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  1. New launcher

    BnS already has very poor support and now we got extremely annoying Launcher.
  2. Once server merge it's close to its death. They dont know how to make the players stay and play.
  3. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    I lost lots of them now. Good Job for the misscommunication between staffs of NCSoft.
  4. The damage still same depends how many times you land it on enemies. But the longer the battle in one match the more fun I get, means we get good balanced fight. ^ ^
  5. SSD: SATA vs. PCIe

    Go for Samsung M.2 evo 970 Around 2500-3000MB/s read write approx. So fast loading screen and smooth ingame.
  6. It's a trap alternative. Just stay with Aransu 9 until GC super cheap in trove.
  7. Is BnS dying

    Much decreased. Lack of supports aka incredibly lazy Supports . Lots of my whale friend having hard time from support. they spent like thousands of USD.
  8. Crashing and Disconnecting in 6v6

    Cannot joined back the match due to DC then dead in match Hate these useless fix too
  9. No daily dash after maintenance?

    Ripped again from daily dash. 1 day lost 3 spins already for premium.
  10. 800K hp lol, few slices kill everyone around. even mega whales died beside wardens.
  11. Treasuere tove a rip off or not?

    300keys super rare on 2 critical unless each 40. Very well ripped.
  12. Treasure trove Opening 350 keys

    even the 2 stars full of craps. I heard some player spent thousands of keys but only few times 3 star crits. last trove i opened 200 keys i get like 4-5 times 3 stars rewards.
  13. Moonstone crystals

    This request has been so long asked. Even they reduce everwhere from reward such as 3 times winning pvp 6v6 yellow chest (contained moonstones), and reducing moonstones 100 bundles from naksun. While people try to join to get box moonstones on 6v6, most whales whining about the low geared pvp players. While we need 5K+ moonstones to progress to get good gear pvp pve (for medium player maybe 2.5K-3K moonstones enough). I know many people though got 3-5K in moonstones crystals. But they camped SSP and do pvp like 8hours+ everyday as if it's his work. And other materials we also need thousands also (elysian, soulstone, sacred, etc).
  14. Fortune Falls Fishing Hook One-Time Compensation

    Just now I lost pet pack, But I get the fleeting oils. I kept pressing to get the pet pack but failed then gone.
  15. What happen to Naksun 10 moonstone bundle

    Soon there will be another new weapon (seeing how fast they want to grab money from mega whale by updating so fast on game). I wonder how big the mountain of moonstones and Premium trans stone needed not to mention other materials.