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  1. So guys, the dungeon gold is missing a 2 right? Its not intentional that the new dg only worth 2g, right?
  2. Its NCSoft in a nutshell. They always do this nonsense things, just see how u can use the red jewels on GC weapon, but cant use at all on the pve path of the same level.
  3. I feel motivated again to do dailies. Great move.
  4. You know that NS bracelet uses the Dreadnought bracelet, righ?
  5. Same can be said about the weapon, I have every weapon for Wingsong 3-9 already expect the damn WC weapon.
  6. So theres any reason why Shadowforge/Exalted arent using the Crystal and Enlight for upgrades like the raid path?
  7. So, if in case any of u guys are busy during the week and do in the last day, heres a list of wich dungeon you should do for the weekly where u need to 3 times between 2 differentes dungeons. HH = NS/CC SP = WC/HH H0= BC/SP WC= CC/NS BC = WC/HH TSM= BC/SP
  8. You are trolling, right? I dont want being toxic, but being toxic, look at this topic and you are already have your answer. Nobody would pay 20g for a token if we could just trade 1 for 1.
  9. Since u so smart, then explain what are the item for the true cosmic if the items dont have any oils in the list
  10. Hi, how can I can get rewarded for doing 5 times the same set dungeons on my alts? Im mainly posting this because I know lots of ppl do weeklies in alts for the extra cash and extra mats. They nerfed the gold rewards, so Im not even sure what kinda of reward u think im getting for investing too much time into the game. Especially when we didnt had this problem before LOL.
  11. I dont care about doing 7 weeklies at all, but Its kinda lackluster how we could the entire weekly rotation easily, and now if I want the 6 weeklies, I have to pvp or do a bunch of dungeons multiple times. Can we get more options please?
  12. I sent a support ticket last week to them, and they just told me to repair my game. That say something to you?
  13. I still havent made TT, but I usually do with a set of ppl, and omg, the we almost wipe where last week we could confortable end without fear the wipe. Its near impossible to do VT if u dont have 2-3 whales carrying all the dps.
  14. Paying almost 1k gold or farming toi. really 2 good options.
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