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  1. Been needed this. If we can have a Lyn Warden, then we should get a weight sliders. Who's with me?
  2. Bethany and Jonathan jumping ship

    Only time will tell. Smh gtfo here
  3. Bethany and Jonathan jumping ship

    There's only two outcomes based off of Bethany and Jonathan leaving. Either A: The game really starts nose diving, or B: This game is about to get a whole lot better. The reason it will be outcome A is because of Blade and Soul 2.
  4. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    Nah nah nah nah Nah nah nah nah Hey hey hey GOODBYEEEEE
  5. request to merge servers

    The game is dead! What more do you want?! The lead director for NCWEST just left! Why are you still here?!
  6. Blade and Soul is not Pay to win. It's way worse than pay to win. Your focusing on the name "P2W" too much. It's not about having an advantage over another player in Blade and Soul, it's so much worse than a typical p2w game. If this game was truly p2w, everyone would be max geared. Imagine climbing a mountain that's very high and takes years to get to the top of alone vs paying for a rope to climb over. However, the rope breaks every 50-100ft you climb, and the mountain is 5000ft, so you have to keep buying ropes along the way, pouring more and more money into getting to the top of this mountain. Then 5 months later, all of the sudden the mountain grows another 1000ft. You get the point. But you also have the option of climbing the mountain without the rope. It takes way longer, but you hope someday you'll make it to the top. But in the back of your mind you know the mountain is going to crumble and fall down within the next 3-4 years. But you don't care because you enjoy climbing the mountain, even knowing that the higher points of the mountain are a lot cooler than the lower points. This is the NCsoft infrastructure. You PAY TO PROGRESS. You pour dollars into the game every trove, every rng box, every patch, to get to max gear, to get that ultimate parse, that 1.2mil dps/s. Then you realize that in the next patch there releasing a whole new raid, with even more time-consuming gear, that will take the average human with a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing life year to complete. Like I said, some people just play the game and enjoy it at under 1.2k ap. The game is Pay to Progress by a longshot. And when people try to rationalize why it is not?? It makes me want to vomit. It's an amazing game, but Bloodlust doesn't make the decisions, NCsoft does. WAKE-UP. STOP-SUPPORTING-THIS-COMPANY. GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN.
  7. wtf it actually worked. thanks
  8. Current event feedback Aura/Plog

    Yes I must agree this event was pretty dope.
  9. Blade and Soul for Consoles, when?

    I doubt it will happen.
  10. Do you want to remove all the F2P?

    that does not happen get out of here lmaooo
  11. Do you want to remove all the F2P?

    ap is treated like a gear score in this game. ap isnt a gearscore but thats how people treat it. f8 normal mode is not about skill, its about gear. I was speaking more about raiding more specifically we were talking about vt, which is about skill. thats what my boi dante is complaining about. f8 is f8. vt has a lot of self dmg mechanics. meaning if you do the mechanics correctly, the boss is slowly killing themselve. gear helps yes, but if you dont know what your doing, then its worthless.
  12. Do you want to remove all the F2P?

    See this is why I know you don't know what your talking about. If you have skill=you easily get geared, its as simple as that. Wtf are you debating at this point? Are you debating that the game itself is too hard? Or are you debating that for new players its hard for them to gear up? I already explained that this is a result of NCSOFT, not whales, not fucing players. It's NCSOFTS fault. And i already explained that ncsoft isnt going to do anything about that. So what is your point? This learning curve you speak of has nothing to do with gear. It has to do with skill, because if you have skill, you get gear. its as simple as that. I keep saying this but you keep ignoring this fact. This is a f2p game. It's designed for you to either grind your as off for 6 hours minimum a day, or spend money in order to reach best in slot. Theres no way around that fact. But you keep going on about GOLD and whales and marketplace, But thats not the root of the issue. Im seriously confused wtf are you debating my guy.
  13. Do you want to remove all the F2P?

    Everything you said is true. And guess what? It's not going to change. I encourage you to take a look at some korean bns live streams. Look at how they play the game. You think they give a sheit about rng? They love rng! They love working hard for new gear and getting their as kicked in new raids and dungeons. Because when they complete a dungeon, or a raid, or get that item, they feel great about it. That's the eastern mmo style. Unfortunently, KR makes ncosft more money than NA. So when servers start getting empty they'll shutdown NA. Because 1, we don't make them that much money and 2, Blade and Soul 2 for your ipod will be out. That's where they're going to make some serious money hehe yeaaa boiii
  14. Do you want to remove all the F2P?

    Listen, how do you think "Whales" became who they are? You think they just open their wallets and all the sudden they're good at the game? You think you can just logon to the game and suddenly guilds will beg for you to join their clan?? It's pretty clear that your not an experienced mmo player based off of the statements you've made. I've literally seen the worst gameplay from whales. I saw this one guy, Riftwalk earth destroyer open his rotation with Typhoon....Typhoon! Theirs a difference between good players and bad players. And they fall either into f2p categories or "whale" categories. Whether you like it or not, Whales tend to be better at the game than most people, because their spending money on a game that they like. Not all of them, but most of them are better than you. When I started playing bns, I struggled to find a guild that would let me do MSP! I struggled to get my 5 piece tempest ss as an earth des! Over time you get better at the game by just playing the dam game. So eventually i was able to get into some nice guilds because i was good at playing my role in a raid. But im still not that good and most of the guilds ive been in have been mediocre, because I'm not as skilled as other players. Listen, open your eyes. This is an mmorpg! Your suppose to make friends, your suppose to work your way up the gear ladder, your suppose to get better at the game. If you've been playing bns long enough, you'll know that gear cannot help you in a raid. You can be geared up and still die as easily as a less geared player if you don't have the skill. It's about all about skill, it's about learning mechanics, it's about working as a team! That's what true raiding is about. People read guides, watch videos, some people even practice lmao. The point i'm trying to make is, in any mmo and especially in bns, raiding is not for casual players. It's for hardcore players who want a challenge and enjoy a challenge. I for one am not a team player. I hate raiding with other people, that's why i barely raid these days. So, back to my original point, Nobody is forcing you to join a carry raid! Your other option is to become a good player and join a good raid, grind just like everybody else did, and get your gear! Yes, even the heaviest whales had to grind and get good at playing the character they main. This not a game where you can just spend money and all the sudden your skilled. You can't blame "whales" for something that isn't their fault. Fun fact, a lot of the "whales" you may see in-game are actually not whales, they've been playing the game since beta. So their gear is always up to date because they were never behind a patch. The market is the fault of NCSOFT and NCSOFT alone. This is their upgrade system, their materials. They set the drop rates on their items and they set the requirements for upgrading! As a playerbase, we either work around it, which means selling materials and items at expensive prices, or don't play the game. This is the concept that you are missing. Nothing will change. Ncsoft is not going to fix the market, there not going to make raids easier, and there not going to increase the amount of precious gold you can farm. They don't care! You think they do, but they don't! So you either join the club, or go play eso, or gw2, or wow, or any of those other mmos that actually have their sheit together. This is a f2p mmo, why are you pretending like something is going to change?
  15. Need advice

    Literally pick any class you want. If I had to chose a class that does the lowest amount of dps, atm it would probably be Bm end game. In terms of highest dps, Destro. Yes, i am bias.