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  1. u force pvp people to do pve content for gear ...force pve to do pvp content ...just the same ...... i can bet the next patch is 100 percent pve content and if they bat an eye lash at pvp content ill make a toast until then
  2. this game has so much potential but in wrong hands ....i heard tournaments are over even another reason y pvpers will leave and tbh most of the ranking are like eu players swarming ranking boards close to season reset .. if i have a soul now .... why would i spend thousands of gold trying to upgrade it when it will be free or for low low ..... rushing getting to aransu then soon 2 weapons be over u ..... its just the same thing so my point is when ppl get bored of this upgrade nerf ...refarm tatic what is left to do nothing
  3. the game is like this .... aniversary patch march/april -skill changes trove evey 3 months , rng box after then some fashion box rotate all over sept a new class ....its broken and ruin the game play for anyone for the next 3 months, nerf that class to nothing just to boost another new class. december a new place , and level increase aniversary patch decorate jadestone ... recycle an old event dungeon summer recyle the frog guy in glasses event all the same thing .... in all of this they haven't once look into making pvp better ..i see posting about some arena ranking bug . i made gold and i didnt get a thing come season reset .....on top of getting cc the moment i enter the field i manage to go that far even on my other class went 1670 .... if they continue down this path idk whats gonna happen .... i thought thats what new team would try to restore but this team more focus on power more than ever ..literally throwing everything out there .... isnt it better to have more ppl playing the game and talking about it rather than chasing away everyone leaving the the whales ???? i mean korea is pvp central and they have ping and pc and unreal what ever ......but at least implement some changes that makes everyone life easier ...all i see happening is copy and paste korea content .... imagine big skill changes and nobody pvping like come on. i see ppl trying to get 3 arena tag and they saying game is dead lol you want a tag match u have to beg ppl to join for 15 minutes then beg someone to make a party ....\ its a simple fix add 1 of the event pouches u guys throwing in dungeon in tag match daily when its a daily ...... SIMPLE BUT WILL U GUYS NO? idk if its difficult but only reason when new class drops the populations gets high is becuase old pvpers come back to pvp with the class ..... when they bored they leave
  4. i mean any body into pvp , will love battleground..and they will whale if thats what they want but ...thIS game treat pvp like a THIRD WHEEL ...pvp made this game popular from misty days and ssp but now idk i thinkn they given up and just focus on money money ..and no focusing on content ppl will love..its just a thirst for power and dps now...and farming your life away. arena quest are the same since bns started nothing has changed same silver .... its not rewarding and they try so hard to make arena a back seat in every patch
  5. when i saw that some changes were made to staff i was excited to see the new direction of the game but turns out , this team only care about pve content in general ........ since the new team came arena yet again dropped by another 50 percent of active people doing arena .... the last 2 tag match daily of the week were so horrible i doubt that at least 2 tag match went on ... looking in spectate area this week mutliple time i've seen were only 1 match was going on and yea ppl might be far rank apart but lets be real nobody in general was doing it i was literally on an alt at 1400 ...it was in the evening ive seen this happen mid day even night point is .... arena is so dead and you guys just acted as if u dont care a bit ....releasing so much content and yet nothing to spice it up ????? not even to update the rewards to current content .....now that only lvl 45 can do it ...how is this game gonna survive in a pvp dominated market ..... you guys give dungeon event pouches and couldnt add at least 1 to an arena daily at least 1 time out of the week ... ive seen alot of my pvp friends left this game within a 1 month time span since recently ....ppl will leave game yes but who are the ppl leaving have you guys sit and disccus and analyze the problem. what can make this game better pvers give u most gold but if your not giving pvpers a reason to spend or stay what business are u running .... who know may be they will love pve content in time but turning out ppl becuase of lack of management is sad.. a new event is here..... its all about legendary jewels wow nice yet cant upgrade pvp gear ??? really ----_____---- not even to give another token that do so really why would i bat an eye lash at this event ??? arena load screen ppl been complaining since forever yet you guys dont fix even if korea hasnt fixed it .... do some coding thingies and fix it so ppl can enjoy the game .... fm can grab u before u load in and throw u on wall ...gunner can air u so much can go wrong in a 3 second 1 second window ...and the game isnt even optimized .... so i ask what is the purpose of this game >>>>> the bns that i know died a long time ago ..i think its time to try something else
  6. time to up bd escapes

