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  1. Thats the point, Ive been playing this game almost every day since the beggining and main gunner on release, im just hm 25 Even people playing old classes everyday, would not be close to HM35. It's a system made so people waste ton of money, leaving F2P ppl behind.
  2. with that logic, you dont need anything in this game, dont need slate, dont need unity, dont need psyches, dont need top tier gear then whats the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ point in playing??? why have a system that only a few cant enjoy? EVERYTHING adds up to your DPS which is the point of playing the game, getting stronger this guy...
  3. Legendary psyches, still exclusive for rank 1 of challenge mode? why are they still not dropping from anywhere? Great game :)
  4. Why is still impossible to reach high HM levels just by playing the game? The amount of hours and effort to get even HM30+ is stupid, why this company has to be so .... I agree with players who pay the most money to get there faster, but cmon, no way normal people can get there. I hate you. Bye. Rant over.
  5. As a player, you want to have everything the game has to offer, if you put something unobtainable, or obtainable only through endless grind, you will get unmotivated to keep playing, and Im very high gear, doing 13m+ parse I just cant find the motivation to farm pink hulk 1000+ times to get all psyches I need. Also I forgot to mention, LEGENDARY PSYCHES, EXCLUSIVE to mega rich whales with no life that can rank 1 every season, like that Mhysa and company, seeing how u cant obtain bis psyches is depressing, EVEN if the dps differences is minimal, I dont care how mr Grimor will try to just
  6. Why are psyches still a thing? When we got the 1st legendary drop(necklace from Desolate Tomb) players made it clear, we don't like RNG drops, we don't like to run the same dungeon 300 times without getting what we need. So the core system was implemented, which was great, was a nice solution for many, with this you could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Then WHY psyches are still not available with CORES???, same with outfits, same with all drops? And before those who are able to run a dungeon 1000+ times without getting bored come and say "blabla bla, u lazy blablabla"
  7. Biggest problem I see is Players communicate with NCsoft(NA/EU), they have to give the feedback to KR, KR just says no. KR is the problem, they dont care about NA/EU or anything outside KR and China(big money). They refuse to adjust the game to a western audience, thats why we keep getting more RNG and gambling every year. Thats what asians like, they like to show how big their wallet is and how much lucky they can get. I started the game because the progression was not RNG based, and look now, slate system and mythic(ancient) system and full RNG. The game is so polluted with diff
  8. I think the main problem is more work for the same, but also, how IA weekly counts as only 1, its a "hard" dungeon, takes very long. Please reconsider making both Silversteel Laboratory quests count for the weekly so we can do 6/6 at least.
  9. you get how economy works, 99% of ppl dont, is sad but I think they shoul implement more solutions aka money sinks
  10. Yes Elder Scales are a big problem for people that dont spend a lot of time or money. And we will need more and more in the furute, next soul, neck, belt... I already suggested to bring back old dungeons and add scales to them, so we dont have to farm the same dungeon over and over and over and over and over .... again, but as any suggestion it just get ignored, same with anything in this forum. Most problems of this game will just get ignored.
  11. Stop asking for equilized gear, like that would fix something, even then clans would organize and prevent other from farming an taking spots. And why people think that having high end pvp gear is exclusive to people with big wallets, dont be naive ... Main problem with this event is the insane drop, not even KR I think had this stupid drops.
  12. P2W is too subjective now. I don't think this game as a whole is P2W but has some P2W features: Unity System, HM levels and recently SS psyches, those things cannot be maxed in a reasonable amount of time. But it doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the game without them, it is frustrating yes, but still the game offers tons of content for FREE, $0, which is great.
  13. I also try to stay positive with this game, because I still like it and don't want it to die. But it's so frustrating that no matter how much feedback you give they do not seem to provide any updates, they have a poor communication with players. Recently it was very disapointing that Frontier server in KR didnt saw the light, they have not shown any gameplay with UE4, they keep teasing all the time and while they have shown progress, they keep delaying it making it frustrating. I just hope those delays actually are worth it. I hope and wish that this game really change it's busines
  14. HM levels and unity system/stones, and SS psyches are exclusive for people that spend thousands of dollars, they do not care if f2p players have to farm years to max them. But no amount of money will give you an unfair advantage, thats what they said when the game started
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