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  1. Literally everyone I know has issues and you think it's not the game.
  2. They never have and never will test anything before releasing. Why do you think we got all those bugs on patch days? Remember that one bug when if you unequipped your weapon it was gone ?
  3. And tech support is useless as always. Thanks NCWest
  4. Ever since the last patch performance has tanked for me, going from 70+ fps in 6 man dungeons to less than 20 and from ~50 in 12 man raids to single digits. What gives?
  5. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/528375507398688799/669277723449098250/unknown.png changes that made the transmute 6x more expensive?
  6. Stream pic taken from this reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/epp3eb/stream_recap_16012019/ Patch note costs. Nice
  7. If you're fixing bugs can you also fix the first boss in et bug? Also 3rd spec bm falling stars 4th hit bug? Also any skill that puts you behind boss and not having the correct camera afterwards?
  8. What we really need is the ability to combine 10x 1 million exp charms to one 10 million exp charm, effectively cutting the time needed to use the stacked exp charms I have since June by 10 times
  9. You can't be serious with this post.
  10. Taken from https://cdn.ncwest.com/bladeandsoul/pdf/4th Anniversary Update Registration Offer Terms - English.pdf Taken from https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/game/4th-anniversary/ Which gem chest is it?
  11. Mao mechs too hard lol What are we gonna see next, ET mechs too hard?
  12. This actually sounds like a great idea.
  13. You're kinda late to the party, the advertised reductions are actually increases in some cases. Enjoy your newly reduced/increased costs.
  14. They did give us a reply, it was both a miscommunication and as intended. That's all you get. I really doubt they will say anything more about this. It was falsely advertised and the excuse was "we did an oopsie". Can't really expect much.
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