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  1. Why add something that dumb at all.. like anyone enjoys being 1 shot..
  2. Arena/BG times...

    " Arena/Battleground We want to ensure that the Arena and Battlegrounds stay competitive, so we are modifying the hours of availability for all the PvP instances to match up with peak player populations. This should ensure plenty of other warriors are available to throw down. Here’s a look at the revised PvP schedule, all times are in server time, and 24-hour format. We’re sure this is going to cause a lot of discussion – let us know in the forums what you think about these proposed times." Really guys? you really think THAT is the way to get people to play arena? Pretty sure it will only make more people quit... I cant even play between 5-11pm because of the ridiculous amount of lags I get :s guess no more pvp after update. And since that's the only thing I like about bns… Doubt anyone likes these updates, I don't know what ncsoft is trying to do here... Awakened skills already made lots of people quit arena, pretty sure this will be the final blow. How about you just make it rewarding without having to do pve for it? How about you finally fix some proper balance and remove all this untabbable nonsense, 1 hitting, perma immunity, running circles in pvp from the game.. How about you make some more events/tournaments to get people back into pvp, doesn't have to be with thousands of euro's worth of prices, even ingame prices should be fine.. Or if you need to close it then at least close it from like 5-6am till like 12 afternoon, since it's already dead in EU then anyway... unlike night time 1-5am when lots of us play.
  3. Great move

    He still dreaming of a forum moderator job, would advice to ignore him :D
  4. They should just sell the game to someone who cares.. Don't know why they even bother with ue4 if they don't bother trying to keep the game alive
  5. Well what made people quit? Last patch awakened skills... lots quit.. When they announced they stopped pvp tournaments in EU/NA.. also lots quit.. Constant broken classes that everyone rerolls to for free rating.. Nonsense like 1 hitting at 6v6, untabable air combo's, wallbang, 1hitting from air combos, running circles. Server issue, many people have issues with these amazon cloud servers ;/ old servers I had a stable 60ms ping now its all over the place.. from 80 to 120/150, during peak times spikes up to 500... Bad optimization lags. Ncsoft not listening to it's players.. No pvp event's, grimoir might think it doesn't help getting people to like it and that might be true in many cases... but it doesn't mean it cant get anyone interested in it, or at least help keep a mode more alive. Being farmed by high rank people on their alts (ye I know i'm guilty of that aswell) (wouldn't mind if they limit it to 1 class reward per acc if they would give us tickets/class change tho -.-) And ofc other reasons like pve for pvp gear, rng boxes..
  6. Dumb plan, they shouldn't release this update at all.. They should focus on the actual problem and not be lazy and just shut it down to not have to track down wintraders… it's just pure laziness. And if you would really NEED to close arena, which they don't.. Then at least do it early morning 6am->12pm gmt+1 since that's the time of day its most dead... 1am->5am is usually a lot more alive then from 6->afternoon... 1-5 am there maybe 10 matches(at the same time), compared to 0/1/2 from 6-afternoon. But if they wanna keep it competitive they should focus on getting more people to play it... not close it down and force more of us to stop. Another idea is to reroll awakened patch, which made many many pvpers quit... Or at least stop adding broken classes each season who can just faceroll the s outa everyone spamming a single button while having immunity for an eternity.. It's really no fun farming your a.. off to just end up feeding the 100's of people playing their broken flavor of the month unbeatable class. This is the big problem in pvp… and the fact that ncsoft doesn't listen to it's pvp players. Spend a day in arena lobby and you would know all of this The 6v6 times, won't change much... Since it's already dead half the day anyway, but should at least be extended to 3am gmt+1... 3v3... well, :/ its already dead and this update will kill it even more... just leave it as it is or only close it early morning from like 5am->1pm gmt+1 EU player here obviously :P
  7. 1v1 Arena Empyrean Update Focused Feedback

    Dumb plan, they shouldn't release this update at all.. They should focus on the actual problem and not be lazy and just shut it down to not have to track down wintraders… it's just pure laziness. And if you would really NEED to close arena, which they don't.. Then at least do it early morning 6am->12pm gmt+1 since that's the time of day its most dead... 1am->5am is usually a lot more alive then from 6->afternoon... 1-5 am there maybe 10 matches, compared to 1/2 from 6-afternoon.
  8. Arena/BG times...

    6v6 is already dead between like 3am and 5pm anyway :/ they might aswell close it during the morning hours then when nobody ques anyway And a much better way to get people to go there is make gear count less.... doing 700k damage in a single skill when people don't even have that much hp is ridiculous Sure you work for your gear and it should count... but in no game the difference between gear and damage is as ridiculous as in bns. It used to be a lot more fun when it got just released and you could still do well even without any gear...
  9. Arena/BG times...

