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  1. PvP is dead :(

    If you dont want to give up some rewards, then wait in queue. Dont think that devs will rewrite the whole system from the ground, because there is a low population region, who likes abuse its low pop status. If you broke it, enjoy it. I dont have even the royal zen bean unlocked on any of my new chars because of sealclubbers. And pls, drop this bot idea already. If someone want to fight with bots, there are game modes for it.
  2. Ninja Nerf

    Imperial mark have a lot better drop rate. Like 1 every 10 runs.
  3. Ninja Nerf

    RT - Imperial mark - hepta obsidian DST - Demon fang - octa obsidian
  4. PvP is dead :(

    But nobody want to play against his/her alts. Now it looks like that you try to defend the HM income, because there is no real pvp player number boost. We can even say, there is a griefing to kill out new ppl from ladder to save the income.
  5. And this is after day 1. 27 more days...
  6. PvP is dead :(

    1 player with 1 character is 1 player 1 player with 10 character is still 1 player. I dont even queue, because i dont want to get beaten by top 20 players 200+ times, when they rank up 10 chars each. If they rank up only 20 chars, then there is place for the rest.
  7. good event

    Whaleboost event :D
  8. good event

    They have more money from this lootbox stuff. From 6 ppl in dungeon 4 have premium, and whales spend more money than those 2 premiums.
  9. PvP is dead :(

    You wont get new players without loosing the old ones.
  10. good event

    Look the good side, there are more than 300 whales :D
  11. Constructive Feedback about class

    BD and DES have protects. And yes, i dont want 5 BD or 5 DES, but i dont want 5 Warden or Gunner either. I see your point, that grab should be changed, but still there is no hate for BD or DES. I play warden, for me, the rest 5 can be whatever, i never kicked anyone because of class.
  12. Constructive Feedback about class

    BW and BB are still 2 spots in a 6 man party. Even if i want AC from gunner, there are still 3 spots for the rest. If you play with LFP button, you play with classes what you get. Most of the ppl want BB, because they are somewhat rare, back in past both classes were hard to play, especially with bad ping, but they have now good simple modes. Only rerolling cost a hand and leg.
  13. Constructive Feedback about class

    Its not an empty answer. In F8 you need dps. I will choose an 5m dps destro over 4,9m dps fm, summ, gunner, bm...
  14. Constructive Feedback about class

    Check Kisoo BnS stream on twitch. The right answer is there.
  15. Constructive Feedback about class

    Every class is viable, you only need to spend a lot of money to gear them up.