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  1. Same, I have yet to receive mine either. (Will update if I do receive it)
  2. I was wondering, why is the Angler's pouches different from what was originally released on the website? Website: https://imgur.com/gallery/vFwgCNv In-game: https://imgur.com/gallery/KzKG894 In game, it is a chance of: Soulstone Crystal - 17-28. Sacred Crystal - 17-28. Moonstone Crystal - 4-7. Elysian Crystal - 4-7. On the website, it's a 100% chance of one of four: Soulstone Crystal - 17-28. Sacred Crystal - 17-28. Moonstone Crystal - 4-7. Elysian Crystal - 4-7. AND a chance of one of four: Soulstone Crystal - 57.
  3. Sadly.. ninja nerfs and changes have been a part of NCsoft's playbook since ages ago. It's nothing new and those countless ninja nerfs/changes have caught just as many players off-guard. Each patch is filled with changes, nerfs and on the rare occasion buffs that is not announced/notified to the general player base. It's again, normal sadly.
  4. A while back faded accessories were introduced to the game (in BT earring & ring form as well as VT necklace). It just occurred to me, I have not seen those in trove, vendors or dungeons drops for quite some time now. Was it taken out? I don't recall an announcement being made about it. I mean, I know we have sealed materials and such now, but just curious as to when it was removed, that's all.
  5. Hello, I was wondering if you guys can help me out, at around 250-300ms, which class is more ping friendly at that range, in your opinion; Fire gunslinger or Earth Summoner, at max gear? I've been debating on whether or not I should re-roll my classes as it seems like I have now reached the point where I'm unable to hit/meet the requirements of ET raids due to ping. Thank you.
  6. I'm not sure if this is just an issue on my side of the game of it's a bug in general, but after logging out from changing either or both of my UI placements and chat settings, they never seem to "stick". They always go back to the way I had it pre-Empyrean Shadows patch. I was wondering if this is bug or if there's something I can do that allows me to save these certain settings?
  7. Ahh, I see I see, it all makes sense :) Thank you greatly for helping me out and taking the time to respond!!
  8. Hello, With the upcoming patch and ability to re-roll, I was hoping to re-roll into a shadow warlock. I've checked out F11, the Talents seems to be: 1, 1, 2, 1, 1. Or is 3, 1, 2, 1, 1 preferred? (I've seen people suggesting '3, 1, 2, 1, 3' but have yet to see a single top F11 spec it that way before) I was hoping if you guys could help me out with the rotation for a max geared shadow warlock? My current rotation is: Sanctum (c) -> Quell (1) -> Soulburn (TAB) -> Defile (2) -> Umbral storm (v) -> Umbral imprison (3) -> Dragon Helix (4) -> Dimensional Sal
  9. Buying and selling: Entrance fee = a set amount of gold that you pay before the starts. As for the buying run itself, once you've discussed a price and time for the raid/item you want to buy, you run with them and if the item drops, you trade the guy the gold and he'll give you the item, if the item doesn't drop, you hold onto your gold and..well.. pray for better luck next run. Some sellers/buyers will run it with you every week until you get your item, however some don't so be sure to ask about that. Some sellers/buyers may be opened to you doing/helping out in the
  10. Hello. Are there any plans on bringing back the Sweet Emotion outfit Bundle to F10 during this year's Valentine's event/season/time period? I've been wanting to purchase it since I missed out on it last Blade and Soulmate event.
  11. So with the Grand Celestial Soul shields being available via MSP without achievements, are there any plans on reducing/removing the achievement requirements for it on via the Dragon Express (if not, reducing it by a few stages)? Similar to the recent BT, VT, etc. achievement requirement being lowered a stage.
  12. They are in the shops though... F10...
  13. Just wondering if anyone else notices the missing hats from the Festive and Joyous Tiding bundles/outfits on F10? In the 2018 Holiday Store Update post, the pictures depict their respective hats being included in the bundle...
  14. Hello. For soul badges, you'd ideally want to go either Magnum or Alluvion (most go Alluvion first), the choice is yours as you will need to get both in the long run for the Invincible Soul Badge (Magnum + Alluvion fused). As for mystic badge, go Skyrift Mystic badge until you're geared enough to pick up the Aransu Mystic Badge. As for Soul Shield, stick with full BT (Skybreak Spire) Soul shield (Nefarious Soul Shield) until you can pick up 3 piece VT (Temple of Eluvium) Soul Shield (Nefarious Soul Shield), you'll want to then use 5 BT/3 VT then 3 BT/5 VT and eventually end up
  15. Can we just.. take a step back away from the upgrade tree and focus on breathing life back into the game? I'm sure that I'm not the only one here who feels as if the game is nothing but repetition. Each event is "run daily dungeons and weeklies" -> Exchange for event items. Our progression is "farm materials" -> "upgrade". Done upgrading? *releases more tiers to upgrade*. That's basically the core of the game. For people who aren't in it for the progression, these sorts of things might not matter as much to them. For example, people who enjoy the so
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