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  1. You can choose : 1. spend money 2. grind whole day 3. quit Smart ppl choose the 3rd option.
  2. Returning player

    1) if you will play a lot, its worth 2) FM is one of the best dps chars, if you like it, dont reroll 3) you can 1v1. 3v3 is dead, rest is p2w 4) yes 5) population is slowly decrasing. The endgame is not fun, too much unrewarding grind combined with very unfriendly playerbase. 6) performance still the same, but will be changed in 2019 with UE4.
  3. New player questions

    This game is a mega-grindfest. The bare minimum to do are the dailies every day + the actual event. Thats like 1 hour / day + weekly stuff.
  4. New player questions

    This will change after we get warden next month.
  5. Or just phase out lvl50 content already (rewards was nerfed anyway), like lvl45 before. And streamline the gear progress.
  6. This is the perfect example, why the gear progression is bad. Even the game ragequit because of it :D
  7. But its a problem. With the current "idea" it should be reworked like 2 times / year. When it was released, the gear difference was very small between players. Now if they buff it, for what level will they aim? TT gear? Either npcs stay at 1 shot level for geared people, or devs exclude a large chunk of playerbase.
  8. This is the core problem, its scripted for a certain gear.
  9. NC Q2 Earnings

    From patch to patch, the game is more demanding : either time or money, players slowly leaving.
  10. You can set up minimum bid, lets say 10g. Or do you think chat biddig, then giving money first is better system?
  11. They dont need to rewrite the raid system. Just make 2 reward chests drop, one for 1-6 and one for 7-12.
  12. Unreal Engine 4

    In 2019.
  13. Just make opponent difficulty based on actual player gear level. First 30 floors weaker than you, next 30 same level, next 30 stronger and the rest 10 some special stuff. This will be about skill, and not about gear.
  14. How about new players...

    Thats why there is no point to using this raid as a timewall for new players.
  15. How about new players...

    You stated that bns is free from rng progression, what is not true. Even your soulshield rolls are rng. In Mabinogi Heroes old raids have 5 runs / day. We still have 1 BT / week.