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  1. Why bother when you can tank at 8m as well ? LUL
  2. I don't PvP but let me tell you how all of this also affects PvE, making the game even more of a boring fest that it already is.. Warden and Warlock : simple, instant-sb + better sanctum + better burst/dps. "Sanctum is party xd" No I can see you right there, Blade Ward is personal but do you really think every single party member are going to stay in WL's Sanctum area specifically because it's being cast ? No. Warden and KFM/BM : Blade Ward, probably 80% up during the whole fight, this resists any kind of cc, Aerial and Knockback included. Yes in short, press V and do whatever you want. Why bother blocking ? Why bother dodging ? New meta is here bois. The most pathetic thing about it ? You have 9 balanced classes, and 1 absolutely broken. (Gunslinger is still questionable) What do you think is the way to go for lv60 ? Obviously to give something similar to Blade Ward as passive for Wind KFM. Why balance Warden when you can potentially break every other classes ? The absolute fun. Warden and Destroyer : Typhoon doesn't even come close to the duration of Blade Ward in terms of resisting every single cc. It doesn't, it just doesn't.. did I forgot to talk about Blade Ward increasing 40% of equipment elemental damage for 12 sec ? Do you realise 12 sec is even longer than a f-ing True Dragon soul ? Hey do you remember how Typhoon increase elemental damage by 1337% ? This class is ruining the game, it's ruining the fun, it's ruining everything it touches. I've snapped and ruined some people today by kicking their Warden, I mean it's not their fault technically and I know I've been toxic there and there's no excuse but I just can't, I just can't keep up with the bullsh*t this game goes in every single day, after day, after day anymore. It s*cks hard, people have the right to play but stuff divides. It's exhausting, and the worst is that it's not even like everybody going "waah waaah pay2win game reeee, i quit" like I don't even care about pay 2 "win", especially in PvE you don't win anything. It's the core of the game being completely... off. I don't know, the frustration is real. Learning, teaching, playing your very own class.. all being ruined because one single shitty class does everything or the fact you have 'strats' to go like "Hey as WL, gotta use my Thrall for FD at Hollow's Heart" but it doesn't matter anymore because nothing wipes, nothing this, nothing that, just spec 25 speed points and be freaking Sanic. Like I practiced that to make it super flawless, just to end up getting a big middle finger. It's joining dungeons, randomly gathering BMs, KFMs and WLs, just so last spot gets a Warden and literally throws a big "F*ck You" to every single class I've gathered. It's Destroyer being most likely a dead class, but then more of this kind of bs like Warden just makes Destro even less attractive. It's absolutely horrible to see even in PvP, this class seems to f*ck around with every single one as well according to the comments. I'll say it there : last good class was Soul Fighter.
  3. Content from RNG boxes for Belgian players.

    This is what happens when you play with fire. For a long time now, and this isn't Blade and Soul only by the way don't worry, all this "RNG this, RNG that" would end up backfiring. I play another game than BnS, tho it's not at the same level at all (triple A game) and specially not the same genre (tactical FPS) but literally : when "rng lootboxes" are released, let's say there's 20 items to collect, you'll never need more than 20 packs to HOPE to get the whole thing as there's no duplicate item f.e. Why not make the same kind of thing for Blade and Soul ? Along RNG boxes there's those items you can collect to exchange via. Dragon Express to get some specific items as well so maybe this should be look into for more positive feedback. ^^
  4. [SUGGESTIONS] For the Future of B&S

    Players are so desperate that they make their own patch notes.
  5. no reason players kick my FM

    Of course if you're from SEA the ping is relatively annoying to deal with, which means the dps also drops a lot. Also I'm from Europe, the ping isn't the best but it's not as terrible either, I'd say it's acceptable at least for PvE. But anyway the dungeons are fine the way they are, you're not supposed to do everything with story gear. It's also not hard at all to get Raven/Rift-Dawn nowadays, and as long as most of legendary accs are stage 3 min. (BT accs f.e.), it's fine.
  6. no reason players kick my FM

    Yeah I got it, but even when I have "low geared" dealing ~100k (X5 then) while I'm here dealing around 300-350k sustain, I'm still not even close to a min of the enrage timer so there's clearly something wrong.
  7. no reason players kick my FM

    I suppose that clan mate solo'd the boss at this point :l
  8. Braindead chars

    Sounds like the typical alt tab tab player, that also thinks Warlock cannot do "fast paced" mechanics. Not saying it's hard, no classes in the game is hard anyway, but that's definitely more thoughtful than this certain class standing in the middle pressing V, making it immune to any kind of cc until the skill is gone.
  9. Blade and Soul - Mushin Story [SPOILER] + Chapter 10

    I don't like this at all. Why ? This sounds like Mushin is going to be redeemed, which means cucked Cricket once again.
  10. Yun Only Class

    Yun Warlock, please.
  11. I'd say remove the dark path since it's literally the same modifiers as raid path but only 10%. Simply keep light path bonus since it's normal that raid path is stronger than non-raid one. Maybe tweak some of them, like Bangle, because 50% on Short Fuse yeah... could do a lot better. In terms of skins it's fine, Baleful is just a red/orange Windshock weapon anyway and dragons fits the game more than birbs.
  12. How to feel content without feeling left behind ?

