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  1. v. NCSOFT may also choose, in its sole and absolute discretion, to make any quantity of Hongmoon Coin available in connection with any Account on a limited, promotional, and/or other basis, including but not limited to in connection with purchases of Hongmoon Coin, attendance at events, virtual or otherwise, gifts from NCSOFT or third parties, etc. (collectively, "Promotional Hongmoon Coin"). Purchased Hongmoon Coin in any Account may in NCSOFT’s sole and absolute discretion be deducted from such Account prior to the deduction of any Promotional Hongmoon Coin made available to You for any Account. vi. NCSOFT may in its reasonable discretion choose to make available Hongmoon Coin only for those Accounts in compliance with all provisions of this agreement, and to limit the amount of Hongmoon Coin – including Promotional Hongmoon Coin – that may be obtained in connection with an Account. So you can get "Promotional HM Coin".
  2. Got fixed in the patch, so not a big deal to get him now.
  3. SUGGESTION: Blade & Soul In VR 360

    In BnS? Stop joking.
  4. SUGGESTION: Blade & Soul In VR 360

    For VR you want 90 fps to prevent motion sickness. Good luck to reach it here.
  5. If you can solo it, that dungeon is already useless for you.
  6. Just download a mobile MMO, they have auto modes. I want solo mode for dungeons. The waiting times are ridiculous already.
  7. Armory chest(s) - missing stuff!

    My bad, you have right.
  8. Armory chest(s) - missing stuff!

    Legendary soul badge missing too.
  9. It helps. My wardrobe is full of outfits, what i wont wear anymore, because there are better ones. But you dont know, what will come or when will come something back.
  10. 100 hours for WIngs

    Material pouch is good too, but the prices for gems and wing is hilarious.
  11. They wont make purchasable all at the same time to avoid cherry picking. Only the rotation helps to sell the less wanted ones.
  12. New Event - You just don't care enough

    They want you to buy it, not earn it.
  13. New event

    You can get Mao and raid tokens from dragon express. But dont worry, being stuck with a 3 slot GC1 weapon will be alot worse, then anything else :D
  14. Sins

    I talked about active, not the current logins.
  15. Sins

    "...and players completed 11,462,141 daily challenges..." Thats around 31400 dailies per day. If we count like 4 daily average, thats 7850 characters. Ofc there are alts in this number (most of them do only weeklies), but there are alot of ppl, who log in only for weekly raid or skip some dailies. So i dropped both group out from the math. So 3,5 - 4k per EU and 3,5 - 4k per NA is a good estimate. Raid recruitment discord have 5200 online right now.