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  1. um one shot is the fun ....u want anything else we have br and arena ....... and p[vp is dead since awaken lol all classes are forced to pve now than ever before
  2. Update not working

    i literally dont understand a thing u just said , what are u asking
  3. incinerator 6 higfh piercing and crit they shopuld be dead on a daze unload blue flame combo...where can i refund my pvp accs please and thanks
  4. well u miss what i was saying ....does it makes sense uprading pvp gear when we doing trash damage now ....how does pve weapon pair with pvp now .....battleground 1 shot is the reason why whales battleground ..... nobody cares About bullet storm .. overally the damage i take from people is so lil even incinerator ppl its njust not fun anymore taking WHOLE MIN TO KILL 1 PERSON gets boring after a while
  5. and its not about he has high def etc even noob gear character ...i just hardly do bg now not fun anymore
  6. after awaken , i went bg only to find out my stun airial carpet bomb hold rmb (quickshot ) while they drop not even dealing 3/4 people hp ????? i have incinerator 6 5k piercing 6k crit hit and cant even kill someone with full buff and badge ......... idk but something is really fishy .................................. i will stop uping my pvp gear makes no sense now .....before patch i could 1 shot easily on stun targets etc , now i wonder if pve equipment are even better now that they actually increase skill damages ..... i just wanna know if anyone is seeing a difference
  7. well rip it failed some enviroment ............. well good bye bns
  8. well after checking for updates , its repiaring 3 gig of god knows what .... so i will see from there whats the verdict
  9. i dump gfame file into game folder mutliple times game check to verify and download the recent or just repair this laucher which claims to be better isnt doing that
  10. is this launcher worth losing active players to put off downloading over 45 gig worth of file , so much errors are occuring and alot of people cant enter the game ,if people can use old launcher until april why not hold off a bit and fix the errors ........ this is really ridiculous .this launcher is slow and at a time where new people are just settling in alot ofn them wont reinstall the game worse if they on potato internet ........dwonloading this game all over again isnt fun when i have it a;lready its just that the launcher wont pick it up even when i dump it in the ncsoft folder ......i have to wait a whole year for it to check for updates and preparing updates another year then to find out its installing all over
  11. New launcher

    3/4 of the game population wont be on today
  12. New launcher

    i swear if have to download all of this game over,seriously ...so much ppl getting locked out of the game now ...i see the new feautres working out and all but 4 hour maintenance for this ????????????????? did yall even test it before .... i downloaded some botch launcher ...launcher wont start delete old launcher downloaded this new one it attempt to download the whole game so i stop and move the files to that current laucher folder ........... the launcher is soooo slow like preparing updates 1 percent for a whole min idk what this thing doing.... been over an hour trying to fix this problem..anytime nc does anything drastic i have to consider whats gonna be the outcome for me ....rip when unreal engine gets here....rip to all those people locked out of game now , a big rip to myself
  13. idk who implemented this garbage previous bns team is gone plz remove this bs ofd a mess .....if i am fighting in bg and i dc i dont mind the 10 minute wait time , if i dc again wow a whole 1 hr of wait like seriously sh.. happens crash alot and power outage or some network failure ,...... dont ruin the fun ....... at leaST 30 MINUTES idk why 1 hour seems appropriate for something we only do a certain time of day every minute count ..worst when even when u wake up u wake up dead to begin with ....u dc at 1500 point ...if people contribute at least lower to 30 minutes ....really frustrating.. a whole 3 hour of my whole bg time went down in wait ................ backl to back like literally an hour after and i still get 1 hour penalty ... when bg gets real crazy i get a crash or i just get dc ...out of no where while caRRYING a whole team and thats what u get wow.
  14. Producer switch good or bad ?

    What they need to do is give away free ravens 1 and forget riftwalk and dawn when u hit lvl 50 .old content we 2 raid boss away from raven
  15. Producer switch good or bad ?

    Too much trash patches,I know every thing is from Korea,but they choose what comes now and don't the bday patch was so weak disgrace to tell u the truth I stop playing bns around jan 10 or so so basically missed 2 patch content and it wasn't even a miss tbh nothing good was implement ...it's all about awaken patch and thats where evrything is betting on instead of making each patch worthy to enjoy the content isn't fun it's all about daily challenge idc bring back arena event or make up an event ....where ppl can have fun ...and this is the problem, with game rn ...no quality control especially in a time like this ....I see pat ch being release with lil to no system changes that's what ppl look forward to the most ....I see a fake patch note going around at least implement some stuff off that it's system changes not item or skill changes so nothing to worry about ....after doing dcur bored to be honest ...nothing to do