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  1. This had exactly nothing to do with people getting overleveled and everything to do with people not spending time on the milking machine. Hush hush get to endgame and buy your gear, what are you waiting for? Actually consuming fun and balanced content? No. We cant have that.
  2. Just saying, you dont think N$oft does the same exact thing?
  3. No, killing half the group will always make the run take longer than thank the few seconds you save not waiting for people to arrive. "Will reducing the dps output in a dungeon run make the dungeon run faster? No, stupid!"
  4. Excuse me, why would your dps ever fall from getting a extra SB. SB > no SB.
  5. This isnt so outlandish as you think; IRL its only Humans that have permanently enlargened breasts, all other mammals have engorged breasts only during the feeding time. It stands to reason that Lyn females do have breasts but they aint usually noticeable unless they're actively feeding, reference this with any kind of ape which are our closest relatives.
  6. F8 tends to treat AP like a gearscore unfortunatively. Try joining groups with decent gear except your gems are heptas. You're gonna get the boot...
  7. My main problem with those is that they're not really idle animations but more emotes. They're far too active and flashy. I dont mind having them on command but if im just checking out something or worse, crowds of afking people it gets distracting.
  8. These projectiles can be iframed... And she'll always fire one each at the 3-4 top dps, regardless of the tank being in meele. All you need to do here is avoiding the aoe and iframing the projectiles, quite frankly im not sure why people would struggle with this. (lag making it near impossible to avoid the aoe being a exception)
  9. Its fine since you can eventually get the full legendary set as f2p, this is merely pay to progress. /s
  10. I enjoy the challenge beating dungons at the bare minimum they allow in undersized parties (often just me and a friend). Thats all really, but with them removing mechs ever more agressively i get bored and with the aggressive monetization driving the nail in the coffin i quit. Its like BnS managers are just shouting "we have too few paying players, make the game more accessible!" and "i expect more profits next quarter, increase monetization!" over and over and dont give a single ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ about the actual issues plagueing the game.
  11. The crit crafting only happens if you're premium so thats right out. Only Moyun box has a chance to drop gem powder, which i have seen happen exactly twice in over 300 runs across my characters. And even then it drops only a single gem powder. You might want to reconsider what you're stating.
  12. Assuming you're counging selling gold for hmc this still leaves a number of items unobtainable to you, for example Imperial Soju. If you dont count hmc as normal then one egirous example would be gem powder, among a number of others.
  13. Keep in mind that in BnS events aint events but part of the routine pretty much. Most of them are copy paste with slight differences and all of them offer similar rewards (lets be honest everyone only goes for the oils). Theres always a event going on as opposed to it being a seasonal thing or even rarer like on other mmos.
  14. This whole new stones system is gated behind those orbs, and the event... sooo... yeah hardly surprising they did this to the orbs. Besides, the orbs are just one of the many things they ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ up to offer paid solutions for.
  15. Because then they cant put the orb into trove obviously.
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