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  1. Siara

    Blue Quests?

    Hey everyone, Quick question, if I skip all blue quests and dailies from the beginning to level faster will I be able to go back to the very beginning and complete them at my own pace later? For example I hit level 50 through yellow and purple quests, can I go back to Bamboo Village and complete the blue quests from the beginning of the storyline?
  2. Hello everyone, I am considering maining a Soul Fighter. I currently have a Summoner that would become an alt since she is a little too boring for me and I just can't come to terms with playing a Lynn. Main reason why I chose Summoner is their healing capability and ability to solo PvE content. I heard Soul Fighter can also heal. Is it easy to heal and/or solo PvE with this class? Will it be easy to find a party later on or is this class already too saturated? I am not confident enough with my skills and I don't trust my ping/fps enough to tank or I'd main a KFM in a he
  3. It's very sad that it's pretty much impossible to run any dungeons when you're a 'solo' player. By 'solo' player I mean someone who has no friends who are also playing. It is incredibly hard to find an active clan that aren't a bunch of meanies and elitists that won't give a new player a chance. The game is full of little cliques and it's detrimental to the game. I myself spend what little time online I have available helping newer players through some dungeons so they can learn mechanics and gear up. How can we expect to get more players to aid us in the higher dungeons if they don't have a c
  4. Hey Gabriel, Make sure to read the prompt you get from the game when trying to delete a character. It usually asks you to type the word 'Delete' and not your character name. Do keep in mind that some characters can require up to a week to be fully deleted.
  5. I can't even get the 64-bit client to start up for me. I have to use the 32-bit client each and every time and my oh my...does it stutter and freeze up on me... It's not my rig because it does absolutely fine on games that have way higher requirements than Blade and Soul. I used to play a KFM and thoroughly enjoyed it but due to the bad state the game is in I've been forced to main my Summoner. So...I can still play but not with the class I want, it's quite upsetting really. Until something is done about the bad compatibility and the awful decisions that make life hard on new playe
  6. So I'd need 6 of these stamps? Where can I purchase these and how much do they cost? Please keep in mind that I can not pay for virtual items with real currency.
  7. Hello Pimboli, Is the Temptation outfit transferable through the outfit delivery stamp system? I could not find it in the list that support provided...
  8. Hey everyone, I have recently returned to Blade and Soul and am interested in playing a Summoner as an alt or perhaps a main if my ping and fps turn out to be inadequate to play a different class. However I created her way back in the days and am not very happy with her current appearance. She is about level 47 and wearing the warlock costume you got back in the days for leveling one. I was wondering how hard it would be to get enough gold to get her a character alteration voucher (and perhaps name change) as opposed to recreating her but losing the costume. I really d
  9. Thank you for your feedback so far. I've been trying out a KFM and it's around level 23 now. So far I've been able to hit all the LM + 2 + F combo's, use counter properly and see the proc's. I do have the occassional stutter and freeze but so far it's doable. I think lowering my graphic quality will do wonders for my gameplay so I will try that tomorrow as well. PvP is a no-go I figure because I'm just not that good and my ping is too high and fps is too low. I've also considered going Soul Fighter but I'm not sure which is more viable. Sure, Soul Fighter has range but to be hones
  10. Hi everyone, I'm currently playing a low-level KFM but I was wondering if this class is viable for me. I have around 200 ping on average and 25-35fps. This isn't too great I believe? I'd love to see if people with similar outputs play the KFM and if they are doing well. I also have a Soul Fighter which I love so I'm just debating which one will be more useable with my current set-up. All tips and tricks are more than welcome.
  11. Thank you very much for the elaborate explanation. I guess I will give the Kung Fu Master a try and see how I like it. If not the Soul Fighter is already a very fun class so far. Too bad the Summoner isn't very scarce or wanted in the game because that seems easiest to play for casual players such as myself.
  12. Hi everyone, I am currently trying to decide what class to main but I am finding it difficult. I am stuck between Soulfighter, Summoner or perhaps KFM even. My fps is 35-40 at best and 15 when I'm having it rough. My ping stays around 200ms. I'd like a class that scarce or always wanted at endgame so I can be more useful to the community. What would you recommend if you were in my place? I can't afford to spend too much time on alts because my playing time is quite limited. Take your pick and help me out here. Thank you for your opinion.
  13. Hello everyone, I know healing is not a 'thing' in this game but I would still like to start maining a healing and/or support class since I always played and enjoyed those in the past. I was thinking of a Summoner or a Soul Fighter. Which one would you pick considering I average about 25 to 35 fps and around 100ms on my current setup? I'm also broke and a rather casual player due to having a wee infant to care for. Which one of these classes would you recommend and why? Is one of their elements better for my fps/ping or doesn't the element matter? Thank you
  14. Thank you for the feedback. Could you enlighten me as to why those are the staples? And are there still gathering professions or only crafting professions? This new system is so very confusing. I can't seem to get a grip on it and the 'order' costs make my head spin as a low level player...
  15. I can't say I'm a big fan of enormous chests but perhaps that's because I'm female myself. I have an average size and am content with it. To be honest besides for breastfeeding these things are just in the way and annoying. Any kind of sports require special support and how I wish they weren't stigmatized to be something sexual so that we, like men, could just walk around without a shirt in summer and enjoy the sun on our skin. Sounds ridiculous, right? Well, think about it. They aren't beneficial to females at all besides for feeding their young. Realism aside, feel free to give u
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