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  1. Naksun gives you 1 gold, the celestial basin daily gives less then that and the daily challenges for new and mid lvl players... are the dungeons they nerfed! Your acting like people are just walking into Sanctum and up fresh out of story. You have to grind to get there and to say it only takes a few gold and mats is ridiculous. I've spent thousands upgrading my weapon and accessories to be above 1k AP and it took months before the nerf. Nobodys joining or staying in your party with less then 1k AP if your trying to do the high tier dungeons so your not playing the same game as me if you think
  2. I ran those dungeons every day and that was how I was able to grind my gear up while still being able to level myself at a decent enough rate to enjoy the game, every day! Those mid dungeons are still where newer and mid level players have to grind to get high enough to do the newer content and the costs to get there are thousands of gold and mats. People want 1k AP to do Sanctum up and the only way to get that 1k AP is to grind those mid dungeons for gold n mats, they're crucial for newer and mid lvl players so if you've got it so you can get yours without needing those dungeons, good for you
  3. So I actually spent a lot, and by a lot I mean like all day every day on this game and the amount of gold and materials I got from doing daily dungeons was still nowhere near enough for me to level high enough on this game in a reasonable time frame. Most people don't have that kind of time to play a game. As a mid level player who has spent money out of my own pocket to support your company because I enjoy the game, taking away the gold and materials I need to play the game with any efficiency at all is a slap in the face after dedicating time and money into it. It's disgusting and shameful t
  4. This needs to be posted and reposted 1000 more times and begin and end on every post anyone makes period until they fix this BS! What a slap in the face to all newer and mid lvl players who work hard and take the time to lvl and even invest money in the game when they can. It was already hard enough to gear up before and now this. It's disgusting and they should be ashamed for the way they are treating their player base. I don't know why everyone isn't furious about this. It's a big fat middle finger to my face after I handed them cash to support them and its unforgivable to me.
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