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  1. Solo raid bug

    your only chance is to contact support then :/
  2. Solo raid bug

    Did you try going out and inside again? This might be a bug. Also.. Why didnt they give us this solo Raid option for ET.. I want to complete this storyline aswell. As soon as a raid storyline is possible to be finished it should get this solo Raid option.
  3. @NCSOFT This wouldnt be the case if you gave us the real "beginner mode" instead of this stupid "easy mode" stuff, which isnt easy.. as you can see now
  4. I agree with you on the auto-farming thing. But I dont think Open World Pvp is a good thing, since the gear isnt equalized and this turns it into a mess. The best pvp part was 1v1 and 3v3 Arena.
  5. Armory chest(s) - missing stuff!

    maybe im just blind, but I also see no legendary soul badge in any of these boxes
  6. Producer’s Letter – February 2020 Update

    No words on Premium Benefits? You guys really should change the Premium benefits (which was promised in the past).. its way to expensive for the small and bad benefits it gives. For example the Daily Premium Chest in the Store should be given to the Premium players daily for free and not be charged for 30coins. Also it should give the contents that are relevant to the current state of the game and not this old stuff that no one wants.
  7. Please reduce the fee of mailing gems.

    I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I would raise the costs even more tbh. The gem mailing was never supposed to be a system that allows the players to mail the gems back and forth between their characters to do the dailys. It was done so people could start another character more easily instead of their main character. Thats why the cost was higher in the past aswell, we just got it reduced because the community asked about a reduction for it.
  8. Funny that Whales will no more buy RNG boxes now with Ncoin, because they get tons of Hongmoon Coins with the gold they get from this event. What could be NCwests next move? Remove RNG boxes from Hongmoon Coin tab ofc xD
  9. BNSBuddy already found a workaround. Hackers will be back in no time. Time to remove the .xml from the players... Reddit Post
  10. Will of Iron Patch bug Destroyer PvE Weapon

    Ofc.. Im using Storm Dragon Axe Stage 8 and neither this item nor the counterpart that usualy gives damage increase show these effects in the weapon text. The next weapon Tier (dont remember the name atm) in the upgrade preview window, has these effects tho. Im not sure and cannot check it atm if the lower Tier (Riftwalk/Dawnforge) has the correct effects. But Storm Dragon has no effects for 3rd Spec Destro
  11. Hey, the 3rd Spec Destroyer PvE Weapon does not show any effect (cooldown reduction -30% or damage increase 10% like the other specs).
  12. Mushin Tower floor 1/5-8 So Annoying

    would be nice if it was like Tower of Infinity.. just beat the boss and it rushes upwards to the next one itself
  13. I hate 'easy' dungeon

    I bet if they introduced the same model as korea, with easy/normal/hardmode . most players would do easymode, because it takes way less time and you are still able to complete the DC even if you dont get almost no gold and mats from the dungeon itself. Even most players who are crying about the game becoming to easy would rather do easymode then. The game is about progression and not about hard content and mechanics anymore. It has been like this since the first trove where whales became able to solo almost any content anyway. Easy/Normal/Hard would make everyone happy, but I bet it would be the same as korea.. people who want to clear fast do easy, and people who really want a challenge do hardmode.. no one wants to do normal mode (our easymode takes the same, if not longer than the old normal mode, because of the added hardmode mechanics with removed wipe damage)
  14. I hate 'easy' dungeon

    You have to see the point of view from a new player too tho. Thats why the korean modes model is perfect with easy/normal/hardmode. New players should do easymode to learn mechs or burst it since it has very low hp. Normal Mode is pretty much the same as we had before and hardmode is the same as easymode but with wipes instead of damage and highest hp. New Players should be able to clear the daily challenge too and not be left out since the requirements are way to high to find a party. Thats what easymode is ment for, to give everyone a chance to make progress in the game. Sadly most players are only thinking about their own and not about others, and thus are against these changes. If a game is new players friendly, more players will join it! It gives no disadvantage to higher geared players , but they are simply denying new players their progression EDIT: @Cyan I watched the stream from Twitch and you said that there will be no more HP reduction and "other" stats that we dont see got reduced to make it easier. This simply isnt true, it didnt got easier or faster in any way, but still we got the reduced rewards ... An actual HP reduction would be nice, or at least give us the old rewards back. On the Storm of Arrows stream you guys said it will be SIGNIFICANTLY easier and faster than before!
  15. Everyone who plays the game for a bit knew 100% that NCsoft is gonna change that soon (my prediction was 1-2 months). They always do it that way, like most companies do, to get some money fast. If people cannot wait a few weeks to get it cheaper, its their own fault. It was always like this and it will always be like this