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  1. What are the threat generation skills of fire KFM

    Well, you could also just put points into Threat generation...
  2. Help with fire gun, back to game now

    First off, go do the story as far as you can, then do the orange quests. The newest one will give you a set of hexagonal gems and, most importantly, a Rift/Dawn weapon, which will should help as an upgrade until you can go Raven. You'll also gain other gear that will help boost you and also allow you to unlock lv 60. Also check your quest letters. You'll have one from Soha you'll need to do as well. For fire gunner rotation (once you get to lv 60 and do Soha's purple quest), it's actually pretty simple. They changed a couple of things around to simplify things... although I wish they left crosshairs the way it was personally... other than changing a couple of skills to new ones (that you still use in mostly the same way), what you'll want to know more than anything else is: -3 now gives 2 explosive rounds when crosshairs pop up instead of giving a proc for F to give you 5 rounds. -You don't need to reload for Bulletstorm anymore (when Tombstone is up, hold F to unload multiple Bulletstorms... roughly 6 depending on badge/ping) For Bulletstorm, you still need to hit your target with 4 first to mark them for Bulletstorm, but it makes things a bit easier to pour on those hits. For 3, however, I kind of prefer it the older way... mainly because I feel I run out of explosive rounds more often (or more accurately, have less at my disposal). Still, gameplay-wise, not much has changed significantly.
  3. Honestly, Fatal Blade doesn't really interrupt rotations too much. If you need V and Fatal Blade pops up... just use Fatal Blade, then press V again. All that really changed in any major way is that skill for the most part... it certainly makes managing your skills slightly more complicated (as you need to build and use Fatal Blade), but ultimately, it's pretty much the same as before.
  4. Does Aransu badge make cyclone kick aoe?

    Old topic, but yes. Not only does it make cyclone kick AoE whenever you have Searing Palm's effects up (which is very nice for crowd control), but the damage goes up as well. Essentially, whenever you use Cyclone Kick when Searing Palm is on (which you always should, =p) a flash trail appears (the effect from the badge) that hits afterwards, striking multiple enemies. Believe me, having Aransu vastly helps your DPS
  5. KFM feels awful to play now

    Yeah, like I said, one thing you can do to bypass the headaches of your muscle memory is to just turn on simple combat. The animation cancel combo seems to be all simple combat does for you, meaning you just need to maintain the other skills on your own in between holding down RMB. I haven't had a chance to get to lv 60 yet, however and see how things improve with the enhanceable skills, but we'll see.
  6. KFM feels awful to play now

    Well, trying it out originally, I was a bit confused and annoyed... this is mainly for Wind (kick) KFM, as it's my jam =p After a cursory check of the character, it appears that they swapped the places of Swift Strike (2) and Leading Palm (RMB) and have taken out all of the different stages of Searing Palm (now only having 1 stage rather than 4). Also, Comet Strike can also proc Searing Palm (4) now as well as Hellfire Kick (x) and Tremor (v) has been changed to another skill entirely, doing a damaging AoE. It also appears that, in order to get those Cyclone Kick (f) procs and to maintain focus, you pretty much need to do the old 2>L>F combo (now made L>R>F or R>L>F, can't recall entirely) which is a little bit more comfortable to do. One advantage to a lot of this is the simplified combat controls. Since simple combat is on RMB, old KFM builds couldn't use it well, since RMB was one of our main approach skills. With this change, simple combat is on RMB, 2 is now approach and all simple combat does is the basic 3-hit combo. You still need to use Tab, X and V skills to activate them in combat, but with the simple combat on, you don't have to worry as much about doing your main combo. Just hit skills as you go and RMB in between. To be fair, this is from what I can tell from a first impression... and I still don't know much about fire (punch) yet... but overall, I find it takes out a lot of the micro managing of skills, which can be more of a hindrance than anything else. Still need to look at some things, though later. Would be nice if there was some info online anywhere (having a hard time doing research right now)
  7. Braindead chars

