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  1. Fishing Achievements?

    they are adding a way to auto-fish and even get mats for fishing so don't worry.
  2. If you are going to join for a weekly or MSP. Can you please wait until you are actually outside or at lest in the same general zone as the dungeon so you aren't making the rest of us have to wait forever? I Understand not everyone has beast PC and takes a bit to load but try to lower that wait time by actually being ready to go in and do stuff b4 you apply.
  3. This is such a dumb thing, needing to make an alliance to have loot drop in the first place. I'm pretty much at the point where I can solo BT and 2man SK but every week I got to spend a good amount of time trying to get people to join my group to make an alliance when I am not even going to take them with me. Just have the loot just drop.
  4. Plz add more PVE ways to get moonstone

    that logic would pretty good and nice if it wasn't for the fact that. PVPers only need to PVE to get their accessories and then focus all on PVP. PVP is so broken and P2W and lastly gold has been nerfed so much that you need to buy the gold meaning more P2W elements.
  5. Plz add more PVE ways to get moonstone

    Then Transformation stones need a nerfed or give more from Weekly/DC because the way they are now. It's harder to upgrade then before.
  6. Plz add more PVE ways to get moonstone

    yes but unlike the raw ones you can still farm the crystals from dungeons and MSP. They drop in Mushin's tower floor 12-16.
  7. Plz add more PVE ways to get moonstone

    Moonstone Crystals aren't the problem. It's the raw Moonstones that need a better way to get. Transformation Stones (Both reg and Premium), Empyrean stones and Prestine Oils need them. And you need a lot
  8. outside of doing Weekly/Daily Challenge and other miscellaneous things (Which really doesn't give much). The only way to really farm Raw Moonstone is to do PVP. I've never been one for PVP. I'll admit, I'm bad at it and I'll never really 'git gud'. Especially in this game were it's unbalanced and P2W for PVP over PVE. With the recent change to the profession system and gold getting nerfed while prices on the market go higher ever day it makes it hard for not only new players but current to craft and upgrade gear. Please provide a non-PVP way to get raw moonstone. Maybe having the fish vendors sell them for pearls? idk, just anything that isn't PVP.
  9. Probably get the same treatment as SK where killing the mini boss locks you to that ID so you screw if you aren't able to kill the actual boss or DC.
  10. Weapon "reductions"

    Whelp. doesn't seem they are going to give us a response before servers go down so RIP anyone who waited or asked for a weapon refund (like me) because these are not nerfs. Hopefully if it turns out that it was a mistake they will give us the ability to ask for a weapon refund.
  11. Weapon "reductions"

    Please hurry because I just had support refund me from Wingsong 3 to Shadowforge 7 and now it's going to cost 3x as much to go back after patch. Gold/scales aren't that hard to get but mats and Premimum transformation stones are.
  12. I hate 'easy' dungeon

    More so how it's used in the game. I agree that dungeons should have a easy entry for newer or lower geared players but when it comes to higher-end and newer dungeons I feel it shouldn't be a factor. The fact that people can just faceroll the dungeon without a care, sometimes making it harder on themselves by not doing the mech. An example would be the first boss in Warped Citadel. He gets a damage reduction buff while he does its mechs, making it more important to focus on doing the mech over DPSing him. If the mech is done right he takes a large amount of damage and you can go back to attacking him until he does the mech again. Players are spending way longer not doing the mech and waiting for it to fail. Because of fights like this, groups are still wanting to take GC+ over lower geared players so that they can just burst through such mechs, which defeats the whole reason for easy. Here is something I like to see. keep the bosses HP and damage the same but also keep any wipe mech for dungeons that are new or even still current to the playerbase. Dreamsong and Brood Chamber are still dungeons a large part of the playerbase runs regularly, making them semi-current and WC and CC should have never had their wipe mechs removed this early. Another thing is to make doing hard dungeons counts towards the daily challenge and/or improve the rewards for doing it on hard. Besides the outfit, there is really no reason for people to do the current dungeons on hard. My biggest worry is that with daily dungeon having the dungeons be brain dead will soon make them become mind-numbly dull where I don't even want to run them because it's so boring. It also hurts the players because they start getting used to having everything be a faceroll, that when they are in a situation where there is even the lightest of trouble they just give up "Can't burst first boss of dreamsong? lol, bye" or they lack the skill needed to actually be good raiders. Dungeons are meant to gear and prepare players for the raid, sooner or later you will have to make a Looking For Raid mode for these players, which I went though in World of Warcraft, I am not doing that ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ again.
  13. The Shadowmoor still wipes curse

    At lest the gold has been fixed, so it's kind of worth the effort.
  14. Retire Unrefined GC accessories plz

    That's true. I got mostly carried/rushed through BT/VT right into TT while trying to stay up to speed by focusing mostly on my Weapon/Brace. BT just feels so long ago and with how easy everything is just doesn't feel worth upgrading them just to switch them for the TT.
  15. I feel the game has gotten to the point where the unrefined Celestial emperor's ring and earring should be retired and just have the boxes give Stage 1 instead or at lest have the premium transformations stones being removed or reduced to 2.