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  1. Who Killed Blade & Soul?

    I get that feeling that when things go wrong, NCWest likes to point the finger at NCSoft and vice versa so that neither party has to take responsibility. Let's not kid ourselves; even if the PC portfolio is making money, the amount is minuscule compared to the mobile side. If devs are limited, NCSoft would probably rather put them to work on appeasing the mobile players than us PC gamers. I remember a time when NCWest did listen and actually tried to make changes, but somehow along the way, they either stopped caring or NCSoft took away their power to change things? Who knows who's really at fault. Probably both.
  2. Players: Can you fix... NCSoft: No. Players: What about... NCSoft: No. Players: But... NCSoft: No. Players: ... NCSoft: ... NCSoft: No.
  3. Does anyone actually care?

    ^ That hit close to home. To NCSoft, I want to say that as a big fan of Eastern MMOs, the last thing I want is for other US publishers to look at BnS' player base dwindle to nothing and think, "There is no interest in Eastern MMOs." Please do better. To the player base, I hope in your love for this game that you are willing to help NCSoft do better by letting them know how and not just roll over whenever they mess up. Please remember that devs are the ones who design the game, but the players are the ones who shape it. (At last that is how it should be...)
  4. Does anyone actually care?

    Oh boy, here we go: 1. No idea on Korean law on gaming, but the only way to "farm" for an event would be to make the event token available as an unlimited item that can be obtained through repetitive gameplay. This has never been the case since event tokens were always limited so not sure how that particular law is relevant here. 2. The lamps had three tiers all with different rewards with the higher tiers requiring gameplay to obtain another item (cloth) in order to transmute said higher tier lamps. If NCSoft wanted people to actually "play the event," they could have also made the lamps only obtainable through gameplay. 3. Agreed that the last event left much to desire and definitely should look towards the future instead, but how will the devs create better events if they do not learn what went wrong in the old ones? Make a stand. Tell NCSoft what they messed up on and hope they do better. 4. Events (and games!) should be fun. Not a chore. Rather than set an alarm every 5h, shouldn't a game focus more on GAMEplay and not, "Hey, come on every 5h to open a lamp!" (Moreover, the first thing I do when I come home is change, prep dinner, etc. and surprise, not turn on my computer just to open a lamp... but you do you.) 5. This is actually the first expired item from the past three years or so that become "unusable" while other expired items in the past were still able to open, process, use, etc., but were no longer used / redeemable anywhere else in the game. For veteran players, no idea how we would not be bamboozled by this. 6. This is also the first event in three years that utilize this strange CD function. Most likely, some of you are mistaking the "jackpot" pouches that was less of an event item and more of a gift that provided awesome things every 10h with a max opening of 10 stages. In other words, 10h CD / max 10 openings over a month timeline VS. 5h CD / max 60 openings over a month. 7. Don't get me wrong; I never expected to open all 60 of the lamps either. I was perfectly fine with opening as many as I could within the event + redemption timeline (usually 2 months), but then half of that expected time disappeared with no warning. In the end, as mentioned before, this event was poorly designed (and should be shared as such with the devs if only they would listen), but the biggest issue is the lack of information on the lamps' expiration. The tooltip, announcements, etc. etc., nothing stated the lamps would become unusable except for the newest patch notes posted on Tues morning, about 17h before the maintenance.
  5. Truth be told, I am creating this thread because the Support Team refuses to talk any further until I go to the "official forums to post [my] thoughts" because the "Forums is[sic] the best form of communication between the players and the Dev Team" so let's begin. 1. Honestly, I am surprised that not more people are angrier / more annoyed by last event. Thanks to the 5h CD along with my working and sleep schedule, I can only open one lamp/day and maybe a few more on the weekend. 2. When the lamps suddenly stopped working, I searched high and low (all the news / announcements) from the first mention of the event to see if I missed this important information. Nothing. The Support Team refuses to acknowledge this SNAFU. 3. While looking through the forums to see if others shared this sentiment, the players were surprisingly silent about this matter. The shocker was when some players even defended the event because they managed to open all 60 of their lamps within the time frame. (Congratulations to them, but doesn't mean that employed players have the same luxury.) Thank you for coming to my talk though I highly doubt anyone actually reads this, but at least now I can tell the Support Team that I did what they asked.
  6. Hongmoon Brilliant Key

    Thank you for the answers! I have not seen the keys in a while and thought they were phased out, but lo and behold, the Viridian and Cinderland ones are indeed sold in Dragon Express.
  7. The area-specific brilliant keys seemed to have been replaced by this "Hongmoon Brilliant Key," but weapon boxes can still only be opened by the area-specific keys (if I wanted to obtain a class-specific weapon). Can anyone explain: 1. How to use the HM Brilliant Keys? 2. How to open weapon boxes to obtain class-specific weapons? 3. Are area-specific brilliant keys actually still around, but super hard to farm???
  8. Premium benefits during Trove event

    I am F2P and even I feel bad for the Premium players. I agree that either the Daily Dash remains as is during Trove or there should also be an extra perk to Trove for Premium players. Moreover I remember reading that NCSoft does NOT refund memberships and I don't know where you guy saw the news, but I only heard about the new event the day right before it started. If someone bought a membership right before that, well, RIP.