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  1. Thanksgiving has come and gone in the States, yet here we are still wondering if NCSoft is going to clean up their Halloween SNAFU or not...
  2. What is the limiting factor? If it's a timing issue, can we push the change to the next patch? As long as NCSoft changes the expiration date on the tokens to reflect the new date of when we can use them, everything can work out.
  3. This thread is going to die without ever getting even an explanation let alone a resolution? Thanks for staying transparent with your play base, NCSoft.
  4. Pretty sure that Zuzu guy is a troll. That or a simp for NCSoft who actually loves the abuse? What kind of reasoning is "NCSoft always cheats you so just be prepared for the next time..." Going to go out on a limb here and say that most of the people on this thread DID put in a ton of time and work into this event to farm all the tokens. With both the tooltip AND event page claiming (STILL stating in fact) that the tokens can be redeemed up until Dec. 16th, NCSoft is obviously in the wrong here. Most players probably do take out that "pen and paper" to do the math for what they can
  5. Creating an alternate Dragon Express tab to "buy" tiles is also fine too. Let's talk and work something out.
  6. I did all the math for them and told them exactly how many tokens they can remove from my inventory in exchange for the appropriate rewards. Even organized everything into a neat little table detailing how many of each tokens go into each reward. Their response: "Please note that while we appreciate your suggestion and we may have provided this service in the past however, we review each request at a case by case basis and unfortunately, we are unable to grant it in this case. We hope you understand." If I didn't see all of you guys getting rejected too, I would be wond
  7. I could use an entire week off between events. I miss when events use to be a fun thing to do on the side, but now every event drops ridiculously amazing things only if you farm / grind to the max. I wanted to play a game for fun, not work at it like it's some kind of chore. =_____=
  8. @ByuL: At least you got a "positive" response the first time around. When I submitted a ticket, I got the immediate, "Nope." Chances are, as more people started submitting tickets for this issue, the GMs realized it would be TOO MUCH work to help every individual so instead of thinking, "Oh snap, we messed up. We better fix this," they went the complete other way and decided NO ONE gets help. .__________.
  9. Why are the tokens written with "Redeemable until 2020/12/15" when the devs DROP ALL the transmuting options? For the Haunted (red) tokens, we literally have NOTHING else we can do with them. Like Guillk said, why didn't anyone mention this extremely important deadline earlier?
  10. Here is a tiny bit of common sense, uploading news of what is going to change literally HOURS before said changes are implemented is blatant disregard of players. I am at such a lost for words to why the moderators / developers of this game keep players in the dark up until the last day and rip the rug from under our feet. Would providing a patch update a week or even a few DAYS before actually making the change kill the employees of NCSoft/NCWest? Does NCSoft/NCWest hate players who don't check for updates every hour so this is their way of weeding us out? Someone exp
  11. I get that feeling that when things go wrong, NCWest likes to point the finger at NCSoft and vice versa so that neither party has to take responsibility. Let's not kid ourselves; even if the PC portfolio is making money, the amount is minuscule compared to the mobile side. If devs are limited, NCSoft would probably rather put them to work on appeasing the mobile players than us PC gamers. I remember a time when NCWest did listen and actually tried to make changes, but somehow along the way, they either stopped caring or NCSoft took away their power to change things? Who
  12. Players: Can you fix... NCSoft: No. Players: What about... NCSoft: No. Players: But... NCSoft: No. Players: ... NCSoft: ... NCSoft: No.
  13. ^ That hit close to home. To NCSoft, I want to say that as a big fan of Eastern MMOs, the last thing I want is for other US publishers to look at BnS' player base dwindle to nothing and think, "There is no interest in Eastern MMOs." Please do better. To the player base, I hope in your love for this game that you are willing to help NCSoft do better by letting them know how and not just roll over whenever they mess up. Please remember that devs are the ones who design the game, but the players are the ones who shape it. (At last that is how it should be...)
  14. Oh boy, here we go: 1. No idea on Korean law on gaming, but the only way to "farm" for an event would be to make the event token available as an unlimited item that can be obtained through repetitive gameplay. This has never been the case since event tokens were always limited so not sure how that particular law is relevant here. 2. The lamps had three tiers all with different rewards with the higher tiers requiring gameplay to obtain another item (cloth) in order to transmute said higher tier lamps. If NCSoft wanted people to actually "play the event," they could have
  15. Truth be told, I am creating this thread because the Support Team refuses to talk any further until I go to the "official forums to post [my] thoughts" because the "Forums is[sic] the best form of communication between the players and the Dev Team" so let's begin. 1. Honestly, I am surprised that not more people are angrier / more annoyed by last event. Thanks to the 5h CD along with my working and sleep schedule, I can only open one lamp/day and maybe a few more on the weekend. 2. When the lamps suddenly stopped working, I searched high and low (all the news / announcements)
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