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  1. Truth be told this reminds me of a similar thing in crystal saga, for about 4-5 months there was an area only accessible by high lvls with i think 5 map instances where they would afk for hours collecting literal hundreds of cash shop mats, however pvp was on (well evil mode) and the high lvls choose who got what spot... see the difference is the high lvls started giving the mats out helping everyone else, i dont see anyone of those high clans doing that here... i really dont
  2. So lets turn the big slow axe class into a crazy berserker... nice lol
  3. To all those people complaining about the pvp changes... yes they are annoying and may make the modes dead.... but really the modes are already dead or dying, this is due to ncsoft not optimizing the game nor fixing the server so people dont spike every where (look at mushins tower... thats an area that becomes a lag storm almost due to it almost being cross server) so only a select few who are graced with great ping and a computer that isnt fried when playing the game can do pvp... and even fewer of those can deal huge damage in BGs. A lot of the issue comes from the lack of optimization
  4. Hmm the only consistency I've seen regarding skills... aka having the classes that uses ranged projectiles to have alpha call (seeing as SB is on a cutter (warlock) and an anime cliche (warden) and blue buff is on a honorable martial artist (KFM) and a trained backstabber (assassin)).... lol
  5. Oh boy as if Mushins tower wasnt already bad enough ping wise.... guess the leader boards are gonna become much smaller due to lag.... this should be interesting... maybe
  6. Distortion locks have 2 really good talents on the same line basically making it so you have to choose more dragon call cooldown from bombard or always instant cast dragon call with a 15 second cool instead... not to mention if warlocks in general have burning at both ends thrall no longer has SB which seems odd to me but w/e
  7. The animations are based on what class spec you are (so for instance fire based force masters pull out a fireball where as ice is well ice ball in simple terms)
  8. Makes sense with it being called the black and white awakening i spose (guessing lock will be "black" as well hmmm )
  9. I think so.... either that of SF... (thou that seems unlikely) also archer.. .the ranged class that is unfriendly to high ping.... hahah... oh wait.... crap i have ping nuuuu
  10. I couldn't care less about the daily cap as to me this system can literally have no investment into it and still gain stats, I mean heck you dont even need to buy stones for it if you were so inclined. To me this system is more of a gradual reward for playing the game rather then something that needs to maxed asap (which btw it doesnt need to be if you gear your characters right anyway), as long as I can continue getting the ranks slowly but surely I'm cool woth it
  11. The gems yes i agree one however the boss that spwans in the portal area can drop drop triangle gildeds (yes arent the best gems but gilded gems are still pretty good) and ive found the weapons to be useful.. .well at least 2 of them for upgrading weapon but yea rewards are kinda meh for the most part i can agree there
  12. I love my lock pulling out a tiny hour glass and spinning it.... thats cool to me o.o and fire fm making fire balls haha
  13. I have a quick question for folks: Whenever you enter mushins tower or Midnight skypetal plains and try to do the content, does your ping continue climbing for no apparent reason? Simply asking because id love to do MSP but its quite literally a lagging unplayable mess... where i stand around for 21 seconds for any response happens...(could be underestimating that)
  14. I have managed to hold with my warden D: i may not be very good at melee classes coz high ping but i have at least i can hold aggro such that everyone else isnt getting jumped on .-. Im sorry if thats not good enough D:
  15. I have seen a lycan greatsword on the market... so it stands to reason lycan drops its sword from the wheel
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