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  1. New Privacy Policies.

    Tried it, tried clearing clearing cookies & caches too - still unable to access the page.
  2. Daily Dash scam - Math wizards please read

    Haha, good to know XD It was fun trying to figure out the ratio nevertheless ^^ but yeah, OP, I still don't think you got scammed. Just like the other players have said, just unlucky.
  3. New exclusive class

    @Miss Jackal Probably not related at all, but for some odd reason, I can't get over the video when I saw it: trailer for new warrior class - there's a Lyn playing the flute!!! I mean, sure, it's appears only for a split second and might not even mean anything... but we can still hope.
  4. New Privacy Policies.

    I know most probably won't even care to read this, touch this or even bother with this, but I am curious/want to read it - is anyone else having trouble accessing the new Privacy Policy page? When I click on it, it gives me "요청하신 페이지를 찾을 수 없습니다." and a white page (the translation: "The page you requested could not be found.")
  5. Rising Soul Event.

    I really wish they give us events that are unrelated to daily challenges/running dungeons or if they do plan on making the events related to daily challenge, that they'd at least make it fun/interesting - something as simple as rotating the dungeons which awards the tokens/event currency every 1-2 weeks would be an improvement, I know it's extra work for the developers, but still... Currently.. event after event, it's essentially a constant running of same dungeons day after day until we get a new rotation of a similar event. I mean, sure, I know it's easier to churn out events such as these be fair, quality over quantity. I'd much rather have decent, well-designed quarter long events than...the same concept for the event constantly be used over and over again. Hell, make them seasonal/holiday-based, and I'd be fine too. But, then again, that's just me and it is side-tracking a bit. Back on point: currently hating the RNG (not the event) - wish they had implemented something like the last event with the outfit pouches, where it'd at least return something to us. But oh well. Really hope that they won't implement this concept into our weapon/equipment upgrades. The grind for materials is bad enough.
  6. Daily Dash scam - Math wizards please read

    I decided to try and find the odds because I'm slightly curious too. So, if we are to assume that the picture is 100% accurate: Out of 100% We can see that 1 is slightly greater than 25%, 4 and 6 equates to the chance of rolling a 1. Part of 5 and 6 along with a whole 2 will take up another 25%, and 3 and 5 is self-explanatory. Seeing as 4 slices make up 25%, each slice should be 6.25% So by that count, 1 should be 25% + 3% (as half of 6.25% is 3.125%, but it isn't exactly taking up half of 6.25% so I shall assume it is 3%) - taking away 0.125% 4 should be 3 x 6.25% which gives us 18.75% however, it isn't exactly taking up the full 3rd of the slice, so lets just estimate and assume it is 18.7% - taking away 0.05% As for 6, we know chances for 6 and 4 will give us the chance for 1, so 28% - 18.7% gives us 9.3% (which also makes sense as half of 6.25% is 3.125%) With 2, if we remove the bottom east of 6, and move in the south cut of 2, we can see that it just about takes up 18.75%, so let's just leave that number there for now, I am sure it will be slightly larger than that but, we can figure that out later. 3 and 5 are tricky, let's work with 5 first, 5 by itself is almost just as big as 6, taking up a little more than 6.25%, however, it is a big bigger than 6, so let's leave 5 at 9.3% for now. As for 3, we can tell that it covers at least 12.5% due to the comparison made with the number 4, however, the third piece only covers half of what 4's third piece covers, so with that in mind, if we take 12.5% + 3.125%, it should give us 15.625% for 3. Taking all of that, it will give us a total of 99.675%, but remember, we still have 2 and 5. Comparing what we have left to deal with 2 and 5, it is safe to say that the size in which we have left to deal with are decimal points, seeing as the pixels we have left to deal with from 2 is much larger than that of 5, let's just assign the majority of the decimals we have left to 2 and the rest to 5 - because.. frankly.. NCwest/soft don't give 2 shits about micro-pixels/how accurate they are, etc. So, 2 is 18.75 + 0.3% which gives us 19.05% as for 5; 9.3% + 0.025% gives us 9.325% So, just for laughs: 1 = 28% 2 = 19.05% 3 = 15.625% 4 = 18.7% 5 = 9.325% 6 = 9.3% Hope..this is what you were asking for OP... I can't believe I just wasted my time doing this.
  7. Daily Dash scam - Math wizards please read

    You do realize that each number has a different chance of 'being rolled' right? That's why the plate for the number '1' is larger than, say, the plate for number '6'. The higher the number.. the lower the chance you have of rolling it. I don't think you got scammed at all. (we'd need a much larger sample size in order to determine the rates though.. 13 rolls is nothing - that's less than a weeks worth of membership rolls)
  8. Summoner Gear?

