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  1. you or nobody will know that , cause when u have a max gear pver... he have pvp gear also ...... most of the time . also u are wrong again ...being force to do something , and doing something cause u want gold is two different things. a pver doesnt need to do arena or bg to get mats he can upgrade and get mats just by pveing ... its not possible to be decent in pvp without pvp gear which comes stirctly from pve u cant pvp for it ..... now they added the low tier ones to refuge but look at gloves and bracelet .,...
  2. dont get me started on the pvp soul shields the nova core ones ...... i had a struggle i tell u ,lol to get ss for bg ..... use it on weapon or use it on acc upgrade .blood stone wise also the wwv ss are so expensive i cant even sponor my alt 1 cause cost so much bloodstone and las titme i check i need tag participation to get know thine enemy pvp quest ...wwv ss and we all know what happen to tag.
  3. if they made it easier people wouldnt be complaining ....the only reason they change it to mats is to sell more mats from hm store and mats bundle ...after seeing what the did back with jewel and element ... and if i can recall u were one who was endorsing this change as usual ..........---____--- so ppl trove for jewel and ele . and it did work good riches ..then come back just say we know u guys were coimplaining so we made it easier now .... and all that story .......just because back then they nerf weapon cost they throw it in to something else...(u guys can upgrade weapon but rip with ele
  4. these literally no possible way for someone with 1 -2 alts to get anywhere on that soul chart ......yea it its cheaper but harder but because it was so expensive we didnt think about upgrading it at all cause we are smart ...... now that they claim to make it super easy as what whales say .......by adding mats as a cover up..... anybody trying to reach true cosmic soul can keep dreaming or dont upgrade for a good while u cant even upgrade weapon now considering u risking upgrading soul.. cant upgrade accsm cause u need for soul ... yea u can go up may be 1 - 2 stages .... but u w
  5. its somewhat of a cost reduction but with a big catch ....
  6. ikr .. i dont mind the moonstone crystals and ss crystals cause those are farmeable easy ...but the elysians man the elysians ..... every single upgrade ....... i cant even upgrade my earring cause i wont have any elsyains left for soul .... they should balance out certain mats so it doesnt conflict with other upgrades. weapon and accs uses moonstone other items uses that . and the amount of elysians are crazy u need like over 120 elysian to buy jewel just to max an accs......not counting break.thoug
  7. i mean every patch since forever is all pve ......doing dailies doing dailies ........nothing diff ...even if a event dungeon comes out u have to do daily :(
  8. ik the feeling .......by time that should come all pvper will be gone ..cause now this patch target the high ranking pvpers ......... the die hard bns fans ..and its sad tbh really sad ..... i wonder why is it so hard to throw a event token in arena dailies ..... they cant expect people to log on kill the same bosses every day and not get bored ...
  9. we have like 10/20/ 30 of each class gold in tags ....... i think its fair to allow the ranking sytem to start from who ever at the bottom to claim a rewards whether they are 1500 plus etc .... tag match is dead and you guys are killing it more least u can do is allow people to claim rewards just like how bg ranking system is cause if theres 20 wl gold , and 50 wls 1500 tbh they should get rewards as its impossible now to get a ranking in tag ..... may be tweak rewards a bit but i think its fair enough
  10. all this is true baSICALLY if a new player comes in the game ....tries out pvp ......goes to tag match ...he will clikc solo queue stay in q for 1hr then never queues again..... they dont come up with something to make getting a 3v3 party easier .......... remove ready button to link button to advertise for a pty then link button becomes ready button ... its so easier ..i find it very evil to watch people solo q for 1 hr or 30 minutes and not do something about it ....theres a diosconnect between nc and the people who actually play the
  11. thats the same as saying if someone one does not like pve an event wont let them take part . last pvp event like 2 years ago people were interacting with the modes yea u have afk teams but who cares at least people can enjoy and get a chance to rank to get season rewards right now ... like 10 people gold in tags from each class all those ranking spaces going to waste. as if u not gold u get rank even if u 50th hightest rank with 1500 plus ...it has reash that point now . blade and soul force people who doesnt pve to do pve content to get acc needed top pvp with
  12. i was enjoying soul reduction until i heard it will be locked out for pvp certain times which is super dumb anyone who came up with that idea ...... needs to explain what they were thinking .....1v1 time should not be changed
  13. pvp is not rewarding they never had a pvp event to give interest to the modes ..... they just lazy and dont wanna fix anything
  14. I HATE THIS NEW UPDATE!!!!!!!!! Its killing pvp even more, i swear if they go through with this closing of arena certain times am out
  15. you guys have the same reward for doing arena dailies since the game started only thing changed is the additon of keys nothing else ........ lazy to make it rewarding so your closing arena -_________________________- i never had a problem getting queues ........ in 1v1 so why are you guys closing it ...early mornings are the best time for noobs to get gold and people can enjoy some match up wihtout fighting a gold at 1400 plus rating ..... you guys are just ruining the game even more .... for pvpers .... IF YOU CANT FIX IT , LEAVE IT ALONE ...
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