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  1. if the Stage 6 version exists, why the Stage 10 cant exist? I like to send my old acc from my main to my alts.
  2. @Himeso dual wielder wont ever get a version of the TT acc at stage 10 for some weird reason?
  3. its not really that simple to "learn mechs", the game isnt intuitive in dungeons it offers, we dont have articles saying how it supposed to be on our website. We rely entirely on guides posted by someone or videos. It gets worse because the second option is even harder to get, since nobody is really doing guide videos anymore. Me for example: I only really learn anything watching guides. If I read written guides, most likely Ill not remember half of the things right after I read.
  4. Bug Summary: No Raid Acc for Dual Wielder Reproduction steps: I tried to open a Skybreak Spire acc got Invalid, I tought ok, maybe BT they didnt want include, but the next raid also is giving me invalid item. Bug Summary: Switch Character DC Reproduction steps: Every time I try to switch character im getting DCed, I tought my internet was being bad or the game was messing with me, but after the 4th DC for change char I finally noticed nothing was wrong with me.
  5. Every year when a new class is released we get a free slot from F10. This time we arent?
  6. So guys, the dungeon gold is missing a 2 right? Its not intentional that the new dg only worth 2g, right?
  7. Its NCSoft in a nutshell. They always do this nonsense things, just see how u can use the red jewels on GC weapon, but cant use at all on the pve path of the same level.
  8. I feel motivated again to do dailies. Great move.
  9. You know that NS bracelet uses the Dreadnought bracelet, righ?
  10. Same can be said about the weapon, I have every weapon for Wingsong 3-9 already expect the damn WC weapon.
  11. So theres any reason why Shadowforge/Exalted arent using the Crystal and Enlight for upgrades like the raid path?
  12. So, if in case any of u guys are busy during the week and do in the last day, heres a list of wich dungeon you should do for the weekly where u need to 3 times between 2 differentes dungeons. HH = NS/CC SP = WC/HH H0= BC/SP WC= CC/NS BC = WC/HH TSM= BC/SP
  13. You are trolling, right? I dont want being toxic, but being toxic, look at this topic and you are already have your answer. Nobody would pay 20g for a token if we could just trade 1 for 1.
  14. Since u so smart, then explain what are the item for the true cosmic if the items dont have any oils in the list
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