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  1. Even still it's actually a simple placeholder for a few of the concerned classes. Shadow WL is better off with ET necklace until they get to very end gear, which they'd profit more from Prophecy at that point. Only classes using it at endgame are Blade Dancer, Destroyer and Assassin. To not help, aside from Blade Dancer, the other 2 remaining classes were performing poorly in the solo turtle parsing (the kind of one that we just got last event) which let you wonder that they might even be better off with Prophecy as well instead of ET. (tho Destro is 10% on cleaves and 8% on galeforces, while Sin is 5% on heart stabs/lightning rods/death from below)
  2. Scarlet Tears Patch Notes & Overview

    Should have been asked before, now I guess it's a bit too late but if we can get a confirmation or something : will the Dark/Light weapon chest from the Grand Harvest Square & Northreach wheel of fate npc grant a Dawnforged/Riftwalk weapon stage 1 or will these chests be deleted from the game too along Baleful/Seraph/Galaxy ?
  3. Alright, thanks for the head up !
  4. Will the Liberty tokens be tradeable at least ? Or will we even be able to swap between pink badges at least ? (f.e. I have Liberty for trying the Distortion spec on WL but I'm unhappy with it and wish to swap to Songbird for the Scourge WL.) I understand not being able to exchange legendary soul badges as it'd make pink badges obsolete since you could just exchange current one for the new one but hopefully we can trade pink badges between each other or liberty tokens.
  5. Decrease tokens needed to buy mao necklace

    Also another problem is : when you farmed Outlaw Island and CoS, most of the gear you got by drop was for PvP breakthrough, so in the end 3/4 of the playerbase probably just salvaged them for coins. However with Mao, not only you simply need the Mao gloves for Skyreach gloves breakthrough, you also... actually need another one of those for yet another breakthrough xd. (for the same item btw) The fact you have to keep 2 of them + you have one less chance than CoS as there are only 2 bosses before Mao makes it way harder to get tokens from. Now you can also plan to not get the gloves yet and salvage any Mao you drop.
  6. Decrease tokens needed to buy mao necklace

    I mean yeah, Prophecy shouldn't be BiS anymore. And to be honest, for having farm a "lot" Circle of Sundering on both my chars to swap/upgrade their bracelets, it feels tedious enough. Problem is, again, RNG. You're talking about grinding/farming but the rng ruins it again. I'd rather have an increase of tokens required to get my items but having a fragment of those dropping at every boss I do. Sometimes yeah, I can get everything from them but then you also get nothing, and then when it's like that for X times in a row, there is a psychologic impact aka. you wonder why you even farm this certain item when someone else could simply get it faster than you for no actual reasons. I'd rather have a slightly faster-or-longer way to get items at the moment but a way that is not telling me that I haven't done the dungeon for "nothing".
  7. Decrease tokens needed to buy mao necklace

    It's the reason why it sucks, you have a new raid necklace that should be better than PvE since it's from the raid path but yet Prophecy is still BiS for like 85% of the classes. Think BD/DES could use ET necklace, one Sin spec as well iirc and that's it. Why is that a problem ? There's no incentive to even do the raid aside from weapon mat, badge and soul shield but it's trivial at some point. Besides most of the new items are just slightly more modifiers so ? (the weapon should shine tho) (Shadow WL too actually, but it's like pre-max gear. The moment your gear is more or less ultra maxed, Prophecy is far better)
  8. Newbies/Alts Do Yourself a Favor and Get Raven 3

    What I mean is upgrading King Gloves to stage 10 by wasting so many gold for jewels is only a big loss on the long term. And as I said previously about the gloves differences is that making Awakened Starstone gloves is not only absolutely much cheaper but they're also on par/slightly lacking in dps compared to King gloves. (worst case being like 5k dps afaik, depend on the class I think but I'm not sure about this) If you wish to do like Hanuku and get the set bonus, then King gloves at stage 1 (or stage 3 if you're really picky about it) is more than enough. So yeah my point all along about the gloves is that the dps/power increase is not significant at all.
  9. Newbies/Alts Do Yourself a Favor and Get Raven 3

