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  1. I hate 'easy' dungeon

    More so how it's used in the game. I agree that dungeons should have a easy entry for newer or lower geared players but when it comes to higher-end and newer dungeons I feel it shouldn't be a factor. The fact that people can just faceroll the dungeon without a care, sometimes making it harder on themselves by not doing the mech. An example would be the first boss in Warped Citadel. He gets a damage reduction buff while he does its mechs, making it more important to focus on doing the mech over DPSing him. If the mech is done right he takes a large amount of damage and you can go back to attacking him until he does the mech again. Players are spending way longer not doing the mech and waiting for it to fail. Because of fights like this, groups are still wanting to take GC+ over lower geared players so that they can just burst through such mechs, which defeats the whole reason for easy. Here is something I like to see. keep the bosses HP and damage the same but also keep any wipe mech for dungeons that are new or even still current to the playerbase. Dreamsong and Brood Chamber are still dungeons a large part of the playerbase runs regularly, making them semi-current and WC and CC should have never had their wipe mechs removed this early. Another thing is to make doing hard dungeons counts towards the daily challenge and/or improve the rewards for doing it on hard. Besides the outfit, there is really no reason for people to do the current dungeons on hard. My biggest worry is that with daily dungeon having the dungeons be brain dead will soon make them become mind-numbly dull where I don't even want to run them because it's so boring. It also hurts the players because they start getting used to having everything be a faceroll, that when they are in a situation where there is even the lightest of trouble they just give up "Can't burst first boss of dreamsong? lol, bye" or they lack the skill needed to actually be good raiders. Dungeons are meant to gear and prepare players for the raid, sooner or later you will have to make a Looking For Raid mode for these players, which I went though in World of Warcraft, I am not doing that ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ again.
  2. The Shadowmoor still wipes curse

    At lest the gold has been fixed, so it's kind of worth the effort.
  3. Retire Unrefined GC accessories plz

    That's true. I got mostly carried/rushed through BT/VT right into TT while trying to stay up to speed by focusing mostly on my Weapon/Brace. BT just feels so long ago and with how easy everything is just doesn't feel worth upgrading them just to switch them for the TT.
  4. I feel the game has gotten to the point where the unrefined Celestial emperor's ring and earring should be retired and just have the boxes give Stage 1 instead or at lest have the premium transformations stones being removed or reduced to 2.
  5. Fishing Guide

    TY!! i swear a 5 year old put this UI together. why would I care where I caught a fish? FFS
  6. While trying to make dungeons easy for the newer/lowgear players you effect the entire playerbase as a whole. The dungeons are already mind numbly easy with a few still having oneshot mech. By tuning them to the point where any player can just mindlessly DPS without any worries or worst, allowing high gear players to just solo the dungeon so they can keep all the rare items to themselves. Dungeons are meant to be a learning curve for players to get ready for raiding by both gearing up and learning their mechs which many raid bosses share in concept. If a player doesn't learn to be scared of standing in the fire in a dungeon then by the time they hit raid it's going to be a lot harder for them to install that fear/knowledge of not standing in the fire. If you are going to add a easy mode, here are a few ideas I have. Only have dungeons that are obsolete. "Dungeons that are outdated and rarely run. As of 9/14/2019 dungeons such as Ransack Treasury and above are still high valued dungeons for most of the playerbased and should not have a easy mode." Have important items drop only on hard mode "Items that still have high valued to higher end players should only drop from HM. Imperial legendary accessories, Garnet and Demon Fang ect. People can still run Easy mode for their 10/100 runs for ST/BC/WC+ but to have a chance for the actual item to drop it should only drop on HM from now on. This allows new/undergear or even players who only want to do their daily quest the freedom to while detouring higher gear players to just solo farm easy and want to actually still do the dungeon on HM." Add HM only dailies "There are a lot of people who ran these dungeons for the gold/mats. with the nerf to gold on dailies it's less appealing. That's why I think having a Hard mode daily quest that gives extra gold/mats would be really great. to keep those purple trains going" These are all simple ideas that I have come up with, I know many people won't agree or have their own thoughts and I fully respect and ask for them to voices themselves but trust me when I say that making the game easier/more causal friendly doesn't help anyone. One of the worst things to ever happen to World of Warcraft was when they started bringing in easy mode for both Dungeons and "Raids" (which I know NCsoft talked about doing)
  7. Bipedal green lizard that eats you guy who uses a hammer Mushrooms The boss is a giant turtle who, at stage 6 has a blue shell omg... MSP is MARIO!!!
  8. Turns out (at lest what one group told me) is that they think I am a fresh player who whales. IDk how they think that. Been playing for about 6 months now.
  9. 80% of the time I join a GC+ group I end up getting immediately kicked for some unknown reason beyond the sense that I am using a Shadowforge 6 weapon (Which, YES, for some classes/spec is better). I have Stage 10 TT accessories.
  10. Fishing Guide

    Which dock and where on the dock did you fish? I've been fishing on the one next to the vendor for days and only getting swordfishes and Red ones.
  11. 07/24/2019 [Bugged] No credit for weekly rewards

    What people don't seem to understand is that NC-west can do nothing about these problems. It's the people who does the Korean version that they have to report these bugs to and they fix them. The problem is that on the Korean Version the game is working fine, it's when they send it over to the west that these problems come up and NCwest has to send that info back to them and wait for them to find a fix.
  12. Please lower the prices of services

    Also, yes. I know you can never have your Gon butt be too big. I was just giving an example.
  13. I feel the prices on Character Alteration, Race Change and Gender Change should be lowered. Sometimes I just feel like trying a new default hairdo, or maybe I screwed up and made my Gon's butt too big. or I don't feel like being a big busty Gon and want to be a cute Lyn instead. If the prices were lowered to be around 5-10$ more people would be willing to buy them more often, meaning more money in the end. Another idea would be to have ingame ways to get them (besides HMC). like in Trove or during events. Maybe have a thing, kind of like the outfit stamps where once a month* you get a free voucher if you have premium.
  14. I am sorry...

    As of late I've taken noticed that as my gear/damage has grown, so had my ego and it has turned me into the people I hate. An elitist. three months ago I was just a brand new player with no gear and even though I knew how to do the fights and my gear/damage wasn't too bad people would still ignore or kick me from their group. It was then that I met a special person who took me into their clan. Taught me, geared me. Was nothing but nice and I returned that by telling them that they couldn't bring their undergeared toon to a dungeon. I knew we had the damage to do the dungeon on our own and bringing them wouldn't be a problem but all I cared about was getting it done quickly without any problems. When I saw how I hurt them it was then that I finally looked at myself in the mirror and I didn't know the person who was looking back at me and then I remember those 3 months where people threw me to the side and how my friend picked me up and got me to where I am. To those who I pugged with and made fun of or treated you like trash. I am truly sorry. I promise to be more humble and a better person/player. We were all noobs at one point and we shouldn't forget all the people we've played with and friends we made along the way. Gear does not make the player
  15. I logged into my gunner and notice that I had the weekly challenge 0/3 even though I had already done it for the week on her. Is this a bug or do we get two set since there are 6 weekly challenges you can do?