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  1. So can anyone tell me exactly how I'm supposed to beat FM as SF. It's really just a huge advantage with FM and seems like I have no chance to win. If I get close to them and try to burst them they just escape and freeze me which makes me use an FM stand iframe or kfm stance iframe if I'm frozen and close to them. So basically I end up using most if not all my iframes against FM. Also them constantly blocking my approach skills is a big pain in the ass also as I'm basically a sitting duck cause theirs no way for me to approach them. This is a really hard match up so just wondering if someone c
  2. Okay I dont like to be that person but get good honestly. Ofc their gonna use SB to win that's the nature of their class 1 of their main skills just like how sins are gonna be invisible all the time. Honestly wardens are not that hard to fight, just don't be stupid and fight them in their V circle.
  3. Well first off none of what I said was towards you or ment to be negative towards you, it's all negativity towards the company and just my opinion on how they handle things. Sorry if that offended you but I'm just saying how i feel about the game. Also you came of very sarcastic to me at first. I'm only stating how the game is and I wasnt even trying to be rude was just honestly telling you if you want to keep playing the game run by a bad company and support them then that's on you but dont expect them to give you the same treatment that you give them. People tend to have this blind followin
  4. sorry but the arena suggestion is still not a good idea at all still, if arena was actually balanced and didn't have stupid classes doing crazy things then maybe that would actually be a good idea for everyone to do, but arena is still in a very bad spot hence why nobody does it at all and having these soulstones boxes isn't gonna change that. I mean look at the classes dominating the ranks in arena, its just wardens, Des, and FM's.
  5. I mean if you want to keep playing this game when the company doesnt care for you at all and keeps making the game worse then what it was before and keeps giving shitty events and the only thing they care to actually push is rng boxes and troves then go right ahead and keep playing, you asked if it's worth it so I gave my opinion. I've played the game just as much as you and I can honestly say that lvl 45 was more worth it to play but now it's gone completely down hill and you can clearly see that NC does not give any ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤s about their playerbase. I mentioned to play that game to not be tro
  6. Its probably not for you if you don't like a lot of tedious grind to just be able to get to a decent gear lvl in the game and you actually need to be a certain gear or else your gonna have a hard time getting into F8 groups with the way F8 people act. its hard for new players and alts to get groups when you constantly got people asking for 1.2k+AP for super easy dungeons. so yeah unless you got some friends to help you and what not I would think about finding another game to play as theirs alot of things wrong with it like the company not really caring for their playbase and their concerns and
  7. you all asking for arena to be more rewarding when you really should be asking for pvp to be seriously overhauled and more balanced. you guys think people don't do pvp cause its not rewarding? no people don't do it cause its completely unbalanced with the same damn classes being broken and being on the top ( Sins, FM, BD, Des, Wardens, WL, Sum, KFM) anyone else not on that list is not good and unfortunately sucks ass to the broken classes that NC refuses to fix hence why nobody is doing arena pvp anymore. if we actually got anything close to balance among the classes then maybe then people wou
  8. yeah matchmaking sucks because the pvp sucks ass in bns. you only win in arena if you play as a broken class like sins, WL, Sum,KFM,FM,Des and BD lol. but yeah nobody is playing cause arena is basically trash and only for the broken classes so nobody wants to play if their just gonna get recked by a broken class.
  9. I like how that's all you say and don't really give a good reply lol. Froststorm is easy to dodge for most of the other classes lol. nobody is gonna keep themselves trapped in it. maybe your talking about 6v6 and if that's the case then yes SF is strong but arena their not as strong compared to everyone else like I said before. Like its obvious that the other classes are easier to climb with then SF. I don't care that people say SF is good in arena because it is, if you know how to use it that is. but to say its broken and easy to climb with is dumb and 100% wrong. any of the other classes are
  10. lol okay sure they are. more braindead then BD's, Des, Sins, WL's and Sums? really gonna say that lol? like I said before their no where near broken and brain dead like the other classes I mentioned but their not bad either. their actually probably a more balanced class then the others seeing as how you actually need to know how to play them and not just faceroll your keyboard. also saying their broken in OWpvp/6v6 is stupid cause any class is broken in OWpvp/6v6 so long as they have whale gear and can 1 shot. you can easily beat a damn SF as any of the other class. the only classes they have
  11. alright I can agree with you on saying warden is weak cause I've beaten that class on pretty much any of the classes I play as or have way less trouble fighting them unlike Sins, WL, or BD, But saying SF is an easy class to climb with in arena is totally wrong, their not bad but their definitely not easy for arena compared to the other broken classes ( sins, des, wl and BD). you really need to know what your doing as SF in arena or else you will get recked easily by one of the other said broken classes. I'd say the only classes that SF has a good match up against are Wardens, BM's and gunsling
  12. why is everyone bugging over a useless item for 2 useless dungeons lol? theirs literally no reason to do Mandate and CS unless their apart of an event. but doing those 2 dungeons on a normal basis isn't worth it and they should just be ignored just like the useless white orbs should be too.
  13. we have literally got baleful upgrades nerfed so much its beyond redicolous at this point. yes maybe new things should be implemented for new players but you guys make it sound like its impossible for a new player when its not and all they have to do is just reach out to friendly active clan to help them or some friendly players in the game, because they do exist not everyone clan is an ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ whale clan and not every player is an ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ whale player. new players can find people to help in the higher dungeons instead of looking like lost puppies.
  14. who? everyone in this thread ( someone asked for raven weapons to be given in story quest) and on Reddit are basically acting like they want hand outs. so if that's the case then I guess NC should just do that then. I've seen other games decide to make their players very happy by giving them more free things and making everyone happy so they don't take forever to get their stuff but then they give them too much stuff and the player base becomes bored and people stop playing. even before the gold nerfs people where still complaining about not being able to get things easily. either way no matte
  15. lol alright when they finally do give us all these free handouts that all of you seem to want so bad then your gonna make new threads on here complaining that everything is too easy and theirs nothing left to do in the game because you got so many free handouts and reached end game very fast. I suppose we should all get raven 9, max BT accessories, 8 set ss, all octagonal gems and true cosmic soul when we finish story now shouldn't we? since we need so many free handouts, if they did that, that would really help everyone wouldn't it?
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