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  1. the patch is garb..... and shouldnt take 5 minutes for mt to implement it, its like 1 paragraph of patch noes minus the copy and paste ..... they couldve done way better its there birthday i see better patch roll outs in dead season .....
  2. "When any round begins, players will be placed into the arena area and are unable to move for 10 seconds while a countdown occurs to unlocking both opponents ability to move and use skills at the reach of 0" yall dont care if people get blown up after a a black screen, yall dont care :( if korea dont help us you guys wont .even went the problem is obvious. turn a blind eye. literally a gunner hitting v 2 with is eyes close he literally where u at at ...taking 50 percent health.' yet yall release a short page patch..... make arena good again taken from here
  3. Make Blade And Soul Great Again

    these patch notes are perfect, and you find a problem lol.... anyways if they take 2 2s from this like arena black screen death from bg would be nice
  4. yea all am saying they just simplify stuff and update msp , nothing biggy they acting as if its a big thing when nothing is new blackram narrows would be a nice dungeon to rescale at least .....thm putting all effort in awaken path doesnt bother me but if they gonna make all patch trash and use that for as a bypass then it bothers me ...no bundle nothing just plain patch ..lol people are really tired f doing dc for event and they coming back with he same concept. WHAT THEY CAN DO IS GIVE EVERYONE A FREE RNG AS A THANK YOU !!!!
  5. well , its 2019 and what do we have a a patch that is like a bunch of copy and paste from previous post and the other about fragments we aint even using again,idk if yall dont look into this but the patch you guys issuing is the worst tbh spend too much time on that cake ??? first off all the midnight place update isnt a big deal same boss, same boring mech , just updated rewards you wont get unless u mega whale... the event is literally our daily challenge. all the fragment updates most ppl past that stage and other didnt have a problem with it before, so thats really meh. patch notes are like this long------ idc f u guys working on bigger patch its the 3rd anniverary , and after all that nothing of a big deal to look forward to , the theater update was even better than this by far tbh. lol something must be done , cant believe you guys rolling out such a tired patch, what a way to kick off 2019 when this game is on the rocks.only thing about this patch is that i want rng boxes ....everything else don't fancy me. yall need to squeeze in some more stuff tomorrow, yall could've transform an old dungeon into a event blackram narrows etc ?????? old memories hello???? this atch had so much potential , i dont want you to throw everything ut there but at least some quality control. the patch note is probably the shortest one ive ever seen , worst its a anniversary patch. at least make it up to ppl by doing some small tweaks and add it to notes... like squeeze in some drop rate updates for heroic items ppl doing 30 dt runs for oblivion ring, 20 runs dd not 1 numok bracelet i doubt it even exists. ....whyile u guys doing mt , please do some minor stuff to make the patch decent , nothing scream 2019 bns , all i getting from this patch is like an event patch where its just a small update with new dungeon etc nothing new just same ole same ole st yle of event we all getting bored off. and i see ppl complain about them in forums
  6. well you have some good point there , this class shouldnt have gotten any sb, because now wl is meh, and who needs to tank when a brain dead warden in pty ..... and in pvp who needs cc when u can swing a 8k plus x 3 def pierce skill at just about any thing. your gunner comment is meh ... tho gunner is balance as can be its the lowest tier class in pvp at the moment with 90 percent of the ops depended on gunner cheese to rank up. rush up into daze instant air ...or before ppl load in. gunner have damage but in arena you cant dish that out s easy . gunner shines in battleground and will always shine in battleground because its the only place where they can dish out damage without ppl paying attention . best way vs them is to take them out first by airing them or just focusing them in general .they dont have a block and dont have much resist iframe than shield and a 2 sec shield from tombstone. and hooks to run. korea solve the problem by making unload a projectile and alot of classes have tools to resist r deal with it. sin, summ ,fm , bm also alot of class have block - kfm bm warden, sf spin classes have deflect- bd, destoryer other classes can run gs also unload and bullet storm doesnt hit air targets so really regardless, gunner wont get any more big nerf ...as the class will always be dishing out damage like a fm fm damage is not as op becuase fm has better survival in bg having a bubble and can deal damage while in there. ...gunner is dependent on hook and they got nerf there. any more nef to gunner regarding damage will be a dps loss .
  7. paying attention part dont see why you say that , regarding the base switching? not talking about me every game has noobs or people who dont understand. next i spent alot of time in bg a good 6 hours in bg if queues are good or an average 4.and most time i just happen to run out of something mid game . goes to merchant to pick it up. you say craft it as intented what if i have 2 craft guilds, that doesnt craft it or not at the lvl and only 1 char . am force to buy it other dumplings are thown to us why not let us purchase these items for a deal , this will definitely increase alts survivabily. oooooooooooor make them account bound to send over .
