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  1. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    What really hurts the community is how the patch begun from absolutely awesome : awakening, unity system, soul event, lv60 voucher ... To absolutely atrocious : "misinformation" of antique items with no compensation for them, talisman upgrade prices off the charts, gold rewards decreased by HALF, different dyad upgrade system. The least we can get for the antiques is a special transmute recipe -> 1 freezing orb + 1 black rose feather = 1 frozen feather. Also 1 orb of ascension for every 10 white orbs owned + 5 lesser demon spirit stones for every 10 demon spirit stones owned too. We still lose something "as intended" but at least the people still have their efforts somehow paying off... ._.'
  2. Shadow Warlock, Soul Badge and Mystic Badge

    While I agree right now, I have been giving it the doubt because of awakening. Limitless is still going to be proc'd with Soul Shackle, however it's going to be fixed to snare/root due to the whole skill specialisation thing. Not only I have to mention snare is a potential wipe during certain raids, but also this spec has a longer cooldown than the old move 2. It's going to be tested out but I'm slightly toward using Legacy for "Shadow" Warlock after awakening is being patched here. Doesn't really matter anyway as our new fused badge shall be the newest one released today along with Primal Force.
  3. Nerf Dg mech for TSM DST BC

    Except there are mechs that you can simply NOT nerf. Dreamsong Theater is a good example, boss 1 is simply not possible to nerf, the only thing I could see to "help" is making the circle spawns in a certain order. (first circle always at 12'o clock f.e.) Shadowmoor as well, you would have to remove the curse system entirely to make it impossible to wipe or it wouldn't make sense. You could remove some cc from the boss' attacks + failing at stun/kd the boss when he grabs during third curse mark wouldn't be that "punishing" as hurling it away.. however nerfing the curse would be impossible. Brood Chamber boss 1 could like heal by x% instead of wiping after 2 orbs absorbed. As said before, start by puting some actual help in F12. They used to do it before, so why is this not a thing anymore ?
  4. My 2 cents about how to save BNS

