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  1. then suggest the QoL, do not suggest not to bring the anti cheat..... its already over Anti Cheat is coming, so instead of talking to the wall, go make a post with some sense in it, asking for the QoL to be added etc.
  2. yes I agree with Lyn, we need to allow cheats and client edits Kappa, I can't believe I am reading this hahaha
  3. what about when CM was abused? and jump xml? and fly hack? is this fine? cuz i dun think that has anything to do with HM coin, what about speedhack? are you fine with it? what about the godsword? is that also cool? what do you think about GCD? what about multi clienting and going into 6v6/arena to fight yourself instead of fighting actual players? very nice yeah? remove hm coins but not mention all of this? xd
  4. Mate then suggest QoL do not suggest that they allow cheats, honestly I get it you want the QoL addons to be within the game instead of editing the client etc, but bro if they cheat in PvE they will cheat in PvP , and the whales you care about play this game mode and they love it.. I dun think anyone would agree to this.
  5. wait, I don't understand you, you are against the Anti cheat even if it worked? so you want to edit your client to get an advantage in end content? I don't understand lol, are you saying if they eliminated cheats its bad? mate you have no idea what you are talking about I know most of the whales in EU region and they are all against cheats and they would love to play the game the way it is without cheats I have NO IDEA from where did you get your thoughts. Playing a fair game play is not an option it is a MUST, you like it or not the game needs to be protected and the protection needs to wor
  6. I think this is very possible because GTA5 and so many Steam games are doing it, its called "Verify Integrity of Game Files" and it is not against the law like Grimzy mentioned, there is always away to verify the integrity of files and also to check whats is injected in the client if its a dll or memory etc. Nothing can stop the game from making sure they are providing a fair game play.
  7. 1: We all know that the real problem at the moment is not only the Anti Cheat, because they can release the anti cheat and the heartbeat to shut us up but still not care about what happens if the Anti Cheat is bypassed. As you can see we don't actually have a community manager that moderates the game in general, or fully aware of what is actually going on, that is actually the serious problem in my point of view and I hope you don't misunderstand my criticism but honestly the community manager is not aware of anything of what is happening in community which is a massive big deal. 2: They
  8. I have already had few friends leaving right after a certain tool was released, I was pretty sad because I was looking up to play with them, but once they saw that XML editing, client editing and whatever used to be in UE3 are back they just gave up, I really hope you can do something about all of this.
  9. can someone answer this post please?
  10. Bug Summary: 25% damage reduction in 6v6 maps: is it intentional? because guys some classes are not killable at all, I am not sure if this was meant to be released with UE4, but honestly the classes that receive nerfs and buffs don't actually feel them because of that damage reduction, heck some classes are not even killable with debuff damage which is way stronger than pve damage. please check this out cuz 6v6 atm is not really playable at all.
  11. such a bad idea to get it back, some classes are beyond unkillable now, i duunno why you guys decide these things without actually asking your community, you have no idea what you just done to us.. this is really stupid
  12. yeah cheats started to be released, sadly game is not doing anything about it, which makes me so sad honestly
  13. whatsup man? where is the anti cheat broooo?????? we are doomed....
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