    Hmm NA I guess? At EU you need at least 1719 if you're a gunner other classes more Though, pvp did indeed take a large hit from that patch :/ lots of people quit because of it, and this patch wont bring those back... nor will it bring any new players, all it will do is make more people quit the game. Guess I gotta find an inferior game then with less ridiculous restrictions.
  10. Arena/BG times...

    Like what issues? the Russians que during the afternoon and night aswell.. Changes absolutely nothing, very few Russians usually que at midnight 1am till 5am... It's like the only time of day that's viable for me to play... cause don't have time early morning usually, and 5-11pm my ping spikes up to like 500ms constantly... impossible to pvp with that. This wont get more people to play arena, it will only force more of us to quit... There isn't even any logic behind this, if you run a store and you want more people to visit your store.. you ain't gonna close your store more.. You make your store more appealing to people
  11. Arena/BG times...

    Man I don't even feel like talking with you really, you always kiss ncsoft's a.. Whatever the topic is, you're on ncsoft side.. you're not gonna get a mod job stop trying. I pvp a lot, I know when people play.. There are a lot more people that play at midnight from 1am till like 5-6 am.. then from 6am->1pm.... then you're lucky to get any opps at all. If they would then not allow us to que during the night that would mean you can only que from around 1pm->1am... and peak hours 5-11pm are laggy for many people so they wont even bother going to arena to lose rating lol.
  12. Arena/BG times...

    What issues? like you don't get the same people over and over again from 9am -> like 3 pm :/ Exactly the same as at night, in fact usually there are more people playing pvp at night then early morning. Might aswell close down pvp completely then.
  13. Suggestion Lyn

    Do you have any idea how much time it takes them to create the a race for a class? much better to spend that time on the billions of bugs that exist since beta and still aren't fixed.
  14. Suggestion Lyn

    Ya, how about no? How about they spend their time on actually trying to get people back to this game, and balancing.
  15. Title says it all.. Even beta wasn't as terribly balanced. Also not gonna bother saying which class is weak or op, it's just horrible overall.. Some classes are super strong vs some classes and near impossible against others ;/ And what is the logic behind removing def cancel skills from classes but not touching any iframes/blocks/counters etc?
  16. Battlegrounds Balancing

    Yea, cause making the game no fun for new people keeps the game running... nice logic mate.. More people will spend money on the game if they keep it fun for everyone, then more people play and you earn more money.. You don't focus on making the game fun for only the small group of people who pay a lot... cause eventually they will also get bored and quit... and then you got nothing.
  17. The title says it all... ncsoft really seems to care a lot about this game.. Never played a game where bug like this wouldn't get hot fixed within a couple hours... And then the support lol, you mail with a question and get an answer on something you didn't even ask.. Even if you then repeat the question again and point out that their answer makes no sense for the question you asked, they still give the same stupid copy paste answer which isn't an answer to your question...
  18. I reported this to support 48hours ago -.-'
  19. Some matches you get no rating, and then your ranking in lobby is diff from f11.. Sometimes your ranking is higher then it should be other times it's lower.. And it stays that way even if you keep playing, till the bug happens again then the diff between both ratings changes So it can be that you are like 1600 in lobby, and get 1600 opps.. but are listed at 1700 rank at f11 but also the other way around..
  20. On the bnsbuddy forum there is a mod that changes flash freeze from ice bar to fire bar.. "fm-ice-normal-simp-mode-changes.1059" How is this even possible? you really gonna tell me this game has no checks to see if you are actually on the proper bar before you use a skill?:S Even for blade and soul this is next level fail coding... Really hope people are getting banned if they use this, cause it's straightup cheating... This way you have all skills you need for wallbang on the same bar and you wont have to go trough the ebola of changing back and forward between bars..
  21. How is this even possible?

    well can agree with that but still people shouldn't be allowed to change the game into th eway they want it to be.. or it has to be an official game feature ofc.
  22. How is this even possible?

    Nah it's also a bug with bns, but ill report it trough a ticket aswell to be sure
  23. How is this even possible?

    The mod said if you think someone is cheating, don't really have any evidence for that and afaik bugs should be posted on the forum.
  24. How is this even possible?

    If the skill would actually require the right stance like the skill description says this wouldn't work.. So there must be a problem with that because it does work And yes I read the forum, it does what I explained a few times now.. Switch an ice bar skill to fire bar... making it so you don't have to switch bar to use all 3 ice aoe's u need to wallbang
  25. How is this even possible?

    it is, it makes wallbang so much easier then having to switch between bars lol..