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  1. Feedback regrading upcoming events and dungeons

    Yes Elder Scales are a big problem for people that dont spend a lot of time or money. And we will need more and more in the furute, next soul, neck, belt... I already suggested to bring back old dungeons and add scales to them, so we dont have to farm the same dungeon over and over and over and over and over .... again, but as any suggestion it just get ignored, same with anything in this forum. Most problems of this game will just get ignored.
  2. My thoughts about the Hunter Ref

    Stop asking for equilized gear, like that would fix something, even then clans would organize and prevent other from farming an taking spots. And why people think that having high end pvp gear is exclusive to people with big wallets, dont be naive ... Main problem with this event is the insane drop, not even KR I think had this stupid drops.
  3. P2W is too subjective now. I don't think this game as a whole is P2W but has some P2W features: Unity System, HM levels and recently SS psyches, those things cannot be maxed in a reasonable amount of time. But it doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the game without them, it is frustrating yes, but still the game offers tons of content for FREE, $0, which is great.
  4. Okay listen here sunshine...

    I also try to stay positive with this game, because I still like it and don't want it to die. But it's so frustrating that no matter how much feedback you give they do not seem to provide any updates, they have a poor communication with players. Recently it was very disapointing that Frontier server in KR didnt saw the light, they have not shown any gameplay with UE4, they keep teasing all the time and while they have shown progress, they keep delaying it making it frustrating. I just hope those delays actually are worth it. I hope and wish that this game really change it's business model once UE4 arrives, because if they continue this poor communication, this "p2w" abuse and other bad practices UE4 will be meaningless.
  5. HM levels and unity system/stones, and SS psyches are exclusive for people that spend thousands of dollars, they do not care if f2p players have to farm years to max them. But no amount of money will give you an unfair advantage, thats what they said when the game started
  6. Plese give us a way to seal our soul shields

    I agree to be able to mail/seal EVERYTHING. But sealing souls shield will convert them into a new item, this means it will lose psyches, fuse, and stats will be random again, but you wont have to farm the ss again.
  7. What about consoles?

    Probably not at the moment since they still "working" on UE4, but who knows.
  8. You clearly didn't read my post, this is why I'm just suggesting a new Dungeon mode, and only on that mode stats and drops will change, not on current ez or hard modes. I just want more places to farm the same things we already have to farm from a single place. I had to do 190 runs to get CC bracelet, and ended up sick of doing the same thing over and over, doesn't matter if is slow or fast, and I'm pretty sure a lot of people can agree with this. Also, I see no reason why reviving old content is a bad thing, even if is a few dungeons should be nice to be able to run them again for current rewards.
  9. As the title, we need something "new" and refreshing for endgame content instead of only a few dungeons being worth it. The Problem: Right now we have only one source of Elder Scales, Cathedra Cliff, we have to spam this dungeons HUNDREDs of times in order to get enough materials that we need, at the moment we need 45 for Bracelet (21 + 24 for awakening) 119 for Talisman 99 coming for new Heart 263 total and more coming, but then we will have 2 dungeons instead of one(not much difference). I feel that this is too much, is too boring to do the same dungeon over and over again, and I know anyone can go at their own pace but still feel like there is no incentive to play. The Idea: Why don't we get a new Dungeon Mode in which ALL dungeons (or most of them) get updated, meaning updated Boss HP and rewards. So the idea is to update all dungeons in this mode to have the same "difficulty" as the latest dungeon EZ mode (Cathedra Cliff) and when a new dungeon comes, all dungeons will be updated again accordingly. For example: Something as simple as Avalanche Den (Yeti), in this mode, the Yeti will have his HP updated to 1.5B or something like that, but will drop Elder Scale Fragments, also his cosmetics and even Onyx/Sylver Scales too. Obviously Dynamic rewards and drops must be balanced according to the time you need to complete the dungeon. We also can get a completly new Daily quest for each dungeon in it's new mode, giving more incentive to play them. Actually dynamic rewards can be removed and give better rewards on the daily, so we can avoid people spamming just the "easiest" dungeon, because the idea is to have more variety in the game The main idea is that you don't need to spam the same dungeon 30 times in one day if you need to farm Elder Scales for example, but instead do 30 different dungeons and end up with similar or even better rewards, making the game a better experience overall, with more variety. Would be nice to see old content coming back, having the change to get phased out achievements or cosmetics. Having more things to do. Honestly this shouldn't be hard to implement, is just update a bunch stats and drops.
  10. Hongmoon Gem Powder

    Since we got Dyad Square Gems, Hongmoon Gem Powder went from ~6g to ~24g, Now they added Pet Gems, increasing the demand, but the supply is the same. Please increase the supply with: - Increase Dungeon/Raid drops. - Reduce Solar Energy cost. - Cheaper price on F5 specials. - New places they can drop (MSP?) - Even making them drop more on Trove/RNG boxes would be better. (But this is not the best option, mats supply should't depend on cash shop). The problem is they see this snowball growing and growing and they do nothing, same with Evolve Stones or any other material actually. Why it is so hard to do some small changes and see if things turn better.
  11. Now more than ever we need Koldrak Scale bound to account if we want the chance to get those psyches within a decent amount of time.
  12. Bring Back Stomach of Iron?

    We had pet and soul events before yes, but back then they needed oils or pet packs, now they are so cheap to make, there is no reason to wait an event for them. And the 11AP bonus is not as good as before, is just better to get the 25AP bonus.
  13. You are the one who should go back to school and learn some reading and math. You clearly said that we have to grind keys, which I responded 1 dungeon is not grinding, why do you even play BnS if you think that's grinding. How do you know Mushin 8 will take same time as a dungeon, is not even out yet, this is just you talking trash. 1 MS and 1 Ely ? is that all you see from the list? SS crystals, buff food and event tokens are garbage? for people that dont play the game like you maybe. You know you is going to get 5+ oils per character? people that actually play the game and not only come to forums to troll or post hate to people who enjoy the game.
  14. Grind? doing one dungeon each day is griding? Is this garbage? 3 x Harvest Dinner 1 x Roast Turkey 1 x Strawberry Shortcake 1 x Homemade Cookie 1 x Golden Nebula Stone 4 x Soulstone Crystal 1x Moonstone Crystal 4 x Sacred Crystal 1 x Elysian Crystal We getting 54 tokens per week, 216 for 4 weeks, 6 oils per character. If your standards are so high then I see why you call this trash. No way to reason with a person like you, cya.
  15. If I'm reading right, you get 2 keys per day, and you get 1 bag per Mushin kill. You kill Mushin 2 times = 2 bags = 6 tokens per day. You can farm as many bags you want, but the keys are limietd to 2 per day.