    Probably the best reason ever.
  5. Nerf Dg mech for TSM DST BC

    Normal mode should still wipe "important" mechanics.
  6. 1) and 3) is pretty much the same, the point of keeping them is to upgrade to square dyads, just saying. There's also nothing wrong with triangle dyads having their value diminished if it's not the top tier of the gems any longer. Only problem I see is why it is not the same recipe as Korea.
  7. bUt I sPeNt 444 pts fOr bAlEfUl rAzOr pls refund xd Just a reminder : if people didn't fuse, they'd most likely had to trove/rng boxes XX(X) € for gilded/dyads because that's literally the only other way to gather gems aside from transmutation. The 370 pet pods requirement for maxed out Talisman is much more worrying, and I knew the moment I've seen the "64 loss", people would still complain, lmfao.
  8. Hello, for a start, thanks for this said stream, it was the first stream of the team and I think it was good enough. The "new" team seems promising in my opinion ! Thus said I have a few questions concerning the update. 1. Will the patch notes be available in a previous date than Tuesday 12th seeing the current conditions ? Since the stream has been unable to cover all the update due to short time. 2. I suppose the talisman item has upgrades considering that it's a potential good PvP Battleground item. (HP/Def boost ?) However I still think 370 pet packs for the item is still a bit overkill, the pet aura already takes 550+ to max. Will you consider a reduction or is there, at least, an upgrade point where it's totally free from pet packs ? For example, doesn't cost anything but simple mats up to second tier. Otherwise I think people will not be very happy with such a controversial item upgrade, which is a shame seeing how the rest of the update is probably in a pretty positive spot in terms of players opinion. (awakening, non-"p2w" collection system, gems transmutation) 3. Talking about gems transmutation, will there be compensation for current triangular dyads ? I've heard rumours that yes now, while reading a few things before seemt to tell me that there will not really be any, so I'm kinda confused right now. 4. The Black Rose feathers and Freezing orbs are going to be antique'd as well with the upcoming patch, but for which items ? I think it's the only one still unknown to us. (DS stone becoming lesser DS stone and White Orb being Orb of Ascension) 5. What will be the point of the different divine grace stones ? (purple, blue, yellow, etc..) Thanks for answers if my questions are picked somehow o/
  9. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    @Showta That's the reason why it got too far. I am not going in denial about multiple "witnesses" saying that Bethany did a poor job as a Community Manager but as you said, the limit has been crossed when we've got to the namecalling. And my point was that being an employee of NC Soft itself, Bethany doubtly was in a constant sexist fight or else things would have been heavy already. I'm not talking about a typical kid throwing an insult every stream, but more of a ruthless spam of sexism thrown at her, I haven't seen this during all the time I've played the game. Doesn't mean this kind of behavior has to be cautioned, I am just telling people how some girls have it even harder than Bethany. (some probably even commited suicide due to that kind of harassement) As I said previously, that sailor-moon based meme was fine, then there was the few others that was just adding fuel into the fire. Her remark about "not missing reddit" at all was taken furiously by people overall, mostly because about 'ego' I suppose but some really felt anger due to the relation NC soft - reddit which is, let's not lie, absolutely poor. Now I know 'official' stuff should be on forums but checking reddit once in a while isn't so bad, especially since the community is alas more active there than on the forums. Right now to be honest, it's just.. done. Bethany left, and wishes for her luck and success wherever she goes work next. She doesn't look like a bad person and as I said on my first comment, there can be multiple reasons for what I felt through her, a person seemingly not enjoying the game during the streams. (which doesn't mean was her own fault) Dont get me started on the community, I just need to check faction chat + F8 to know what's going on. I'm not giving a point to Bethany for her job as CM, but I'm not giving a point either to the community on how most handled that news of her quitting the CM job. But now it's better if people would focus on what's left with a response from NC Soft itself on how the Blade and Soul staff is going because at the moment losing the whole "streaming crew" just makes people wonder about the future of this game, which is understandable. Peace o/
  10. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    I don't know, what I mostly see on the few times I check the chat is the usual "p2w". It's streaming, they talk, I only need to listen and watch the screen, not some wannabe chat. I know it's CM 's job to check it out to answer potential questions but when the chat doesn't seems to have an actual moderation or whatsover, this isn't really doable nor worth the effort, in my opinion. It's also about toughing up. I know sh*t comments isn't the nicest, I have been victim of that as well but turning around this pot at this point isn't making things going forward as well. I also know Reddit was a ***** due to that news, she left so just drop it off already. Some made funny "memes" (the sailormoon based one didn't bother me much) but some other did took things too far. Now let's not really always put the blame on the sexist comments shall we ? Not that I don't condemn them, but as a CM of a game company, you can be sure she was much more safe than any random female players which can potentially have it way worse. Here's an exemple : While some others female have it less frustrating as they are streamers with good relation toward certain people of the game company.
  11. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    I've seen the reddit being a ****** of emotions so I'll post there. I am not going to lie, that all the experiences I had watching Liinxy on the different preview streams still let me a little poor taste in my mouth. I'm only going to say one thing about it : it just didn't feel like Liinxy actually enjoyed the streaming that much, always had a feeling of "I'm not liking the game so much" coming from her. I don't know it felt, "forced" ? There can be multiple reasons, so it's not really the problem, it is just what it is. This isn't really an opinion, this is simply a feeling, I might be wrong after all. Thus said, thanks for going through these years with us all o/ Good luck for your future (gaming ?) projects :3
  12. It's actually true but what this person doesn't say is that these people are most likely players that started the game at release, without giving it up in the long way. I myself haven't spend a cent on this game, and currently I'm at : Awk. Cosmic 2 soul Aransu 6 Both awakened BT accs Awakened VT neck Virtuous heart 1 Divinity brac s10 Fused Soul Badge (Limitless) VT mystic badge VT 8 ss First stage of legendary pet (enough for PvE anyway) Gems - 3 octas, 5 heptas (soon octa ruby, so count half gems being octas) What I blame on the newest content is how the Nightfall Sanctuary raid skyrocketed the dps required to clear the raid, not to forget some classes gets cucked with their dps event with full VT like my main Shadow WL. And what's more infuriating ? The mechs are being nerfed, but it's useless because you KNOW you still have the same dps requirement to meet, more or less. So yeah, the problem is having to grind so much for oils in order to complete what ? A 20 IQ raid ? Pretty disappointing. The question isn't about grinding itself, it's if it's worth grinding for the content you want to play.
  13. "free 2 play" path lmao, what kind of bs is this. Anyway the concept itself is busted anyway, even PvP weapons works in PvE it's just that their bonus are obviously not fit for it. Raid and PvE weapons are the same, it's made to clear PvE content and that's the thing : Raid is still PvE. So why choose a path with 50% cd on short fuse or 10% on RMB (? not sure) for FM when you can go raid path that gives 100000000000% bonus instead ? They put themselves in a corner in my opinion when they release raid path, I don't really understand why there are 2 paths to begin with now, they should just merge them already.
  14. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    @FlameSui I was there as well, when Belsazar stepped up from Vindictus EU, which is when the game started to go downhill fast enough. The RISE update just nailed the hit in the head, the update just destroyed everything I've played the game for. Thus said, I'm worried enough as well for Blade and Soul. ET is most likely coming soon, yet easily 3/4 of the community still haven't cleared TT nor even tried it. Upgrades starts to be really tedious, especially on the sacred Vials side. (needed for literally everything at this point, even last acc breakthrough) To be honest, your opinion actually made me question myself about why I shouldn't keep playing this game. For some reasons, I can feel like fate is ironic and that the "big" update that awakening is will turn out to be the same kind of troll I've lived through Vindictus and it's "big" RISE update, like I have legit a bad feeling about it in reality. Time will tell I guess. Going back on the thread, it's sad to see Jon leaving indeed, and I'm kind of worried about the future as well. Good luck for your future plans o/