    I feel left behind as well and not only in terms of gearing, it's simply the game itself being unattractive. - Cross-server. This might sound like me being antisocial but Holy Hell I cannot stand F8 any longer, I'm pretty meticulous when it comes to different mechanics of the game and seeing people doing dumb things just add another wall of frustration. And the worst thing in all of this ? It's alright, yes it's alright, it just.. doesn't matter, failing is still "REWARDED" (wtf), this is insane, I don't even find any point in playing this if the standards becomes even lower than an actual game. - I'm a HM 15 Warlock and I feel "useless" now : Pretty much everyone deals more damage than my class/element and I'm obviously not a class based on Threat, it's not my duty to tank or anything. All I have left is my Soulburn or my different irrelevant other buffs such as Tme Distortion or CoW/Hallowed Grounds... but oh guess what ? Something that was supposed to be unique, is now shared by another class that deals better damage than all the classes it "stole" the roles from. Mix F8 and Warden, and you can feel why the game is just a frustration instead of being an actual game. I really thought they couldn't do worse than Gunslinger in terms of balance but sweet Lord, they DID manage it, they managed to go a thousand time deeper with the Warden, unbelievable. I don't know, just let the Warden solo at this point since they can do everything. - And obviously the gear progression. It's easy to say "jUsT pLaY tHe gAmE aT yOuR pAcE" but do you think the game waits to release contents ? January 2019 is most likely going to be Divine Hatchery + ET raid quest then probably around March, ET + Awakening. I didn't even participate in a single TT raid yet, and I know in a matter of 3-4 months we will get ET 1-2 anyway. I have literally 3-4 months to get to True Cosmic + King gloves 10 + Awk./True Virtuous heart, at least and that's to participate in NIGHTFALL SANCTUARY, which is still a way below top content and with my mech knowledge or how I can handle details in dungeons that most of others doesn't really think of, I don't want my tier to be one below the players I've played and looked up for, it's frustrating and makes you feel useless. This sound like tryharding but that's how I have fun in this game : variety of mechs, variety of dungeons, variety of roles. Being stucked at looking for a VT RAID (lol) and clear normal mode dungeons with no sense of potential danger really doesn't feel like a game after all, but more like a chore indeed.
  13. There was only one way to make it fair and everyone knows what it was. It's too late to go back now, either enjoy Arena or hope Battle Royale can give boxes with Moonstones as rewards. (as people mostly queue 6v6 for this sole reason) It's not hard to understand as well that limited elo queues will suffer due to low playerbase.
  14. It's obvious you'll see Bronze vs Gold, you can't have an actual matchmaking with a low playerbase + take Battleground as "free-for-all/casual" you'll most likely not have a balanced matchmaking most of the time. If you play any competitive shooter f.e. such as Rainbow Six : Siege, you'll see how the Casual mode is also 'unbalanced' multiple times where I'm thrown with a team of Silver/Gold against a Plat2+/Diamond one. (and the worst is that myself isn't a ranked player as I play the game alone 90% of the time) Same for "cheating the system", happens everywhere, can't really do anything about it. Rest isn't really the most relevant problems at all ._. People are mostly tired of the 'useless' grind due to spending 200000000 oils to upgrade everything while there's literally nothing really worth to farm those. (freaking Evolved Stones alreadyyyyyyy reeeeeeeeeeee)
  15. More feedback/ideas.

    Hey you ! A while ago, ~6 months to be precise, I've made a thread with some ideas, etc : When it didn't really had answers at all, I've seen that most of the ideas that has been made to the game recently more or less came from there, with some being made to basic ones. (it might also be a coincidence mind you) But yeah so far : the VT necklace upgrade nerf, the Draken accs, the soul (Stormbringer -> Hongmoon 6), the arena chests (while it doesn't give moonstones, it does give its crystal version), triangular gems removed, reduced Hellion cores prices for prisms, Pet Packs amount tweaked and Moonwater key as well. So if by not insulting the company, we can actually make things 'right' then finally it might make me happier to play the game.. so far I'm not even going F8 or doing anything worth it these days, especially since it's hard to be related to this game due to the developers in Korea working ON MOBILE GAMES (FOR THE ASIAN MARKET WITH OUR MONEY RIGHT) AT THE SAME TIME AS WORKING ON THE PC VERSION. *heavy breathing* Anyway, here's another bunch of ideas/tweaks/whatever, some might be tweaked from my old thread, some others might be totally new. (duh) - As the Chinese apparently did recently on their server, I suggest to rework Heaven's Mandate : much higher level entry, and still requires a White Orb to summon Jinsoyun. The daily lockout is still in as well. However, the rewards are MUCH better than the current ones : not counting between Sea Glass, Blood Pearl, Hive Queen wings, Sacred Vial, and so much more. (yet to design the rewards) > Optional : Hard mode, for even better rewards. (guaranteed Sacred Vial, or chance for Grand Celestial wings, HQ heart, whatever 'high-tier' you want) - I still wish to see Evolved Stones available from these dungeons : Sundered Nexus and Sogun's Lament, they are 'long' enough for it. (only last boss obviously) ADDED: you can also reduce time between spawns from "open world" dungeons such as Twisted Grimhorn Wilds, Zaiwei Ruins or Celestial Basin since they drop Evolved Stones as well, would help a bit more on the farming side, imo. - Hongmoon 6 - 10 doesn't require Sacred Vial anymore to upgrade. Replaced by Transformation stones most likely. - To counter soon-to-come Square/Penta gilded, make Hexagonals from Dragon Express cheaper : 20-30 Solar Energy. - Throwing again the hq outfit pouch idea -> remove the 10 fabric cost, 10g this time + cannot fail transmutation. 10g + unable to fail for normal outfit pouch as well. - People have to go through too many Sacred Vials to upgrade literally half items now :l The least the game can do is to remove the Vials needed for Awakened badges and asks for more Divine Grace stones instead. (up to 5 from 3) Undecided - Demon Spirit stones, which are supposedly back in Cold Storage, wait and see. - PTS being removed from a lot of accessories, I think the fail thing could be somehow fair now. Wait and see as well. - Still not sure how, but we need a better way than buying 3000 salvageable gems to get Hongmoon Powders :l