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  1. Hongmoon Brilliant Key

    Thank you for the answers! I have not seen the keys in a while and thought they were phased out, but lo and behold, the Viridian and Cinderland ones are indeed sold in Dragon Express.
  2. The area-specific brilliant keys seemed to have been replaced by this "Hongmoon Brilliant Key," but weapon boxes can still only be opened by the area-specific keys (if I wanted to obtain a class-specific weapon). Can anyone explain: 1. How to use the HM Brilliant Keys? 2. How to open weapon boxes to obtain class-specific weapons? 3. Are area-specific brilliant keys actually still around, but super hard to farm???
  3. Premium benefits during Trove event

    I am F2P and even I feel bad for the Premium players. I agree that either the Daily Dash remains as is during Trove or there should also be an extra perk to Trove for Premium players. Moreover I remember reading that NCSoft does NOT refund memberships and I don't know where you guy saw the news, but I only heard about the new event the day right before it started. If someone bought a membership right before that, well, RIP.