    That's the point, it shouldn't be "a while" no matter the pace. At aransu-tier, you could complete Brood Chamber for new gloves. Alas, community is most of the time not of the same opinion.
  10. Newbies/Alts Do Yourself a Favor and Get Raven 3

    They are more or less "free" for 100 Hellion cores anyway, I'm not saying to not pick them but upgrading them is a waste of materials. The power you gain overall with those isn't worth all the jewels you'll spent. You might say that then it's the case with every other accessories, problem being the increases and bonus of other accs are far better than what King gloves offers. As I said, the gloves are the last item that gives a meaningful power increase. Waiting for Skyreach gloves is a better option especially when the amount of jewels you'll use to max them will be more or less the same as with King gloves anyway. To be fair if the jewels consumption would differs between high tier accs and "low" tier ones, that could change my judgement on those but seeing every accs usually takes the same amount of those to go through the stages, then yeah it's better off waiting for the best accs to upgrade instead of wasting time to upgrade accs that you'll drop in a matter of a month or two :v One can argue about raid accs since unrefined Celestial acc -> Celestial acc s1 is a whooping 500g + 4 Premium TS + 500 moonstone - elysian crystals, which might make it more expensive or tedious than getting the jewels.
  11. Newbies/Alts Do Yourself a Favor and Get Raven 3

    There was a video on YT about comparing Awakened SSM gloves to the King Gloves, maxed to stage 10. Both parses had the same clear time. (Force Master) It's not about being wrong, but new players might wanna keep the most materials/money possible because they're going to hit a wall pretty fast at this rate if they start to upgrade items that doesn't really matter anymore nor grant a meaningful boost in their performance. Gloves are also the item that gives the less power in terms of upgrading. People should upgrade other accessories before, Gloves being like the last item (before belt ofc).
  12. Newbies/Alts Do Yourself a Favor and Get Raven 3

    You do realise it's in general ~100 jewels to max any acc ? That's obviously a waste of gold, going directly for 2 PTS to get Starbreaker/Divinity bracelet to stage 1 is much better, especially when this bracelet is already better than maxed Tiger/Divine Dragon. Now I know NA prices are somewhat weird but in EU, one PTS is like ~300g. Add another one as the Hellion->Star/Divi breakthrough costs 2 PTS, that's ~600g. What do you get with 600g ? Enough to make your Tiger/Dragon bracelet stage what ? 4-5 ? s: Of course it requires patience, it's also not a bad thing to farm only 1-3 in Circle of Sundering. It's tedious, but much worth than wasting 2k+ g in jewels. Not gonna forget the fact I've been able to farm those 3 bosses with Raven 3~6 + BT accs s1 + Oath necklace. I will not deny that my soul was the legendary one from the event, but it's up to NC Soft to finally remove oils from Hongmoon 6->10 instead of losing time to make events for legendary souls when they could focus on something else by now. Another problem is the fact players should stop being dumb and ask less than 1.4k for Sandstorm Temple. While having story gear for these dungeons isn't really viable, by now it's easy to have your BT accs + Raven/Dawn/Rift + Tiger/Dragon s1 without even doing any 'top' tier dungeons.
  13. Newbies/Alts Do Yourself a Favor and Get Raven 3

    Except upgrading from Raven 3 is a newbie trap, same as for upgrading Tiger/Divine Dragon bracelet to max. I don't think a Raven box would be a good idea in my opinion.
  14. Newbies/Alts Do Yourself a Favor and Get Raven 3

    I suppose they will make it as "Unrefined weapon" -> Rift/Dawn/Raven. You can buy the unrefined weapon on the same npc you buy the Dark/Light boxes but it costs 5 Naryu tablets.
  15. Newbies/Alts Do Yourself a Favor and Get Raven 3

    Doesn't really matter, if we get what Russia get the 15th May (which is often the case), Baleful/Seraph path will be deleted so not like it's going to matter anymore. Technically, that means the little waste of time for Naryu tablets will also disappear so, good news anyway.