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  1. Too much crying for something so stupid, worrying about cosmetics while you cant even do 1m dps/sec, worry about gearing urself first. There is ton of cosmetics locked behind harder content, thats how the game is
  2. Example: Soulshields. Their status change depending on the spec you are playing. Why can't this be applied to all items?... Raid Jewerly, Mystic Badge Right now is easier than ever to change specs yes, but it should be even easier, how about this: press K, choose the spec, done. The only exception is soul badges, probably. The problem right now is we are starting to get new items, and we will get new items that wont be able to change, example ET Badge I think. I believe the game should just let you play whatever spec you want at the moment, opening more options for player to enjoy the game is always good.
  3. Agree with this, 10 secs should be more than enough, is a pain when people don't pass the items and it takes longer to bid than doing the actual boss
  4. Unity

    I completely agree with you @NekoNoKishi, you can be the most crazy farmer in the entire game, and you will have no chance to progress in unity stones compared to someone who spends tons of money. This system may work in KR, but on this server people hate RNG walls, and this is the main problem for me, is RNG on top of RNG on top of RNG, you can save 1 month of feathers and boxes and may end with nothing and this feeling of zero progress after X amount of time invested is what makes this the worst system so far. They must remove the RNG on this, one solution for this is just buy purple/leg box directly on CS NPC, for example 50 feathers = purple box, 500 feathers = 1 leg box, and even then it will take a lot of time, but you will be able to MAKE PROGRESS.
  5. Exactly what he describes in the video as bad community, he is just expressing his opinion about the game and yet you come and say that he did 21 mins of nothing. You clearly did not understand :V , the point is to have an option to let only the classes you want to enter. Good video, you have a lot of valid points, hopefully the game gets better.
  6. We should have an option to buy purple boxes with white feathers. I don't understand why this system was implemented as RNG anyways, almost nothing in the game is, all the gear can be grinded with enough time, but making people grind feathers for days just to lose them all is frustrating. At least we should have easier access to purple stones for now, and hopefully legendary stones later. Please don't make this system so unfriendly to F2P players, since now only mega whales can have all legendary set while the rest of the people have not even a full purple set. Being block by an RNG wall is the most frustrating thing, is Ok if is it takes effort, but effort + luck is not something well received on this server.
  7. Would be nice to have a new diffculty(or just update hard mode) for all dungeons/raids, in which they keep the bosses HP updated with every patch according to actual gear, like they did to CS and HM. This difficulty would have differents quests maybe? with updated gold according to the time you invest on them? -Would keep a lot of content alive. -Chance to get achievement drops that are just a waste of time to get now(outfits, etc) Bringing back mechs like crossing on BT and other dungeons, but of course would need updated drops to make players want to do them. They practically did this with Poharan, MSP, TOI and now with Tomb of Exiles/DT. They can even do some kind of rotation, doing this for 3 or more dungeoins each month,
  8. Heavens Mandate

    Your math is horrible, or you just simply forgot that 6 people can enter the dungeon, if each use a fragment, you can do HM every day, this is the reason you need 6 fragments to get an orb. But yes, we lacking orbs for Kaari, with Weekly Challenge we could do just 3 each week, and the event is not doable with all alts. The extra sources of orbs, F10 and trove, are not enough.
  9. I just created group for the 2 easiest HM dungeons, SM and HH Results: SM 15min to make around 10 people joined and left almost wipe no one did mechs 10mins clear HH 17mins to make like 20 ppl joined and left 1 wipe 1st boss 4 wipes last boss 30mins to clear My DPS and ress charms carried the most, around 1 hour to clear both, trash loot, It's just a stupid waste of time. In 1 hour you can do like 6 NM dungeons. The region is just too stupid to do mechs and everyone has trash DPS, this is not KR, the state of the game is too hard to get decent groups. Only static groups is a good option for HM runs, and not everyone can find people for that.
  10. So you are saying that you go F8 and is full of HM runs? yeah, we play different games then. Even if you create the group, it takes a lot of time and luck to get full. This way of thinkig is so selfish and it's what's killing the game. And who is asking for free things here?? I said progress, even if is 4 times slower, players should be rewarded for their effort/time, rather than luck or wallet size. Even TT gear can be obtained by paying for a carry run, I don't see why Pyches should be locked on HM which not everyone can do, and not because gear, I'm talking about time or other reasons.
  11. As title says, I think we should be able to get Psyches easier, right now we depend on HM or Challenge mode to get them, and not everyone can get a static group for this, there are schedule conflicts, lack of time and other issues, and F8 is a joke, people can barely do Normal mode. This is the same situation as when we got Legendary drops on DT, EC, NF. Some peple doing hundreds of runs to not see the drop, while others did a few runs and got the thing. The solution was Cores. So what if we apply the same solution? I honestly believe that 100 Cores + Gold or/plus Scales per Psyche would be a fair price (is just an example, could be less or more?), at least you can get some progress on Pyches everyday, compared to 0 progress as now. Also they should be added to NM, I agree HM should be rewarding, but not like having something so good locked and preventing most players from getting them. F8 is so dead now, is even hard to get NM groups sometimes, I feel player base is dropping and something must be done, and this is the kind of things that should help the players to be motivated to play.
  12. Tower of Memory needs a quest NPC!

    An NPC would be really usefull for those who forget to accept the quest before entering, I lost it like 3 times already, worst thing you cant repeat the dungeon and you just waste time for nothing. Those who say this is not necessary are just selfish idiots that cannot think on anyone else.
  13. New classes ideas thread

    Spear Master (like Yunsang) Archer Robot class (like Aethertech from Aion, is a class in a robot, like Nexus Be Ido but smaller, maybe Lyn exclusive because the size)
  14. Ultimate Cuddle Bird.. pet

  15. Thats why Hellion Cores and Blackstones are Bound to Account Maybe they can add an option to use Draken Cores too, like 300 or something.