  8. BLOOD STONE & ARENA /bg POINTS FIXES ok am gonna say this i like the whole put everything into 1 idea makes everything more uniform but tbh the main gain from this was the items we had before the change , that converted out to give us alot of blood stone,fragments etc., blood stone is so abusively over use for pet pod transmute pvp accs, pvp ss, pvp weapon, pvp skill book , pvp phsyc (what ever the name is ) may be its me, cause i grab all my nova core ss, incinerator weapon and pvp accs already with the bloodstones we get from udate conversion... but when am trying to get access to more blood stone this is where i realize something, bloodstone is a pain to get . obviously using battlpoints to get blood stones seems like a big waste , considering the team dependency of bg you can look at 5 lose streak anytime , its time consuming and 1 win is like 500 bg point thats like 3 fragments and takes like 5- 10 minutes.plus i need my moonstone boxes. so i turn to arena where i can farm longer and its more dependent on me ..i farmed 14k zen bean on an alt in 1 day got like 9 blood stones which is really disappointing considering time spent . what i think should happen: first off all main daily quest relating to arena and battleground that reward fragments should be set to 1 blood stone.( the ones that require you to win< not talking about participate) such as 1 win in the ... or win one 1v1 s, tag etc. or the arena zen bean point gain is so low , winning a match takes for ever to get 1 k zen bean without clan bonus( and even then still takes time) . also i believe there should be a set amount you gain from arena, lose or win with evidence of participation that is. its so inconsistent. the previous system was set where you buy different tokens with zen bean but its all uniform now where everything comes down to one thing bloodstones, and fragments and the points handed out cant support ones need for blood stones. somebody trying to upgade they weapon and ss is surely gonna have a hard time . i mean yea the persons who got alot from the update convert....is set until its all gone then it will set in . battleground lost and wins point system are the same , inconsistent losing a match should at least give out 100 points with evidence of participation that is . this will ensure my time spent can at least purchase a fragment. its really pointless for people to participate in matches they obviously cant win when they not gaining more than 50 point . hence why ppl afk because even when your doing hard carry.and your team end up losing still nothing gain. a detailed tally should be marked out BASE ON INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE base captured / horn base (50 each) 2 x 50 = 100 pulsars delivered be like 25 point each kills (25 each) 5 x 25 = 125 point for wining (400) =400 awarded point - 625 clan bonus applies to the point for wining the game and not to the kills and captures point. same for someone who lost the match base captured / horn base (50 each) 2 x 50 = 100 pulsars delivered be like 25 point each kills (25 each) 5 x 25 = 125 point for losing (100) =100 awarded 225 this is just a rough idea theres more thinking that should go into this , but this will get rid of afk or lower the maount of ppl who afk, with people tring to get as much points as possible for self gain.
  9. BATTLEGROUND FIXES Nova core please please PLEASE!!!!!! make it that people from your own team cant change the pulsar direction once set to the correct base . its so annoying when people work so hard to win and someone decide to run the team over , i know they don't know , or its a mistake but if you slip you slide. this person in party kept changing the direction and its like what were saying is going on deaf ears. then the other team came up on us and rip all our orbs . imagine how angry the team was, i agree the nova core map is so confusing sometime as to where my base is but at the end of the day ppl were telling her stop and she kept doing it . obviously she trolling or doesnt speak english, or cant read please do something about this. a friend whipshered me from other team saying some one gave them the win . add a general merhcant in battelground, that sells tonics, dumplings, repair tools the cheap one, at the waiting room or at the spawn area(just like the dungeon waiting area you have vault and mechant selling the essentials. also add to him meat dumplings purchaseable for 1k or 800 battle points each. i hate having to leave battleground to windstirde somewhere to grab these items. basic essential merchant is needed in a place like battelground. also if am not mistaken meat dumpling is not accessible that much ingame unless you make em or buy from market. also having an option too buy 1 for a 1k bg point is making it more of a back up incase your out and you need a quick boost. also i have alts and i would grab 1 before i bg instead of going in without any. think of it like a presitge point charm . you use prestige point to buy it to hold more prestige point. you use bg point to buy the dumpling to help you have a better experience also the cost will be at a decent rate where its not a go to way to get meat dumpling . so wont affeect market much
