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  1. That's what I'm saying. I'm surprised that I haven't heard a lot of people mention this. I'm really glad they updated these dungeons, but holy ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ we need some more time to complete the bosses. That's literally it.
  2. That's not the point man! The point is if the enrage timer is so low, that doesn't allow people with lower gear to do complete the boss. With the older solo dungeons, new players could still clear the bosses reasonably if they knew the mechanics well and their rotation was strong. At this point it doesn't matter. I sustain 2.5 mil on a dummy. I clear hong generally with 1.4-1.5mil with -4 seconds. I'm hitting enrage. That's not reasonable. The enrage time needs to be higher hands down.
  3. Just wanted to add onto this after talking with support. An option would be to increase the damage of the bosses and increase the enrage timer, so at least its still difficult, but people still have the chance to complete it. I think each boss needs about 1- 2minuetes added, maybe more idk how much trouble people are having with the lower level bosses(mushins tower bosses). But overall i think players with lower gear that are outmatched gear wise, should still have the chance to learn the mechanics and kill the bosses, even though they are really under geared.
  4. Dude that's like saying why are you running weeklies? It's free easy rewards that you can aquire very easily, or at least I thought you could. Not to mention that I'm losing a lot of gold since I can't complete the dailies anymore. It boggles my mind that more people arent annoyed by these enrage timers? Whats your gearscore??? Are you clearing hong easily?? If you are above 2400 ap then you shouldnt be commenting on this because you probably dont even feel these enrage timers unless your running these dungeons on alts.
  5. OK bro they should still increase the enrage timers to give people an actual chance to complete the solo dungeons. Like its ridiculous
  6. So do think the enrage timer probably needs to go up on these bosses around the board?
  7. That's not the point man. Im just giving you an idea of where I am gear wise, 1760, 2.5mil sustain. And I barely clear hong.
  8. Liberty Token Issue

    Holy ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ then my bad I thought that was a thing.
  9. Anybody else having trouble completing solo dungeons? I am barely clearing Hong at -4 sec on Enrage with 1790 ap 2.5 mil sustain. Like that's ridiculous. This doesnt even make it more challenging. It just makes it impossible for anyone to complete. Some of the bosses mechanic wise got nerfed. The regular yeharon rotation is like way slower than the original rotation. So shes easier, but her enrage timer is super short. In Circle of sundering I'm clearing Boss 1 with 1 min left, Boss 2 with 30-40 seconds left, Boss 3 im cleared last time with 2 seconds left, and hong im clearing with -4 seconds left. I use to clear Mao in 1 min and 40 secs! I'm not saying this should be easy, because obviously some good stuff drops from the dungeons, but straight out of the storyline, if a new player really wanted to, they could kill hong. It be hard, but the enrage timer permitted it. I swear it feels like the enrage timer was not adjusted. Its better to make the bosses do more damage and have more health and have a high enrage timer, than to lower the enrage timer and make them super ez to kill. Thats not right. especially since weve been doing them already
  10. Liberty Token Issue

    Can't you trade in the newest season tokens for old tokens?? At Mushins Tower?
  11. before and after new update solo dungeon

    Those legendary gloves that require Mao's glove as an upgrade material are not very good. So you shouldn't really worry about it. Focus on more important gear like your wep, badges, bracelet etc.
  12. Irrelevant HM

    And Astromancer! :D
  13. Ohhhh so now server performance is a problem. As soon as it starts affecting your steelbreaker raid, here come the complaints. Man the server performance is ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ for everyone. You should have said something a long time ago. Welcome to the new normal.
  14. subjugator's bracelet

    The only way to transfer gear in this game is by sealing with items that cost real money. When you view the item with the UI(left click the bracelet and select the magnifying glass), you should see a seal icon. If it's highlighted you can seal it. If it's not highlighted, you can't seal it. I think you can though.
  15. Major patches

    The reason they are not adding any major content is because if they continue to add more content, the games performance will continue to plummet with every major update. So there trying to stall and revamp old content and add minimal updates to the game until they deal with this supposed UE4 upgrade . Now they did announce the Astromancer for the end of September so you have at least that to look forward to. But don't except any major updates to the game until they release UE4 because it's either that or shutdown.