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  1. Why would players want to fish in a game that amounts to nothing? I'd rather go out there and fish for real instead, at least you could eat the fish xD These fishing could be a thing tho, they need to rotate the reward every now and then. make it attractive please. First impression is important i believe, with those hats ugh... I wonder if the other side of the region have the same reward....
  2. Great move

    In my opinion it's not easier, but harder. Sure it's cheaper, but it's not easier at all. Don't forget you have to farm tons of moonstones, elysians, sunstones, and sacred crystals. I don't see where you can fork those mats easily, you could use your wallet tho -.- You see most people are impatient, yes they could farm those mats for days, weeks maybe, but in the end they will get tired of it, and thats where ncsoft is smart. You need these mats on almost every upgrades now, so for those frustrating, impatient people, tired of farming without end, with credit card on hand, it's simply a click away. You see.
  3. In addition to that, look here, another case, a bunch of not so wanted old head pieces, i'm thinking it's there just to fill the space... Maybe attractive to new players...i don't know.
  4. Great move

    Assuming enjoyable, but it's not, and you have to nolife it to farm 200 elysians a day. and you also need 3 other types of ingredients. Nobody ain't got time for that. It's much easier to just swipe your credit card, which is what i believe ncsoft wants you to do.
  5. Seriously, these outfit came way to often, sometimes with different names/color, but basically the same... Why cant you guys add those from trove and boxes from time to time... Many have request for white seductress, would be nice adding that instead of these bland ones that most people don't want... and look at the price, scares costumers away...
  6. Great move

    Actually, they added elysians crystals/orbs to msp box, you can farm those, but then again there's those people with 1,7k requirement, locking new players out. Plus you also need the damn msp key for the boxes which cost moonstones... But still extra work...
  7. Great move

    More like extra more work for us :/ At least we don't have to camp all day with hands on keyboard for oils. Now we're forced to farm peach/naksun for those added mats.
  8. Great move

    Good moves, but still, feels depressing... adding moonstones and elysian...cancerous, we already struggle with those and now they add it to every upgrades.... I wonder if the outcome is worth really it, i mean - oils + tons of moons/suns/elysians...
  9. Dead game :(

    It's easy to stun, knockdown, air bosses, the problem is "timing" when to apply the corresponding skill, mechanic, that is what most players struggle with, specially against bosses that runs almost all over the place, why? because most of the time f8 party's don't have tank, and whoever gets aggro runs all over the place. total chaos. Also, really hate those **** mechanic that throw you into air, like during the whole battle, (Sandstorm temple) it's just annoying as heck. Some classes can maneuver it, but still hit you a few times in between, losing tons of dps. This **** mechanics... It's easy to speak of, but not really in practical for most of us (casuals). You don't have bosses pause in between battle so you could catch your breath to apply mechanic like they do in guide videos. Speaking of guides, most of them are useless, as they pause every 3-5 sec on the guide then talk about mechanic for a while, then rinse and repeat. As you watch it, it goes through one ear and out another. You need a certain ability to understand all that. Most people understand it, but majority won't, because (broken language, not clear enough, doesn't speak fluent English, speak to fast, doesn't explain well, doesn't speak same language, is an idiot through and through, many reasons) it simply goes from ear to ear and you think you get it, but when you do the actual dungeon you simply get lost within. mind blown. Games are like math in a certain ways, if you are good at math you probably good at games, if not you get lost within. In raids it's worse, only applicable to whales, dedicated people, top 1%. The rest is cut out from it. Unable to join, and If you want to join you need certain requirement, achievement, which is close to impossible to achieve, unless you play from when the game was release. The majority will never be able to do it, the only options would be swiping cards, carry run or maybe get lucky and get yourself a friend to invite you, which is unlikely, it depends (at this point being a female is a plus lol) In short new players will struggle a long while doing raids. The game is fun when everyone can join and have fun. Good time "Misty wood" "ssp faction battle," Those are what we lack, open world boss where everyone can participate, doing quest, with worthwhile reward. Game is pretty much boring once you hit 60. Many restriction are put in place. there's nothing to do beside running f8. They should really do something like adding an open world red zone arena, where people can chill, show off their wallet, skills and whatnot "like a certain game "flyff" the arena is super fun.
  10. Merchant of Wonders - Unreasonable Prices

    I don't play it anymore, so i wouldn't know, however before ncwest i used to play cnbns, iirc they offer better stuff, e.g gems, various costumes, stuff you wouldn't normally get easily. Merchant of wonders should normally offer rare stuff, but here we get useless item most of the times, (low quantity) and overprice at that.. and when good stuff appear, it's overprice...(and the rare stuff i see so far are not so rare f10 costume that we often get and tt soul shield, the rest are just stuff you can get from f5)
  11. Merchant of Wonders - Unreasonable Prices

    There's no European version here, only NCWEST, unless you're referring to Russian version. As for eastern version, pretty sure the price a lot cheaper than west, in west everything overprice.
  12. Merchant of Wonders - Unreasonable Prices

    Western version of merchant of wonders sells bunch of ripoff items, best you stay away from it. It's only there for aesthetics. Only sells crap nobody wants most of the time it appear. When stuff that we want appear, it became a joke, just like that tt soulshields.
  13. More SSP channels please

    I rather hope they increase boss hp, so that everyone can at least get drops.
  14. Starcaller RNG Box B06 Cost 150 gold to unlock, another 20 for outfit chest
  15. Thanks

    The reward is sorta trash if you look at it from a whale perspective, so this event is a waste of space imo.