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  1. Wonderful Patch

  2. Losing interest. Considerations about it

    There are many types of players and what you are describing are problems for some, others enjoy having a lot of thing to upgrade, I don't even see a problem with that. And complaining about the difficulty of Hong, really? The point is fun is subjective, many people see ET too easy, I've seen ppl quit because this game is not challenging enough. Cant satisfy everyone.
  3. Where are the patch notes?

    Really?, you made a post because there is no patch notes yet? ...
  4. Please bring back Badge Exchange

    Yeah, 24 oils, 24 DGS is cheap, plus getting the new soul badge would be 100 MS, 100 elys, 5 DGS, 1 PTS, 10 TS. Plus another mystic badge, another 24 oils/dgs, plus getting another ET badge, yeah so cheap.
  5. Sometimes you just want to play the other spec for fun, but is just too expensive to make more badges. Also would be nice to add a cheap option to change bracelet, like ring and earring. Removing this option was a bad change, it was fun changing specs whenever you wanted.
  6. This guy just represents a big chunk of players that make posts and complains without any logic or thinking, creating a negative vibe around the game and community. Using thoughts as "they are forcing you", when you are not forced to do anything. Last time hmcoin F10 special tab went down and "Oh they are forcing you to buy Ncoin", what is wrong seriously, there is no error in this game that people wont call a cospiracy to get more money. I sold gold on F9 to buy resets, not even real money, but for some reason they think that Ncoin is the only way to get things from F10.
  7. Good changes, and some new ideas

    WL is very ping dependant, while WR is not so much. What I would like to have is for us to freely change between specs, but they removed badge exchange, pretty bad decision.
  8. I was thinking the same thing, they have updated those options like 2 times maybe, but it's so dumb, I don't think they even remember them at the moment. Why not rotate those as well? And the prices are ridiculos, I think 1200ncoin ($15!!) for a cosmetic is too expensive. In Aion the cosmetics are 600 ncoin,and even then is expensive! Why not make cosmetics $1 or $2 dollars max?? A lot of more people would buy them, compensating the price reduction, but making more costumers happy.
  9. Sunburst

    Nova ss 3 set, do it before it get nerfed :D
  10. Moon Refuge is absolutely terrible.

    I got a solution for you: -Don't do that quest if you don't like it. Easy. There is plenty of other options now. As I see Moon Refuge quest, is meant for players to get 4 boxes from the spamable quest, and trade those 4 boxes for the better boxes along with the dust from the quest. Its some XP and gold, but rng.
  11. Probably they will never drop, same as the costumes, I havent seen one yet. Unity system is the most trash thing right now, rng wall, or paywall. You can farm CS/HM every day for a month and get zero progress with your stones, it's depressing. It got a tiny bit better with last patch, since 8 purples can easily make a legendary, but they didnt apply this to blues, yesterday I fused 7 blues 4 times, got zero purples, thanks, great, best system ever. I still don't know how they though this was a good idea, it's the most p2w !@!$!% system atm. You can't even make progress. But some way, they keep going, now in KR with ancient unity stones, the stones are OP, the bonuses are OP, exclusive for whales.
  12. Big brain there, gold sellers getting hmcoins? for what? trove? or maybe they like to buy outfits to look nice of course, getting more clients with sexy bikinis. Please ffs investigate what are you talking about before spreading misinformation, F9 is players selling gold to get HMcoins. But the gold is so devaluated that we finally are 1:1 ratio, What NCsoft can do? reduce gold injection into the game, add more money sinks, aka gold nerfs, but people with no idea how economy works, can only complain.
  13. Complaining about something totally OPTIONAL, no one is forcing you to enter right? If you want to give some feedback about it, thats one thing, but complaining is next level of stupidity, just to keep up with the hate train...
  14. Throne of Oblivion reset.

    It is on specials today, so hopefully once a week we can get 3 resets.
  15. Potential solution for actual problem

    I do believe that adjusting old content is a great way to revive this game, I don't know why developers just throw away all the previous effort and let old content die, why not adjust HP and other stats, adjust the drop table to something good and revive old content, similar to Poharan event. I think this is minimun effort compared to create more and more dungeons.