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  1. The new Call to Arms is a bit...

    I feel the 6 weeklies isn't hard, there's the 2 tt and 2 ET weeklies that are super easy, I do them on my R3 no gear chars. Then there's the 2 favor and fortune and masterful task that will complete from super easy dungeons. Also every stage you do open will give you a lot of gear and your char should be decently strong. Granted it will be shitty to try to do hills since the new chars aren't gonna have party res charms and if you advertise hills and have a ton of new people show up it can turn into a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ show. However I'm gonna wait and see how things play out with the supposed dungeon nerfs. Right now to me this looks like a decent event and ill likely make a astromancer and open the box on it. Ill also be maken a new lvl 60 warden to replace JonJonPoPongSoulburn because its annoying to activate SB vs SF. Also depending on how OP in arena astromancer is ill roll out a team of 3 of them to troll 3v3 by myself. Like this but with astromancer, Oh and with the accounts i have ill make a 3x summoner squad also.
  2. I haven't watched a korean B and S stream in what has to be years now. Their bosses have like no HP, SP bosses have like 170M HP each and Hills boss doesn't even have 700M HP. People can do these dungeons with no gear char parties where as we have to restrict access to these dungeons to geared players creating a toxic environment for new players. They are literally LFPing dungeons that we say TB+ for. I always do ALL welcome for CC down, but it sucks to have to kick out new players from dungeons like HH, SP, DST and H0. A lot of people wont even let new players into CC as they cant carry. WTF? How is making the game more punishing for new players supposed to grow the playerbase? Who at NCwest thinks this kind of ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ is a good idea? Obviously at NCsoft Korea they disagree with you, so WTF? Are the only decisions you guys independently make, the ones that makes the game worse?
  3. server aws

    Thanks for adding an additional 600+ KM for my data to travel, wow, as if the 3200 KM to Texas wasn't enough its now gonna be 3800. Worse when Im at work in the oil sands its gonna be 4200 KM.. I honestly hope they took the data of where everyone lives and found that this was closest to the majority of people.
  4. We need a Rollback

    No roll backs. This event has given everyone a max pet and talisman, it's made people happy. My pet was already 1 stage from max and I'm not bothered by everyone else having a max pet also. It's good, again, people are happy.

    NCsoft doesn't ban cheaters, when the game first came out I recorded and submitted video to the GMs through tickets of this botter. This person was 100% botting and doing it 24 hours a day 7 days a week in frostscale basin. I submitted 6 videos over a 1 month period and I don't know if anything ever happened to the person. I do know that one time I saw this person at Grand harvest square actually playing the game and I PMed them to go *** themselves and the next day I got a warning from a GM about harassing other players. If you go to my youtube you can see 5 other videos over that 1 month and each one was submitted in a ticket. [moderated content] NCsoft doesn't realize the damage these *** do to player base. I was doing 40/40 max quests every day that first year getting myself to be one of the first HM 15s in game and it demoralized me a great deal to see someone just afk bot for XP day after day. Its the same with this *** who are exploiting/hacking the game and making a ton of gold with no effort at all or using XML to boost their damage. As a GM your job is to protect our game world, a space we spend countless hours in and money on also. However when you let such blatant cheaters get away with their bullshit its ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ disgusting.
  6. Nyraka Hunting Zone Channels

    ANYTHING under 10 channels is UNACCEPTABLE
  7. 2 CHS is still laggy as $%^&, theres people on top of people and how the hell did you think 2 was enough? 10 would hardly be enough. IT IS PAINFUL TO play in there, have you EVEN TRIED? LEts see you go in there and kill 200 mobs. DO you hate your jobs? is that why you S$%t on your customers all day long? THIS IS NOT FUN WHy do you guys not get that we are playing blade and soul to try to have fun, yet you constantly do things to take any and all fun away?
  8. Nyraka in a nutshell

    Its not other players killing them its freezing up at 3 FPS and dien to monsters. ADD MORE ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ CHANNELS
  9. Nyraka Hunting Zone Channels

    Seriously how is 1 ch acceptable? im getting 3 fps and crashing out after 1 minute even on lowest settings at 640x480 resolution. FIX THIS NOW.
  10. over 5000 keys 0 penta gems

    Over 5000 keys and not once did a PLAIN PENTA never mind the dyad show up, thats ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. Plain and simple, a less than 1 in 5000 chance? come the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ on.
  11. over 5000 keys 0 penta gems

    Ive watched people in my clan do well over 5000 keys (discord stream) so far (1 guy even did 2000) and NOT ONCE did a mixed penta or even just a normal penta come up. WTF? Twice a mixed square dyad came up in over 5000 keys and like 4 times a square gem came up? This is ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. WHY DO YOU ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ block us on gems so much? Even the people who are throwing money cant get them. I was going to do 200 keys myself but have since decided not to. A REGULAR PENTA GEM DIDNT EVEN ONCE SHOW UP IN 5000 Keys WTF? I know a Mixed Dyad Penta is supposed to be super rare but NORMAL PLAIN penta not even showing up once? We used to get gem powder refunds with new gem tiers, we used to be able to buy gems with gem powder and we cant do that anymore. Now you cant even trove for gems? WHY? 5000+ keys 0 pentas... Even the guy who did 2000 keys couldnt even make a single penta from the gems he got.
  12. REMOVE the cost of mailing gems

    With the reduction in gold the cost of mailing higher tier gems is now so much that you will lose money if you're just trying to do weeklies or the 5 challenge on a alt. FIX THIS and just get rid of the cost of mailing gems once and for all.
  13. The Carry Function

    Join a clan, play with them.
  14. The problem is whales are sitting on 100,000 to 500,000 and some are at a million plus gold. The regular player is doing upgrades constantly and only has maybe 1000-5000 gold on them right now. The value of whales gold is just going to go up and its going to hurt the health of the game. People who run this game don't play it, so they cant make decisions.