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  1. Do we get anything FREE for playing on GeForce because it’s worst than playing on the original client? malaka tryin to hit me up with some bootleg platform
  2. Beware f10 emblems

    Would be a good idea to update it since most players want the et badge without doing trove and they do be trying to scam people for some extra few dollars and what's the point of putting mats in the store when high tier gear is given out for free every few months. No point in upgrading anymore. Are they actually hiring people who love gaming?
  3. Beware f10 emblems

    They selling the bootleg version and they still didn’t update hongmoon store
  4. Hello game not working?

    working on weekends like usual
  5. where the employees at? where the daily specials?
  6. Cosmic Horizon: Patch Notes and Overview

    Edit: Ay, thanks for the costume!
  7. The new Call to Arms is a bit...

    Thanks for the info papa
  8. Instant access to ncoins

    Not if we transfer from bank like rh
  9. Ayyy max pet 👌 ouu they mad. Now they hating. 🤪
  10. September Store Update

    Add hongmoon gems too please.
  11. The current pets look fugly and the weapons too. Please put back the cute and cool ones. I’m pretty sure your company would make loads from them. Thank you.
  12. Maybe if there were less people like you, we would have more new players and more people people doing weeklies? Duh omg where’s hyunkel?

    I dont even want to read your block of garbage. like go back to school

    Lmao talk about being delusional. I still swipe from time to time and I don’t believe that skill matters. Having your considered getting some mental help? I hope you have health insurance.