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  1. Everyday there is someone new afk farming, @Hime can we expect any sort of punishment for this people?
  2. This is a very important topic to many of us, please @Hime help us to find a solution cause right now the game is going in a direction where many of us don't wanna go and cross. Please.
  3. Please we really need an anti-cheat to save this game. @Hime
  4. Hello, I would like to address an issue that we as players are facing in Blade & Soul currently where some players are abusing the fact that the game has no protection by using Cheat Engine or tampering with the game files to change the way a class is played in order to achieve high rankings in PvE or PvP. Many of us have approached you guys in hope that we would get a response regarding implementing a Game Guard with the heart beat functionality to have a healthy environment where nobody is cheating because they expect no penalty towards doing so. The UE4 update brou
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