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  1. Hello, I was wondering if someone who has tried using the Race Gender Change Voucher could help me with a question (I'm unable to find it on Google). What happens to our cosmetics which are gender specific? For example if a Jin changed it to a Lyn, what would happen to all my Jin-only cosmetics? I know that they don't automatically turn into the Lyn-version of the cosmetic (or at least that's what support says), but I just don't want it to absolutely fill my inventory with cosmetics which I can no longer store in my wardrobe. Thank you greatly for taking the time to read this and/or respond to it.
  2. A group of friends and I have been having a fun discussion about the current state of each classes in the game thus far and their related DPS. I figured I'd ask you guys, just for fun - and to see what you guys think: What is your ranking for each class in terms of DPS for this year so far? From best to worse, 1 to 10, A to D, etc. use whatever ranking you want ^^ It'd be interesting to see what you guys think, imo, when you're playing with other classes in the game. Please remember, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, there's no 'right or wrong', just let your rankings do the talking ^^ if you want to state why you ranked them that way, then go ahead, but try not to dis other player's rankings.
  3. is this neccessary

    This is no different that whales setting the prices on the market imo. If players have the money, they should be able to spend it however they like. Just be glad that you got 1.2k out of that dungeon XD
  4. Faction quest problems

    Make sure you have the "Show low-level quest on minimap" option ticked. It should be your settings > Game tab > Interface.
  5. emeperors treasure chest?

    It's actually not a Nigthfall sanctuary drop at all. You get it if you're a returning player and haven't played for a long time. However, there have been reports where players who have been playing from the start up until now who have also received it. It's just a small package to help returning players along.
  6. Starter Pack - need help ! :)

    The premium membership automatically gets added onto your account - if you hit "P", there's a premium membership icon as one of the tabs, click on that. As for what to spend, aside from what SkyStorm has already said, outfits, Mastery and the Duelist bundles are all good choices and will get you your bang for your buck.
  7. Storage space.. again

    Things to keep: - The two gems. - The keys & anything with the word "charm" in it. - The outfits (store them in F3/Showroom). - Potions & dumplings. - Naryu Silver and Coin. - Repair Tool (all of them). - Stalker Essence. - Dragon Trade Pouch. And that's about it. You really shouldn't worry about your gear, or what to craft until you're Level 55 HM 7 (or 8). But, you should unseal at your blue accessories (ring, earring, necklace) and equip them as they provide a nice stat boost to your character. Along with that you'll want to also equip your gems too. The rest you can discard. I'd keep the Training weapon as it's unique, but that's up to you, it has no use.
  8. Daily Dash doesn't show up [closed]

    Daily dash won't be available during trove ^^ (Not sure if closed due to you finding your answer, but, hope that helps)
  9. Considering Razors Artisanal skins for razors are less desirable than the others, you might be able to get somewhere between 150G-300G for it. The more desirable ones (ie. staff, sword, etc.) can fetch you upwards for 300G up to 500G depending on the skin.
  10. Gear prioritization

    To make sure that you understand IAmWho's statement better (as they way s/he listed the equipment, it can be quite misleading). The accessories/gear you should prioritize is (listed from importance): 1. Weapon. 2. Tiger/Dragon Bracelet. 3. BT accessories. 4. Eternity Belt. 5. Oath Necklace. You would want to get your weapon to at least Stage 10 or Raven Stage 1/3. After that, focus on getting your Tiger/Dragon Bracelet to at least Stage 6 or 9. After that, focus on getting your BT accessories to Stage 3, 6 (max Bracelet, Belt to Stage 3, Raven Stage 3 min.) then Stage 9. Then you'll want to focus your Belt to Stage 3/6. Leave your necklace at Stage 1 or 3 if you want - it's not worth upgrading. When you've got your BT accessories to at least Stage 6, you can decide what to upgrade, your soul to at least Stage 6 or continue focusing on your attention/effort the BT accessories/Weapon.
  11. Leveling after act 9

    Once you've completed the Storyline, the only ways to level up are via side-quests, dailies and weekly (dungeon) quests, killing monsters and EXP charms. Sadly, everything except EXP charms reward very minimum amount - to the point where players can and have confidently said that the only way to level up after Level 55 HM 8 is via EXP charms.
  12. this stupid

    The way you're talking about Trove makes it seem as if you have no clue what it is. A casino is is a space, whether it's online or IRL, where games of chance - gambling is held. Trove is the definition of gambling, you're wagering money in the hopes that you get something of monetary or material value. Expecting to get something good out of Trove is setting yourself up for disappointment. You don't go into a casino and expect yourself to win all the time, just as you can't Trove and expect yourself to get good stuff constantly. But yes, you're right, this game.. the devs.. they're all out for our money - it's a shitty way to run a company/business, but it is true.
  13. Character transfer between regions

    Sadly what you got from the staff member who helped you out in the ticket was a generic response that they give to all players. The thing is is that you are not alone in terms of wanting this service, you're not the first to ask nor will you be the last. This request has been answered by many many many NCsoft staff members in the past and all of them have been something similar to "this feature sadly cannot be implemented into the game due to so and so restrictions, how our servers work and how your character/account details are stored".
  14. There is no options to change it yet. This option has been requested since 2016 - guess we'll just have to keep on waiting.
  15. Legendary Accessories

    Correct. The bracelet shall be either tiger or dragon depending on your class. The belt shall be the eternity belt. The first set for your ring and earring is from BT. The first set for your necklace is from SK/VT.