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  1. So i can ask for revert from the Ebon Realm Remnats since I feel jebaited after spending 4hrs farming that and being killed for nothing?
  2. 100 hours for WIngs

    yea, im farming to get the box open and I was thinking about farming that place in my main, since I would enjoy a upgrade on garnet. But 8k and its not guarantee to drop, I think im better just doing MSP If I wanna upgrade that.
  3. tbh, pearls are the less problem thing We have ET, PvP and the other event wich includes PVP as obligatory to the pouch. In the end of the day, fishing is just a matter of gold.
  4. Make the badge exchange valuable

    its still good enough. Summoner for example dont use Paragon. So why I would care about not being able to go there? And I would love swap the badge.
  5. The Exchange Badges

    The difference is that "pink" badges arent the newest ones anymore. We can buy the Liberty tokens already on F5, why I wouldnt expect they just putting it for free since they arent the BiS anymore? I mentioned in my post: I never expected Paragon be on exchange, but the ones from the previous season I had a little hope.
  6. The Exchange Badges

    It's kinda lackluster, I never expected we could get the Paragon badge from it, I get it's new so it wouldn't be there. But the previous badges? Thats very meh, I really hoped getting a Wildborne for my WL... And theres that small fee now to exchange, something we didnt had at all.
  7. Fresh Server EU

    You dont consider the Poh thing as a raid?
  8. Add M'ao Gloves to Merchant

    Please also start selling they in F10, I just wanna sell my gold and get it without ever putting my feet in the dg.
  9. They always do that, but for some reason patches come and goes and we still dont get some items account bound. and BT and VT items are already account bound for a long time, all my characters have full VT gear, even tough most of them barely went to VT once (my SF for example, never went and my sum only went once)
  10. Select Region on Log in

    That means if we login in South America, u are gonna be still on NA?
  11. Please dont put MSP in future events

    Dude, i didnt even write a TLDR. GARNETS ONLY HAVE A CHANCE TO DROPS FROM 4-6. 1-3 ONLY GIVES MORE MONEY THAN MOST DUNGEONS. IM NOT GONNA FARM IN A RAVEN 3 CHARACTER. If you upgraded your MAIN, I can only give u congrats. But im not gonna give mats to upgrade a alt to make a MSP that is just taking more time to do for no profit at all. MSP don't need my alts there, and the whole point is that MSP dont need be in DC for events. Of course I'm gonna find a clan that accepts all my 5 characters and carry all of them in MSP. Or im gonna fund all of them to GC level.
  12. Please dont put MSP in future events

    1-3 barely gives any more materials than any dungeon we can do. Especially the more rare ones: Elysians and Moonstones. My complain is about how useless and more time take MSP is, even more that MSP dont need a bunch of alts at R3 for being active. Edit: I did it in my sum, and thats the beatiful outcome of the gold mine (considering that alts wont do 4-6 in general)
  13. Please dont put MSP in future events

    I dont think u are being logical here. Theres no such thing as "not doing MSP", since I imagine (at least for me its true) everyone plays alts for events also, so if I skip MSP why Im even playing that alt in the first place. Its a akward situation, The main reason a alt exist is to fast progress, and if u skip a thing, u are skipping progress. MSP dont need a bunch of alts at R3 to be active, ppl will run there without this situation where u need go there with alts or u stuck ur progress.
  14. Please dont put MSP in future events

    I have no problem running MSP in my gunner or FM (that are my best characters), the problem starts when after those 2. It's much slow character, and the 1-3 dosnt really give anything to my alts beside the more gold. And I still don't see why u guys see problem in this. On Sunday and Fridays the DC theres a lot of stuff to do, idk why u guys like to do MSP with Raven 3 characters where ppl just want the milk the fast as possible and move on.