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  1. Wouldn't the simplest way to fix this is leave pets as they are (I also do not care if everyone walking around with max pets and bling bling) and make designer threads a easily farmable resource? If you really want to make it so that everyone wins, backlog whichever whales bought those specific outfit chests, and return their NCoin or replace it with a non-exploited chest?
  2. So one of the best events in history was done by mistake. However there are a couple of ways to look at it. On one hand, people got loads of free outfits, didn't have to grind for months to get a pet upgrade and we got to have a peak at how the RNG in the game really works. On the other hand you have people complaining about the fact that the bug is there. Well my personal opinion is: If you're going to tell your entire community that there is a bug for FREE OUTFITS and PETS after you have kicked them in the teeth for so long, is it really such a surprise? I've seen a coupl
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