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  1. Have you already seen a pyromaniac firefighter ? That's exactly what it is right now.
  2. Raid accs kinda works differently, since we skip a raid everytime to release a new tier (aka. ring/ear - neck/badge - ring/ear - etc.), so being "late" in terms of raid accs isn't really an issue. What they should do is make TT more accessible which isn't really the case right now unless you have a clan or something. (pubs does 1-2 and even then, I'm not sure with those recent enrage timer changes ?) Game pushes you onto TT-tier dungeons whereas in fact, it seems they expect you to clear TT with Cosmic or something, we all know it's kind of a joke. For a starter re-do the few
  3. Raids as well are about "sellraids" or people that don't want to learn anything so there's literally no interest of doing them. Besides MSP gives you everything VT/TT can give you, aside from the accessories so why bother when you can get the best increase from TT via. completing MSP which is literally VT-tier in terms of boss hp. However, VT neck is actually pretty meh if Elevation is maxed/awakened. TT accs aren't that much of a dps increase either, it's an increase but I don't think, after all the TT nerfs etc, is worth being sold for 1.5k+ gold. I don't pvp on Blade and So
  4. I'm not gonna write this post because "I'm quttin' bai XDDD" but I still think before I totally quit, that I should give out my review to maybe help or make people see clearly about this game or not. Where to begin ? I've been playing this game for 2 years, and don't get me wrong it has been a nice adventure tho I somehow feel like for a game that I used to like, I feel like jumping off too soon somehow, my average time staying in a game/mmo being 3 years, this one has been quick enough sadly.. Ironically, from all the games I've played, I'm still putting Blande and Soul on t
  5. I have no words, 5 oils for True Cosmic and people still complain. But it's alright, 0 cents spend on this game + 2-3h of play /day, yet I'll have Awakened Tiger 1 at patch day.
  6. It's not that bad if you want to complete the achievement guild thing, wish there would be the outfits as well because I don't see myself removing full on maxed SoulWardens + Forgekeepers just to max the 4 last guilds for outfits.
  7. This soul reduction is pretty insane I might say, strugglin to get oils just to learn that the amount of oils I own will let me upgrade up to Tiger 4 is a really pleasant thing to hear. Looking forward that update ! Also fun fact : I have, once again, used to propose an idea on one of my thread such as making only 5 Hongmoon stages, and guess what happens.
  8. >get 65F >die next round >maxed box acquired gg ez
  9. I mean, it's just repeating the last event again : people that can clear this will have no use for the rewards so you don't really know who they really aim to with these accs. Either end VT gear still have BTs and doesn't meet 1.7m, or it's players that already has TT gear which includes the accs that can clear it anyway.
  10. Even still it's actually a simple placeholder for a few of the concerned classes. Shadow WL is better off with ET necklace until they get to very end gear, which they'd profit more from Prophecy at that point. Only classes using it at endgame are Blade Dancer, Destroyer and Assassin. To not help, aside from Blade Dancer, the other 2 remaining classes were performing poorly in the solo turtle parsing (the kind of one that we just got last event) which let you wonder that they might even be better off with Prophecy as well instead of ET. (tho Destro is 10% on cleaves and 8% on galeforces, w
  11. Should have been asked before, now I guess it's a bit too late but if we can get a confirmation or something : will the Dark/Light weapon chest from the Grand Harvest Square & Northreach wheel of fate npc grant a Dawnforged/Riftwalk weapon stage 1 or will these chests be deleted from the game too along Baleful/Seraph/Galaxy ?
  12. Will the Liberty tokens be tradeable at least ? Or will we even be able to swap between pink badges at least ? (f.e. I have Liberty for trying the Distortion spec on WL but I'm unhappy with it and wish to swap to Songbird for the Scourge WL.) I understand not being able to exchange legendary soul badges as it'd make pink badges obsolete since you could just exchange current one for the new one but hopefully we can trade pink badges between each other or liberty tokens.
  13. Also another problem is : when you farmed Outlaw Island and CoS, most of the gear you got by drop was for PvP breakthrough, so in the end 3/4 of the playerbase probably just salvaged them for coins. However with Mao, not only you simply need the Mao gloves for Skyreach gloves breakthrough, you also... actually need another one of those for yet another breakthrough xd. (for the same item btw) The fact you have to keep 2 of them + you have one less chance than CoS as there are only 2 bosses before Mao makes it way harder to get tokens from. Now you can also plan to not get
  14. I mean yeah, Prophecy shouldn't be BiS anymore. And to be honest, for having farm a "lot" Circle of Sundering on both my chars to swap/upgrade their bracelets, it feels tedious enough. Problem is, again, RNG. You're talking about grinding/farming but the rng ruins it again. I'd rather have an increase of tokens required to get my items but having a fragment of those dropping at every boss I do. Sometimes yeah, I can get everything from them but then you also get nothing, and then when it's like that for X times in a row, there is a psychologic impact aka. you wonder why you even farm this
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