    To add onto what @Annysan has said, I'll just fill in the information in terms of gear. Coming our of the story, you should have chosen the "Dark weapon box" which will give you the Baleful staff. If you have yet to grab yourself one or don't have 6 gem slots on the Baleful staff, I recommend heading into either Jadestone - Viridian Coast or Grand Harvest Square - Silverfrost Mountains. There will be vendors there that sell "Dark weapon box" for Naryu Silver. Keep purchasing them and opening them until you have a 6 gem slot Baleful weapon. Once you have your Baleful weapon and 6 gem slots, you'll want to upgrade it to at least Baleful Stage 6, which should be fairly easy. Eventually though, you'll want to continue working you way to Baleful Stage 10, then upgrade it to Raven Stage 1 - which can be pricey too so, keep that in mind. As for your Soul Badge, as a Wind summoner, you'll want to grab the Courage Soul Badge from a vendor in Mushin's Tower. As an Earth summoner, you'll want to grab either the Alluvion Soul Badge or Magnum Soul Badge, the choice is up to you. Be warned though that purchasing the tokens for these Soul Badges can get quite pricey as well, so don't feel like you have to rush to get them. As for your Mystic Badge, as a Wind summoner, you'll want to get the Pulse Mystic Badge from a vendor in Celestial Basin - Gunwon City. As an Earth summoner, you'll want to pick yourself up either a Pulse Mystic Badge or Skyrift Mystic Badge, the choice is up to you. In regards to any other potential terms you might not know of, check this list out ^^ It could come in handy. Hope this helps. But if it doesn't then like @Annysan, maybe give us a bit more detail/information into what kind of gear you have atm.
  9. Oh my, why stop there? Why not give us full customization in terms of weapon placement, for every weapon and maybe even the ability to hide our weapons, that would be amazing - but then again, that's sorta veering off-track in terms of what OP is suggesting/asking for.
  10. I second this. I'd love to have to the option to preview my Razor in Sheath form as well. It's quite annoying that I have to head to Google in attempts to find it. And I definitely agree that sometimes (actually, majority of the times), I wish it was just the blade itself as the Sheath's design is either too bulky or is just plain hideous - such a gorgeous blade, covered in a less-than appealing Sheath =(
  11. Rising Soul Event.

    I guess I'll throw my two cents in here as well then. I personally would hate it as well. Even if they did add several new ways (can even be insanely easy - like Soulstones or Sacred Orbs) of getting all the materials needed for the upgrades. I hope that they won't introduce it as a "weapon revamp" or "upgrade revamp" sort of thing - then again, I also hope that they won't even think about or plan on implementing such mechanics. But... regardless, it's not up to us to make the choices/calls. All we can do is voice our thoughts. 3 years worth of ArcheAge and 1 year worth of Aion has shown me that such mechanics..can suck the fun out of a game and it's mechanics.
  12. New exclusive class

    Mhm, yeah, those points are all very true, and I'll hope with you in that they can think of something/find a balance that would allow a successful introduction of a healing class to be made. I for sure, know that this is one of the classes-type that has been requested for quite some time now (even back in 2016).
  13. Rising Soul Event.

    Just a small concern, I would like to hear everyone's, or those who care to share their opinion, on the potential chance that NCwest is using the Rising Soul Event to test our reactions/acceptance of such mechanics as RNG for our soul/other equipment upgrades. Sure, there are already RNG factors inside the game related to crafting (PTS, High quality outfit pouch, etc.) and such, but there has yet to be one for our equipment, so I was curious...what happens if this event is introduced/given to us to see how we'd react to a potential future implementation of such mechanics? What are your thoughts if it actually becomes an in-game mechanic like KR's version of BnS?
  14. New exclusive class

    I support this idea - a healer class, specially for Yun as it also plays into the lore of the game (the whole being "attuned to the rhythms of nature and dance to its tempo"- even more so where there is already a flute-base character in-game - I'd play it. But, I would switch between flute and harp though - then again, every player has their own tastes XD Albeit, I don't think a healer class would come in handy as lots of dungeons don't need a healer due to Res. charms, and certain skills from certain classes like Soul fighter (Lotus), unless.. they made the dungeons a lot more challenging or something that would push the need for a healer in place of a DPS/tank/support class XD And...I do feel that most players would be more focused on "trying to avoid the holy trinity (healer, tank, DPS)" rather that "I want to play [this kind of style]"..which sucks.
  15. Returning back to the game

    Welcome back, the game is far from dead. Those who are saying the game is dead, were the ones saying that the game was/is dead a year ago. As for the player-base, fairly relaxed early on, however you start heading into endgame territory, you'll start to find a mixture of helpful and "toxic" players. There are players leaving and there are players coming back. Regardless, there should be plenty of players around for you to make a few close friends. As for what has changed..maybe let us know when was it that you left? Covering everything from say, 2016 until now can be quite.. Crazy. Assuming by "soul worker" you mean "soul fighter" - soul fighters are viable, all classea are viable. SF are just really ping dependent though. You need good ping to get the most out of your class.