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  1. Feeling Hosed

    Like me with 3rd spec SIN. Redeemed the event TT starter gear on it, but still cant figure the spec out. I should redeem it on BM 3rd... but i am like now, lets play another game, doesnt worth the time.
  2. over 5000 keys 0 penta gems

    You have better chance to get gems from the classic lootbox.
  3. Its not irrevelant. This version is nowhere near to KR damage wise. So the enrage timers and HP bars should be different too, with a big margin. What was the point to change the enrage timer to the same time, like the speed kill achievement?
  4. Another KR update, what doesnt work on NA, EU. Nothing special. It happens, when in KR they hold 20-30m dps and west 2-3m.
  5. Its easy to understand. Western and KR version is close to each other. So the KR devs think - because they have 0 information about the NA/EU version, or just ignorance idk - that the same patch is good for us, what is good for KR. In KR they have 0 problem with gold, they swipe 10x more than we swipe , so they are a way better geared and they run only the HM dungeon trains, or farm the new one for the fresh gear. They have the gold, have the gear... no problem for them even the events like hunters refugee, because there is competition. But look NA/EU, majority is undergeared because of swipe-denial.
  6. Devs are in Korea. Local publishers can ask modifications, and devs can do it in Korea, or refuse it. The difference between RU and West publishing is, that the RU version have a local publisher and talk with players. The West bns service boss is in Korea, does not speak english and he is out of touch with the western playerbase.
  7. What everyone's thinking?

    First we should stop separate pve and pvp players. Call them players. Rewards shouldnt be separated either. Both activities need to give same rewards. PVP and PVE gear should be merged already. BG and OWPVP is now a hostage of p2w.
  8. What everyone's thinking?

    Ofc you need. This is not a MOBA or a PVP game. This is an MMORPG game. PVE part is mandatory, who dont want to PVE, just look for a MOBA or PVP game.
  9. Common Sense: F9 vs Trove

    You need 3rd party app to download it.
  10. Common Sense: F9 vs Trove

    The mobile version is less p2w than pc and progression is better. You can get 3000 AP in no time.
  11. What everyone's thinking?

    I completely ignore the game. Best option nowadays :D
  12. UE5

    For this quality you need RTX 2070 and above. So wont happen.
  13. How far behind is my dps ?

    Even if you skip 2 years, you will be still ahead :D Bad gear progression is bad.
  14. Ohh, they are again changing things left and right instead of removing them.