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  1. Are you on Yura? Feel free to join my public Discord. There's some people who run MSP regularly on there and no requirement either. It's a nice and helpful community.
  2. A video guide on the first boss in Scarlet Conservatory. Also known as "ET".
  3. Tower of Memory forgot quest

    ToM is locked to once to per day. If you forgot, then unfortunately, you lose out on the daily reward. You can try sending a ticket.
  4. Brood Chamber Driving Guide

    A video guide on how to properly drive the AOEs for the first boss in Brood Chamber.
  5. Listen your voice please.

    3 things needed to clear the more difficult event portion: 1. TT gear (varies and depends on #2 and #3). 2. Good ping (mid double digits or lowers). 3. Class knowledge (optimal skill rotations).
  6. Old RNG Boxes Better?

    I think I prefer these Trove like boxes over the traditional RNG boxes. No benefits of Trove, but for every 10 you get 1 free box. I tried 100 boxes and felt my RNG was much better with these than previous boxes; however, RNG is RNG so maybe I got lucky this time. Gambling is promoted in any game that offers loot boxes. It's an unfortunate thing that has become the norm and won't go away for a good while. You can see my results below:
  7. Bloom Jackpot

    Submit a ticket to support. They cannot assist you on forums. 1. Click on Support Login Submit a Ticket Fill in the fields and and describe your problem and you're good to go
  8. Here are my results from 100 Sparking Starcaller Chests....In the name of science.
  9. Raid Nerfs

    This is the TLDR list of the nerfs for VT and TT. What's your thoughts on this matter? Personally, I don't agree with mechanical nerfs. What was the point in coding all that just to undo parts/all of it and potentially introduce new bugs? Sure, it helps out the community gear up for the next content, but long term it doesn't teach people the complex mechanics. For instance, groups that clear TT after the nerfs will be hitting an omega wtf mechanics wall when they attempt ET. From a walk in the park to full on mechanics; groups will have a hard time adjusting. Basically, nerfing = brain dead content. Nerfing health makes more sense. It's much easier to apply without changing much coding + mechanics are intact. Keep content interesting. Don't dull it. #BringBackMechs
  10. Hey, as a returning player you will most likely have more questions as you progress in the game. I don't play Destroyer, so I can't give advice on that. Feel free to join my public community Discord. We help out all types of players.
  11. QoL Suggestions

    Aside from any major QoL suggestions that may never happen or is a huge undertaking; here are some "minor" QoL much needed changes. 1. Remove loading portals within dungeons. We already loaded the dungeon, and now we have to load other parts of it? The work around - is to walk backwards into the portal to avoid load screens. 2. Remove loading screens upon pressing 4 to revive. For example, if someone is dead in Mushin's Tower and they press 4. They are forced to load the zone again for some unnecessary reason. 3. Received Items - multiple items from system rewards need to be received all at once. For example, retrieving 30+ HM xp charms from the 6 hour login reward makes them receive 1 at a time, spamming 30+ lines of text in my chat and actions are locked until complete. 4. Increase the amount of mailing item slots from 3 to at least 6. 5. Reward boxes in quantities of 2 or more cannot be opened while moving. Try it yourself. When opening a single stack chest reward while moving, it's fine. But once you try opening 2 or more while moving it says "unable to socket"? Not sure how opening multiple boxes = attempt at socketing, and why the system prevents us from opening multiple boxes when one is fine (during movement, non-combat). 6. Option to open multiple boxes all at once instead of one at a time. I know BnS Buddy has this feature. 7. A history tab added to Guild functions. Permanent historical information such as: X joined, X left, X donated, X crafted, X got guild item, etc allows transparency and makes it easier for leaders to manage their guilds. 8. Death in 6v6s + DC'ing cancels the prompt to rejoin the match (provided you didn't take too long to get back into the game and the match is still active). Sure, someone could ress you, but this shouldn't be required to circumvent the issue. 9. When you DC and attempt to log back in it says "account already logged in" even though your friends can confirm you are offline and your character is gone. The message makes the game close, forcing users to relaunch the game, again. What are some other QoL you would like to see?
  12. BG time! make it viable to all!

    The earliest opening of Shackled Isles is 12:00 server time, which is around 9pm in Poland I believe. Sure, they could do an earlier time, but a good chunk of the community isn't active till evening 5-6pm EST. A good possibility queues would be dead early in the day. A majority of people have school or work day shifts.
  13. BNS 2019?

    It's all about doing main story line quests only to get to level 60 ASAP. No changes in optimization till later some time this year with the introduction of UE4. If you need help with the game, you may join my public server.
  14. Returning player(s)

    For the most part - yes, it is friendly to new players. Lots of upgrade costs reductions, and added things to help new players. If you have questions you can join my public Discord:
  15. The Farewell

    April Fool's.