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  1. I like the class president outfit. To say what nobody wants is unfair for newer or returning players. I understand where you come from, but there must be a reason why they do it because it's popular. I also like how they are adding fishing. I hope they add more stuff to do aside from grinding / farming gear. It's healthy for the game to have multiple player bases than just whales.
  2. I can help you with it if you pm me. I was getting like 20-30 fps constantly, then I did some stuff and now get 90 to 120 fps. My gpu is a 970 gtx. Not much of a difference, but I can walk you through if you pm me. We can take it over to discord.
  3. Looks like Archer is releasing in Korea and China on June 12th. I'll be looking forward to check that out. As far as if Unreal Engine 4 will come out along with Archer, we won't know until June 12th. I'm pretty excited though. https://i.redd.it/lw9e8sm8joz21.png
  4. That doesn't help that someone is 300-400k hp while I'm still at 145k hp unlike the Duel Arena. I asked others how long it took others to get to those gear and it takes them around 6 to 1 year to upgrade. This mode shouldn't only be for end game people bc I also want to participate. I guess I'll pray to RnG to get teams to carry me then. No longer my problem, but NC's to balance it. I'm not gonna super hardcore where I'll farm 6 months just to play a mode.
  5. I was part of a raid, but due to slow loading times, it was finished before I could complete the quest. I still have the quest, but am unable to complete it because I can't enter the dungeon again. It says "Only players bound to the same dungeon may enter."
  6. I believe that battlegrounds is unbalanced and there's no fair matchmaking for it. I feel that there should be an hp cap to make it more fair for players who are not as geared just like in regular duels, otherwise it feels like it's for P2W players who have all the materials to get end game gear much faster than other players.
  7. I also got this bug. I hope I could make friends playing on this server since I'm new coming back. It'd be nice to be able to get help and do dungeons with friends.
  8. I actually really like this idea and think it would help clans contribute more instead of just having leechers in the clan who ask for help without contributing anything.
  9. Like the title says, I believe we need an option to sort your friend and clan list by Last Seen Online so that you can keep your friend list active as well as keep clans active. I also agree, it would be nice to get a log of who donated and how much total so far. An achievement for a certain amount donated to the clan would be a good incentive for new players to donate to the clan as well.
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