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  1. Recently NCSOFT removed all dungeons below Heavens Mandate from F8. So any dungeon below Heavens Mandate cannot be qued for in the dungeon lobby. You have to enter any older dungeons via the open world. All the dungeons in F8 require you to be level 55 or higher.
  2. First, they need to fix the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ game. Then we can worry about bugs and glitches that we caused ourselves.
  3. Allow me to give you a brief list of the most popular topics on the forums. 1. The game is dying 2. NCSOFT continues to ignore our concerns about performance 3. UE4 is a lie 4. Sacred Oils are impossible to farm 5. cheaters go unpunished 6. NCSOFT does not care about battlegrounds, or PVP at all. 7. The game is dying 8. The game is dying 9. The game is dying 10. The game is dying oh and..hi
  4. Let me get this straight....You want compensation for a bundle that cost less money now than it did in the past????? Get real man.... lol
  5. wow that is crazzzyyyy. i didnt even know people were doing things like this...i mean, how do they even find these exploits??....like how does this information spread????....like on discord??....reddit?? or???....
  6. Man what are you saying??????????? Like I said, the 3rd difficulty would just give new players the opportunity to play the damn game. That does not effect you, or the market in any shape or form. If there's no incentive for a player to run the dungeon in easy mode, there not going to run it. How is that difficult to understand???????? If the dungeon doesn't drop loot, why would people run it except for the daily challenge?????????????????????????
  7. That is 100% complete, utter bullshit. The 3rd difficulty is an option specifically designed so that new players can complete the daily challenge and participate in DC based events. No scales, no item drops, no cores, none of that. It would benefit new players and alts only. Players who require scales, legendary accessories, will continue to run normal and hard as usual. The 3rd difficulty would just give new players the opportunity to play the damn game. That does not effect you, or the market in any shape or form.
  8. I've seen this happen before. When I was in highschool I use to play this mobile mmo wow clone called Order and Chaos Online. It was pretty good for a mobile game. But Gameloft decided to release a 2nd game called Order and Chaos 2. It was also really good, but it didn't connect with the Order and Chaos 1 playerbase and didn't do as well. So not only did they kill their original game by creating a 2nd version of the game, but because the game was nowhere near acceptable for the current Order and Chaos 1 playerbase, their 2nd game didnt do well. So they just abandoned both games. You can still
  9. NCSOFT confirmed that Blade and Soul 2 will be released in the first quarter of 2021. They did not confirm whether this is a global launch, or a KR launch. But one thing is for sure. This confirms the death of Blade and Soul. The fact that BNS 2 takes place after the events of BNS is a clear confirmation, that NCSOFT has no plans to continue supporting BNS. It's almost like they've been trying to force people off of the PC version by not fixing performance and ignoring major concerns of the player-base. Hell it very well might've been their marketing strategy. They're a really dumb company, so
  10. Yall aint got no loyalty to your classes. I been playing Des since 2017 and never looked back, even when it sucked. You need to reroll to a class that you enjoy.
  11. I tried this and I cannot believe it. The game runs crystal clear in combat. I just don't understand why they won't fix the damn game....
  12. Everybody on this forum has good takes and bad takes, myself included. You need to get over the fact that if you make a point that I believe is bad, then I'm going to tell you. That's your problem. Anyway, you mentioned the benefit of that 3rd difficulty. Completing the daily challenge. The DC is a core part of how a brand new player progresses throughout the game. Furthermore, a new player can go into a dungeon they've never gone into before, and get some sort of understanding of the bare basics of the bosses and mechanics, without getting crucified, or people leaving the party because of a w
  13. I agree. I'm just pointing out why it wont be nerfed even though it should be.
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