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  1. Still getting higher ms than fps, still waiting on some answers.
  2. @NightFer I live in North America where 98% of people only have access to one or two ISPs and they're all terrible, and I haven't played with anyone that has a good ping. VPNs almost never help anyone lower their ms. I started playing KR BnS years before it finally came to NA, and I have a degree in computer science thank you very much ( albeit networking was not my concentration and I hate it). And what do you mean "Dont bother poking the forum admins/mods, none of them is going to answer you" What do you think they're here for?
  3. @MassiveEgo What do you mean? It does lol. I face away from people 120fps I turn around so someone is on my screen bam - 100 fps -_- This is BnS I've thrown logic out the window because it clearly has no place here lmao. It might not be BnS's fault at all I just want to know why we can't play the game with others without losing 99.874% of our fps and ms. I do remember when it launched for NA I couldn't hardly play the game at all. It would take 20 minutes to launch and then after waiting through the login queue I'd get in to have 1 fps and 9000 ms. Turns out at that time it was due to some
  4. @Deadly Intent I'm sure they won't say anything. But I'll continue to ping them at least once a week on this thread till they at least acknowledge that they saw the post -_-
  5. @Backstabpuss okay, then can you explain why A:ir doesn't have the "game optimization" problems in both KR and TW while the only difference being the servers? Those "fixes" you speak of don't actually work. I'm sick of people saying "oh try this fix it helps" when in reality it doesn't do anything if you're playing on a PC that doesn't have the specs of a potato. " in multiplayer games, the decoding and coding of the information is performed by the server of the game which is not related on any way to your CPU , the frame drops that we found on multiplayer games are actually "lagged inputs
  6. @Baskerville @Amraith @Sunshine @PhoenixMitra @Cyan I don't know who else I can @, but anyone that knows something or can find us some official response to the most important problem in this game feel free to chime in at any time...
  7. I've tried literally everything you can find on the internet and everything I could think of on four very different PCs over the last 2 years. The thing I'm getting at though is there is clearly a problem which everyone here seems to acknowledge. And it's being completely ignored by NCSoft. The very least they could do is publicly say "We know the game runs like trash" and tell us what the cause is and if we can ever expect a fix for it. I don't even care about content or trove or anything else anymore because the game runs so bad I can't enjoy anything I get. If I didn't think my raid gro
  8. @Grimoir The only difference in our build is I have a 9700k lol there's no way you run great while mine runs like trash
  9. @Fiana I've tried every "fix" you can find on youtube, BnS buddy, discords, reddit, and google. It doesn't help. Probably because my rig like most others built in the last 10 years are more than enough for this games requirements. @Grimoir What are your specs? You're one of about two people I've ever seen say "I literally have no performance issues on my rig" . No one I've ever played with in the last two years has got a stable 60+ fps or sub 70 ms (in game ms) and one of them was on a $5000 rig. "games rely more on the discrete GPU for the rendering of the images and calculations for the
  10. Back in the day (like on launch) BnS ran great. I don't recall everyone having issues with getting 2 fps in a fight and 180-400+ ms until MSP was released. Ever since that day it's been hell. Why don't we see any mention of this in patch notes or announcements or anything? Here's a funny story. A few months ago while in a clan 6v6 my PC LITERALLY caught on fire. RMA'd the EVGA 970 that was the cause and waited 6 weeks to get a new one. Four whole days later it died. Before the fire the game ran terribly and after replacing the GPU with a 2070 ... surprise! still runs like ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. I exp
  11. It's far too difficult to find a decent tank. If you don't have a tank most dungeons are going to be miserable or even impossible. Not only is it so hard to find a tank, but in most cases they can't even hold threat. I feel like I'm punished when I want to play my GS instead of my BM because I end up having to tank on GS... Not fun. I like gearing up but the more gear I get on my dps classes the more often I have to tank on them... From my experience as a BM main( that recently has been playing more GS) I can say from experience tanking just isn't fun or rewarding on almost every boss
  12. Overall low and unstable FPS High ms SSP extremely frequent lag spikes Celestial Basin extremely frequent lag spikes Initiating combat with mobs in the basin causes lag spikes Initiating combat with Cold Storage first boss causes lag spike Invisible walls shouldn't force your camera to zoom in Whirlwind key drop rate is about on par with purple venture tokens Tanks don't generate enough threat Can't ever find a tank because it's not enjoyable for many people to do it New dragon express element / jewel cost is FAR worse than previous 20g each I think this covers all m
  13. I had the same issues in December when I came back to the game. I tried everything support suggested and everything I could find online, nothing worked. Finally I decided I would reformat my PC which was due for my yearly wipe and if a new install still didn't work then I'd give up. It worked great! No more lag spikes, no more low FPS, no more crashes... until about 3 weeks ago. Now I'm getting low fps in some areas and SSP and Celestial Basin specifically give me random lag spikes. Attacking certain mobs/bosses gives me a short freeze too. The FPS cap I had before the reformat hasn't
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