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  1. if you hover your mouse over the gem it should show u what you get when u salvage it. if not then no
  2. I hope that if/when you put the keys up in f10 they're giftable so we can buy them off other players. would be appreciated u-u thank u!
  3. I'm actually a little upset because I recently started dcing a lot in ebon, clockwork every 5-10 minutes so... I don't think I'll ever save up enough.. for the remnant or even for those wings. And sadly I don't currently have any disposable income, so even with trove I may not be able to get those butterfly wings i want so much. oh well, I guess. Least I got a nice GC weapon and acc so who am I to complain.
  4. Since the update there have been so many dcs and when I try to auto hunt in ebon realm, so much activity that I dc after 10 mins :(((((( at this rate nearly impossible for me to get enough blooms... I really want those wings, and I don't have any disposable income to use on trove atm so I don't even know if I'll be able to get some pretty butterfly wings from there trove or ebon...
  5. Class Change Voucher

    I like this idea. And if they want to make sure people don't over abuse the class change voucher, they could make it only changeable once per year. (if even that. heck once per account would be fine too)
  6. Suggestions from KR

    I also would like the option to, if and when we obtain an outfit on one character, to be able to unlock that outfit for all characters throughout the account, even if we need to pay ncoin I think it'd be worth it. It doesn't have to apply to all outfits, but with some from shop or some rare chests, this would be a great. Some games have an account wide outfit unlock and this is a really cool thing to have. It could even apply to some weapons as well. And honestly I don't see the problem for NC because this way they'd get people to buy ncoin, whereas before no.
  7. So I got the legendary token you get from the event chests, and now I have no idea which badge to choose for a fire gunner. I know some say paragon but I don't even see it on the list of badges to get (unless I'm blind). Can anyone help? Which badge should I get? Please and thanks.
  8. New Event - You just don't care enough

    Really really wish they'd make f9 relevant again. Others just go off and buy gold in bulk with paypal or something and f9 rots :<
  9. Question about AFK

    IDK if it's the case for you but for some people they realized they stopped fishing cause someone was attacking an enemy near them, or an enemy interrupted you.
  10. Family Friendly

    BnS both isn't THAT hard, but also isn't that easy. It's not like mario cart or something simple anyone can do easily. It's meant to be somewhat challenging, and they've even nerfed quite a lot to simplify things that were already a lot harder before. The thing is, if you put in the time and effort and practice, you can learn everything and do everything. Just takes awhile and everyone learns at their own pace. "Family friendly" is kind of a useless term here cause even some younger players easily master a lot of stuff here. It doesn't matter your age. Old and young have their own pace. You don't need to be a prodigy you just need to be willing to do what's necessary and not give up if there are challenges. And that's not even including the p2w aspect which is a whole dif ballgame.
  11. It's so hard for me to make it on time during the normal schedule of 6v6 prime time and also clan wars ;.; can we please have 2 rotations? I'm sure others out there also have trouble making it during its normal schedule and would also appreciate a later one/earlier one, separated maybe by 5+ hours. That way no one has to miss it u-u
  12. What have you gotten from that chest? And is there by chance a list of possible rewards somewhere?
  13. Outfits in f10

    Can we have Trekker? The one with the cute big shoes ^^ Also Varsity is nice :D Want that one so bad. And Summer Sea is amazing. Oh oh and Strictly Business please! I opened so many chests to get it until I was out of threads. Didn't get it once :< If it was in f10 would really appreciate it.
  14. I saw this page and was wondering if these are still the official times?
  15. We've finally gone full on p2w boyos!

    Rich whales just buy gold from gold farmers with their paypal since not even worth it to them to use f9