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  1. Revert patch changes please ....

    Whats the point arguing with people, who only defend their own progression and wasted time? Friendlist is not bugged, we have a discontinued version. And yes, patch is bad, but even if they fix it, nothing will change. You will save 2 min on boss fights, when the queue, loading screens, waiting for potato PC users and running through the dungeon is more than all the boss fights together.
  2. Yes, i salvaged. Take it out from event and salvage it.
  3. 35 Stamps Needed for Catwalk Now

    It was ninja patched before this patch. So it has nothing with this patch.
  4. Revert patch changes please ....

    Even if they revert it, the core problem wont be solved. The first 70% of the game is boring.
  5. Or event, where you break octa to 8 powder.
  6. This patch might be the last straw

    Tbh you dont need to do 8, if you are not at TB6 weapon. Those scales are needed only for endgame stuff.
  7. This patch might be the last straw

    I think koreans, they got this easy mode :D
  8. What is the Mark of the Black Rose?

    I read it as a spiritual wound, like a curse.
  9. What is the Mark of the Black Rose?
  10. 1 spend 2000 dollars, 3 not. So they dont care.
  11. Easy Mode is a very bad idea

    And i see alot of ppl who wipe, half of them die even before mech. Maybe i need to start screenshot them.
  12. Nobody will join your 1.4k party, except some alt, who will die on first attack. You cant join high AP parties. LFP is dead on HM. And again, my progression doesnt require items from that dungeons.
  13. Easy Mode is a very bad idea

    This is true. Sandstorm first boss... all dead.
  14. Easy Mode is a very bad idea

    The 4-6, 1.6k+... you know... They dont want to divide even more the super low number playerbase.
  15. Easy Mode is a very bad idea

    4 hard modes are not an option for sub 1600 AP ppl, basin is bad without premium and clan buff (a real clan dont even take you as a member with sub TT gear). Rest is nonsense. Thats was a joke. Nerfing this play with 10 alts is always a welcome.
  16. Easy Mode is a very bad idea

    Normal mode material chests had already abysmal drops. Now those will be nerfed even more. I dont see how this will help players at all. Or we will run Yeoharan 24/7 or what? :D
  17. What’s the best region for sea players?

    Ping their servers and you will see.
  18. Easy Mode is a very bad idea

    Its not fine. There will be no normal modes and deleted hard modes up to DST. Out of story ppl will run DST HM? :D
  19. Login rewards EU/NA vs RU

    Just another reward nerf, nothing special. We have this from the launch.
  20. There will be only 4 hard modes, and i dont have gear even for the lowest.
  21. Game dying

    Without premium does not even worth to play.
  22. We will see after the patch. But if we will get even the nerfed materials from easy mode, i will delete this game. Pointless to play hours for 2 moonstone crystals.
  23. Game dying

    There is a single HM quest. Rest is EM. I dont think, they renamed it, they told its easier and less gold rewards too. Koreans have easy, normal and hard, we will have only easy and hard. They just deleted the normal mode.
  24. Game dying

    This was at single boss wheel at lvl45 patch. Ofc keys were in shop if you give up :D
  25. Just start +10 alt on another account, problem solved :D