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  1. bug in Hunter's refuge

    You have to actually be invited to an alliance. small parties won't work
  2. Auto-Fish Fail Bug

    also it seems to do it when you tab or have the game running in the background. I only use one screen
  3. Auto-Fish Fail Bug

    I am having the same issue, the moment the fishing float splashes it will give me this message and then stop fishing. I've done this multiple times with both the normal auto and the Taigong bait.
  4. I am a pretty medium tier player. Not fully whale but not fully a new/lowbe either. Not counting the first day with the 50 player limit I am quite enjoying the event zone (when I am able to get in and not be ganked in the first 5min) but I am not blind to it's problems. The first being the fact that for an event that everyone should be able to enjoy only a small faction of the player-base is able to. I've had friends who have only been able to join 1 or 2 times in the last two days while I have been able to enter it up to 10x. I don't think that is fare to them. What I think should be done (in the future) is that when a player is killed they should get a debuff making it where they can not re-enter the zone for at lest a few min to allow others who have yet to get in a chance or have a Que system where players talk to an NPC and it puts them in a que that will pop a message saying that they are ready to join, if they don't respond after a set time it skips them and they have to talk to the NPC again. I don't mind the pvp, I understand it's reason but the reason isn't really working when you have people like me who get killed and instantly enter because I hit the portal at the right time over my friends who haven't even been in once. So overall, 3 major problems are Event like this need to be tuned better so everyone can get a chance to enjoy it. you need to actually test this stuff before releasing it to the public. I don't understand why BNS doesn't have public test realms, you guys are definitely not equipped or have the people to actually do it on your own. If you are going to have pvp elements make stats equalize like in Arena. It should be more about the players skill and not about how big their wallet is. This was a good event on paper but the executed of it was poorly done. Hopefully you guys learn from this and improve on the next big one.
  5. bug in Hunter's refuge

    Every time I try to invite my friend who is stuck in the lobby I can't a message saying I can't.
  6. It actually reminds me of Devilsaur Mafia back in World of Warcraft where not only clans(guilds) but both factions would work together to make sure they had full control over Devilsaur leather. Working cross-faction is against the TOS for wow but there never a real way to prove it when people use communication outside of the game like Discord in this case. The thing NCwest and Soft aren't getting is that: People in the west HATE TO PVP! we are more PVE focus. We like story and enjoy challenging fights not "who has the most money/better PC" If you want to do PVP events then keep it PVP only, don't force fusion between the player-base thinking it's a good thing. it cause drama and toxicity and that going to just come right back at you guys.
  7. If they want to have a fight then lets give them a fight. 300 random people (based on who PC is faster) if they want to try to gank us then we will gank back. If we work together then sooner or later we will overpower them and throw them all out.
  8. I agree. because of the acts of a few the many suffered. Both people who were banned and their raid teams. My own team was too afraid to even try boss 3 this week and might still be hesitant. The knowledge that you are aware of your mistakes does comfort me but would still like some apology gift. It would help repair the faith in your player base even just a little. (which at this point is already at a breaking point)
  9. yeah I got that same message but the problem is. what does their definition of "exploit" mean because I use addons which change skills to different keys to make playing my class playable. Without them I can not play it and I can not play this game so if those addons are bannable then I guess I am done. I put too much time/money into this game to have it all go to waste because someone got lazy while coding.
  10. I've been hearing that people who are demons for Boss 3 of scarlet consolatory are getting banned or even people who use BNS buddy. Can we get some input from support if this is the case and how we should deal with? Is it better to just not play until it's fix or should we send in a ticket because I don't want to get banned and I am sure the other 3 demons of my group who are trying to just kill the boss don't either.
  11. I was told it was because they thought I was a whale since I was HM 18 with TT gear at the time.
  12. I am a destroyer who does demon for my raid. Will I get banned?
  13. So I asked around and it seems like it's carnage that is doing it. So something is causing it's damage to be also put onto the tank.
  14. I don't have the full details or how/why but it seems when Iron Will Destroyers uses double axe mode (e or 3) during the jumping phase where you need to KD and such it somehow makes the tanks takes huge amounts of damage. Making it where I either can't use it during that phase or I have to be the one tanking. Might want to look into this since I'm not the only one who seems to be noticing this. We kill both your FPS and your Tanks ^_^