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  1. UE5

    For this quality you need RTX 2070 and above. So wont happen.
  2. How far behind is my dps ?

    Even if you skip 2 years, you will be still ahead :D Bad gear progression is bad.
  3. Ohh, they are again changing things left and right instead of removing them.
  4. Steel Uprising? LOL

    Nothing, its just pointless for me. - i dont have even ET done, and i dont think i am alone with this. Even the ppl, who will able to do it, wont enjoy the 15 fps. - event is again made from mats, what got ripped of from daily, weekly, dungeon rewards - i dont do whalegrounds at all
  5. Are you still waiting for the miracle? Wont happen.
  6. Did it with the warden : 9 win, 11 lose, got like 6700 zen beans with frenzy and premium bonus. Started with 1300, ended with 1388. There was like 4 fun matches from 20.
  7. Ok, i will make a test. Have 2 chars, a Warden 2nd spec and Sin 3rd spec. Both are unranked in 1v1, so i will do 20-20 matches with both to see how many wins i will get.
  8. Sure. After you giving me like 200 opponents on my skill level, i will start in skilling.
  9. If you win. If you lose 8 matches from 10, then its not profitable. Ofc ppl avoiding it. I play PVP in every game, except BnS. Do you know why? 1. unbalanced 2. unrewarding 3. unfun (full of "smurfs")
  10. Devs sitting backwards on the horse. Instead of making PVP profitable to pull more players into PVP, they limiting it to solve nothing. And yes, i support the idea of removing the restrictions, because they are pointless.
  11. You know your own name and the timestamp. Its like 10 second for support to get your opponent name. Start a new char and you will see what you can run solo. But i have no problem with lifting the time restriction. I would never restricted it, because its pointless.
  12. Then report them, its against the rules. I got like 1 AFK for every 20 match before the nerf. Not really. Try to run something what is not daily. You will wait forever.
  13. This is not an idea. This was before the bot infestation at lvl45, but there are no pvp bots, so this nerf can be reverted. Nobody profit from cheaters. Thats why there is no point to erase their previous sins (amnesty). Changes should be made, but again, not only for top10. They ruined the whole game, not only the PVP.
  14. You will have a better queue, if the losers actually get something for lose. Giving amnesty for cheaters is just... bad. The time restrictions was the korean devs idea. So the daily can be too.
  15. They got it already, many - many times. I still say ban at least 10 of them and the rest will stop. Taking away 100 bucks from a robber, who stole millions, is not a big deal.
  16. And how you remove the HM coins, that someone already spent? You will reset the gear back to starter stuff?
  17. Do you think at this point they have enough manpower to enforce all the rules? I doubt. And even if they do it somehow, a big chunk of the playerbase will be gone because of bans.
  18. So you feel happy and satisfied when someone insults you? Weird flex, but ok :D
  19. I dont think they care about this.
  20. They can force you to do it by nerfing the material income or creating a choke point.
  21. Devs already stated, these events are for annoy low geared ppl to motivate them spending money to gear up and fight back. So there is no charity...
  22. Yes. This game is the one of the worst coded mmos on the market.
  23. I opened the first 4 boxes and skipped everything else in this update :D
  24. I can't remember all dungeon mechanics

    Is this an april 1st post?