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  1. New gems, ouch!?

    Give us antique refund like we have gotten every single time. Also 5 gold to mail a gem to a alt? WTF We went over this when you first imposed super high gem mailing prices when gems first became mailable, all it does is make playing alts harder. Why are you guys so out of touch with the community for this game? The things you've done right in the past you now decide to stop doing?
  2. Another whale exclusive event only

    You will be 1 shot by basically anyone half geared. You have to kill 80 million HP mobs and trying to do that with PVP gear is going to be much slower than PVE gear, however if you aren't wearing PVP gear any scrub will 1 shot you. Even with the best PVP gear ET gear level people will 1 shot you. THERE WILL BE NO DEFENSE BUFF that you experience in 6 v 6, SO WHATEVER damage you are used to getting in 6 v 6, in open world you'll experience much more. This might let groups of scrubs have a fighting chance against whales, but given the fact that people will be fighting mobs with PVE gear, they will get wiped out by people roaming around full PVP as whales who will flag the second they are in position and nuke groups of players before those players can react. This isn't a good PVP event, you know what was a good PVP event? The first years 6 v 6 event. Also when you watch Koreans doing this event in September they have 900k+ HP.
  3. 624 gold to make a 5 million XP charm?? This is INSANE

    Even if you farm the materials, these are sell-able materials, to use them is to consume the gold value you could have made if you sold them. Its been 4 years, i have been playing this game for almost everyday for 4 years and im still only 300 mill into HM 23, HM levels shouldn't be so unattainable.
  4. Boring patch *Yawns* also my 2020 wishes for bns

    The last two troves have been literal garbage fires, I didn't even spend the NCoin i had sitting on my account on the last trove because of how bad the previous trove was. The reality is NA doesn't even get told what is coming up for the game, remember how they announced the restart server for UE4 Korea at the worlds? They never even told the other regions heads that this was going to be a thing. It caused so much confusion and speculation on what we would be getting. Something that important and NA staff got a big middle finger from NCsoft Korea. Pure disrespect. I don't blame NA NCsoft for content, however ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ trove? yea that's on them, they aren't in touch with the player base. Spending 100 USD, the cost of 2 AAA games and walking away feeling ripped off and upset? No that should never happen, however it did, so ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ troves. The harvest event was good though.
  5. Evolved stones = 15 x 28 gold = 420 gold Sacred Orbs = 50 x 3 gold = 150 gold Soulstones = 50 x 0.74 gold = 34 gold Plus 20 gold transmutation fee So 624 gold and a 1 million XP charm to make a 5 Million XP charm AND THESE CHARMS still have a 24 hour cooldown? This is unacceptable. You let whales spam them to get HM level 30 and those of us who have enough charms to reach another level are unable to use them except for 1 a day but when confronted with the cost, no one is going to use them. I am 500 million away from HM 24 and there's no way i'm going to spend 62,400 gold... Can you guys maybe play the game for a couple hours a day to understand the struggles of people who are playing it and understand how insane the cost of these charms is? These charms should cost 100 Soulstone crystals and 100 Sacred Crystals + 50 gold crafting fee, also the 24 hour cooldown should be removed. You let whales hit HM 30 but you are holding back regular players. HM 24 is 800 Million XP+ so I'm guessing HM 25 is 1 billion. Which even if you did with 5 million XP charms the 24 hour cooldown would mean it would take 200 days to go from HM 24 to 25, never mind that you would spend another 5+ years trying to reach HM 30.
  6. My first whale experience

    That was the last trove for me. I spent $100 USD on 200 keys and I got NOTHING of value. NCsoft is tone deaf and the whole RNG excuse is bull ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. I paid you the value of 2 AAA games and got NOTHING. Didn't buy any Ncoin this trove, used my HM coin from rankings to do some keys. I've been playing this game for 4 years and have participated in usually every 2nd trove, you can see all the videos on my youtube ( I've never gotten anything Amazing, however usually the trove would be a supply of good materials and Legendary jewels, Fall trove was nothing but the same hot garbage 1 stars over and over. They must make the trove such hot garbage because gambling addicts will just keep doing it. Hey NCsoft, if your customer gives you $100 USD and isn't happy with having done that, that's bad business. Everyone who does trove should leave it feeling happy.
  7. Why is the event weapon the same DPS as my A9?

    As for my gear to give you an idea, my soul is max soul. I do the exact same DPS with event wep as I do with A9...
  8. More difficult events are good!

    A massive health pool that cant be defeated by mastery of mechanics is not game play or challenging, its simply needing whale gear, not skill based. Its not hard, its simply gated by gear.
  9. Seriously, whats the point of this? It doesn't help anyone at all. Doing the turtle to stage 3 and getting the 1 hour weapon doesn't give you enough DPS to beat stage 4. I am doing the same DPS with the event wep as I do with my A9... So whats the point of this? I thought this was supposed to be a GC 9 wep that everyone could play with on their Mains and alts and use for doing harder dungeons and raids for fun. All I hear is people saying "this is not fun".