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  1. They swipe like no tomorrow, there is no need to force them. But west need "some motivation" :)
  2. Its more like a shop with delay. You pay (bait) and you get later mats. There is CB for reward.
  3. Speedruns are about maximization. You want to have 6 ppl with max AP to beat the clock or leaderboard. Optimizing would be to duo with your high AP friend (if you high AP) and either duo it (or solo if you high AP) or just hit LFP for a second then apply without waiting and bringing in what you get there. No point to cherrypick 3 minute from players to save 30 sec on boss, when the 90% of dungeon time is running. Most likely by not forcing people to either quit or spend money by making irreal expectations.
  4. Speedrunning dungeons was never about beeing optimal. This part is the elitism. Supporting the malicious progression system of the game, what hurts most of the new or returning ppl... we can call this toxicism.
  5. They should have self-criticism too.
  6. No need to roll back. A full item reset for exploiters is more than enough. Back to training sword with 0 gold.
  7. This only proves how bad is this publisher at all.
  8. Do you think they care? The only luck we have, that they run an online game and not a hospital.
  9. I have almost bis gear in FFXIV with like 45-50 min per day. Thats not the MMOs fault, if the business model is about timewalling content to push people towards cash shopping.
  10. Its a shame, what they are doing with this game, but KR HQ dont really care about the western market at all. I bet the service termination will be around 2021 spring.
  11. If you are a casher, you dont need to sell anything. You can buy all the loot boxes, gold chests, get 100000 of gold from those "epic events". Middle ground people are still paying customers. Look f8. Whales just solo it, or play the new content with other whales. Yea, there are some nolifer free 2 play ppl, but the exception proves the rule.
  12. Its easier to remove those tradeable items from low and mid upgrade tree. But this thing was discussed here so many times. They just want you to feel frustrated, and you find yourself on a crossroad. Either you start spendig and you make the publisher happy, or you quit and the publisher loose a non-paying customer. These customers are not welcomed in "free" mmos anyway.
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