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  1. Did they secretly nerf merchant spawn?

    I feel Heaven's Mandate and Cold Storage should not have the MOW removed since they are still current dungeons
  2. Hi! just got back from a 3day ban. Let me just start by saying that.. While I did abuse a mistake made by NCsoft and deserve a response. I am being honest when I say that I only went after the outfits for myself and did not abuse it beyond that. The moment I got them all I stopped. That was about the time when they made a post about it telling people to not do it and to stop if already started. I then received a 3 day ban which I took because again, I did a bad but seeing how many people who are still abusing it and beyond what I did not getting banned, kind seems unfair. It kind of feels, they picked a few of us at random that they knew did it just to scare the rest from not doing it but that doesn't seem to have worked. I 100% agree that the people who abused it to empower themselves and make money deserve harsher punishment then me (and many like me) who only did it for the outfits.
  3. Merchant of Wonder: Remove the VT tier. At this point of the game everyone can find a group to get into VT/SK with ease so getting a rare merchant with mats that large part of the playerbase doesn't need anymore sucks. Divine Grace Stone are fine but everything else should be removed. Improve the droprate on Skyreach/Mao Gloves: Why was it that the Imperial belt was given a insanely high drop rate buff (I see one every 2-3 runs now) but Skyreach and especially Mao gloves are still rare? At this point it's better to just skip that tier and go right for H0 gloves. I'm not asking for the rate that WC drops (hell I think that one is too high) but anything that is better then what it is now. like by the time you get the tokens to buy your neck you should at lest have gotten two mao gloves, if not close Remove Nayu Tablets: I don't think these are used for anything anymore so why are they still in the game? takes up spot in my bags which is already pretty limited as it is. Adding TT items to Moon Refuge/ET to MSP: As stated from above. VT is pretty much almost obsolete at this points so maybe it's time to update the vendors. At lest adding TT to Moon refuge and just giving new players VT soul shields instead of BT's. On that note... Give new high level players better Soul/Heart/Pet/Talisman: While you've added mystic and easier ways to get soul badges, players are still getting the low rank acc I got when I started playing a year ago and while upgrading them has gotten cheaper I think it's time for a upgrade to the base one you give. That way it's easier for them to get into groups/do solo dungeons. I am sure there is a lot more that could be talked about but these are the major ones that keep me up at night when I think about new players joining the game.
  4. Good Job

    I just want to understand... why though? I am more confused then mad (even tho I'm still a bit peeved) Out of all the things you could have changed (lowing the scales or raw mats) they decided that players would rather use tradable mats with a sacred vial which again isn't a problem with the new transmute system. It just doesn't make sense to me.
  5. Farming this dungeon for the outfit (especially the cat ones) is a pain because you have to wait a very long time for the 3 Warlocks to charge the core. Maybe add more Warlocks plz and thank you <3
  6. Whats up with todays patch?

    I am hearing rumors that it's because Molten Dragon Illusion Weapon Chest wasn't dropping from Flourishing Spring Vermilion Cache because of a bug but if that's the case then they better do something about it because that's the main reason I bought mine.
  7. Ebon Realm Ramnant

    "Hi there, Thank you for contacting the Blade and Soul Support Team. We will forward your report to the development team so that they can investigate the issue. However, we may be unable to personally email you about the investigation but any major updates may be announced on our website and/or forums" Usual bull
  8. Ebon Realm Ramnant

    OH FFS! Now I got to wait for support to get off their lazy bums and do something
  9. Ebon Realm Ramnant

    I am having the same issue. I have not bought any on any of my characters but it says 7/10 and will only let me buy 3 max.
  10. I've been hearing a lot of split options on if Thornbreaker or Wingsong is better. Most of them saying that having low-ping makes TB better. My ping in most cases is between 150-180* is this good enough for it or should I stay Wingsong?
  11. NC didn't ruined this event. We did

    Yes. I am not giving NC a pass but even with the flaw it was still playable and enjoyable when everyone was equal. If there wasn't the alliance thing it would fix 90% of my problems with it but because people can control who gets in and who doesn't that has caused all the toxicity. Or at lest ramped it up to 11. If everyone know that only a set number of people are able to get in and you can't bypass it they be less like to be going around ganking or trying to clam zones as their own because they know if they did people would just fight them and no one would want to risk that. You'd get a few who would and that's okay because that's part of the event. it's a PVP zone
  12. This event had it's problems yes, but it was still at lest enjoyable for the first few days until everyone found out you could use alliances to bypass the soft cap for the zone and decided that they were going to keep large portions of the zones to themselves and their clans. clamming every mob in that zone even if no one was attacking it at the time. It's not being ganked that pisses me off the most it's the people threaten me to leave untagged mobs alone just so they can have all them to themselves. Even if NCsoft added 10x the mobs I am 110% sure that you guys would still be greedy brats. NCsoft created this toxic environment but we had the choice, like EU, to be willing to enjoy the event together and share but NCsoft failed to take in account how much greedier westerns are to their own So congratulations BNS community, you've now become more toxic/greedy in my eyes then LOL and I am done with this event, you can hate and troll/call me a baby all you want but I just don't care anymore.
  13. bug in Hunter's refuge

    You have to actually be invited to an alliance. small parties won't work
  14. Auto-Fish Fail Bug

    also it seems to do it when you tab or have the game running in the background. I only use one screen
  15. Auto-Fish Fail Bug

    I am having the same issue, the moment the fishing float splashes it will give me this message and then stop fishing. I've done this multiple times with both the normal auto and the Taigong bait.