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  1. In other korean MMORPG people already sharing players real face and family members on social media just because of OPEN WAR like this event. Even religion attack.
  2. WTH those 3 star loots sooo damn super scam. I feel bad for you. Well again trove as always getting worse. I follow every single trove since early 2017. now wait for white knights to come up. YaY
  3. They dont even play their BnS game. Just patch and wait for bug reports. Means they tried to use the players to do their jobs... And... still doing it...
  4. Been in this server like 3 years+ And from lots lots of servers down to 1 in just 3 years+ The point for building up class is to be PVP-er. PVE is boring. MUST HAVE Clan War. More territorial war. Granado ESpada Online SEA until today still survive since 2007 (12 years running) ... korean game They have hardcore players who spent 5-10K USD each. Some of them even spent like 20-30K USD already. Clan War is key for their SERVER longevity
  5. This event just for ppl who has lots of free hours... Unless you aim only the coins, no achievement no fugly wing.
  6. I am using Ryzen 3 1200, GPU RX 570, SSD OC-ed to 3500Ghz on Ryzen Performed well (20-35Fps) on MSP (Boss) almost full graphic (no AntiAliasing)
  7. Yea they just wanna make money a.s.a.p by slowing progress for cash user. Another Terrible Trove maybe getting worse than bfore trove...
  8. Releasing new content with existing Bugs... Well 1 server = dead soon though I still getting fail to press 4 during 6v6 battleFIELD then I get dc after pressing 4 cannot join back the battle I got 1 PC and 1 Laptop both has same bug sometimes disconnected and crash when pressing 4 on 6v6 Been like this for 1 year...
  9. BnS already has very poor support and now we got extremely annoying Launcher.
  10. Once server merge it's close to its death. They dont know how to make the players stay and play.
  11. I lost lots of them now. Good Job for the misscommunication between staffs of NCSoft.
  12. The damage still same depends how many times you land it on enemies. But the longer the battle in one match the more fun I get, means we get good balanced fight. ^ ^
  13. Go for Samsung M.2 evo 970 Around 2500-3000MB/s read write approx. So fast loading screen and smooth ingame.
  14. It's a trap alternative. Just stay with Aransu 9 until GC super cheap in trove.
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