    Gunslinger with auto-combat. You only need to hold down RMB and the game plays for you.
  8. (Mediocre) Damage Parse Thoughts

    Eh... it's honestly not bad for your gear. My own SF is roughly the same as yours without the Aransu Badge and fused Soul Badge despite being having better accessories and weapon... ...and that's pretty much where you need to go as well... improve the accessories and weapon. For accessories, you want to level up your ring and earring more than leaving them at stage 1. Since you seem to have people who can help carry you in VT, you might be thinking about TT and getting the better versions of the ring/earring, but until you get those or boost your BT ring/earring, your DPS will suffer. After all, those accessories give additional benefits that do help your overall DPS. Additionally, you still have the Celestial Heart and Hollow Gloves. Complete the story as far as it goes - along the way, you'll get a new, stronger heart and materials to help upgrade it a few times. It should be more powerful than what you have by a decent bit. As for the gloves, work to getting better ones. Even on the basic level, getting a simple pair of Starstone Gloves from Starstone Mines will be a simple upgrade... plus, since you'll need them as an upgrade material for legendary gloves anyways... might as well wear 'em in the meantime. Finally, obviously, work on your weapon. The only other thing I can think of is if your Soul Shield. If your SS does not have base critical on it, try and replace those pieces of the shield. Also, if you haven't put critical soul shield primers on all of those pieces, you're also losing potential DPS. You might not want to use the best primers for your BT shield, but at the very least try to use Artesenal shields for this one, especially if you have any characters in the Soul Wardens to craft them. And ya... that's about it, really.
  9. Just do a party request if you find someone fighting one of the bosses you wish to kill. Otherwise, consider going to another boss. The Mecha-Man in Aomak Temple isn't as staked out as the others. And heck, sometimes you just get bad luck. Go do other DC and come back later.
  10. I thought wardens were supposed to be tanks

    Wardens do have iFrames. For example, their Q skill is an iFrame dodge that does a full 180 degree rotation behind the enemy (like Blade Dancers) and can be pressed a second time to rotate back to the proper side. They also, naturally, have their SS dodge. As for their ability to tank, not only are they excellent tanks in most situations, if they are spec'd for Threat, they will take aggro from stronger, non-Warden tanks as well. This is because they have stackable threat skills that boost their threat to a near-ludicrous amount. While most tanks get roughly 300% or so threat, Wardens can double that to 600%. This means that a Warden needs to have someone do over 6 times the amount of their DPS in order to take aggro. Add to that their ability to resist most, if not all CCs and their easily-refillable Resillience meter and they can virtually stand their ground and pretty much ignore the boss' attacks. Obviously, Wardens need to put in some more work in more complicated dungeons, but in many instances, Wardens are just built to tank... and tank well.
  11. If you don't like the event, don't do the event. Simple as that. They don't have to make events every couple of weeks, you know... and, although complaining about it will give them some feedback, demanding "something else" is pretty entitled.
  12. I wouldn't worry about it. The way they've been throwing out soul and pet aura events lately, you'll likely have another chance at it sometime. Maybe before the end of the year, maybe sometime next year... but either way, it'll happen again.
  13. HM Pellet(Crimson)Yura server

    Why would someone do this instead of saving up the bravery coins (very little needed) and buy the hongmoon pellet on their own?
  14. How to walk on the wall ?

    Make sure you are checking your "Quest Letters" tab in the quest window (J key) and, every time there is a purple quest, do it. As you progress in the story, (around the time you make it to the Skyhaven Resistance in Moonwater Plains), you will get a (purple) quest from Old Man Cho that will unlock the ability to run along walls. If you're in the area in-game, check to see if you have done all of the prior purple quests up to that point. If you have, you'll be getting the quest somewhat soon.
  15. I have no words

    So... you know you don't actually... HAVE to do these events... right?