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  1. Show off your characters!!

    Gon FM, Goldskin Yun SF, Zeeporah
  2. Returning player

    Unreal 4? Wow... can't say I saw that coming. That's good news, for sure. This game has little details that make it great, like the voice acting, the soundtrack, a deep and captivating wuxia story... only missing a powerful and up to date engine. But no more, I hope. With high hopes. Big thanks for the detailed answers, folks.
  3. Returning player

    Hey there, make yourself confortable. I'm tryin' to return to BnS for a while this year... my premium has ended, I got no end game gear yet, no Awakened soul and no shittons of money to waste. But I never get to find a game to really like as I do with BnS, and despite of that, it feels kinda depressing having no way to catch up the end game gear/content with my main FM after some months no playing. That being said... could some senpai , please, answer me the following questions: 1- Is premium membership still worth it? 2 - Perhaps, it could be more rewarding starting a new char? (no, god please, no) 3 - Can I enjoy PvP without being a landlord with a little fortune to spare in the game? 4 - Can I enjoy PvE without being forced into PvP to progress? 5 - What are your expectations for the near future? Is the population decreasing? Did NCSoft manage to kill the game? (just asking... they kinda seemed to aim that in the past) 6 - Can we run it in an overclocked GTX 1070 ti, without lagging? In other words, has the game learned how to use GPU instead of CPU to shading and 3D drawing? Thank you for your time, in advance.
  4. Inappropriate loading screens

    Sir, or ma'am - whatever the case -I feel a little uncomfortable with that too, for real. But, with all due respect, if you can't overlook a loli here and there every now and then, an asian MMO is no place for you, for sure. Edited: one can check the lastest 2018 loading screens clicking here.
  5. I left kinda month ago... Wasn't with high hopes for the update, too. And Now I see, that I was unfortunately right. Things just got worse, the company bad decisions kept its stream and the worst part, a few pachyderms JUST KEEPING GIVING MONEY to be whipped by this corporation. Thing is, the game is bad*. Don't get me wrong... I enjoyed it, waited for it since 2011 to come to west, 2016 it made its debut, I spent money and a dem lot of time on it, Even upgraded my gear, building a $ 7,000 bucks high-end PC, hoping to enhance my experience. But, after SIX YEARS, all this bad unexplainable decisions made by the corporation and all that sea of money they made... they don't even care about updating their graphics, their net code nor - AT THE VERY LEAST - optimizing the textures of game. Game IS bad. It still have a great combat system, maybe the best out there, hands down. But nothing more. Even this great combat system is useless behind the BG paywall. And the amount of time needed to gear up... oh my... A game should be about having fun or competition, not blindling grinding 10h a day for months to leveling high end gear. Sadly BnS became a bad joke. And even most sad, there are a lot of heavy wallets that can't see that, and will keep defending it put a whole ton of money in rng boxes. It's about to become my greatest disappointment since quitting Diablo 3. I can make mine your words, op. *it wasn't, but now it is
  6. Arent the Yun doomed to extinction?

    Half of them are traps, silly boy... =D
  7. Show off your characters!!

    dude! what amazing preset! She's so real and beautiful... Nice work!
  8. let me point this mammoth in the room... (pvp and paywall)

    I believe in good changes. I have strong hopes that staff is listening the community and this kind of topic somehow reach their appreciation. In the past, some Schopenhauer-readers said that "you should stahp whynin'!!!1! there will never be a Lyn gunner! They won't mod the game for you" And now here they are. All we can do is hope that the company don't let the game become an exclusive luxury of some dozen high-rollers payers... and find a way of making money without ignoring the real average players.
  9. let me point this mammoth in the room... (pvp and paywall)

    Funny that you pointed that... I work on a nuclear submarine, and BnS still require more commitment than my work. needless to say I still didnt get my aransu weapon
  10. Enemy perfect stuns in Tower of Infinity? Why?

    DUDE that's the sadest thing I saw in a long time... really. Be warned: ToI is just a sadistic, masochist, rage-inducing, sadness simulator, used to check how long it took you to lose your patience.
  11. eSport. NCSoft is trying to push this game as a fair and accessible FREE 2 PLAY eSport for some time now. I always liked this game, spent some time and money on it, just for fun, so I really liked the idea... but come on. Let's be honest. How can someone think of having the slightest chance against a whale? How long would take to level a char to HM 20? *or how much magiccard swipes?* First things first.... Is it even possible to PvP in this whale infested waters? These aren't rhetorical questions, I'm actually willing to know the opinion of more seasoned players. There's no fun left for people not able nor willing to shake the wallet every month. Just do the math... try calculate the amount of time and material needed for some high end gear. We're hitting the hundred of thousands in gold, and billions in XP charms. Do somebody think that this game will survive through 2018? cuz I really would like it does.
  12. Forum Emoticons Now Available

    be careful! That's the forbidden question! All those who asks it never get answered again...
  13. Trove procs.. or lack of.

    when will people realize that RNg is... RNG? We can't blame a slot machine for being a slot machine.
  14. Show off your characters!!

    Goldskin, gon FM
  15. B&S melting my computer

    what a bummer... given that it's a f2p game, i don't suppose it's gonna change in the future... it's really sad.