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  1. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    Thanks for everything Bethany <3
  2. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    Hello Blade & Soul Community, I hope you’re all enjoying the Prince of Darkness update and are looking forward to the huge updates in store for Blade & Soul coming up this year. I wanted to let you know that this is my last week as Producer of Blade & Soul as I am departing to pursue other opportunities. I can hardly believe it’s been four years on this project and I wanted to extend my sincere thanks to the entire community for their support, enthusiasm, and passion. I’ll always cherish the memories of the launch party and World Championships as some of the happiest moments of my life. Cheers to everyone who played the game, shared screenshots and videos, showcased their incredible talent in our design contests, made memes with my face, and tuned in to our livestreams (I’m retiring as undefeated food challenge champion!!). I also want to recognize every member of the Blade & Soul team at NCSOFT, it takes a massive amount of effort to launch and run a game of this size and your efforts do not go unnoticed. Lastly, I want to let you know that I leave Blade & Soul in the very capable hands of Nicolas Coutant, who most of you should already know as the original Producer of Blade & Soul, and I’m confident that he will continue to bring great content and improvements to Blade & Soul in 2019 and beyond. Sincerely, Jonathan Lien Blade & Soul Producer
  3. HQ bug bomb

    Could you please provide some additional information? A screenshot or video would be very helpful

    They won't be removed but the upgrade paths will no longer be available after maintenance on October 18th.
  5. 90g to mail gems between characters

    To give some background on the changes, the development team's intention with the change was to make transferring gems between alts a non-trivial player decision—considering how impactful gems are. For that reason, they decided to unify the costs of mailing gems for players worldwide. Clearly you had a lot of feedback to provide on the decision, and we took that to the developers for further discussion. With some back and forth, we came to the compromise of cutting the new cost in half for North America and Europe only. It’s still higher than it was previously of course, but is a step toward honoring the design intent to make transferring gems at least a slightly more meaningful decision, while more closely aligning with our game economy and use of alts. We’ll be continuing to gather your constructive feedback, and actively bringing your concerns to the development team. Thanks for your understanding, Jonathan Lien
  6. The loot table of the Merchant of Wonders has not been changed since the beginning of the event and will not be changed through the end. The spawn chance of the Merchant of Wonders had two changes to it on 6/22, both of which were included in the patch notes: 1) Slightly increased the spawn chance in Sundered Nexus 2) Added the chance to spawn in Sogun's Lament. No further changes will be made to the spawn chance through the end of the event.
  7. Need info about gender swap ticket

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to clear up some of the information on this thread. 1. You do get to change appearance when you change race or gender. 2. When you change race, you can also change gender. 3. You cannot choose race/class combinations that do not naturally exist. 4. You will no longer be able to equip or store costumes that your new gender/race combination cannot use. 5. Any costumes that cannot be equipped by your new gender/race will remain in the wardrobe until withdrawn but they cannot be deposited again.
  8. Character Profile Image Upload Re-enabled 5/18

    This was a really tough decision to make because we are huge fans of the art that players create for our game and we loved the creativity. Unfortunately, this change was deemed necessary because images that were being uploaded were going past simply being inappropriate and were actually illegal and/or malicious. In this case, we had to make this decision to protect our players and ourselves (the files are hosted on our servers). The reason this change took so long to implement is that the development team had to create an additional system to verify the images being uploaded through the client and onto our servers. We realized this change would be a blow to the amazing artists that enjoy our game so we have been working with the Community team to provide additional ways to showcase their work. We recently held an art showcase livestream and we will continue have them as well as incorporate submissions regularly into our livestreams. We also have some really exciting announcements coming over the next few months that we hope will provide players with additional opportunities to feature their art and creations. Overall, I just want to stress that we do not take these kinds of decisions lightly and both the publishing and development teams take the time to explore solutions, weigh options, analyze the impact on players, etc. and this goes for all decisions that affect the game. Thanks for your continued support and patience.
  9. Hello Blade & Soul Fans, During the Shattered Empire preview livestream on April 20, we showed you some of the new content coming to Blade & Soul. However, there have been some last minute adjustments and we wanted to make sure the community was informed ahead of time. The Hongmoon Pellet was mistakenly being sold in a stack of 5 on the Zen Bean Trader and thus showed 5 times the cost. This has been corrected to 1x Hongmoon Pellet which will cost 2x Training Certificate and 14x Pugilist's Token. These items can be purchased from the Zen Bean Trader or the Premium Membership tab in Dragon Express for a discount. We explained on the livestream how having a certain level Belt was important to resist the debuffs placed on your character in Sogun's Lament. The Scorpio Belt from 6-member Awakened Necropolis will still provide a partial resist, but to make this transition easier for players, we have expanded the "Resist's Asura's Brand" buff to all stages of the following belts: Awakened Oathbreaker Belt True Oathbreaker Belt Awakened Scorpio Belt True Scorpio Belt We are really excited to release Shattered Empire next Wednesday, April 27, and wanted to make sure that the community was as informed as possible. We will be posting official Patch Notes early next week with lots of updates, improvements, and fixes for the game. Thank you for your patience and continued support. Sincerely, Jonathan Lien
  10. Last week's was different due to needing additional maintenance on certain systems. We are still working towards having separate maintenance times for NA and EU.
  11. Lvl 50 Hell Island Event - Cinderlands

    We'll have more information on this later
  12. Lvl 50 Hell Island Event - Cinderlands

    The Infernal Battlegrounds content was not supposed to be enabled in this build and we will be disabling it this week. EDIT: Wrong Battlegrounds.
  13. Achievement Vendor: What will it hold?

    The Breeze accessories are not the only items that are incorrectly priced. We will be fixing this.
  14. With new Silver Frost have a class balance?

    It's part of the reason why we've had an aggressive content schedule, yes. For the record, we released slightly over 3 years after Korea. Every time I see the number it gets larger :D Also, there is still a significant amount of content that is released in other territories that is yet to come!
  15. With new Silver Frost have a class balance?

    We will receive the same balance patch that Korea received in January along with the Silverfrost update. More along that note, we receive the same balance patches as all other regions. It is important that we have the same balance patches because we intend to participate in the World Championships this year. There is no custom balancing for our region or any other region.