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  1. @RAID I totally understand your point and even posted something related to this when someone was complaining about the prices of outfits, just like in real life people are willing to pay for something that is more exclusive. The founder's pack was sold as something exclusive and I believe the must keep their word on that, nothing much to discuss here. But there are two different types of fashionistas: The "collectors", this type doesn't want to see any outfit they own back to the store, as they would be less rare therefore less valuable. The "enthusiasts", this type enjoys owning nice outfits regardless of how many people have them. I'm more the second type, I do have Grand Phoenix but I'm totally ok that is back to the shop, I might even buy another one for my alt and this topic is for those that think that way. The game admins have the challenge to find a balance between who they will please as they have totally different expectations. I wish we all had a second chance to get any outfit instead of seeing the same outfits over and over on the daily specials.
  2. Change class

    I hope it doesnt happen, we already have too many gunners.
  3. Tanking needs to be addressed

    My main is BM and I have SF and WL alts that sometimes get aggro and, even tho it is possible to tank with any class you feel they are not as good as a BM to tank due to the lack of iframes, block efficiency, etc. So, yes, it is possible but far from optimal and you will find yourself in situations where the aggro will be changing and boss will be jumping around which is very bad for the melee classes that have to run after the boss. With the same equipment my BM would have the lowest dps of my chars mostly because it is very ping dependent and BM's DPS is a bit lower at the moment. In my opinion we do have tanking classes (BM and KFM mostly) that are designed for the job and having a good tanker makes everything easier and I disagree with the idea of increasing their DPS, I believe the aggro should consider only threat and not (threat X DPS). This would solve the problem we have today where most GS using TAB under SB will get aggro from a BM / KFM with the same equipments.
  4. Arent the Yun doomed to extinction?

    3D objects reproduce with ctrl + c > ctrl + v.
  5. I also play BM, but I play fire. and I believe that simple mode for both BM elements is really bad, the fire rotation is far from optimal and the anim canceling of lightning is very slow, for those reasons alone simple mode becomes useless and the worst thing of simple mode is during phoenix wing / flock of blades. I understand that BM rotations change a lot depending on the gear you have, which makes it really hard to actually preprogram how the simple mode should work. So I think there are 2 possible solutions: 1) Allow us to configure which skills we want to use (even if it is 2 or 3 setups to choose from), 2) Add only the basic attacks to simple mode and we choose when to use tab, sundering sword, lightning rod, etc. My intention was to change to lightning after simple mode since my ping is above 200, but seeing that the anim cancel is much worse than doing it manually I changed my mind. The saddest thing to me is to see that some classes actually benefit from using simple mode (gunners ofc) while for BM it seems it was done without much thinking.
  6. Daily Dash scam - Math wizards please read

    If the chances of getting any number was equal, you should get "1" around 2 times, but the illustration of the wheel suggests you have a higher chance of getting one, it is more than 90 degrees, which means more than 25% so around 4 times. Considering 13 is a small sample I'd say 5 seems totally fine.
  7. I think it is a very nice outfit that deserves to be relaunched with different colors or even as a customizable one, just like the cowboy one during the release of gunner.
  8. Considering that they are constantly bringing back some outfits with Daily Special and in RNG boxes maybe we can guide them to bring back some outfits that we actually like. Post the outfit you would like to see back the most, that one you would sell all your gold to get if necessary - if possible with a picture to help others to recognize. Thank you. Mine is Transcendence, mainly because I never saw it for sale after more than 2 years playing and I like it a lot:
  9. This change was really pointless and unnecessary and my guess is that it was made to cover some mistakes they made. Old dungeons should die by their own, just like Naryu Labyrinth, BSH, BSC and many others. If they want to encourage players to run harder dungeons make them more attractive and that will happen naturally.
  10. cannons in jadestone!?

    I always feel tempted to save all RNG stuff to be opened on the last day, it does feel you will get better rewards (I know it is just a feeling), but then I think 'what if I can't login on the last day' and I just open everything right away.
  11. I still haven't tested it yet because I'm at work but I saw on my discord most of the people complaining, except one earth SF. In my opinion we need to consider this is a new feature that will (hopefully) be improved with time and maybe give suggestions on how they can change it based on the classes/elements we play considering also different equipments that affect the rotation.
  12. cannons in jadestone!?

    They usually keep the tokens you need to exchange in dragon express not the NPCs or stuff like the cannons. The event was extended for one week and the cannonballs were even showing as antique, didn't that get your attention? Try writing to support if there is any way to convert, but I believe it is gone.
  13. Eternal Night

    There are some interesting facts about BNS and about ping that I have been posting here and even wrote to support (which btw is useless, they do not handle any kind of suggestions there, they will tell you to post on forum - which is also useless since they don't read or care about it). BNS was developed in Korea, the country with the best internet speed in the world and also a very small country (Texas alone is almost 7 times bigger than South Korea), so ping is not an issue the developers had in mind. Due to the size of USA and Canada, depending on your location you will get an ingame ping of 120 - 150 which means that for some classes you will not be getting the best of them. Fire BMs for example can do 8 rmb attacks during the 3 seconds conflagration (after tab) with 100- ping, with 120 - 150 you will get 6 to 7, it might not seem much but that is a 12.5 to 25% less dps. Being from South America I'm ok when they basically say 'this is NA server, you are not welcome here', but if that's the case why do we have portuguese translation and options to buy NCoins both from Brazil and Latam? Players from Asia somehow have options to play with low ping, I know about the language barrier and etc, I'm not sure if there are ways to translate the client nowadays, I remember when the game was only in Korea there was a way to play it in English, also I don't know if that is against the rules or not. Players from South America, in the other hand, have no option, NA servers are chosen not only because of English but also because it is the closest (and it is very very far). From what I've seen, the skill's cooldown start counting not from the moment they are used on the client but when they are registered on the server, so, for example, if your skill's cooldown is 30 seconds and your ping is 300ms, the cooldown will actually be 30.6 seconds (0.3 to send + 0.3 to receive), that is totally fine for skills with a longer cooldown, but some skills have almost 0 delay (basically just the animation time as delay) and when you add 0.6 seconds to them they become very slow. And what amazes me is that we have a fix already implemented on BNS but they work only for basic attacks, why not implement it for all skills that have very short delays? Since nothing will change regarding ping, my suggestion is just wait for the others to learn and complete the latest raids while you save up some gold, then you buy a carry run, get everything you need and so you will be able to try the raid itself.
  14. Eternal Night

    I believe the majority of the players know they won't be able to do it regardless if they nerf it or not. I found this on BNS twitter: "Raid difficulty is always balanced for each region around that region's current gear levels. Obviously though the intent isn't that everyone is able to clear it Day 1. :)" So they are aware of it, let's hope they get it right.
  15. class popularity (more or less)

    As you said yourself, the fact that some classes are either easier to play or stronger than others make the numbers not 100% accurate but since you got a good number of characters it is somehow a reflection of what we have. If you got only the top 10 in outlaw it would be 7 summoners and 3 kfms, but the more players you add the more accurate it becomes. Anyway, great work, it is very interesting what you did.