  10. best comment i've seen so far, (someone give this guys some food) straight to the point.i dont see why we need to beat around the bush lol comparing wl sancum to warden v, waden v takes up more area everytime wl sit in sancum they have to block or if no target summon thrall .... and do lil damage . you can literally knck him back out of it or instant airial . someone give this guys some food just no edibles first of all if you pvp all day. you shuld know better , either you pvping them as a warden your self, or your just a better player than the person you fought. i kill warden my self too hello??? i kill like ten yesterday in arena and more in battleground, was it easy no!!!!! as i was over 1500 in 1s it wasn't , it involves a lot of running for my life, trying to block less and time it right to avoid getting stun by the 9 sec cd guard break. i had to save my back step to get distance and strike when i can .... i miss alot of ccs because they iframe them and no am not talking about bubble its not always about bubble warden as 1 page of resist that everyone has to pass through , so all you saying run from bubble dont fight them in bubble ...they have 2 spin resist iframe a block ninto resist one a block aqpproach kd resist , sf resist a long backstep resist 3 qs and a block you have to deal with i know theres more but to name a few no warden will just stand for you to kill them when bubble is gone obviously they will use these broken skill and when they not using those they spaming that 4 skill at u ...that pierces def and parry i didnt even know it pierces def until last night. i have a warden class my self. but thats no escuse to give a blind eye to a broken class. if you are a pvper as you said you judge a class by the tool it as and not the player using it. warden is the strongest pvp class ingame right now. if it was weak it wouldn't be top 5 on ranking board and went top 1 in the first week of release. every class in game as a counter class that challenge a person to use mind game to win such match ups are wl - summ ( wl will have a hard time ) bm - sum ( bm have a hard time ) sum - kfm ( summ hard time ) dest - sin ( may be wrong can go any way but sin can win in the longrun by damage) bd - bm (bm have hard time) fm - bm (fm hard time, with the deflect ) warden currently has no bad match up having the tools to deal with any class in game right now ...parry penetration can pve a spin class , 9 sec guard break can take down any melee class who aint careful, stun even on ground counter too, high mobility and high damage can take down any range class, those warden using 6 sec approach in arena, like a 6 sec approach skill for a class that hit from 8 m wow just wow a class that can face tank any boss and resist knock back why need a low cd app, skill not even bm r bd has that low cd pve approach skill .... and big healing with res heal sf and a 10 percent hp skill on 2.5 sec cd spam that on a person pet full health so what pvp knowledge you have sir ? someone give me a plate , you still have much to learn ( naryu sancum first boss voice ) the warden changes drop when gunner unload got nerf and wl airial , obviously na sever won't release a nerf class, its not profitable ..... other classes got the nerf long after warden came out so they could have implemented the nerf then but it was too early and no one was using the class, , gunner got nerf accordingly because the nerf didnt came until decemeber kr patch couple months after gunner came and we got it like 2 months after or so yea...so am wondering what they waiting for , lyn warden release . i just wish some authority speak up and give everyone a piece of mind, were so in the dark
  11. Say what you can , of korea says it's op ..it's op they make it ,they the pvpers they had game years before us so yea
  12. Well when you say that look a this , wl cd is longer than wardenand warden bubble stay on field for 5 seconds more. it's not na fault but I don't know why korea didn't give them a ground counter that trying to make up with a very long unnecessary list of I frame and resist . Considering how balancing of this game goes on pens and needles when it comes to being op and low tier ..which is why we always see the same boring classes at top Or a class getting class carried ..... I won't be suprise if they release a rock class that sits on everything and resist and you guys worship it why because u fought some random noob or as the class as an alt to get free hm coins ....all the class does is swing and don't have to worry about a thing a dflect if u block u get stun on a 9 sec cd you can't run so I don't know a class that can go hed on with warden only thing bd can do is run and has alot of kds to go up against it otherwise it's one sided. . No class's I'm game as the ability to 200-0 unless u have super low ping and don't mess up and time every cc to he last drop....a warden can take all your damage into resilience and then heal it up does that go to end damage no.... poor escuse for a a class and sadly the release of warden to breath life into to the death and that's why na holding on to the nerf to dry to strain every drip of dough before dropping the nerf ...also they didn't nerf warden yet ...... Read patch notes only warden changes implemented was the badge nerf and that was stated above i see that but where are the skill changes
  13. THIs IS KOREA DEV LETTER 'THEY NERF WARDEN BUt THE PERSON DIDN'T TRANSLATe the nerf so we are yet to see also these changes came when gunner got nerf on badge etc na just hold off on them so ppl enjoy being op....read for your selves ppl.korea said it's op...so obviously gonna be nerf so saying that ppl cry isn't the fact it's the fact that na won't implement the nerfs WAR Warriors had a very low effectiveness in their designed "tank" role in battlegrounds, while performing too effectively in arena. As such, we have made a few changes to their battleground items and have made a few changes to their abilities as well. This will be the last week for our WAR focused changes, but we will be on the lookout for any problems that warrant a quick hotfix. Thank you so much for your feedback during the last few weeks. - Haha I'm not translating this one it's not out for NA/EU yet and I cba to translate and/or look up skill n
  14. To be honest all skill should cost at least 10 precent hp so they think before spamming .....