cost reductions to match. This means that, what used to be the commonly "cheaper" is no longer all that inexpensive. Additionally, some spe
  6. I'm going to agree with this post, but not about PvP. Honestly, I feel like KFM is one of the most disrespected classes in the game right now. They used to be solid... but with various updates, many skills have been nerfed more and more. They're tank classes that are so weak, they can't effectively tank. They HAD a party buff, but are one of the only classes who had their party buff turned to a single buff (I don't care as much about Alpha Call, since who ever used it?). Their Searing Palm was nerfed into the ground (though to be fair, it gave them over 100% critical rate) and they
  7. You're saying that 3rd spec BD is way more OP compared to their other specs versus the other classes who have 3rd spec classes? I think Blade Master would have a word about that... being one of the most overpowered classes in 3rd spec... not to mention FM. In fact, MOST 3rd spec classes have been stronger than their counterparts... primarily because they want you to play them. BD doesn't need a 3rd spec nerf, but rather a buff to their other specs... though, more accurately, there just needs to be some serious re-balancing for most classes in general.
  8. Hey, all! I took a little break from the game (a little before Grim Tidings) and decided to try and look up any guides/info/comparisons to the new 3rd spec BD. However, it's been exceptionally difficult to look up any information. Anyone who has any experience with the new spec, would you be able to provide some insight into the 3rd spec, how it plays, how it compares to the other specs and what-not? Any information would be great and having it here on the forum will be useful for others also looking for that info. Thanks in advance! ^w^d
  9. Hey all. Considering the drama surrounding the last event, let's just put this out there now, before someone has another aneurysm... With the event ending, remember to log on, spend your event currency as much as you can. Do not expect that you'll be able to use it, just because other events have let you. If you want to gamble on maybe they'll let you do something with the event currency items, feel free to try... but don't expect you'll be able to or that all of the items will still be in the shop for you. Trying to use event items after the event is over i
  10. Here - I'll make it easy for you... https://www.hongmoon-archives.com/classes Has pretty much all the info you'll need. EDIT: You'll have to copy/paste the URL
  11. Okay, look... this is what I did. I was waiting for recruitment in Brood Chamber, so I used the corner to run 20m and loosely timed myself. It took about five seconds, which, dividing into the 20m distance got me 4m/s. So, I multiplied that by 60 (to bring that up to minutes), then by 60 again (for hours). That got me 14,400m per hour or roughly 14km/h. The average male runner between the ages of 18-35 is a little above 13km/h, while the average female runner is closer to 12. So, it's not unreasonable to go 14km/h.
  12. I'm going to be blunt - you should always plan to finish the event BY the final day. Never assume you can just go past the event and keep going. If you have basic event currency and it says it can be used after the event's due date, you can likely gamble on it being available, but don't count on it. The Summer Brews from a couple of events were a good proof of this. While the brews could be used in the shop after the event, 90% of the items you could buy became unavailable as the event ended. A lot of people assumed they could just do what they wanted and move past the
  13. The yellow tokens can still be spent in the dragon trade union. Everything else is over and done with.
  14. Why did you decide to make it 30 normal badges and 60 Ascension Badges? It effectively now takes 90 badges total to make anything right now - 20 more than normal. It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't that way for EVERY badge. I think it would have been preferable to allow the Ascension tokens to be converted into the other colours at a 1:1 ratio, then just keep the 70 token requirement. It feels like a step backwards honestly.
  15. Well, the only measurement of length we have in the game is from targeting (which is in meters) so it only makes sense to use that for our distance. Once you have the meters per second, you can convert it to imperial and determine yards/miles or what have you. EDIT: So, I did a little test (nothing super precise), but I got an approximate speed of about 4 meters per second... roughly 14 km/h. Doing a quick Google search... that's a little over the average for an 18 to 35-year old man (and a little bit more over the average for a similarly aged woman).
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