    Oh and that guardian tempest needs to be resetable like idk y they make it that way maybe for BR idk..in BR thay would be too op with resets
  7. time to up bd escapes

    and be observant u fighting 4 wls u use spin Def melee u go deflect ...desto yet has parry and Def on spin but they lack mobility during iframes..bd has 3
  8. time to up bd escapes

    I play a bd as alt in arena and i got gold ...yea wind is strong but light is still cheesy . .only prob with bd is the I frames that can be burst down in second by a summ wl .. can't clense debuf only the male skill that goes in seconds makes it really annoying dealing with fm .. Focus regeneration is my biggest issue if u miss that kd focus skill u are dead idk if it recovers less because of whirling...but that's only prob .... fetal blade can critical 39k it's not hard to charge it cause it pierces Def so I could hit x back step aim and slice through or grab go to wall wall bang Hitt x v and get a stack ....ppl can tell u have yes but all they c an do is be careful get a roll tech chase off air c and fetal blade I cheese gold player with it all time ... not every class perfect ... way I wish is that some pvp weapon has effect to limit class from using a certain skill or contain it...like desto yet typhoon spam in BG spin for a whole min yea focus let them do this buy bds are not weak . Weakest classes now are wl gs ....
  9. time to up bd escapes

    Bd doesn't need another escape ..... bd has too much damage in a sort time to have 2esc considering u have to kd a bd just to stun it .... and a free stun when parry attacks and fetal blade on that ..... bd had a grab escape. ..bd needs nothing else bd is a strong pvp class since forever still is .... fetal blade air combo I mean yea fighting a bm is op but at the end of the day bd is a fast versatile class ..... with alot of tools alot of classes in game can't deal with bds o even cc a b so easily without tabbing and forcing a roll tech chase ..u ever use gs verses a bd cancer ....sin verses bd sf ...bd of all class as a decent time with every class match up than some classes ..because of speed and deflect.....bd can dish out a lot of damage within a 2 sec stun
  10. Literally any low gear gear person out there won't be able to upgrade accs worst if they have 2 characters as this game ec distribution within one day is lower than any mat.it's a strategy to get money and walk over f2p ppl
  11. Am not blind to these thing off they wanted to reduce cost they could change the gold needed ......or ... as they did with mats .
  12. Trick is make elysian crystal more demanding so ppl can trove it and buy more 10 elysian crystal bundle ....... Hand down the next rng chest will contain it or tokens will be able to buy it ... cause they know ppl will be upgrading necklaces and who never did tt will be upgrading new stuff I've seen this trick before
  13. Just because u can get an item from somewhere doesn't mean it's the most reliable place to get that item. If u are upgrading a piece of accs and u need 60 elysian crystals to buy jewel considering u don't have any then u need another 30 for breakthrough for a total of 90 is it possible to farm all that in 1 day ..let say u farm some chest it gonna need 3 times 90 chest to Come close to ur goal you completed daily grab the little ec u are sure of for the day u could spam all dungeon and end up with 300sc without knowing
  14. While your point is good . Pvp battle royal isn't hard just by going in and afk u ranking up or just hide ... even if u get 30 point u eligible for a week reward.an u dont have to worry about it for rest of week. 6v6 doesn't need skill or gear....one person can carry u its 2019 . Arena isn't hard either if u can spam a boss pve u can spam in arena yea u won't get get gold but u will get non pvpers too lik your self... Master Hong drop rate any good . This game is guilty for using 1 hour of your time for 2 single mats. .... Me spending 1hour pvp gets me 2 times the mat or even 3 times mat ...doing a dungeon run is like 15- 20 considering load screen I could get close to 50ss within that time and bound mats
  15. Before patch am sure I can farm sacred orb and ss from dungeon chest or pretty much anything ..... to make matters worst elysian prices are gonna go up-_-