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  1. Yes, I do mean region. And I suppose I could do that then 😮 ty
  2. I have an outfit that I received on one server from f10 during an event, but it is the server side I don't really play anymore. I play the other server but do not have this outfit there sadly. It seems a shame to leave it in my received items to rot and go unused, since I really like that outfit and wish I had it on the server I play. Would it be possible to remove it from its current place and put it on the server that I actually play? Has this ever been done before or is it doable even?
  3. I just bought Ncoin and it has yet to show up in my account 😕
  4. Whatever they do I just want it so we can have a way to get outfits from the chests ❤️
  5. In the market more and more outfits are running out and it's harder for people to get threads, open boxes and put more outfits in the market. At this rate some outfits will be gone, or will only be a couple left that are mega expensive. (On top of that f5 is still buggy 😕 ) So can we have another way to get Designer Threads? Maybe add 2 to daily dash? Or make them a reward next time we have that rng Coin event we had before trove? Or maybe even add them to next trove? Otherwise some outfits will become more and more scarce, and some are already no longer even available.
  6. so does this mean if you don't open them you don't receive them? or will the boxes be fixed or what?
  7. This ^ How entitled do you have to be to expect something RNG to favor you and make you win above all others?
  8. " we’ll be delivering the missing weapon upgrade materials based on which Chest Stages you’ve opened to your in-game Mail on March 31 as well." What does this mean exactly? If we keep opening, but not upgrading, they'll deliver mats? Or if we stop opening they will deliver them? Or if we use up our own they'll refund? This could mean many things.
  9. Oh yeah! And I've noticed when recruiting in dungeon, it says "you've gathered the requested players" but only gathers 4 or 5? 😮
  10. Please extend remnant farming then ☺️
  11. I think maybe they figure that by stage 7 you'll have done enough dungeons and farmed enough mats to be able to include those yourself. But newbie players might not have enough mats on a main to send over for the rest, so yeah I think this could be a mistake?
  12. Never got a chance to touch moontide u-u I'd love to see it once more.
  13. Yeah this one is quite a bother as well. In fact maybe if they built in an ingame "buy ncoin items from another player with gold" systems that allows this to happen safely, securely and within a humane price range, actually more people overall would buy ncoin anyway if that were the case. Just make the gold to ncoin ratio less dramatic, and make it so people can't go too far below or too far above, et voila. nice system that people like. In fact, what they could do is completely revamp f9 to include ncoin items from f10 being sold by users who've bought for e
  14. Yes true, takes quite a bit of effort. They could have made it so you can get the key and send it via another . That'd actually give extra play time, too. I am wonering though if they'll do the same this year? Release a new class during C2A?
  15. I'm wondering if we'll have this event again in the summer time? I'm just curious cause then I'll prepare another character and level it to be ready when the time comes. Loving it so far ty xoxox
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