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  1. I still havent made TT, but I usually do with a set of ppl, and omg, the we almost wipe where last week we could confortable end without fear the wipe. Its near impossible to do VT if u dont have 2-3 whales carrying all the dps.
  2. FM 3rd Spec badge

    Paying almost 1k gold or farming toi. really 2 good options.
  3. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    We know that things are going wrong when even Grimoir isnt defending NCSoft this time.
  4. BnS TV

    Wdym? I watched their stream todya on Twitch.
  5. Since doing the whales spend more gold to make it more value again is 100iq, let's literally give no gold to everyone in this game, even if they are doing the end game content.
  6. HH is mostly dead dg anyway. but I think ppl will do like HLC. Just like Shadowmor is TSM.
  7. nope, arena is unbalanced and I hope I never to touch that place ever again
  8. Suggestions for Systems & Items changes

    The inflation of B&S only goes to the whales, because my gold as a mid-tier player is still just ok. The Elder Scales will be entire very soon, when BC was a new dungeon we also had to bid and farm fragments, it changes as the scale gets in the end of their life, wich will happen wich Elder soon, since the next dungeon is the last one with it. The rest I agree, but Unity I would make a chance, NCsoft wont change the rng of it, so what we should really be asking if for a better rng, increase of the lower tier aviability, and lower the cost from getting from CS for example.
  9. Auto Fishing Stops For no Reason?

    it happens mainly when server resets
  10. Classic Grimoir always defending NCSoft with knifes and teeths. Take a minute of really think and ask yourself, if you want watch a movie, you see all the advertise from the movie making it looks a romcom then u go to the teather and... boom, its a Rambo style action-movie. How that isnt misleading? You made something preview something that DONT EXIST in the end. Things like exist exactaly to give ppl info before what happens. If you are not gonna preview it correctly what the point of even doing preview of anything?
  11. If you look at their posts, its till mentioned
  12. Nice (not) meme

    What is event heavy even means. Also excluding the Call of the Arms, the other events didnt give anything.
  13. And in the post they said about adjust the cost of 1-6, wich didnt change at all.
  14. "Wingsong and Lionroar weapons Stage 7 through 9 will be available to upgrade to after the Blade & Soul: Steel Bonds update on May 20. Costs to upgrade Stages 1 through 6 will be adjusted, and these are the costs for Stages 7 through 9." By this said, I tought Wingsong 1-6 would have some kind or nerf, but theres not a single mention to it in the Google Sheet.
  15. No, I didnt had "all the time", they nerfed our capacity to get oils from events so I really only got the dps to start doing ET very recently. And I still do close to the minimum, did u ever see RR Discord?