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  1. Blade and Soul performance on Ryzen?

    Seems I know more than you think. They had implemented multi-core with 64-bit upgrade in UE3, few years ago. one of sources:
  2. Hi, Has already anyone benchmarked how Blade and Soul works on those new Ryzen CPUs and can share results? Btw. did we also get better multi-core support with 64-bit client, or it's still KR-only?
  3. Another nice outfit stuffed into a RNG Box again

    That % icon means that this item is randomly given, it's not meant for percentage. As you can see, in asian versions they use chinese character for that: 随机 which means "random", not percentage(百分比). Probably writing "random loot" was too long to fit in that place, so they just wrote "%" symbol to symbolize random loot. P.S. before you start calling me whitesomething or NCbot - I've not played BnS since July (I wait for next story Arc).
  4. account locked because of gold transcation?

    Your behaviour looks exacly like some gold sellers (sending gold between multiple accounts, logging on them from one IP, sending much gold to another account then). Probably they have no logs to check that you got that 1kg from Daily Dash, so in they eyes you look the same as all those bad gold sellers.
  5. Looking at how many people write about DCs in BnS that list of DCers may be too long and they will just ignore it not-banning anyone.
  6. One of the worst mmorpgs I've ever played.

    Ride the cat! :D (Lyns are small enough)
  7. Clan uniform designs

    To buy something with HMcoins you either get lucky from quest or buy HMcoins. Dunno about % of the first (seems low, I never got token from anything other than daily roullete, so should't be problematic), but in second case: if you want to buy HMcoins someone must to sell it. And to sell it they need to buy NCcoin for $$$, which means they don't loose anything. So it doesn't look like much loss for them in terms of moneys (apart from players that got lucky and got lot's on HMcoins by luck).
  8. GM Zenith told me to post this here.

    It doesn't look like he's passive agressive. He must have posted wrong link (or it was changed by bug/feature in ZenDesk). As for the restorations - I remember somone from staff saying they will restore items "max 2 times, so people don't abuse it", and you are already past that.
  9. Dungeon leavers

    I've seen some ppl leaving because dung was not started, so they leave and LFG again with hope they will get to group that is already at last boss.
  10. Thank you for noticing this issue. I think this thread could be blocked now, so it prevents more flameware between players.
  11. Arena %1.000.000 Bullshit

    Arena is meant to be competetive and skill-oriented. For gear-oriented PvP you have: Battlegrounds, SSP and Misty Woods.
  12. Wtfast vs Pingzapper

    NC seems to prefer WTFast :D
  13. I've not even took part in this contest. I'm not an artist, I'm programmer :-) I'm just pointing out that this "winning costume" broke rules (terms) of contest.
  14. that ornaments on the bottom of that white looks identical
  15. Go look at lyn's mask in winning outfit. And now Google for "Marth Fire Emblem mask". contest rules: "Further, any Costume Design that contains trademarks, copyright - protected or other proprietary materials for which the Entrant has not obtained appropriate assignment of rights will be void. " EDIT Commenters also found parts stolen from: Rage of Bahamut - heavly "inspired" clothing for Jin Touhouvania - traced hairstyle and hairband EDIT2: Summary from @shinnabuns: