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  1. Die Terrorschwestern sind wieder da!

    Wie niedlich, level 20 Gunner und WL ^^ Dann mal viel Glück bei der (Gear)aufholjagd. Bin gespannt, wie ihr auf die Topwhales mit vollem VT und teilweise schon TT-Gear aufholen wollt, wünsche euch dennoch viel Glück und Spass bei eurem Plan :D
  2. F2P allowed?

    You want gold? You want gear? Go take a credit and send us your money when you want to progress. We said it is free to play but what we meant is free to pay, so dont expect anything cheap or even gratis from us, we are just a pack of greedy vultures and the only thing we care about is your money. [not an official statement from nc-soft but they act this way] Sadly it seems no one in KR have the slightes idea about the game in EU/NA. KR want us on the same level like they are, but they always forget they had 4 years head start when BnS was released in EU/NA. So basicaly we had 2.5 Years to reach the same level KR is now, where KR had over 6 years. Ok we are not yet on the same level, but only 3-4 month behind KR. And like always KR do exactly the opposit of what they should do or prommised. 2016 they prommised more sources for Moonstones. What we got: Moonstonse where removed from SSP during the week and transfered to Battleground so even less player had access to them. With the introduction of Moonstone Crystals Moonesones where removed completley from SSP and from Naksun. Again less people had access to them. They told us, they want to make the upgrade of Pet and soul cheaper. What they did: Remove the old pet poches and introduce new. at this time they also removed blue pets that could been transformed to 1 pet pouch and reduced pet pouch fro violet pets from 2 to 1. Price Raised from formaly ~30Gold to 90Gold. Same for Soul. At first they removed Blackwyrm and Bosses from Misty Woods just to play generous when adding evolved stones to bosses at Celestial Basin. They also announced it as a save source, even it is still RNG. To make it even more worse for new player, they reduced the enragetimer in Naryu Sanctum from 10 to 5 minutes. WTF? NS is a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing 800AP recomended Dungeon where new plaers should farm their bracelet and now even 800-1000AP groups having problems to beat the enragetimer even they do the mech well. Seriously? What the hell NC-Soft thought while making the dessission to Buff an importent dungeon for lower levels so they cant clear it? Guess they just give a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ about new and low players or they are simply blind and braindead. As a new player, fresh out of the story, i would deinstall and move on to another game. Without a freindly clan or friends who carry you through the higher Dungeons, you wont have a chance to gear up in a decent amount of time anymore. Sad but true.
  3. Class's importance

    Ah that's true! Very true! My bad for providing that kind of example. Also you will find very less FMs playing with Phantom Grip, most of them will play on Shadow Grasp instead. Using Phantom Grip in PVE is a waste of dps ;)
  4. I feel like someone dont know what he's talking about. I have 2 chars on Raven 9 with at least VT Soulshields. I could upgrade both chars without helping each other before this patch. I also have a HM9 alt with balefull 10 @ 1k AP that i cant upgrade to raven after the last patch, at least not without help of my 2 mainchars, so i dont play my alt anymore. Low and midgear players dont get any gold from low dungeons like EC, DT, NF. NC-Soft even decided to make NS harder for low/mid-gear Player. i started running NS with 800AP when NS had full mechanic even in normal mode and could finish it without problems. NS is still recomended at 800AP but you wont beat the enragetimer. NC-Soft thought it would be a great idea to reduce the enrage timer for NS ( a dungeon you need to farm for your bracelet) from 10 to 5 minutes. I dont know, how many times i joined and helped a group of players with 900-1000AP, recruiting at xanos, because they failed at the enragetimer. No one died, they did the best they can, but they couldn't beat the enragetimer. WTF? Did NC-Soft even thought about the impact of this totaly crappy patch? Either they dont know their own game they developing or they are simply that stupid. And by the way, i dont feel like i carryed those groups. I helped them to reach their goal, to finish NS, even i did most of the damage. Carrying (at least for me) means to do all the work, while the one who get carried do nothing. Go try to find a group for IF, EL, SM, HH with 1k AP. Go try to find a clan with Balefull and 1k AP, enlighten us with your wisedome and show us how to gear up a low/mid gear char without help of a high geared alt. And of course everything got cheaper and more easy to get. I had to go all the wasy up from Hongmoon acessouirs and Hongmoon weapon to True Scorpion befor i get my legendqary weapon. Today you get the legendary weapon straight out of the story and it is ok. You all forget about one thing. In asia BnS was realeased 6 years ago, in EU/NA only 2 years ago and we are now just 3-4 month behind asia. So we had 4 years less to get to a gear equal to asia. Therefore things should have been much more easy to obtain to catch up with asia, but thats another story. People are not to lazy to farm, they try to, but they cant effectively farm because NC-Soft decided to take away all ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing gold sources for low leveled chars. You get materials without much problems by running lower dungeons. but what the hell you should do with your mats, when you dont get gold to upgrade your stuff? Low levels get little to no unbond materials they can trade. Hell even i do NS-DD every day on 2 chars and nearly got no unbound mats anymore except those from the weekly chest. But please go ahead and defend every ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ NC-Soft will change. Guess some people will still defend this crap, even NC-Soft decide to only drop a heal pot and 1 bronce in ST and you will get your mats and gold only from F10
  5. Neue Klasse

    Da muss ich meine Aussage bezüglich PVP noch einmal erweitern. Da er die Lebenspunkte als "Fokus" nutzt, fällt er bei der PVP Waffe mit Fokusentzug entweder gleich tot um, oder die Waffe hat keinerlei Effekt auf ihn und ist somit zumindest teilweise nutzlos. Bin echt gespannt, wie NC-Soft das lösen will, damit die Klasse nicht total overpowert und unkillbar wird...
  6. The SSM/HH part isn't going to happen with that alt. I know, but you dont even find groups for IF/EL where you can get at least a little bit of gold. Well ok its also mostly failure of the community who is to lazy to do some mech and therefore prefer to search people wit at least 1.1k for those dungoens. Even the requirement of VT-Gear is common these days. Conclusion: All who dont have a good geared main chare are screwed and its nearly impossible for them to gear up.
  7. My alt is a HM9 Gunner with Balefull 10, elemental rin/ earring, legendary necklace, bracelet stage 3 and belt and 1000 and a few AP. I could upgrade to Raven but i need 2 preium and 5 empirian Stones, but i cant neither earn the money to buy them nor i could get the unbound materials to craft them due to last patch. I deal between 50-70k dps, but i cant even find a group for IF/EL. I gave up on it after 45minutes of searching by my self or get kicked from other groups i joined. How should i even find a group for SM or HH? Well i could send Mats / Gold from my main Char, but my main also need those mats and tons of gold for upgrading. Befor the patch i could upgrade my alt without any help of my main, even by running only up to NS. Now its nearly impossible, so i gave up my alt. Imagin it would be my main char. I would have left the game after the patch. It is totaly gamebreaking for low/mid-gear chars. NC-Soft dosnt give a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ to new players and the community is not much better with their redicolous requirements even for dungeons like NS/IF/EL. Still wonder how many more players need to leave the game before NS-Soft realize their changes are just crap.
  8. Neue Klasse

    Ja der Lyn wäre sicher eine optimale Klasse für den Sin, ABER das geheule, wenn plötzlich ein großteil der Sins auf dem Schlachtfeld als kleinstmögliche Lyns rumrennen, dürfe gigantisch sein. Sin sind so schon recht schlecht zu sehen, wenn sie dann noch gerade mal so groß wie der Zeh eines Gon sind, herzlichen Glückwunsch. Wobei ein Lyn KFM oder Bersi fänd ich schon recht lustig ^^
  9. [Vorschlag] Charakterplatzsortierung

    Ja das wäre ne feine Sache seine Chars in der auswahl selber sortieren zu können. Wenn es so etwas mal gab, ist es mir unverständlich, warum ein solches Feature entfernt wurde.
  10. Neue Klasse

    Ich bin viel mehr gespannt auf die PVP-Fähigkeiten. Nutzt der Krieger tatsächlich seine Lebenspunkte als Fokus, muss er eine entsprechend hohe Lebensregeneration haben. Damit könnte er nahezu unkillbar im PVP werden und wir wissen alle, wie gerne NC-Soft bei neuen Klassen übertreibt, siehe One-Shot Gunner. Könnte mir gut vorstellen, das der Krieger den Gunner als "Hass-Klasse" im PVP ablösen könnte ^^
  11. 21. get a mental breakdown every time you see peaches or a tin of peaches in your local store while shopping
  12. Leavers need to be punished

    or just make it impossible to enter a dungeon Solo in F8 ;)
  13. Uhm??? Well go to SSP on german Server, try killing Ak Bul when players of good known clan are there and see what happens. I can tell you what will happens. Either they will reset Ak Bul or they change to a blue char ans simply kill you. I saw this happens a few times when i want to help a clanmate killing Ak Bul. When this guy cant reset ak bull he change to another account and just kill you. they make tons of soulstones this way by just switching account and kill everyone who earn to much prestige, especialy low geared players. Well i could stop them by crashing every mining with my pvp-char, but then no one can farm and that woudl'nt be a good solution to this problem. Anyway back to topic. For low/mid-gear NC-Sonft need to raise gold income from Dungeons or they wont have any chance to gear up in a decent time. They cant run high dungons or noone will take them there. Therefore they wont get any tradable materials and cant craft Premiumstons nor the Empirian Spirit Stones. They cant get the needed Moonstones cause you will get them only from PVP. Yeah enter Battelground with MSP-Soulshields and Balefull/Seraph and get killed by a whale who only need to look at you. Good luck on farming Moonstones for your progress as a low/mid-gear. As an alternativ NC-Soft can introduce accountbound Premium / Empirian Spirit Stones that can be craftet with Crystals and that are not tradable. They also need to raise the enrage timer of NS. 5 Minutes is way to less for a group with 900+AP even the dungeon is a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing 800+ dungeon. Dont know how many times i entered a 900-1000ap group via LFP that failed at xanos enrage timer. Well most groups i helped, but there are not many who do this. Ill guess when the new class will be releases NC-Soft will promote the game and we will see a few new players. With the current changes, they will quit faster then they joined the game once they have finished the story and see they nearly have no chance to further progress.
  14. Neue Klasse

    1. Die Klasse soll, wenn ich mich nicht verlesen haben im Juni/Juli in Korea rauskommen. Da wir mittlerweile nur noch 3-4 Monate hinter Korea liegen, denke ich sie wird bei uns wohl so Oktober/November erscheinen. Hängt natürlich vom tatsächlichen release in KR ab. 2. Den einzigen Hinweis auf die Rasse, den ich bisher gefunden habe, bietet nur das Bild aus der ankündigung. Könntevom bild her also Gon / Jin oder eventuell Jun sein, aber das ist reine Spekulation meinerseits. Vielleicht hat hier schon jemand genauere Informationen. 3. Neue Klassen waren bisher immer für alle verfügbar, vorrausgesetzt man hatte einen freien Charackterslot. Also selbst Spieler, die komplett neu angefangen haben, konnten sich frei zwischen jeder verfügbaren Klasse entscheiden. 4. Wenn NC-Soft seine bisherigen vorgehensweise beim release einer Klasse beibehält dann ja. Bisher gab es bei jedem Release einer neuen Klasse einen kostenlosen Charakterplatz hinzu. War beim Paktierer so und auch beim Soulfighter und dem Gunner. Beim Gunner musste man sich jedoch auf der Webseite in sein Account einloggen und so das Paket mit dem Charakterplatz "beanspruchen", man bekam diesen also nicht automatisch, beim SF und WL weiss ich nichtmehr wie das war, zu lange her ^^ Bevor NC-Soft genaueres bekannt gibt, zumindest für Korea, wird jedoche alles erst einmal reine Spekulation bleiben.