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  1. Issues with "Shadow Quality" and "Object Display/Visiblity" are already resolved in korean client. Fix came in July, so please ask korea to provide the fix in October update rather than waiting till November.
  2. With dungeon changes that came this patch lobby requirements changed as well. In order to use F8 you need Grand Celestial Weapon Stage 3, which you do not get in story and you pretty much can't grind it in a reasonable amount of time. This change is there, because korea gets thornbreaker weapon from story. If next patch we do not get new story with changed rewards not as single new player will be able to progress in game, because the best our story gives is exalted 3 weapon.
  3. Korean client is 60GB, we should be around 65 Gigs with language packs. Altho you need at least double to install so 130GB
  4. @Hime Would it be possible for you guys to make screenshot like those above for articles rather than tables? Articles would be much easier to read that way and less work for you. Some people have been asking for those too.
  5. Hello! I'm posting here only because from what Cyan said forum threads are read more often, so I thought I could leave a request regrading the event and dungeon rewards and thoughts here and maybe it'd change anything. Veteran player here, not max gear, because it's fairy impossible due to Elder Scales requirements. At the moment after farming 200 solo CC runs for Max heart I'm still in the need of 200 scales. If upcoming updates up to June would follow similar cost and release plan then within next 5 months everyone will need another 600 scales. This is way too much with what dungeons a
  6. Are you gonna do anything with people editing XMLs for rankings too? Such as editing charging of archer's "Windpiercer Stormbolt" in 0.6 second to get 0.6s in toi ranking :)
  7. You don't want to upgrade thornbreaker for any class anymore. In january/february we will get neck fro mnew dungeon, the neck that outclasses current raid and pve neck. Unless you're maxed, and I'm sure you're not,you do not want to upgrade thrornbreaker
  8. Lost ark recently came out in Russia, it's on Ue3 and runs PERFECTLY WELL, it's not engine problem 90% don't complain about fps issues, 90% complain about how ncsoft manages this game
  9. well you see noone will take u to higher dungeons without minimum gear being: legendary draken accessories, lower than dawnforged 3 and without the most important - SHIELD FUSES FOR CRIT on your BT Shields or higher(literally most important thing that people usually ignore) Do EC/DT/NF when it's in daily challenge for quest that gives cores, should be enough to get bracelet + Belt and neck(you will need to farm peaches) for weapon farm celestial basin until you're dawn 3 also you might need BT accessories to be taken into higher dungs, so grab some pug from faction save u
  10. Generally it looks good so far, but I dont understand why would we need 96 HQ hearts to go from Exalted 9 to aransu 9, person who even wants to switch there wont ever have that many hearts and if it was meant to reduce abusement of the system I dont think it should require THAT MUCH, really. Person who dont go arnasu obviously has no raid so you are pretty much ****** him over. also we get our hm lvls increased like on this screen, right? There is no info in the preview-
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