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  1. Act 10

  2. For me it was the bluetooth thing since Windows v1803, but at this point we should have xigncode removed because only NCSoft expect people to know that they must disable bluetooth or play the 32bits client that works fine in this Windows build...
  3. Can't start the game

    Same for me, it happens since you update to Windows 10 version 1803, last version didn't have this issue so for me it is a bluetooth thing for the 64 bits client. 32 bits works fine with bluetooth activated.
  4. 3. Big YES, character bound items is a relic feature of when I was born. When I played other online games with many alts and never encountered such restrictions. 4. I guess you're one of the happy few that was glad with the gold nerf of the previous patch. 5. I thought premium was supposed to be convenience. It's just extra chore to have to relog for the last extra spin. Maybe we should had like 24 extra spins, like that you will be glad to play 24h just for collecting rewards. 6. again I thought premium was supposed to be convenience not giving you the feeling to force you to collect every hours just to make out the max of your sub. 7. Then what's the point of the sub if we have to pay extra more ??? Maybe I should also ask more money each time I do something that takes a lot of work... 8. I don't really care about this part because I don't base my gameplay on whales/marketplace/buying runs. It was just a suggestion to give some extra value for the sub.
  5. Maybe, I don't really care about this part because it's not that rewarding once you get the gold from the weekly quests. It's just annoying for gearing when you depends on RNG when many people will get what they need the 1rst try while you get yours 30 weeks later.
  6. - account tab in vault - premium extra tab in vault only accessible for deposit while premium - free mail fees between alts - possibility to trade char bound items/gear between alts - bigger gold fee discount when upgrading - remove timer of daily dash - remove timer of login rewards - free outfit color change - no weekly lockout for raids And then it will only start to become an interesting sub compared to cheaper buy to play games that offer you these kind of feature.
  7. Differences between NA and EU communities?

    In Sogun Lament dungeon, at twin boss NA people kill the silver boss first and in EU they kill the gold first. Don't ask me why.
  8. Why nerf Gunners?

    I like the outdated videos when you know gunners were nerfed so that they cannot do this kind of stunt anymore. Hello we're in 2018 ?
  9. Windows update, see history, uninstall updates or the backup recovery if you have some backup somewhere before the big Windows feature updates.
  10. I also lost a lot of framerate after updating to Windows 10 version 1803, reverted to version 1709 and I was good again.
  11. Thoughts On The Rising Soul Event

    And not only in the stream but also in the patch notes they said you were supposed to increase your chance to get your soul...
  12. Character transfer between regions

    When they close the EU servers, but they again you'll still be stuck in NA.
  13. this stupid

    OP you should have just spend your Ncoins in F9 and buy directly in F5 your barb instead of gambling...
  14. Low FPS on a really good pc

    And if you're on Windows 10 check in windows update that you're not on version 1803 but on version 1709. I don't know what Microsoft did on their latest patch but I went from 120fps max to 30-40 max so I reverted their patch. It's a know issues many players encountered.
  15. The party problems at Irontech forge and higher

    Annysan really explained how it is and what happened to him also applied to me. For IF it's not even a matter of hm9-10 knowing mechs, it's that IF wasn't designed for undergeared people fresh out the story. It's like you'are saying everyone of the team knows mechs of the latest raid so it's ok to go full seolak, baleful/seraph weapon to TT. You won't beat the enrage timer of the bosses...