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  1. Tanking needs to be addressed

    It's far too difficult to find a decent tank. If you don't have a tank most dungeons are going to be miserable or even impossible. Not only is it so hard to find a tank, but in most cases they can't even hold threat. I feel like I'm punished when I want to play my GS instead of my BM because I end up having to tank on GS... Not fun. I like gearing up but the more gear I get on my dps classes the more often I have to tank on them... From my experience as a BM main( that recently has been playing more GS) I can say from experience tanking just isn't fun or rewarding on almost every boss. Bosses (AND TRASH MOBS) CC melee far too much where ranged rarely have to do anything. Would being really good at fighting every boss and mob in the game mean you have no issue dodging every attack, knock back, knock up, knock down, stun, daze, grab, and pin? Yes. Are the majority of BMs and KFMs you find in f8 going to be very good? No, no they're not. Make tanking more enjoyable so more people want to do it. Give the one with aggro cc immune Give tanks more threat Give them more dps Extra rewards Hell, add a new super awesome high damage TANK class to the game ( I'd personally reroll to a class with a greatsword and happily tank everything if it was available)
  2. Game(play) issues

    Overall low and unstable FPS High ms SSP extremely frequent lag spikes Celestial Basin extremely frequent lag spikes Initiating combat with mobs in the basin causes lag spikes Initiating combat with Cold Storage first boss causes lag spike Invisible walls shouldn't force your camera to zoom in Whirlwind key drop rate is about on par with purple venture tokens Tanks don't generate enough threat Can't ever find a tank because it's not enjoyable for many people to do it New dragon express element / jewel cost is FAR worse than previous 20g each I think this covers all my major complaints I've had recently.
  3. Windows 10 - Low FPS and freeze

    I had the same issues in December when I came back to the game. I tried everything support suggested and everything I could find online, nothing worked. Finally I decided I would reformat my PC which was due for my yearly wipe and if a new install still didn't work then I'd give up. It worked great! No more lag spikes, no more low FPS, no more crashes... until about 3 weeks ago. Now I'm getting low fps in some areas and SSP and Celestial Basin specifically give me random lag spikes. Attacking certain mobs/bosses gives me a short freeze too. The FPS cap I had before the reformat hasn't come back ... yet. Games no longer unplayable but it's pretty miserable a lot of the time.
  4. Hongmoon Soup not applying Buffs

    i wasted 5 of them also