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  1. Mailing Grand celestial Wings

    But we already have the mat weapon sealed, makes no sense its still not account bound since TT has months already. I dont even get wings on my alts anymore, since I prefer help they with VT ss, since its more profitable than holding items they wont use.
  2. Premium events

    Mostly I pay Premium for Gold and M coins. And what are u talking about? I made tons of Gilded gems, got the soul for 2 characters of mine and I even got some vials, all that and I barely used the coins they give us by the login rewards. It actually encourage me to continue paying for VIP, because thats a real benefit.
  3. I feel we are back to when they merged the servers for the first time. I remember it totally changed how I played this game everyday, but I couldnt adapt, so I ended going on 2-year hiatus. I feel this is what gonna happen again, I dont feel motivated to play this game since they removed the "easy" dungeons from DC, so it makes me lose the triple of the time for doing DC for 5 characters.
  4. Heavens Mandate

    and in the process dont make it in the respective alts?
  5. Dungeon gold reward reduction again /shy

    >Ruin the economy >A single acc to stage 10 can cost like 1k gold easily How u gonna ruin the economy of a very expensive game?
  6. But it can gives a 3-gem weapon. Or we can reroll easily like we could in the Bale path?
  7. Can we get our old DC back?

    They all take a lot more time than doing Gloomdross, And taking out EC-NF from DC hurt newer players, because they need do it for Dead refuse to Die. And if the person has little time to do it, having less time consuming dungeon is better. I have no ideia why are u supporting harder DC for no reason.
  8. Can we get our old DC back?

    Just fund me then Im not whale
  9. Can we get our old DC back?

    you are a funny guy, huh? are u willing to take my 2 undergear alt to IF and EL, then?
  10. The Daily Challenge from before the aniversary event, u know. The one we had dgs like Gloomdross, DT, etc in them. I want my easy DC for my alts back.
  11. What with those events gems?

    Im not talking about powders for gems, and yes reduction for gems from events, so it become more atractive to new players.
  12. What with those events gems?

    I didn't mean that, lmao. But if it cost the double, no one will get it, it cost around 250G to get the same gem if u buy all the powders. And guess what cost roughly the same? Vials. I think we need is a reduction so newer players can get better gems. And yeah, we need the good gems too, but seems the policy of NCSoft is sell them. See that Acqua was a Black Friday deal.
  13. What with those events gems?

    I said in another post: Aquamarine and Diamond are too good for not being sold in some bundle.
  14. 3rd Anniversary Festival: Events

    You know the reward are kinda meh when u best reward is Legendary jewels and Elements.
  15. VT badge mat account bound

    Eventually, so if u have a alt in need, just hold a little. I dout it wont come this semester.