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  1. well was playing fine till koldrak showed up went to do it koldrak got buged i logedout since that time i cant login again i get infinte loading screen left it for 1hr it didnt load so if any1 know how to fix it i'd be glad other than reinstalling game "reupdated nividia drivers , did file check 4x in a row"
  2. i dont think they will rework XML structure since that'd neet to get through with NCsoft in KR. and as we know, dont think they care enough for that to be very honest but we can hope! all ur other points are very good and realistic though and steps that defintely should be taken.
  3. You're a lil delusional 🤪 @wardenlynftw you're acting like all active pvp and pve players in EU BG discord are cheaters. most of the annoying auto tabbers or xmlers in 6v6 for example aren't even in the discord. and i don't think EU is the only region in this game xd. You're mostly mentioning specific EU cases, that's not gonna fix the game. anyways people selling gold or selling their accounts is the least of their concern now :d Some of y'all are real funny with your theories. u should prolly just not talk. Oh well it's content tho 😳
  4. Im all for an anti-cheat. The thing is that alone won’t fix the problem(s) in this game. Other than that NCwest needs to up their moderation game. 1. Put actual GMs in the game. Remember how that GM Justin used to sit in game and see people bot mushin tower for unity xp. Yea like that. Something similar can be done with PVE dungeons, but it isn’t. Because people who actually wanna do their job and fix the issues in the game left the company 🙂 2. The obvious rule breaking in modes like arena 1v1 and 3v3 where people wintrade. Simply spectating a match would do, but if that
  5. UE4 skill patch Update: Gunslinger now uses Fire spec in arena again, because they nerfed shadow dmg by 50% in arena and fire having an extra CC. Destruction > 23132 > disable bulletstorm.
  6. So i guess none of the (important) questions that were asked to be given by you guys will be answered. Not on stream nor on forum. 🙂 Are you guys planning to answer them still?
  7. What will be done to players that abuse things possible in the game currently without making use of cheating/XML (file editing) for example wintrading using multiple clients or even with friends. Will UE4 bring any changes to how you guys manage this or will this be left unmoderated as it has been for a long time now?
  8. utterly crazy that something like this is in our game still while other regions have i fixed. This ruins all fun in the Beluga Lagoon!
  9. i used to report a lot of bug and issues in the game to @Hime personally. She used to actually communicate which was a nice change for once. Considering NCwest's lack of it, but now for some reason that stopped and issues only get worse n worse. i mean i said it before in 2019 good game trash publisher. unlucky. The weirdest thing to me is. It's completely in their power. Russian region is so clean. no cheaters no wintraders no xml.
  10. ofcourse i can't say how because NCwest will remove this thread otherwise xd anyways trust me on my words that it's possible. Whether they ban for it or not is on them. At somepoint it will go public then u can enjoy hacks in UE4 graphics :DDDD
  11. Cheating is still possible in the UE4 version of KR where they actually ban people for cheating. Instead of our beautiful ncwest who plays Overwatch in their offices and ignores issues the community mentions all day. Anyways how do you guys feel about this possibility of for example jump hack in ue4!? 😄
  12. when are you guys enabling Shackled Isles again!!!!!
  13. When are you guys adding Shackled Isles again as a mode to play. It was mentioned that it was removed to think about ways to improve the game mode but it was never added back.
  14. So why is someone getting banned for doing PVE content that no one cares about, while there are dozens of dumb and shameless players cheating in 1v1 3v3 6v6 whatever u can name that has pvp in it everyday. 75% of the community uses some 3rd party app that edits some type of file. maybe even more than 75% but that's my guess. How is that possible? I'm trying really hard to not curse but this company really gets the worst out of me. This is literally on of the worst companies that i've ever seen manage a game. again HOW can you ban someone for doing PVE content that nobody is hurt by and let
  15. i have been in contact and have contacts of some managers at NCwest and sadly only half of the stuff gets heard with some insane bugs, the rest gets ghosted. Lil story when i was playing at worlds China region was violating rules in the tournaments; all the managers knew about it but i guess they couldn't do anything about it. even the Korean esports manager but he didn't do anything about it. My point is with my own experience with NCwest/NCsoft staff they just don't care enough for some reason :/ unlucky. Communication between a playerbase and a game company is one of the most
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