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  1. Minor change to simple mode (Earth)

    The point of simple mode is that it's meant to be a non-perfect base rotation for the class for people who are new to the close to get a feel for how it plays. you are meant to evolve from using it. If it was actually good then everyone would end up using it which takes away the skill aspect. It's great for people running BT but once you get your VT acc and badges you should stop using it because of that reason you stated. Stonebreaker really isn't as hard to learn as people make it out to be. you just need to have good MS and micromanagement of your CDs
  2. I don't even know why I am making this post, this is so dumb. The 'boss' doesn't drop loot and isn't for a quest so you get nothing from killing him but you still get locked to the dungeon. I had a group try to run it but quit b4 we even pulled the actual boss because we didn't have enough people show up and now I am saved until reset. How this hasn't already been brought up or changed over the year this has been out is blowing my mind.
  3. What I mean is having a system that makes gold/mats and stores them into the clan instead of just "Only" having people donate their own gold and mats. When someone from the clan does a quest. a small % of the money (and mats if that is the reward) the quest gives gets generated and automatically put into the clans crafting deposit. Same with killing mobs. It's creating the money/mats and not taxing the player. Have a weekly system for clan 6v6 and Dungeons/raids Clan does a set amount of 6v6. Money, Moonstone, Elysian orbs, Soulstones get put into crafting deposit. Clan does a set amount of dungeons *4 people must be from the same clan* gets money Elysian Orbs, Soulstone and Naryu Silver/Gold Clan does a raid *must have 8-10 players from same clan* same as dungeon but more mats/money By having a weekly cap for clan 6v6/Dungeons it will incentivise members to do more activities together while making it so smaller clans don't feel like they are limited by the number of people outside of doing dailies/mob killing which shouldn't need a cap since it's going to be really small % of the money/mats I believe with this system it will open clans up to having more members, make members want to work together more and allow the clan to craft more stuff. World of Warcraft used a system like this but it was abused because players could take the money out of the guild's bank for their own greed. Since you can't do that with Clan Crafting Deposit it should work better.
  4. I know how you feel I just started playing again a few month back and it just frustrating that people would ignore me based on my weapon or HM level. I was lucky to find a group of people willing to help me gear and I focus on getting my weapon to at lest Aransu 6 so that people would stop auto-kicking me or just ignoring my applies. Just keeps going. It gets better.
  5. I just finished it and most of the group ignored picking up the guns for the first 2 bosses and dps the bosses down. Took the fun out of doing it.
  6. My game starts out pretty fine for a few weeks but as the days go on it starts getting worst and worst. First I have to relaunch the game multiple times because it keeps crashing on start-up then it will crash while in game (mostly only once every few day) but my biggest issue is the framerate/lag. I open a menu, lag. I open a box, lag. I start combat in a dungeon, Game just freezes and stops responding until the fight is over. I've tried everything to fix the issue from defragging, scan/fix the files, make sure nothing is running in the background, restarting my PC. Pretty much everything in reason. The only thing I find that works is to fully uninstall the game and then reinstall which is a pain in the booty. Especially on raid days. I only started having this problem when using the new launcher.
  7. Found it by opening my second chest. haha
  8. Will the chest change color if it has a legendary weapon in it or will it still be purple/epic?
  9. I had already had that turned off but anyway. I was able to fix the problem, needed to redownload the game.
  10. I just started having this problem myself today. My game has been perfectly fine up to the point but today I noticed that it isn't running as smooth. Slight frame-rate issue when moving. Games lags when opening boxes for a second. Loading into dungeons takes longer and when a boss is pulled my game just stops responding until it's dead. I have a pretty good PC. my drivers and OS are up2date. I haven't changed or downloaded anything new so I have no idea why I having this problem but it's making the game unplayable for me. MY PC specs: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Eight-core Processor. 16.0 GB ram 821 GB Free memory 64-bit OS Graphic card is: Radeon RX 580
  11. HM drops an outfit and Mirage crystals so people still want to use their orbs if it means getting them. If you run with someone and they turn out to be a scammer or they try bidding on the loot just block them and let everyone know either to not go with them or take them on their runs. Sooner or later they aren't going to be able to find groups for it.
  12. My rotation as an earth destroyer. "Destroys" my hand without simple mode. I need it to play my class and without the ability to use it in F12 I can not parse correctly. I beg you NCsoft. Please allow us to use it in F12.
  13. Up to this point I actually thought that I was summoning a giant furball and throwing it. I was sad when I found out otherwise, It be so freaking funny if it actually did that.
  14. Can't log into new launcher.

    I was finally able to fix the problem on my own after dealing with support for days. No offense to them, they were doing their job/best they could but it was going too slow so I looked for help elsewhere. Ended up having to download the files missing from a 3rd party. then update my windows system. Hope to see you all server side.
  15. Can't log into new launcher.

    So I've been having a problem for 4 days now where I am unable to log into the new launcher. I can download it, open it, but when I put my info in and try to connect my PC kind of freezes for a bit and then I get this error. I've been working with support for the last few days doing the basic "Uninstall, reinstall. Turn off your firewall/anti-virus and try. download the launcher directly" It sucks because I was able to play it just fine with the old one but now that I have fully deleted it and my B&S I can't anymore. If anyone is having this problem or knows a way to fix it please let me know.