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  1. Wind KFM weapon choice?

    lol well, I'm not a pro myself, but I did have a day-one Wind KFM player teach me the ropes... =p
  2. Can some change the tombstone tab back

    Way too many Fire gunners are losing their minds over what is essentially a minor inconvenience. Takes very little time to get used to the changes... and it's not really ruining anything. Less focus on mindless DPS and more on paying attention to your skills and it's a breeze to pick up. The class is still dirt simple to use in regards to play-style even with these changes.
  3. Wind and Fire rotation guide on YouTube

    If... you have st 4 Searing Palm... you're going to be doing LM>F>LM>F with or without Holy Fire... it makes way more sense to use Magnum to build to S4 faster.
  4. Wind KFM weapon choice?

    So... um... two things... First off... if you ARE a Wind KFM... I'd seriously recommend changing soul badges to Magnum. Spamming Cyclone Kick seems nice on paper, but you and your party is far better off having your Searing Palm at st 4 as often as possible. It buffs you and your party... and at st 4, you'll almost be spamming CK anyways (more accurately, you'll be doing LM>F>LM>F>LM>F>etc) as being at st 4 will give you more efficient focus recovery... as in, so long as you're doing the previously-mentioned combo, you won't be using focus up. And... to answer your other questions... raven's buffs are very good on DPS... and it's honestly cheaper now to go Raven than it is to go Dawnforged.
  5. Probably so people don't look at the random party members they've joined up with, pop a monocle at their HM lv/AP/etc and run off to find a "better" party.
  6. 4 tomestone shots? F shot is gone.

    Well, in general, blast-type shots from Fire Gunslingers have a kind of cone effect - the further you are from a target, the wider the AoE it seems. If you're fighting a mob at point-blank range, Unload will only hit one enemy. Back up 10m and you can hit whole mobs if they're bunched up enough. This mostly seems to work with both versions of F (Unload and Bulletstorm if you're targeting the right enemy) though it seems to work on 2 as well (so you can mob CC at a distance). I think they did this to ensure you're hitting the intended target... but then again... these ARE explosive rounds Fire Gunner utilizes =p
  7. Ya... for the most part, the update isn't going to really heavily buff or nerf Fire Gunner... on one hand, Unload has been buffed a little, so your sustained damage will be higher. They also moved the knock-up and aerial skills to C instead of RMB when fully reloaded to make it easier. On the other hand, Tombstone needs the Concentrated Fire buff from your 4 skill applied in order to activate Bulletstorm, meaning you need to plan out your burst a little better. Makes it slightly more complicated... but even with that, Fire Gunslinger is still one of the easiest classes to play.
  8. Beastbog changes

    I guess... be ready to throw out your fastest attack... or come back at a different time? I mean, they had the right intentions... it's just other people decided to take advantage of it (like you) to farm stones... can't really blame anyone for that...
  9. One of the most broken updates ever ?

    Ya... so... use 4, then burst. This... isn't rocket science, guys. I already figured it out just by (*gasp*) looking at my skills and figuring it out on my own! Took me all of 5 minutes of scanning through my skills and trying it out on a target.
  10. bracelet activates on use instead of on hit?

    Basically, on hit means the attack needs to do damage. If the target evades or you miss, it doesn't count as a hit. Now, on use, even if you miss for whatever reason, the skill activates.
  11. 4 tomestone shots? F shot is gone.

    Um... guys... calm down. First off... the CD for 4 is half of Tab's CD. You can easily get off one 4/Tab/frfrfrfrf, fight for a bit, do another set of 4s when the cd ends for more unload shots, then when the 4 cd ends again, 4/Tab/frfrfrfrf all over again. Second, make sure you're targeting the enemy with 4 you plan to hit bulletstorm on. If you target an add with 4 and aim for a boss with your burst... not gonna happen. You need to concentrate fire on the target to use it. Seeing as I've played just a little bit of my Gunner and figured this out (after, y'know... doing R-E-S-E-A-R-C-H), this shouldn't be difficult for the rest of you. It in no way "breaks" the character (watching some gunners still crushing weeklies today like it was no big thing and no whining about it like in here right after the patch was up). Just gotta re-learn how to do your burst and not be so mindless about your DPS.
  12. Replaying Story Parts

    I mean... you can watch the vids on YouTube... but as for doing the missions... you'd have to make a new char =p
  13. Or... maybe you never did them on those characters. Because I logged on and had to do the Aransu School prerequisite quests too... on 3/4 of my chars. The only character who didn't need to do the orange quests... is the only one I remember actually DOING those quests on. See... you never HAD to do the orange quests before to do weeklies... now you do. Not like it's a big deal... takes less than 10 minutes to do the whole thing.
  14. Why nerf Gunners?

    I'd wait and see how the changes go... after all, some skills are being changed, but not all negatively... Also, other changes are being added that might help other classes. Just wait and see how it goes.