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  1. Why is the event weapon the same DPS as my A9?

    As for my gear to give you an idea, my soul is max soul. I do the exact same DPS with event wep as I do with A9...
  2. More difficult events are good!

    A massive health pool that cant be defeated by mastery of mechanics is not game play or challenging, its simply needing whale gear, not skill based. Its not hard, its simply gated by gear.
  3. Seriously, whats the point of this? It doesn't help anyone at all. Doing the turtle to stage 3 and getting the 1 hour weapon doesn't give you enough DPS to beat stage 4. I am doing the same DPS with the event wep as I do with my A9... So whats the point of this? I thought this was supposed to be a GC 9 wep that everyone could play with on their Mains and alts and use for doing harder dungeons and raids for fun. All I hear is people saying "this is not fun".