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  1. I hope in another update they make it all mailable to other chars 😕 It's been quite some time since the new raid as been out even. 😰
  2. OP maybe if you learn some tact, decency and how to communicate with others like a civilized person, you'd get better responses.
  3. Yes please! Dark Emissary next trove if possible would be wonderful u-u
  4. Some good ideas you have. I personally wish to see account bound blood roses. I've got quite a few on a character that doesn't need them and they're just stuck there 😕 And some time in the future I hope they implement a safer way for people to purchase f10 items from other players, like items or 90 days premium. As it is, "sellers" could just run off with your gold and not give you the requested item. So BnS could make it as part of the f10 system to create an in-store sale gold for the item you want, or even make the item sellable on f9 even. They could also make a gol
  5. I'd also just like to point out that there's an overabundance of red in the wardrobe. I wish there was more balance and they'd choose cooler colors like blues and purples and greens. I know we have some of those colors but the hot tones outweigh the cool tones by a lot @.@ Don't get me wrong I like reds but there's too much atm so more blues or colors other than red would be nice
  6. It's grey cause it doesn't exist yet. I think it will be released this year though.
  7. Yes agree I love both those outfits but don't have them >.<
  8. @Jearom It's not about not giving people outfits and it's not about not wanting people to enjoy outfits. It's just some people like the exclusivity of certain things as incentive to purchase. It's not an opinion, that IS the whole point of it in the first place. It's about value, economics and such. That is how it works.
  9. @Hime The White Seductress would be nice. I forgot the name, but I'm sure you know what I mean. I know it was available last year but I missed it 😞 I'm not sure if we got it last year either, but "Summer Beach" is one I wish you'd put in summer time. 😀 Would also really love to see Jinsoyun's outfit and wings available someday maybe 😍 I've not seen them around for awhile.
  10. There's a lot of people that dislike Springtime Soiree. Reminds some people of Big Bird a bit XD They could swap that out of the rotation for something more universally liked.
  11. Yes, I do mean region. And I suppose I could do that then 😮 ty
  12. I have an outfit that I received on one server from f10 during an event, but it is the server side I don't really play anymore. I play the other server but do not have this outfit there sadly. It seems a shame to leave it in my received items to rot and go unused, since I really like that outfit and wish I had it on the server I play. Would it be possible to remove it from its current place and put it on the server that I actually play? Has this ever been done before or is it doable even?
  13. I just bought Ncoin and it has yet to show up in my account 😕
  14. Whatever they do I just want it so we can have a way to get outfits from the chests ❤️
  15. In the market more and more outfits are running out and it's harder for people to get threads, open boxes and put more outfits in the market. At this rate some outfits will be gone, or will only be a couple left that are mega expensive. (On top of that f5 is still buggy 😕 ) So can we have another way to get Designer Threads? Maybe add 2 to daily dash? Or make them a reward next time we have that rng Coin event we had before trove? Or maybe even add them to next trove? Otherwise some outfits will become more and more scarce, and some are already no longer even available.
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